Saturday, September 02, 2023

That seventh period of the week

has arrived, bringing a new collection.  Enjoy

Good dog

Goood dog.
In addition to visiting various residents, particularly those liable to give him biscuits, he also comforts the elderly, even if behind closed doors, having long since learned to open them.
Robertson told the Free Press, "He certainly has a penchant for the elders. He's very in tune with what they need, especially our very vulnerable population. If they have dementia or if they're dying, he knows that, and he will go and be with them and comfort them. He must've just felt like he needed to be here."

Friday, September 01, 2023

Sixth eve, with another hot and wearing day

following a string of others.  So,

"This post was deleted because community guidelines. You can rewrite it to meet the guidelines'

In a post from a long time ago about vote fraud in a state.

Because "How dare you commit badthink and misinform people!", apparently.

Ain't it wonderful?

Yes, BATFEIEIO is at it again

This time, short version, "You have to get a FFL to be able to sell a gun if you make any money off the sale, and you can guess how many people we'll allow to have one."
Not to mention the 'This will allow us to register all guns and sales like we're legally able to, but since when has the law mattered to us?" problem.

Yeah, sounds like a cat

Due to a conversation in comments, just in caseyou haven't seen this, I present

one of my favorites

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

A bit of subsonic testing

Before I start, since I'll be including some specs on the loads, I must add this
These are loads I worked up.  Some was from data on different bullets, some was figured on my own.  They worked for me, I can't guarantee they will for you.  So use with caution, if you do.

That out of the way, I'd mentioned before using Berry's plated 200-grain .308 bullets, intended for .300 Blackout, with a 7.62x39.  Did some tweaking of the load, and got this at 30 yards the other day:

That used 12.8 grains of CFEBLK, with the bullet seated to just below maximum overall length.  Considering the so-so rest, not bad.  The original load was lower, and it worked, but there was a lot of fouling on the outside of the case, indicating the pressure was low enough that the case wasn't expanding enough for a good seal.  So worked this up in 0.1 grain increments, which got gave this accuracy and much less fouled cases, and no signs of high pressure.

Second, while back I'd mentioned getting some blemished bullets from Midway, .308 190-grain that shot very nicely at 30 yards.  Finally had the chance to/remembered to take them when went to the outdoor range.  These were shot at 100 yards using the center and bottom-right aiming points.

The center was these bullets in Sig cases over 10.5 grains of H4198, bottom right the same load in Federal cases, with the OAL just below max.  With the Strike Eagle scope, this was using the third stadia line as the aiming point.  This was much better than I'd hoped for.

I tried a few at 200, but couldn't figure out the holdover with the ones I had left.  That's for the future.  Right now I'm going to see if they've got any more of those bullets and order some if they do.
No, no velocity readings today, other people there when I arrived and didn't want to hold things up too long while I was arranging things.  That's for the future, too.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Another 'Faster, please' medical advance

This one for eyes.
Four patients with severe chemical burns to one eye have shown early positive results in a phase 1 clinical trial of a therapy based on their own stem cells.

Even without further treatment, two of the patients reported significant improvements in their vision after a year of follow-up, according to a team of US researchers. The other two patients were able to undergo corneal transplants, which had previously not been an option due to the severity of their injuries.

Of course he will, because us disobedient peasants need a lesson

Despite declaring earlier this year that COVID is no longer a threat, President Joe Biden said his administration will "likely" recommend that all Americans receive the updated booster, including children.
Etc.  Which, especially considering the problems(let alone the 'not needed') this has already caused for kids, should be considered reason for horsewhipping every bastard involved.

That is one big lizard

New record alligator in Mississippi
14 feet 3 inches, 802.5 pounds.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Apparently these idiots have been following the Brit Crown Prosecutor rules

In court, Milica was fined €82 for ‘exceeding the necessity of self-defence’ and for ‘violating public order and peace’, which made her feel ‘very uncomfortable’.

Meanwhile, her attacker had to pay only €370 before being released from prison.

What she should be is damned mad, also every other woman in the country.  And every man worth a damn, for that matter.