Friday, May 11, 2012

The May e-Postal match is up

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'2012 is the end of the world'

my ass.

Something sent to me long ago, that I just found

Dear 'X',

In your recent column, you mentioned that there is no cure for sex offenders, and that there was no form of treatment for them that would prevent them from committing such crimes again. Sir, I be to differ!

Double-ought('00') buckshot has shown fine promise as a therapeutic treatment for all varieties of sex offenders. Once a sex offender is given sufficient buckshot, he now longer has the urge to commit such acts again. Buckshot therapy has many proven advantages, notably its low cost and portability, which allows for treatment anywhere, anytime, in fact, it is so simple that it allows the cure to be swift and immediate. All that is needed is a buckshot dispenser. I recommend the twelve- gauge variety of dispenser, either the pump-type or the double-barrel, it really is no matter. Some people ask about chokes, but if you use enough buckshot, choking shouldn't be necessary.

Not only can buckshot cure a sex offender, but buckshot may in fact prevent sex offenders from committing these acts in the first place. It is a proven fact that in almost all cases, there is a total lack of buckshot in the sex offender when they commit their crimes. Perhaps, just perhaps, if we could but reach these people in time, we could give them the buckshot they need before they commit such acts.

I just thought I'd let you know that there is indeed a ray of hope for sex offenders, and that ray is buckshot!

Sincerely yours, etc.

I don't think I'd heard of the Hard Hat Riot before,

but I should have.
“On this date in 1970, Marxist led anti-war agitators set-up base camp at the George Washington statue on Wall Street, all the while waving Viet Cong and North Vietnamese battle flags while they burned and urinated on the American flag.

“Hundreds of New York city construction workers [from the nearby World Trade Center site] had decided they’d had enough. They proceeded to charge the makeshift camp and forcibly replaced the Communist banners with the Stars and Stripes.

“What happened next, no one foresaw… the construction workers were unexpectedly joined by white collar office workers from the New York Stock Exchange.

“The NYSE literally emptied as stock brokers, traders and other assorted office workers fought shoulder to shoulder along side the Hard Hats….”
So a bunch of 99% people took umbrage at the commies; must've been a mess.

In Sarah Brady Paradise, good thing there wasn't a gun handy,

someone might've been- oh, wait...
A father out celebrating his daughter's birthday was brutally knifed to death in front of his horrified family just because he asked if a crying child was alright, a court was told yesterday.

Alan Smith, 63, was stabbed at least five times as he sat with his partner, daughter and son-in-law in a cafe in east London.
One thing I notice in the article:
As Mr Smith told them they would eat elsewhere, Quesada was overheard saying 'I need the piece' over the phone as he stood glaring as Mr Smith and his family left the cafe.
Hmmm. I wonder whatever he could have meant?

Every one of the bastard excuses for cops involved in this

should be in prison. Period. ALL of them, not just Ramos and Cicinelli. All of them who took part in this, all who lied in reports. And the department clowns who tried to cover for them and the city clowns who took part, all should be fired. You want no fucking tolerance? There should be none here, for ANYONE involved.

That didn't take long, did it?

Obama nearly loses to a prison inmate in West Virginia, and suddenly coal appears in his energy wheel.

Some stuff on our military snipers. Including
What are the best programs currently in our military for sniper training?

“There are only a few DOD sniper courses doing it right. The US Army 5 week course is more of a precision marksman school. Army SOTIC, USMC sniper and NSWC sniper produce true snipers that are highly capable where the 5 week Army course is lacking in the fundamentals that make a true sniper. You need two months minimum (the SEAL course is over three months of 7 days a week) to truly train a candidate. The latter courses are some of the top in the world with the SEAL course leading the pack in comprehensive curriculum.”
I imagine that'll annoy the Army a bit.

Well, Deity forbid someone who doesn't agree with you on Darwin be allowed to speak on something else, no matter how qualified he is.

