Saturday, October 21, 2023

Short coverage, family member in hospital, and that on top of everything else

has me worn down a bit.  I did manage the 7th evening visuals, there will be more bloggage eventually.

Considering both Biden and the Obama influence, this wouldn't surprise me

in the least.
The gaps in U.S. knowledge of the attacks and Iran’s role must also be understood in the context of a separate but related intelligence scandal. As Tablet reported six days before the attacks, the Biden administration’s former Iran envoy Robert Malley supported and facilitated an Iranian spy ring and brought one of the clerical regime’s assets, Ariane Tabatabai, into the government. She is still at the Pentagon, where as chief of staff to the assistant director of defense for special operations, Christopher Maier, she holds top secret clearances. It’s hardly surprising then that the administration is eager to conceal Iran’s supporting role in the Hamas operation and clear the American spy services of any foreknowledge of the murderous incursion of the Iranian-backed terrorist group into southern Israel, no matter how unlikely such claims are in reality.
There's a lot in this, and when you consider Biden's desperation to give the Iranians money and basically help them get nukes...

Yes, I know treason has a specific definition in the Constitution.  I think 'aid and comfort to the enemy' covers this garbage nicely, so that's my tag for this

Friday, October 20, 2023

Too short night followed by a

looong day.  Just enjoy the visuals.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

If I were Jewish, I'd agree

The Left half the of Western World is celebrating the mass murder of Jews in Israel.

This, this right fucking here, is exactly why I own guns and train with my guns.

These fucking people would frog march my Jewish ass into a gas chamber to the shouts of “decolonize” and “free Palestine” with alacrity.

They said so and I believe them.

The only question now is: is this just talk or will they actually try it?

If they do, I’ll be fucking ready.

Funeral over

Dad didn't like funerals, and neither do I.  To get past that,

These people are effing insane.  And getting paid well for being so.

Three major security breaches at the IRS due to this company, and an employee leaking tax information to the media as it suited him.  The company still works for the IRS, and 
A Democrat donor, Littlejohn struck a deal with federal prosecutors in which he copped to a single count of disclosing tax information without authorization. Though facing a maximum of five years, his plea deal calls for an estimated range of eight to 14 months when he is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 29.

I don't doubt it.

Funeral to attend this morning

Between those I haven't been to because heard about them too late, and the ones went to, I could do without more funerals for a while.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Not an insurrection, because they're leftists

and hate Jews.

Ain't it just freakin' wonderful?

How wonderful are the people at the ADL?

This wonderful:
BREAKING: The @ADL just scrubbed their website to remove information about their intern who was filmed ripping down posters at @nyuniversity of the hostages taken by Hamas terrorists. @JGreenblattADL
Isn't that just so special?

He's really concerned about the 'optics' of the problems this law creates.  Isn't that just wonderful of him?
Now throw in that the Michigan Sheriff's Association says "We weren't asked about this, and were left out of discussions", but their Deputy Director testified in favor of this Red Flag law. so they don't know who's saying what.  Yeah, that works.

I'll give them another problem: they show up at someone's house at 0-dark-thirty and the poor bastard they're raiding has no idea what's going on and thinks it's a home invasion.  And it turns out to have been set up by a statement from an ex, or a family member or neighbor with a grudge.  You want bad optics?

A bunch of universities and students continue to discover that said student activists let their Jew-hating freak flag fly has consequencesWho could have imagined?

Hospital in Gaza gets blown up.  Hamas immediately says "The Jews did it!", and our idiot media parrots that.  Slight problem: it was a Hamas rocket that went off track that did it.
No, no links: most of our 'news' and 'humanitarian' organizations are either flat blaming Israel, or playing "Well, Hamas says this, and the J- ah, Israel says that".  You can find it all easily.

Now to try to catch up on some of the stuff I'm behind on.