Saturday, March 09, 2024

Let us now escape from the chilly outside

with the 7th evening stuff

More on the garbage in some Oklahoma schools

NEW: Students in Oklahoma schools have come forward and describe a culture of bullying, hazing, manipulation, and pressure to participate in disgusting dares like licking toes and armpits, spitting in people’s mouths, and having garbage thrown on you.

This has been going on for YEARS.

Full post, including video, here

I'm back to thinking of starting with a whipping post, followed by the firings and prosecutions.

Friday, March 08, 2024

There having been no further 'bad blogger' crap,

I once again present the sixth eve visuals in the new format

As if this administration cares if their appointees are competent

and/or honest.
Dettelbach never mentioned that the manufacturers of the pistol brace, which was originally designed for disabled veterans, received determination letters from his ATF that said the brace was not subject to NFA. He never told Brennan that if 40 million pistol braces were suddenly classified as Short Barrel Rifles by ATF, their owners could have faced federal felonies if they didn’t immediately register their weapons as SBRs. He never disclosed how ATF’s zeal to write and enforce its own laws began in earnest under the Biden-Harris administration, or how the ATF – under his leadership – is getting its butt kicked in court as a result.

Long as they hate the peasants holding to their rights and have sufficient contempt for the Constitution, Pres. Gropey & Co. are find with them.

'No American troops in Gaza' my ass

He goes through with this idiocy, they'll be there.  And Hamas will welcome them.

And, while the Navy has experience in such, for defenses they have to be able and willing to use force.  Anybody doubt there would be so many 'only if' restrictions so as to make them sitting ducks?

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Some things to clear

Said it before, a bunch of doctors and counselors and teachers deserve (updated)

a session with a flagrum.  For a start.  For the kids they've damaged, and those they've assisted in damaging.

Few years ago in Britain there was a virtual epidemic of young girls announcing themselves lesbian.  There was great rejoicing and praise from the usual suspects, with a few teachers and parents- had to do it very carefully to avoid winding up fired, in jail, and their kid taken away- pointing out that doing so had become popular, and a lot of girls were doing it for no other reason.  Same crap here.  For every kid who may actually be one of the few who might be helped by the hormones and surgery, there's a BUNCH being pushed by the bastards.  And this really needs to be dealt with.

More on the mess here

"I say you're guilty of not using the pronoun I prefer so

you belong in jail!"
Well, asshat, you picked someone who already has good lawyers and the money to pay them, so I don't think this is going to work.

Makes you wonder if some people become teachers

because that's where the kids are.
UNBELIEVABLE. @EdmondSchools has been holding feet licking and armpit licking events for years where students lick chocolate and peanut butter off of staff.

After video surfaced last week of another school in Oklahoma holding a feet licking event, these videos were uncovered.

You've got two choices: either both teachers and administrators are guilty, or they're so effing stupid they actually thought this was a good idea.  Either way, they all need to go.

Just to make this more fun, the local radio news station at first was attributing all the noise about this being because 'that far-right activist website Libs of TicTok publicized it'.  Ignore all else, they thought whoever brought this to our attention made the information suspect, or less bad?

Gee, I wonder if they might be connected?

In 2021:
To be fair, Bronson was replying to someone else’s asinine demand for a military coup against Presidentish Joe Biden, but when an active-duty Army sergeant appears in uniform to remind civilians that might makes right, it’s understandable that we civilians might get a little jumpy about it.

Current racist bullshit in military training:
SCOOP: Mandatory training for military members teaches that America was founded on racism, and parents are too ignorant and dumb to teach their children about it. They think parents need to stay out of their kids' education and shouldn't have a say in what they learn.

Only 'The State' knows what's best for your child and how to properly educate them.

And now:
The nation’s gun-buying binge remained robust last month amid the Biden administration’s latest plans to cut sales and intimidate customers.
Possible connections, hm...
Of course, you also have to throw in this Administration and Soros prosecutors(& Co.) wanting to throw violent criminals back on the street, over and over, in the name of 'justice', which just might make a lot of people decide "I need a gun."