From Sipsey Street, copied for those who can't go there:
CBS announces the news but also claims credit for breaking the original story in a sidebar.
David Codrea is righteously pissed that they did so. (Includes screenshots of emails between CBS, David and myself about how they got the story from us.)
Here is the 64 page draft and summary.
Clinton flack Lanny Davis claims this is a double standard and election year stunt. (Ignoring the fact that if the administration had turned over documents and played straight last year this would be old news already.)
I will look at the report in detail myself tonight and try to give y'all an analysis tomorrow, health permitting. At the moment, I'm working on my own exclusive.
I'll note that Mr. Vanderbeogh has been having some pretty serious health troubles, but there appears to be some light not connected to a train at the end of the tunnel.

Also linked at WoG, Who will save the Jews next time? and this at JPFO on why so many Jewish groups are anti-gun ownership.

I know people who'll basically excuse Democrats all past racist actions; they'll deny that most(all in most areas) Klan members were Dems and so forth. I need to send this to them.

And, from Mr. Huffman, an response to those who make 'gun owner=penis envy' jokes

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Theft under color of law

And using extortion to protect themselves from being sued.
After Reby filed an appeal, and after NewsChannel 5 began investigating, the state agreed to return his money -- if he'd sign a statement waiving his constitutional rights and promising not to sue.

They also made him come all the way from New Jersey, back to Monterey to pick up a check.
A: Damn these bastards, they know they're stealing and just figure they'll get away with it.
B: I have to think that'd constitute duress, and he could probably sue them anyway. I'd hope so, anyway; these shits with badges need to be sued for everything they have, the agencies and the officers personally.

I knew of Malthus and what he pushed,

but I had no idea what a vicious, murderous bastard he was until I started reading Merchants of Despair. And I haven't quite finished the chapter yet.

And the damage still being done by his followers, well, 'horrendous to behold' just about covers it.
In 1971, the newly formed Environmental Protection Agency responded by holding seven months of investigative hearings on the subject, gathering testimony from 125 witnesses. At the end of this process, Judge Edmund Sweeney issued his verdict: “The uses of DDT under the registration involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds, or other wildlife. … DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man.” No matter. EPA administrator William Ruckelshaus (who would later go on to be a board member of the Draper Fund, a leading population control group), chose to overrule Sweeney and ban the use of DDT in the United States. Subsequently, the U.S. Agency for International Development adopted regulations preventing it from funding international projects that used DDT. Together with similar decisions enacted in Europe, this effectively banned the use of DDT in many Third World countries. By some estimates, the malaria death toll in Africa alone resulting from these restrictions has exceeded 100 million people, with 3 million additional deaths added to the toll every year.

What Australia has become: a place where you need a permit

for the 'wrong' kind of Transformers toy...

Our 'professional, multiply-edited journalists' strike again; as in 'looked us in the eyes and lied again'.

"We must control the news, how you get it and how you send it out!" I don't think so, Maynard.

According to my source, there is talk among the highest levels of the uppermost echelon of the Department of Homeland Security, which he describes as effectively under the control of Barack Hussein Obama. During this call, he said that the DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that “a civil war” is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it,” stated my source.

“The DHS takes their marching orders from the Obama administration, from Obama himself, but mostly from his un-appointed czars. And Jarrett, especially Valerie Jarrett. Don’t think for a minute that the administration is doing anything to stabilize events in the U.S. They are revolutionaries, and revolutionaries thrive on chaos,” he added.

My source stated that he has not seen things this bad since he began working within DHS. “It’s like they [DHS agency heads] don’t care about what the American people see or feel about what the DHS agencies are doing. They figure that if the average American will put up with being “sexually groped and nuked” just to fly, they’ll accept almost anything. “That’s why their actions are becoming more overt. “It’s in your face and the brass actually chuckle about it” said my source.
What think you?

On the new underwear-bomber story, I'd been thinking that this was another example of this administration unable or unwilling to keep its mouth shut about things that should not be in public discussion; seems it's even worse:
Turns out that there was never a CIA double agent, that the infiltrator worked for Saudi intelligence and they were the ones who found out that AQAP might be planning another attack against the US and thus reported it to the CIA.

