Saturday, January 13, 2024

It is now time for the 7th eve post

I now present to you this collection.  

Some public schools aren't just staffed by DEI incompetents and socialists,

they're staffed with Jew-hating assholes.
A New York City public school is being accused of “Jewish erasure” after a map from one of its classrooms surfaced showing all the countries of the Middle East except Israel, which is labeled “Palestine.”

The Free Press was shown a photo of the map of the “Arab world,” hanging in the art classroom at PS 261, a public elementary school in Brooklyn. Rita Lahoud uses the classroom to give lessons to pre-K and elementary students in the “Arab Culture Arts” program, which is funded by Qatar Foundation International (QFI). QFI is the American wing of the Qatar Foundation, a nonprofit owned by the ruling family of the wealthy Arab state, which harbors leaders of the terrorist group Hamas.

Makes you wonder what's happening in San Francisco, when this is a Board of Supervisors meeting:
The anti-Israel and anti-Jewish dumbs mocked a Jewish man who told the crowd at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting about how he lost five family members on October 7.

His family no longer feels safe in San Francisco, either.

If they felt safe in that place, they'd be idiots.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Was cold today, colder tonight, and I'm keeping myself inside as much as can,

which makes the sixth evening collection more welcome, enjoy it

Kim has a question about redheads,

specifically 'which of these would you really like a serious kiss with?'

Personally, I'd lean most toward Gina and Jill, having had a serious crush on both since I actually started noticing things about girls.

How 'bout some music?

Song I hadn't heard in a long time, and I'd never seen- didn't even know- there was a video

Usually 'open carrying' doesn't mean 'Walking out of the office

with a gun in your hand."  Considering the level of corruption coming out about these people, not surprising.

What do you want to bet that Wade has a history of wanting to ban/restrict gun ownership?

Canada again demonstrates just how far down the toilet they are

In Quebec, the police are now warning citizens not to post their doorbell videos of package thieves because they are, in the words of the spokesmen, “presumed innocent.”

Notably, these are scenes captured in public and posted by homeowners who had packages stolen from their doorsteps.

For critics, it is a continuation of misplaced priorities and policies on crime including the statement of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that “you can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada. It’s not a right that you have..”

"Rights?  We(royal We there) have not granted you that right.  And interfering with that poor citizen stealing from you?  You have proof other than your (we may decide) illegal video?"

Contrast with Texas:
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took control of a public park in a border city plagued by illegal immigration without warning on Wednesday, its mayor alleged Thursday.

Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas said the state seized Shelby Park, erecting fences to keep out citizens — and even federal border agents — without any notice as part of Abbott’s emergency declaration to combat the migrant crisis.

Abbott has his problems, doesn't change he's actually stood up to the feds at times to try and see that the job is done.  Whereas most of Canuckistan has cops patterning themselves after the Stasi and a bunch of politicians who admire Stalin and Castro.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

It's amazing all the things Fauci just can't recall when he's facing actual penalties

for lying under oath.
“After two days of testimony and 14 hours of questioning, many things became evident,” including how the six-foot social-distancing recommendation came to be, the House Coronavirus Select Subcommittee chairman said in a statement Wednesday morning. “The social distancing recommendations forced on Americans ‘sort of just appeared’ and were likely not based on scientific data.”
During the last seven hours of the transcribed interview on Tuesday, Fauci testified that the lab-leak hypothesis, which he tried to disprove with the March 2020 “Proximal Origin” scientific paper, was not a conspiracy theory after all. While conceding the possibility that the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, he did appear to play semantics with the definition of a “lab leak” to defend the biased conclusions of Nature Medicine’s “Proximal Origin” publication.

And the one for which he really deserves a time at a whipping post:
The retired public health official also claimed that the country’s Covid vaccine mandates could inadvertently increase vaccine hesitancy in the future, a consequence he had not brought up in the past. In fact, he spoke out in support of strict vaccine mandates at the time, saying “when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their ideological bullshit, and they get vaccinated.”
That vaccine hesitancy problem alone is enough to sink the bastard; causing parents to not get the standard vaccines for things like mumps and measles because this bullshit made them untrusting is horrible.

