Saturday, December 16, 2017

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so take a look

Translation: "We need more indoctrination in class!"

Two University of Colorado-Denver professors have proposed using classrooms to counter the “injurious effect on students” caused by Donald Trump’s election. 

Omar Swartz and Lucy McGuffrey argue in an academic article published Tuesday that “given the injurious effect on students” faced in the wake of the Trump election, professors should infuse “social justice” into their classes to help students fight back.
"Screw teaching, we have to make these students think the right way!"

More recently, I’ve seen credible people working on ideas like pharmaceuticals for intelligence augmentation, genetic engineering, and radical life extension leave San Francisco because they found the reaction to their work to be sotoxic.  “If people live a lot longer it will be disastrous for the environment, so people working on this must be really unethical” was a memorable quote I heard this year.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Chilly Friday evening in December;

you know what that means

Californicated is run by idiots, control freaks and corrupt bastards*

Who'll do anything to pretend to actually be doing something.
“We passed Proposition 63. Starting in January we’ll begin forcing violent convicted felons to give up their firearms. So if you’re a dangerous criminal, we really are coming for your guns,” says Newsome in the video.

Here’s a fair question: Why hasn’t California been taking guns away from violent felons all along? Here’s another one: Why are they just going to start doing this in January?
Um, because it would actually involve going after criminals, and they're a major Democrat support group?
Convicted felons are not allowed to purchase or possess firearms. This is not a new “innovative” crime-fighting law that California just passed. It was part of the restrictions imposed by the Gun Control Act of 1968. That’s a law that is almost 50-years-old. This was was also reinforced by the Brady Handgun Violence Act in 1993, which established the background check requirement for gun purchases.

This is like California bragging that they will end theft by finally enforcing burglary laws that have existed longer than anyone can remember. While they are at it, why don’t they stamp out rape and murder with the enforcement of existing anti-rape and murder laws?

*I would've added 'socialists', but I'd already said 'idiots' and 'corrupt bastards'

Range report

Mostly .45-70, trying out some things, including different alloy for the bullets.  I started this with either mongrel alloy*, and then with softer, starting with 30-1 lead/tin.  None of it shot badly, but I think the best results are from the latest batch, which is 15-1.

Loaded with Blackhorn 209, this is 20-1,
which seems about average with this load.  Then 15-1
I know what I'll be giving a second test.

I also tried using the coffee filter paper for patches on some 405-grain bullets
Pulled one high, and I think the horizontal spread was due to light; the sun was causing glare in the rear aperture.  I'm going to try this again, with either better light or starting with the sunshade I didn't think to put on until after this.

Didn't have enough bullets cast of the 15-1 to try with black powder, need to do that.  Also need to cast some of the 330-grain Lyman hollowpoints of this and try them.**

I already mentioned having shot the scout-scope setup on the AR, so that's covered.  At least for me, if I wanted real longer-range accuracy(say up to 300), I'd need a higher magnification(this one is 2x), and there are some extended/long eye-relief scopes out there that'd probably work well(no, I'm not running out to buy one). 

The upper on this is one I built because .223/5.56 is so common, and it seemed like a good idea to have something in that cartridge.  So kept watching for parts to go on sale, picking them up as I could.  The barrel was the hardest part: I wanted 1:8 twist, a pencil or lightweight profile, and- preferably- a .223 Wylde chamber.  Finally ran across one at Primary Arms.  Accuracy of this seems quite good with the ammo I've been using(reman on sale at Freedom Munitions); with something loaded more for accuracy, I think it'd do very well.

And now I've got brass to finish cleaning, and sort, and other things of the sort.

*range lead, wheel weights, whatever else; general-use alloy.
**I'm also going to have to take all the 30-1, 25-1, 20-1 alloy and figure how much tin to add to get it to 15-1.  Which will be interesting(and a pain), but will give me a single melt to work with.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The answer is "Yes. Make the hypocritical bastards live under the same laws

they want forced on everyone else." 
But, as The Hollywood Reporter found, at "any moment, between 5,000 and 7,000" of just one studio supplier's guns "are in circulation" -- in other words, in the hands of who-knows-who -- without background checks or waiting periods. 

Anyone who has spent any time reading California's voluminous Penal Code knows that, while "regular" people are, well, screwed, the glitterati have piles of exemptions to the State's frightening number of criminal laws. 

The powerful movie and television lobby spends gobs of money to keep Hollywood filled with guns:
"But we're SPECIAL!  We're ARTISTS!" etc.  Screw 'em; they want these laws, force them to live under them.

She lies, especially about guns; it's what she does.

and the Washington Post tends to try to cover for Democrats, it's what they do.

"He doesn't like socialism!  We can't allow people like him to speak on campus!!"
After all, it's a college, and we can't allow differing opinions to trigger someone...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It's been a quite nice day in mid-December,

so to the range I went.  Report to follow later.

Quick note: first time I've been able to try the scout-scope setup on the AR upper; like the bolt rifle I tried out a while back, I like it.  Fast target acquisition, accurate.  And being mounted on the free-floated handguard, it's stayed on zero nicely over about 100-150 rounds.  I can see that a variable scope- say, 2-6- would work very nicely this way.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"We can't have intense debate here, this is a university!"