Also, the underwear bomb was actually recovered April 20 and then handed to the CIA, before the anniversary.
Now the Saudis are pissed that this information was leaked AND that it was used to try to make other people look good; I'm sure that'll make things very nice in the future.

If you've got a Kimber or S&W 1911 without a rail, Crimson Trace now makes a light that'll fit it.

Unrelated to news, went by a local gun shop the other day and they had three of the Akdal MKA1919 shotguns and I looked one over; I liked it. Considering my record on what happens when I buy something that just recently came out, I'm waiting to see more information about how they hold up in use(and I couldn't afford one right now anyway) before I'd think about laying down money; but it does look and feel good in the hands.

The open carry bill has passed the Senate

and is on its way to the Governor's desk. She's said that she'll sign it.

I should note that we know exactly what some of our elected representatives think of us:
Wilson(Sen. Jim Wilson, D-Tahlequah), who served in the Marines during the Vietnam War, said that, "What we are talking about is amateurs carrying weapons." Even those who attend the course are still amateurs, he said.

"We are going to have a bunch of amateurs trying to intimidate people," Wilson said.

Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, said there are too many potential adverse outcomes that could happen as a result of the bill.

"I know boys and toys are a big deal," she said.

She said she is aware Sykes has a strong interest in seeing the measure become law.

"I hope that girl in the Governor's Office if it gets that far will say, 'That is enough, boys,' " Johnson said.
Like that girl in the Governor's Office line? Who's got a bad opinion of women who happen to belong to the wrong party?
Sen. Wilson: screw you. Our rights do not depend on your opinion of 'amateur' or 'professional'. And we really like being accused of idiots who'll wave our sidearms around.

Sen. Johnson; how many times have you made such demeaning comments about other people, other voters? Or do you reserve that for those not doing what you want? Screw you, too.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

By the way, some of the federal-level gun bigots tried

to shove through a law that would have docked federal criminal justice grants to states that have stand-your-ground laws, which allow residents to use deadly force to respond to an attack without first having to retreat. Named after Trayvon Martin, of course; although, like the other RWPP clowns and gun bigots, they use his first name as if he were a personal friend.

'Deny, no matter what'

was the advice given in an old movie if you were caught cheating on your wife: "Deny. Deny. ALWAYS deny, never for a moment admit anything." Seems Ladd Everitt takes that advice to heart.

Eric Holder admitted things about Gunwalker? "I don't think there's actual evidence." Mexican authorities say so?
The anti-gun advocate also attacked TheDC for citing Morales — Mexico’s attorney general — and other Mexican government officials about statistical data covering Fast and Furious-related murders.

“The Daily Caller is dragging itself into a giant-size ditch by citing Marisela Morales and other Mexican authorities as credible sources,” Everitt said.
Oh, when the Mexicans blame US laws and gun shows for their problems, THAT'S golden; but things that reflect badly on Obama & Co.? "Estimates, unknowns, you can't believe that."
To borrow,
Of course this is the same individual who claimed the gun confiscations in NOLA didn't happen even when shown video evidence, defended a serial spousal abuser , endorsed gov't approved genocide, called for the imprisonment/execution of those who disagree w/ (current) gov't policies and believes that ANY 'violent' use of a weapon is immoral.

This is not a well mind and goes to show the reality of 'gun control'. No amount of evidence will distract them from their hatred of guns.
Maybe a new tagline should be "Why are gun bigots such damned liars?" Or " delusional?"

Yeah, if those SEALs had all died, would've been terrible

For Obama; not so bad for the deceased, I guess.
Former president Bill Clinton just appeared in a reelection television commercial for President Barack Obama. At one point, Clinton weighs in on the potential consequences of Obama’s decision to go ahead with the planned assassination of Osama bin Laden. He smiles and then pontificates, “Suppose the Navy SEALs had gone in there . . . suppose they had been captured or killed. The downside would have been horrible for him [Obama].”
Like they say, any further questions about why Clinton did and did not do some of the crap during his tenure? Because if it went bad 'it would have been horrible for me'.