Before I go be productive(or something like that),

I present:
Once more, we don't hate the media enough.

That also seems to be the case with a bunch of our 'public health' bastards.
But you knew that.

'Prosecutorial Misconduct' just begins to cover this asshat in Georgia.  On multiple levels.

No link on this just comment: for some reason singer named Taylor Swift seems to be considered important news, especially who/what she's doing.  When you pull up a Brit news site and the lead article, more than once, is her showing up at her boyfriend's game...

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

A few years ago I bought a pruning saw

Good brand, seemed sharp.  Worked ok.

A while back, when going through Dad's shed, I found two that had belonged to his father.  One I left for later use, this one I brought home.

No idea how long Grandpa'd had it.  The sheath is heavy leather with a wood liner, no marks on the blade.  And it puts the new one to shame.

Some old things are very worth having.

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Speaking of lawyers in need of disbarment,

Co-incidental to her zeal for prosecuting front-running presidential candidate Donald Trump, Fulton County, Ga., DA Fani Willis hired herself a special prosecutor with benefits, according to a new court filing.

The motion alleges that Willis hired private attorney Nathan Wade to act as her special prosecutor in her vast, convoluted RICO case against Trump and 18 others who dared pursue legal remedies for what they believed was a compromised 2020 election. She did this despite having more than one attorney within her own office who was perfectly capable of prosecuting the case. And she did it despite Wade being unqualified to handle the biggest case in Fulton County history, as he has never actually prosecuted a felony RICO case before. So why would Willis hire him?

The alleged answer is that the married father of two was tapping the dirty DA. And this opens up a whole can of big, fat ethical and legal worms that are now squirming exuberantly atop Fanis's prosecution house of cards.

And reading about these slimy bastards is making my headache worse.

'Equal Justice' my ass

Many of President Donald Trump’s supporters called him an undercover fed on January 5 when Epps encouraged a crowd to hit the Capitol the following day.

Well, what a way to strengthen the conspiracy theories! Those who did not commit any violent acts received years in prison. Their lives are ruined.

Epps received one-year probation, 100 hours of community hours, and has to pay a $500 fine.

Speaking of people who need to be fired, and the lawyers disbarred, the Dept. of 'Justice' is full of them.

Tell me "Holy SHIT, this blew up on us!" without actually admitting it

Independence National Historical Park has withdrawn the review of a draft proposal to rehabilitate Welcome Park and closed the public comment period. The preliminary draft proposal, which was released prematurely and had not been subject to a complete internal agency review, is being retracted. No changes to the William Penn statue are planned.
I'd say the gentleman's idea is correct: every asshat involved in trying to shove this through should be fired.

One last thing before I try to get rid of this headache: more subsonic testing

The other day I was able to put some over a chronograph to find out just what they're doing.  Two groups were fired, both with 11.0 grains A5744, first group with magnum large rifle primers, the second with standard.

These are loads I worked up.  Some was from data on different bullets/cartridges, some from information I found online, some was figured on my own.  They worked for me, I can't guarantee they will for you.  So use with caution, if you do.

Mag primers,

Standard primers

Mag primers a little higher velocity, as in average 880fps vs. 867 for standard.  Which isn't enough to worry about.  Would the ignition characteristics mean better accuracy at longer range?  Might find out later.

On all the cases were clean enough to indicate high enough pressure for the cases to properly seal, no flat primers indicating high pressure.  So I think I'm safe in upping the charge a touch.  I'd like to get these to about 1000fps so they'd be in the envelope for expansion*.

*Hornady says these should expand down to 900fps, so want to be above that.

Something from Madam Hoyt, responding to a piece

a friend sent her a link to.  I'm just going to borrow one bit on the use of language:
...There are no “chest feeders”, there are breast feeding women. There are no “persons who give birth.” There are mothers. And black is black (I want my baby back) not “African-American” because Africa is not a race. (Black isn’t either, it’s a characteristic of several races, but you know what, if we are to call Americans with extreme tans something, black is fine. If we’re going to invent weird monikers, call them splendid people of enhanced tan, and whites melanoma-incurring-people of pallor. I don’t care. No one is white and no one is black, but you call people white, you call other people black. (Yellow is weird though. No one is even remotely yellow.)) And let’s be very clear on what “minorities” are, because women ain’t.

