Saturday, May 28, 2022

Once more, on the 7th evening,

we have something to distract from the bullshit and evil out there.

Friday, May 27, 2022

It being one of those two evenings, I'm worn out, and blogging about those useless uniformed bastard in Uvalde

will make me break things or blow a gasket, we will proceed to the imaging results.

Now, on top of everything else in Uvalde,

we find that the piece of garbage started his shooting and continued it outside for about ten minutes.  And nobody in the school seems to have said "Let's make sure all the doors are secured."

This is so effed up it's amazing.

One more thing: I haven't seen anything confirming this, but there was a statement that the rifles he bought after his 18th birthday were two Daniel Defense firearms.  Those things run around $2000 each, plus the other stuff he bought.  If this is correct, where'd he get that money?

Let's see, an administration that wants to destroy the oil & gas industry,

now that it's biting them in the ass, wants some refineries restarted.  
"Just ignore the fact that we're only going to take our foot partly off your neck, and put full weight back on once the yelling quiets down, would you do this for us?"
Oh yeah, that's going to work.

Note that this article is pushing 'The Russian invasion pushed futures up' crap, ignoring what all the Biden clowns had done before.

'We need to regulate cars the way we regulate guns'

from Michael Williamson.

Part of the problem is most people have no idea how many gun laws there already are; the serious anti-rights types don't care, I think a lot of people would be surprised.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

An awful lot of 'environmentalists' are just completely

full of shit.  

If even half of this is true, the local cops

are going to be told exactly what people think of them.

And they'll deserve it.

A bit of historical housekeeping on Eric Holder and the Do'J'

I had read years back that AG Eric Holder had ordered the Do'J' and its subsidiaries would henceforth record interviews with suspects/subjects.  My thought was 'About damned time.'

Then came the Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack. When the wife of the deceased terrorist was being tried the jury asked for a copy of the recording of an interview with her, because what she said didn't match up with the record from the FBI written account. They were informed that there was no recording, 'we don't do that'. Wound up being a key factor in her being acquitted.
When the Very Special Agent in charge of that mess was asked why no recording, answer was "It never would have occurred to us to do that."
"What the HELL?" thinks I, because Holder made that order in 2014. The Pulse attack was in 2016. So why the 'It never would have occurred to us' crap?

So I looked around, and found this from the Do'J' in 2014(link in first comment): "Following a collaborative and thorough review, Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday announced a new policy for the Department of Justice that creates a presumption that statements made by individuals in federal custody, following arrest but prior to their first appearance in court, will be electronically recorded. Attorney General Holder said that the new policy will help to ensure accountability and promote public confidence in the institutions and processes that guide the nation’s law enforcement efforts.

“Creating an electronic record will ensure that we have an objective account of key investigations and interactions with people who are held in federal custody,” Attorney General Holder said. “It will allow us to document that detained individuals are afforded their constitutionally-protected rights. And it will also provide federal law enforcement officials with a backstop, so that they have clear and indisputable records of important statements and confessions made by individuals who have been detained.”
According to the policy, prosecutors and agents are directed to use video recording to satisfy the presumption whenever possible. If video recording equipment considered suitable under agency policy is not available, audio equipment may be substituted. The policy applies broadly to all statements of persons in federal custody of the FBI, DEA, ATF or USMS after arrest, but prior to initial appearance. "

So: either this didn't count as "You Will Do This" to the clowns, or they ignored it.

And they wonder why people have been losing trust in them for years.

It's starting to look like the police response in Uvalde

was pretty much 'Broward County, the Followup'.

If true, I don't think the local cops are going to be very welcome in a lot of places.

Another demonstration of how so much of our media is trash

And recycled trash, at that.
Invented for Nazi infantrymen, further developed by the US military, the AR-15 was the Texas school shooter’s weapon of choice…. — Marc Fisher (@mffisher) May 26, 2022

'Recycled' because the stupid bastard originally tried selling this in 2018, got slapped with facts, and now  tries it again...

The Washington Post: Democracy Dies In Darkness(that our lies help produce)

Another case of the BATFEIEIO playing "We can do what we want

when we want.  Because you can't stop us."  

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

I shall now indulge in a bit of clearing

                                                                      No, I have no idea.

                     This is available as a print, and when some other stuff is cleared I'm getting one.