To people I know who keep saying "OWS isn't communist!",

A: If you keep marching with communists and anarchists and supporting them, you're connected. Whether you want to publicly admit it or not.
B: Are you such a lousy artist you can't make it? You demand the government loot other people so as to pay you?
Screw you. I keep remembering that Heinlein quote: "A tax-supported artist is a government whore."

This must be a sneak attack in that Republican war on women. Must be, the left says the Stupid Party and conservatives and libertarians hate women!

Among the reasons to despise Bill Ayers; and be really bothered that he's a good friend and adviser of the president.

'Higher education':
I sincerely apologize for the distress these incidents have caused our readers and appreciate that so many of you have made your sentiments known to us.
Because Deity Forbid someone write something that distresses the tender little minds in college, they just can't handle that! And because the people running this are cowardly little wusses.

From a celebrity with a brain:
Actress and singer Marie Osmond told The Daily Caller that she would “rather have food poisoning” than publicly endorse President Barack Obama or GOP frontrunner former Governor Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election.

Osmond, who like Romney is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said she does not “do politics.”

Ooh. I almost needed to light a pipe after reading this:
“A Border Patrol agent was killed, hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed, thousands of weapons are unaccounted for and likely, madam chairwoman, are going to be used in future crimes,” a visibly irate Gowdy said during his House floor speech. “But the Department of Justice — and the attorney general specifically — will not provide documents properly, legitimately requested. So, I am left with no choice, madam chairwoman, but to offer an amendment cutting the Department of Justice’s appropriation.”
Which passed. It's a start.

No, the Crusades were not nasty aggression on peaceful muslims.

AC notes various ways SB1813 fails the Jews in the attic test; plus is just general bullshit.

And last, couldn't they just say "We caught another underwear bomber" and leave it at that? Why the hell did they have to give all these details?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Either that, or they're a bunch of incompetent fools who ought to be fired.

Olivier de Schutter of the UN has two choices: worry about people starving in places like Syria, or screw with places like the US and Canada: guess which he chooses?
I'm at the point of thinking "I'm with the UN" should be considered the moral equivalent of "I'm a child molester."

Lugar is out

and John Effing Kerry and President Obama talk of how they'll miss him; which should tell a bunch of other politicians just what got Lugars' ass kicked out.

Note to politicians: when a turncoat hypocrite like Kerry says you going away is 'a tragedy for the Senate', it tells us you were a "What principles?" jerk who needed to leave. And since you wouldn't go on your own, the voters did it for you.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Guy named Venola, used to work at Guns & Ammo,

charged with murder; nasty situation.

The name rang a bell, and I dug around; he's the guy who, in the buildup to a pistol article in which he was painting glowing images of a LAPD unit, wrote
In the U.S. military, entry into most elite units is simply based on the ability to run long distances. But the SIS is an elite force of judgement and maturity.
Various people had things to say about that, and a lot of people wrote to the magazine expressing their views. I get the feeling many used impolite language. His followup/defense was basically "Physical conditioning is important for special ops, so anybody applying has to pass the basic-level tests, and that's what I meant(obviously)." Bullcrap, and- as I recall- phrased in a very 'If you were smart enough to understand' manner.

Not connected, just that the history came to mind.

I guess those saints just aren't islamic-enough

to suit Al-Qaeda.

