Friday, June 11, 2021

Sixth evening,

Achy, tired, data is available for perusal.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Having mentioned Dad's appendix trouble and all the crap that followed,

a catch-up post: He's now doing a lot better.  There may be another surgery in the future when he's up to it, we'll have to see; if he does it it would help on one matter a lot.

So I'll have more mowing and such to do for the next while.

Made it to the outdoor range for the first time in quite a while

the other day, which was good.  Got home before it got really hot, though it was humid enough to feel like southern Louisiana in July.  Which leads up to today.

Part of the routine on the back trouble has been physical therapy twice a week, which in this case meant this morning; some of the old stuff, couple of new exercises.  Hot & humid today(didn't feel as humid to me), so stayed in mostly.  Until this afternoon I thought "I really need to cast some of 'X' bullets, and I can set up a fan, and it should be fine."

So I spent about an hour doing that, cleaned things up, took a quick shower, and sat a bit.  Where I almost fell asleep and out of the chair.  Don't know if just tired or got a bit too hot, in either case it was a surprise.

Seem fine now, though I'm not doing that again until the heat index is down a bit.

Speaking of the range, tested some loads.  One or two were lousy, a couple questionable, and a couple were pretty damn good.  So those I'll need to repeat.  I've been using five-shot groups, but I once read that a statistician worked some numbers and said the best indication of a good load would be had with groups of seven for some reason I probably wouldn't understand.  I may load those two with seven for next time and see what happens.

Also waiting for better temperature/better back is about 45 pounds of lead I need to cast into 1lb ingots so it'll be easier to store and use.  That may be a while.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Qualified immunity needs to either be greatly restricted

or gotten rid of.  I'm sick of reading about cases like this.
As Norris alleged in a complaint, Capt. Cody “did not check to make sure Henry SRT members were going to the correct address or otherwise perform adequate precautionary measures to ensure the search warrant was properly executed.” Although the captain did review the search warrant, he admitted he didn’t read it “all the way through,” and that he usually doesn't review the property's description prior to a raid.

For instance, the no-knock warrant described the suspect living at 305 English Road, which had “off white siding” and “a black roof.” In contrast, Norris’ home at 303 English Road (which he had owned for more than half a century) is yellow with a grey roof. Yet despite those clear differences, footage from eight separate body cameras showed the officers all walking past the correct house and heading towards Norris’ home.

Even when officers began raiding Norris’ home, Capt. Cody later testified he “wasn’t sure” this second house was actually their target and just assumed his subordinates “acquired information that justifiably led them to proceed to the second structure.” Those actions, Norris argued, “were not consistent with a reasonable effort to ascertain and identify the place intended to be searched.”

But last month, his civil rights lawsuit was blocked when the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the captain was entitled to qualified immunity. Citing a 2019 ruling where the Eleventh Circuit upheld qualified immunity to a deputy who accidentally shot a 10-year-old while aiming for the family’s dog, the court noted that qualified immunity protects “all but the plainly incompetent or those who knowingly violate the law.”

I will refrain from further comment as there are breakables in reach.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Better living through chemistry

and modern medicine.

Followup visit to the doc yesterday, and he decided that some of the hip problem* was probably changes caused by the back problem(in walking gait and such) causing irritation and inflammation in the hip.  So suggested a steroid injection to help that.

The insurance approved, this was done, and Holy Crap!  It was no instant cure, but by evening the hip was bothering me less, and I had a decent nights sleep without painkillers.  It's better today, and the PT was thrilled.

Hopefully the improvement will continue, and I will try to keep taking it easy.  Which isn't easy, because there's pruning needed, and mowing, and I want to take care of it NOW, and other such stuff.

*This started and was worst in the back, which caused the hip to start adding in.  And then, the doc's explanation being "Nerves are weird", one strip on the outside of my lower leg started joining in.  Not the thigh, or knee, just that one area.  So when the back improved the hip got worse and so did the lower leg part.  Sometimes.

Monday, June 07, 2021

Scenes from the range

Just a collection of things.
Don't get many "Why isn't there any ammo/primers/powder/whatever?" questions anymore.  Have heard that "The government is buying everything up." and "It's all a few hoarders."  I don't argue with them.

On the latter, a guy who worked at Academy Sports said that it's bad enough having people waiting outside starting two hours before the door opens on shipping days, they'd caught a few people buying their limit of ammo, going out of sight and changing shirts and putting on a mask and hat and trying to buy more.  Doesn't surprise me.

Not as many people have been shooting, because they don't have much ammo and aren't sure they can replace what they use.

With the Remington factory in Arkansas reopened, hopefully that's starting to take a bit of the pressure off.

We got a little powder in, which caused an increase in "Do you have X?  Then when will you get some "When will you have it?" exchanges, which happens a lot with ammo(Guy, if I knew when we'd get it I'd sell tickets. ) Which occasionally includes someone on the phone who wants you to list every kind we have a bottle- or box- of just in case there's something they might be interested in.   
"You have any ammo?"
"What are you looking for?"
"What have you got?"
(inside)"No, I am not going to go over every effing box of whatever is in the place, please tell me what you're trying to feed and I'll tell you if we have any."  Seems some want to buy ANYTHING, doesn't matter if they have something to use it in.  Maybe hoping they can trade it to someone.

There are many who didn't know that .357 Magnum and .357 Sig are NOT interchangeable.  Or that 7.62x39 and 7.62 Nato cannot be used in the same gun(that one's far more rare).  I've said it before: newbys get a lot of patience because they're learning, people who've "Been shooting for years, I know all this stuff" not quite so much.

Speaking of, from Miguel on an 'expert':
This is a woman that is both a US Army veteran and an engineer from the University of Southern California.

She thinks the AR is too “complex & difficult to operate & clean” and that you don’t have to aim with a shotgun full of buckshot.

Could she prove any more succinctly that just because someone was in the Army, doesn’t mean they know fuck-al about guns?

Be advised this was written under the influence of very tired, last night was a bitch

Just the kind of welcome

VP Kneepads deserves.  Must given her and the ass kissers a shock.