What I mean is don’t concede their bizarre corruption of language. They’re not speaking truth to power. They’re speaking terror to truth. Speak the truth as much as you can. Giving up your very language to them lets them in your thoughts and makes you feel dirtied and powerless. Which is what they want. No, it’s not Critical Race Theory, it’s racism in academic face.

Our Fair and Balanced Professional Journalists...

According to news site Semafor, two insiders revealed that "during meetings with reporters from outlets like The New York Times, the Washington Post, and others, campaign officials have invoked a coverage spreadsheet laying out areas where the team believes their reporting has fallen short." "They're also using it as an opportunity to tell them what they’re getting wrong," per the outlet.

Further, Biden campaign staffers "[are] scheduled to meet in the coming days with political reporting teams from ABC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fox, NPR, Reuters, Bloomberg, and others in Wilmington."

As the man said , 'We don't hate the media enough.'

Commercial on tv a few days ago:

"Have your kids been harmed by social media?  You may be owed a buttload of money."

So it begins.

Next escalation: when a family of some kid killed doing a 'challenge', or killed by someone whose behavior was blamed at least partly on social media, goes after whichever company as an accessory, or a contributor to what happened.

Monday, January 08, 2024

Starting the week,

guaranteed to make the 'You conspiracy nut!' Anony unhappy,
Scientists at the center of the “lab leak” controversy visited Anthony Fauci’s institute at the National Institutes of Health in 2017 to discuss their research — just months before NIH lifted a pause on high-risk virology, and two years before a novel coronavirus emerged near their lab in Wuhan.

Wuhan Institute of Virology Senior Scientist Shi Zhengli passed a security screening to visit National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases staffers in June 2017, where she gave a presentation about novel coronaviruses, emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know show.
Highly redacted State Department cables obtained by U.S. Right to Know last year show that the U.S. possesses “cyber evidence” of military “shadow labs” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

A 2021 State Department fact sheet stated that “despite the WIV presenting itself as a civilian institution,” it has conducted classified research on behalf of the Chinese military “since at least 2017.”
Fauci has dismissed the relevance of this research to the worst pandemic in a century. He falsely claimed in Senate testimony in 2021 that NIAID did not fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

In an interview last year with Australian media, Fauci downplayed the significance of NIAID’s funding to EcoHealth and its collaborators in Wuhan.

But emails obtained through FOIA show that Fauci was alerted by January 27, 2020, that his institute had funded “among the biggest players in coronavirus work,” namely EcoHealth Alliance and its collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Etc.  Fauci & Co. belong in cells, for lying under oath if nothing else.

Woke assholes at work

Oh yeah, this could get interesting:

And now, I must go be somewhat constructive.  Or at least get some stuff out of the way.

Yeek. 'Fail' doesn't seem to cover this adequately

Found at Wirecutter's

Sunday, January 07, 2024

It seems officer Byrd is a bigger piece of excrement than we already knew

Within a minute after firing the fatal bullet that struck Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd broadcast a radio report claiming shots were being fired at him in the Speaker’s Lobby and he was “prepared to fire back,” a federal lawsuit alleges.

The previously undisclosed radio dispatch is also contained on an audio recording obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times of the “OPS2” dispatch channel used by Capitol Police on Jan. 6.

I don't have a subscription so I can't read the whole report.  But it seems to fit with this "I saved countless people!" claiming asshole with a badge.

Two choices: he was trying to cover up what he did, or he's a panicky asshole who should never have been issued a firearm.

Well, you know what side the Canadian government is on, now you know the cops

didn't change in the trucker protests, they just let their inner fascist out.

And when people stop supporting them because they're on the enemy side, the cops involved will be all butthurt and unhappy.  And some will truly not understand why.