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

However much you may hate these bureaucrats, scientists, and other control freaks,

it's not enough.
As a result, the WEF and other globalist climate zealots are now demanding that governments intervene and ban individuals from growing their own food in order to “save the planet” from “global warming.”

The research indicated that resorting to garden-to-table produce causes a far greater carbon footprint than conventional agricultural practices, such as rural farms.

So they want you to shut down the garden.  And since they also want to restrict what and how said 'rural farms' be allowed to grow, it'll be that much more control over you.

Monday, March 04, 2024

The experts, the conniving doctors trying to hide their part in it,

doom-predicting clowns like Ferguson at King's College, and the media clowns who started their suckup with telling us that calling it 'this Chinese virus' or 'Wuhan virus' was racist, and lectured that anyone not toeing the line wanted everyone to die, and the politicians who used it for power and control...
Throw in Collins and Fauci and that bastard with Ecohealth Alliance who helped funnel money to the Wuhan lab.
What lessons can we learn from this belated admission that the entire clusterkluge was a "mistake"? How to compensate for those who watched their loved ones die from behind a plate-glass window in Mengele Memorial Hospital? For those who -- like a dear friend and mentor of mine -- died from a second shot of the "vaccine" in the early days of the panic? For the families disrupted, restaurants closed, businesses destroyed, industries wrecked -- and all with the witting complicity of the mainstream media, which so enthusiastically hosanna-ed the official narrative, despite the evidence of their own senses?
Fauci and Collins ought to lose their pensions, at the least.  A bunch of politicians and 'public health' people the same, with the politicians in particular getting a flogging first.

Why flogging for them?  Because the only real punishment they'll ever receive for what they've done would be people dragging them out and doing that, because the .gov and Professional Journalists, for the most part, won't do a damn thing except cover for them.  And since none of said Journalists involved will face the hanging they deserve...

Yeah, I'm in a bad mood.

My, I wonder why this rather big news isn't getting much attention

from our Professional Journalists?

It appears Doritos needs the same treatment as A/B got

What the hell is wrong with these companies?

If you're on X, full thread here

Have you noticed that the 'punch a nazi' assholes ARE the nazis?

And that includes the campus authorities who seem to approve of the national socialists and Jew haters.
University of California, Berkeley, administrators have offered no apology to Israeli lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat, whose speech to a campus Jewish group was abruptly canceled by the university after violent protesters choked a female student attendee, spit in another attendee's face, and broke into the auditorium where Bar-Yoshafat waited onstage.

"I've had no apology," Bar-Yoshafat told the Washington Free Beacon. "No one from Berkeley has contacted me since, or tried to contact me, even."

Of course not: an apology would indicate they see what happened as a problem.

In which Canada wants to become the New Soviet Empire

And if you think I'm kidding,
Justice Minister Arif Virani has defended a new power in the online harms bill to impose house arrest on someone who is feared to commit a hate crime in the future – even if they have not yet done so already. 

The person could be made to wear an electronic tag, if the attorney-general requests it, or ordered by a judge to remain at home, the bill says.

There is fear that this could 'chill freedom of speech': bullshit, it would destroy it.  As that Stalin wannabe Trudeau and his commissars desire.

The bill would allow people to file complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission over what they perceive as hate speech online – including, for example, off-colour jokes by comedians. People found guilty of posting hate speech could have to pay victims up to $20,000 in compensation.

But experts including internet law professor Michael Geist have said even a threat of a civil complaint – with a lower burden of proof than a court of law – and a fine could have a chilling effect on freedom of expression.

I'd bet this is largely based on "Those truckers protested even when Dear Leader told them not to!  We can call them saying "No, we will show up and protest!" hate speech and lock them up that way!"  Add that to the whiny "He hurt my feelings/make me feel unsafe!" crowd, and here they are.

Sunday, March 03, 2024

It's been a nice couple of days,

and one of them involved riding the bike*.  Which was nice.  And that new front tire (Michelin Pilot Road 4) is great.

If hadn't needed to carry some stuff that wouldn't fit on the back seat, would've ridden today, too.  But tomorrow is coming.

Crap, seems like I've got a lot to do.