Saturday, September 16, 2023

Attend all!

It's the Seventh Eve, and the blessings have arrived!

Here's the test results

on the subsonics.  
Standard Disclaimer applies.

Chrony was ten feet from the muzzle, velocities in feet per second.  Both tested out of AR pattern rifles with 16" barrels.

First, two loads in .300 Blackout:
200-grain Berry's  over 11.7 grains CFEBLK
avg. 1040

Second, 190-grain boattail hollowpoint match bullet(probably Sierra Matchking) over 10.5 grains H4198:
avg. 908.6

The 190-grain bullets do give better accuracy at 100 yards, at the indoor range of 30 yards there's barely any difference.

The other loads were 7.62x39 using the same 200-grain Berry's .308 bullet as the first .300 load

12.8 grains CFEBLK
avg. 984.6

avg. 1005.4

avg. 1042
The second had a definite stronger sound, can only suppose that the measure dropped a touch more powder on that one for some reason/somehow.  If I test these again I'll weigh each charge just to be certain.

Chicago's socialist mayor has decided to take the 'screwed up' up another notch

Because you can't have real socialism without hunger.

A Canadian school decides to 'raise inclusivity' by getting rid of older books.  Y'know, ones more likely to have unapproved thoughts and ideas in them.
The American Library Association is probably watching this with great interest and approval.

A transgender clinic in St. Louis will begrudgingly no longer prescribe gender hormones to minors thanks to a new state law that exposes doctors to lawsuits if they provide such treatments.
Take note of the other things involved:
Former case manager Jamie Reed came forward with allegations that the clinic had hastily put children with psychiatric issues on hormone treatments, and alleged that the clinic did not make sure people were aware of the side effects.

The New York Times reported that emergency staff at the hospital started seeing a spike in trans-identifying children at the same time that were showing up every day in a psychiatric crisis.

Reed's been in the news before, starting when the blew the lid off this.    Here's the original article.

Telling the truth, when it's about the Wuhan vaccine, is considered a punishable crime by too many idiots.

Friday, September 15, 2023

I actually had a chance to put some of the subsonics over a Chrony, but I'm not going to do that post right now

Too late in the evening.  But I did get the data for sixth eve done, and it is presented below

While back a guy was insisting that the grooming/socialist/"Don't tell your parents about this" teachers

'are just a few'.  And yet more and more of this crap comes out.
The story as told by DeDe is that she had a traumatic upbringing and instead of talking to a psychiatrist, she uses her classroom of preschoolers as her emotional support. She teaches them if they don't like their family, they can choose other families. Instead of, you know, teaching them sight words, numbers, and how to use scissors.

"I think everyone should be allowed to do that," she ranted. "And that's what I f*cking teach in the classroom. Okay? I always say give it to your friend and not your mom. Because f*ck your mom."

At best she's a bleeping idiot.  And I don't think there's actually a 'best' to this.

Shame on me for forgetting, a couple of days ago the Holy League broke the Second Siege of Vienna,

with the final blow struck by Jan Sobieski, leading the Winged Hussars of Poland at the tip of the biggest cavalry charge in history. 

The Poles still mark it.

And this is the time for the song

Found at Wirecutter's, a floating island

 they have to move around occasionally.

When your electric car self-ignites in the company parking lot,

that's embarrassing.
That’s when its lithium-ion battery cell reportedly overheated, went into a thermal runway condition and caught fire. He said firefighters applied water to cool the battery cell for several hours before the fire was extinguished.

No damage occurred to the charger or other vehicles. According to King, firefighters are accustomed to responding to conventional vehicle fires, which are typically put out with one fire engine and anywhere from 500 to 1,000 gallons of water.

However, Tuesday’s fire required nearly 45,000 gallons of water and multiple units, including an engine, tower, battalion chief, rescue, hazmat, and an air response vehicle. In a news release, the fire department urged EV owners to take precautions against fires.

They lie about their 'gender-affirming care' program,

and the people who told the truth are called names and threatened for it.  The usual.
Seven months after former pediatric gender clinician Jamie Reed blew the whistle on unquestioning “affirming” care at Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, the New York Times has confirmed core elements of her story.

Speaking with patients, employees, local health-care providers, and parents, the Times investigation corroborated many of Reed’s central allegations, most notably that a substantial number of adolescent patients were prescribed testosterone treatments before their underlying mental-health issues were addressed. Moreover, the St. Louis clinic exhibited a categoric lack of record-keeping and patient tracking.

As “demand rose, more patients arrived with complex mental health issues. The clinic’s staff often grappled with how best to help, documents show, bringing into sharp relief a tension in the field over whether some children’s gender distress is the root cause of their mental health problems, or possibly a transient consequence of them,” the Times noted.

'Transient consequence' being the fancy way of saying "An awful lot of these kids have mental health problems that probably helped lead to them declaring themselves trans, but they didn't get treatment for them.  Just thrown into "Let's start changing your gender!"

Can you say 'medical malpractice'?  I knew you could.

There are a lot of people involved in this abuse who need to face real consequences for the damage they've done.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

A bit of clearing for this Thursday

And last,
During son's first deployment to the sandbox, I'd sent him a copy of David Drake's 'The General' series, which he re-read.  I also talked him into a suitable picture to go with them.  Which allowed me to send a copy to Drake saying "Sgt. Firehand(2), on detached duty from the 5th Descott.

Drake replied "That's WONDERFUL!"
It still brings a smile.