Saturday, June 06, 2020

Repeat of yesterday: hot, tired,

data's in

"Screw safety and lives and homes,

protect the mussels!"
"Bureaucrats who should be hanged" for a thousand, Alex.

Crap like this is why A: People have decided the 'social distancing' and so forth

is largely bullshit, and B: lots of Experts are idiots

Words of warning for the rioters from Mas Ayoob,

if they've got brains enough to listen.  And to the protesters, because if they protect the rioters they're going to get sucked further in to this.
No, I’m not addressing demonstrators. There’s a difference, even if the mainstream media can’t bring itself to say so.  If you want to peacefully demonstrate, no problem. You know who you are. Some of you have already held back The Others, or tried to, and in at least one instance I know of have saved a cop who was cut off from his team-mates and surrounded by an angry mob of The Others.

I’m addressing The Others – the rioters, the looters, the destroyers. There are strong indications that Antifa is involved, though I can’t say they’re entirely responsible. But you heartfelt demonstrators are the ones they’ve made into cat’s paws and puppets with their instigation to violence, and if you go along with them you’re shaming yourselves and everything you’re trying to stand for.
When you start attacking homes – occupied dwellings – therules change. Arson of occupied dwellings is what the law calls a “heinous felony against the person,” and ordinary citizens are allowed to shoot you to stop you from doing it. You’ve gotten away with breaking into stores that were closed for the safety of their employees and customers, but if you try to do the same to people’s homes, that’s “violent and tumultuous entry of occupied dwellings.” It’s “home invasion.” And when you start doing that, the people who live there are authorized by the law to shoot you to death in defense of themselves and other innocent parties.
There's already been a case of the assholes setting a place on fire, with people inside, and then blocking the fire trucks.  I suspect the only reason there hasn't been a pile of bodies yet is they do this in places where it's hard for the commoners to have arms for self-defense.

Friday, June 05, 2020

It's late, I'm hot and tired,

data's in.  You enjoy, I need a shower and sleep.

From Mr. Williamson, on the racist left

BTW, classifying 89% of the world's population as "non-white," when they are of thousands of genotypes is pretty fucking racist. You're saying that Mexicans, Thais, Yupiks and Bantu are interchangeable. You've categorized the entire world as "white" and "not white."
Also, when you say "White" people, do you mean Brits, Balts, Scandis, Gauls, Germanics, Hibernians, Italics, Iberians, Turkics, Caucasians, Bulgars, Berbers, Helenes, Slavs or Balkans?  Or are they all the same to you?

Ah, Professional Journalism

NBC reporter Tom Costello said the historic St. John's Episcopal Church experienced "some vandalism" after the church was lit on fire Sunday night.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

For those who may be wondering if the 'protesters' are going to start looting and burning your neighborhood,


It seems some leftists are erupting in further outrage because

"I thought you gun nuts didn't want the government oppressing us, so why aren't you in those cities shooting the cops and National Guard?"  Which is about as fucking stupid a thing as I can think of, and considering the competition lately that's saying something.

Larry Correia has a response to this idiocy up on Fecesbook, and I'm going to quote a part of it:
When we fight back against gun control laws, you declare we are stupid because only the police should have guns (hey, aren't those the guys you are protesting right now?)
"Stupid racist rednecks! We live in a civilized society! Don't you realize the police will protect us?" until when your democrat cities are on fire, and you call 911 and the operator tells you sorry, the police can't come to your house right now, please try not to get murdered... How is that strict gun control working out for you?

Then you did everything in your power to chase gun owners out of your sainted liberal strongholds. You passed laws. You banned everything we like. Forced all the shooting ranges to close. Forced most of the gun stores to close. And just generally let us know that our kind is not welcome there.

But now you've started some shit, YOU want US to go into democrat cities, with democrat mayors, and democrat police chiefs enforcing democrat policies which cause strife among democrats, in order to get into gun fights on your behalf?

How fucking gullible do you think we are? :D Like holy shit. Damn dude!

Because we all know that literally 30 seconds after a gun nut blows away a government employee on your behalf, then all the national media coverage of the riots will instantly cease (sorta like the Corona Virus coverage did) and it'll be back to the news breathlessly reporting about right wing extremist gun nuts, and all you useless fucks would go back to whining for more dumb ass gun control.

You've already thrown the black community under the bus, cheering as their neighborhoods get burned and yours are safe. Seriously, white liberals are the shittiest "allies" in history, and your moral foundation has the consistency of Play-Doh. Your moral compass is a wind sock.

About that range day,

the target posted was shot with .40-65, 300-grain RCBS bullets over 24.0 grains of A5744, with new brass that needed fireforming.  I'd shot some other loads at 200 and decided to see if these would shoot decently at that range.  I thought I'd have to adjust the sight for elevation, but first shot was in the bull, then the others clustered nicely around.  TO say I was happy would be understatement.

So, let's try some more on another target to see if it would repeat.  It did.
Again, first round in the bull.  With a bullet I didn't expect that much from at this range*, with new brass.

Hmmm.  I just looked, and it appears RCBS doesn't sell this mold anymore; they do have this one.  More lube grooves, looks intended for black powder.  I'll have to find some of them to try out.

With 56.0 black and the 400-grain bullet,
That high-left was the fouling shot.  The load needs tweaking.

The above was loaded(after reading about this from several people) with the case mouth leaving the first lube groove uncovered(target use only).  So I loaded five with the case mouth covering the groove
Fouling shot off to the left.  Now that looks interesting, in that I'm probably responsible for the vertical stringing.  This will be tried again.

Last, I had some .45-70 loaded with the Lee 500-grain bullet before my mold went south.  35.0 of Blackhorn 209, a .060 wad.  First shot was low, had to tweak the sights a bit, plus the wind was starting to gust some.
The three low were adjusters, the last four went in and right around the bull.  Lee gets some justified crap for some of their stuff, but they can make molds that throw good bullets.  I just wish they made them better.

*I wanted to try these bullets for fireforming brass and general shooting.  It working this well at 200 was great. 

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Range Day was had,

and I'll write more on it later, but I will note that this was a very pleasant surprise
That's at 200 yards with a load I didn't expect to be on the target without a bunch of sight tweaking, with cases being fireformed and a bullet I'd not used before at this distance.  Details to come.

LONG past time to deal with this crap.

Maybe it’s finally time to consider the role that police unions play in perpetuating police brutality. Mayor de Blasio has frequently tangled with his city’s powerful unions, but he’s never challenged their vast political power. And make no mistake, that power is often used to cover up and deflect charges of police misconduct. 

“The unions, at least in New York City, outright just protect, protect, protect the cops,” retired NYPD commander Corey Pegues wrote in his memoir, Once a Cop. “It’s a blanket system of covering up police officers.”
Just to pick one, Officer Roid Rage in Ohio: despite all he did being on video, he wound up getting the job back thanks to the bloody union.

And either hugely restrict qualified immunity, or get rid of it.

Monday, June 01, 2020

'Protesters' my ass

“Protesters intentionally set a fire to an occupied building on Broad Street. This is not the only occupied building that has been set fire to over the last two days. But they prohibited us from getting on scene,” Smith said. “We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. Protestors intercepted that fire apparatus several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire. Inside that home was a child.”

And anyone claiming it was 'white supremacists' is too effing stupid to keep breathing.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Yeah, nothing says "Justice!" like looting and burning businesses

that the people you claim to be protecting own, and use.

Anyone want to bet the antifassholes are in this up to their smelly socialist eyebrows?