No, I'm not kidding.
Antonia Okafor is speaking about “Female empowerment and the Second Amendment” at Mount Holyoke College Thursday night, but Wednesday night she was supposed to address Hampshire College on the same subject.
She didn’t get to, because the administration canceled her speech hours before.
An administration spokesperson told The College Fix that her sponsor left off some important information from the venue application – namely that Okafor’s speech might provoke “intense debate.”
And the snowflakes can't handle that.

These people get out into the real world, and they're in for some BIG surprises.

Speaking of,
For example, the REALITY of the labor market is that people demand things they want.  And if you were to make a list of everybody's Christmas wishlist it is going to be populated with electronic gadgets, cell phones, computers, laptops, vehicles, clothes, games, drones, and a panoply of other goodies.  Consider more boring "necessities" your old man wants and you add tools, gas, insurance, home repairs, auto repairs, lawnmowers, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  But if you were to list the trades, professions, and skills that go into making and providing these things to the market, you will find NONE of them require people with "Women's Studies Skills."  Or "Critical Thinking Skills."  Or "Literature and Poetry" skills.  Or "Communications Skills."  They need engineers, accountants, actuaries, tradesmen, metal smithers, and a whole host of other people who actually provide VALUE to the rest of society.
But this harsh reality of having to work for a living, providing value to others, working a job you don't necessarily like, never dawns on the majority of American high school graduates.  It also is antithetical to leftist thought.  And so what do 67% of them do?

They major in the liberal arts.
They follow their heart because the money will follow.
They're going to major in something (because at the wise wise age of 18) they're going to "change the world."

Now i don't have to explain to you what happens a short 4-8 years (depending on if they're dumb enough to get advanced degrees in these fields).

Title of the piece: The Left Punishes Itself...Mercilessly and Horribly

Piers Morgan making sense again?

When did the dimensional warp happen, and what's coming next?
Yet, there’s one thing even his most vociferous enemies – and that is a historically high volume of human beings – cannot continue to deny, and it’s this: Donald Trump delivers on his promises.

Of course, in the main, they’re not promises his opponents actually wanted him to keep, but that is beside the point.

When you win an election, you also win the right to carry out the pledges you made as a candidate. That is the inherent bedrock of democracy.

And judging Trump entirely from that perspective, he is beginning to really, REALLY deliver.
If he says something sensible about guns, I'm going to have to have a drink.

When the prosecutors, and the cops taking their orders, are the criminals

The investigation continued despite its failure to find anything like the sort of violations it was ostensibly intended to investigate. It continued despite court orders to stop. And prosecutors retained evidence (including medical and other records about Republican officials and donors, kept in a file labeled “opposition research”) even after being ordered by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to turn all the information over. It was a lawless exercise of prosecutorial power, for political ends.
Raids suitable for violent felons, gag orders("Tell anyone anything about this and you go to jail."), all because a bunch of Democrats wanted to bring down a governor.  And anyone else they could.

If there are no disbarments and people going to jail over this, it'll be one mo- make that a box more nails in the coffin of 'trusting the authorities'.

Monday, December 11, 2017

That's a good name for a rifle, and a fine reason for it

The significance of the new name has a great deal of historical and national importance to the Polish people. In English ‘Grot’ translates to spearhead or arrowhead. ‘Grot’ or Spearhead was the code name of General Stefan Rowecki, a Polish army officer and resistance leader who fought against Poland’s Nazi German occupiers.

A big, heavy bullet at subsonic velocity;  I'd like to see video of this firing.

Something to remember about the gun bigots and general control freaks:
We must all remember that Law is never about asking nicely, Law is about force – passing a Law means legally depriving individuals of their right to make a choice. And that, at its heart, is what the Gun Bigots want: to use the force of Law to deprive others of the right to live their lives differently. There is no “Gun Control”, only “Gun Owner Control”. What the leaders of the Gun Bigots want does not fit the definition of insanity, but it does cross the line over the definition of Evil.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

And they claim to wonder why most people think they're corrupt hacks?

Aaron Zebley served previously as Mueller’s chief of staff at the FBI and as a senior counselor in the National Security Division at the Department of Justice. He also served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the National Security and Terrorism Unit in Alexandria, Virginia. 

He is often referred to in the media as Mueller's "right-hand man." 

Also, in 2015 when he was a lawyer, he represented Justin Cooper, the IT staffer who personally set up Hillary Clinton's unsecure server in her Chappaqua home, Fox News' Tucker Carlson revealed on his show Thursday.
Let this sink in. The same attorney who played a defensive role for Hillary Clinton was tapped by Mueller in June to play an offensive role against Clinton opponent Trump.

But Zebley isn't the only questionable hire. Out of a team of fifteen lawyers, nine of them have donated to Democratic candidates. None of them seem to have Republican leanings.

Mohammed bin Salman better have damn good security people, because with things like this he's got an even bigger bullseye on his back.

Amazing, is it not, what happens when the people in charge of the war actually want to win?