Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another fine example of 'sensitivity' taken to the point of stupidity

Why didn't I call the police? It never occurred to me. The only stalking cases I'd even heard of involved celebrities. How was I going to convince the police that this person was a threat? What were the chances they'd believe I hadn't done anything to encourage him? Later, when I was rattled enough and ready to call, some administrators at the journalism school urged me not to. They felt my stalker was fragile and didn't want me to push him over the edge. The basic message was this: If I turned him in, he'd commit suicide, and it would be my fault. So, no pressure.
Thirty years ago, which makes it a relatively early example of the kind of stupidity that currently insists we have to be nice to terrorists because of the 'root causes'. Or should drop charges against a child rapist because "It wasn't rape-rape."

Found at Five Feet of Fury

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