They'd better hide those manuscripts; I guarantee you they're on the hit list

Well, for a theory that's really far out,

read this. I didn't read all the 'No kids working on the family farm' regulation, so I can't speak to this:
Curiously, the enforcement mechanism for this insane policy would've fallen to Homeland Security and amazingly, to the military. This means that forces of our military would have faced off against American farmers. There can be no doubt that many farmers would have defended to the death their historical right to property and parenting rights. The real reason for the withdrawal of the child farm labor policy has to do with the fact that the US military was not willing to murder American farmers on behalf of the Wall Street bankers and their large agricultural partners. The Obama administration is concealing this serious rift from the American people!
If it did indeed call for DHS and the military to enforce the regulation, then whoever wrote it is either a fool or really WANTED the fight to start. Question I had at the time was "So Mr. Fed calls or sends a message to the county sheriff and says "Farmer John is still letting his son drive a tractor and his daughter drive a combine; you are ordered to arrest him for violation of 'X'." Just how do you think that'll go over with the sheriff?" I can see some big-city political clown who knows nothing about such thinking "Farmer John might know the sheriff and police chief, so they might not want to arrest him... I know, we'll have DHS and the Army do it!" Far-fetched, but considering some of the things done & said over the last few years we know there really are people that stupid involved.

Report from the therapy room:

Why are Muslims more violent and criminal?
LinkHave friends who would start screaming 'RACISM!!!' at the very question(doesn't bother them when you point out islam is a religion and social system, not a race); mostly they want to make excuses or ignore the simple and unpleasant fact that a lot of people in the religion in question, well, this fits. Exactly.

I seriously fear for muslims who don't buy into this, who are moving/have moved beyond the "Thus it is written, follow or else" mindset, and I don't doubt they're scared as hell of the, call them 'traditionals', too.

Yeah, I'd sue the ass off the pharmacy too; I also

tend to think a cop might look at someone on crutches, in a leg brace AND AN IV IN HER ARM and think "Hmmm, maybe she needs the prescription and we need to check on this further." Or maybe the idiots who charged her might actually have tried thinking when they saw this. But thinking is apparently not allowed by Dallas authorities.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

If Eric Holder didn't see this crap coming, he's too stupid

to be out without being on a leash:
The female attorney of one of the 9/11 trial defendants is calling for all women in the courtroom to wear “appropriate” clothing during proceedings out of respect for her client’s religious beliefs, Fox News reported.

Civilian defense attorney Cheryl Bormann wore a full hijab during Saturday’s arraignment hearing for self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his four co-defendants, and asked the court to order other women to do the same.
One must assume that somehow the murder of people in large numbers is thus no offensive to their religious beliefs. Along with the rest of the crap the defendants are going to throw out.

By the way, the Southern Poverty Law Center has pretty much admitted they don't care about left-wing terrorists
I met this with silence, so he said that, really, the SPLC only tracks those who commit violence or who seek to destroy whole systems in the name of an ideology.

“Isn’t that exactly what happened in Cleveland?” I asked. “These five men, all linked with Occupy Wall Street, attempted to blow up a bridge as an overture to the wholesale destruction of Cleveland, Ohio, and in the name of anarchism. They also looked to blow up the Republican convention.”

“They were anarchists,” he repeated.


He paused. “We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.”

This was at least honest. He must have heard me thinking, because he continued, “Some people ask why we don’t cover prison gangs or the Crips and the Bloods, because they are violent, too. But they aren’t political, you see.”

“But Occupy is political,” I suggested.

Back to the honesty: “Well, take it if you will, or won’t.”
Two-faced bigoted little shits.

A little more on Obama's 'gutsy decision'; he wanted to make sure he didn't take any blame if it didn't go well.

Need to test the pump? Put it on a Triumph.

Who is Julia and why am I paying for all of her shit?

Well, yeah, if you're trying to destroy a product it doesn't make sense to count on tax revenue from it...
A few years back OK started a program to pay for insurance for kids by taxing tobacco; my question was "You're trying to make people stop smoking, which means you're basing this program on an income stream you're trying to destroy; besides being stupid, what do you plan to raise taxes on to pay for this when people stop smoking?"

How the National Socialist Democrats are setting up the destruction of the stock market.

Well, back to the 'gutsy decision':
General Jack Keane (Retired), the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, told Mike Huckabee tonight that Barack Obama knew about Osama Bin Laden’s hideout since the summer of 2010. But Barack Obama refused to act for several months. He wanted absolute proof first that Osama was living there. It wasn’t until May of 2011 that he agreed to attack Bin Laden’s compound, almost a year later.

And now I need to try to remember what I was going to do before I decided to check e-mail and glance at the news and....