Saturday, April 08, 2023

Seventh evening, and it's time

to put this up before I fall asleep(tired and aching is not a good combo), so with no further preamble,

"Oh no, those weren't riots, they were just fires.

Now shut up."
Yeah, all the looting and arson and assaults and deaths, oh no, doesn't even rise to the level of 'mostly peaceful protests' now.
Well my local NBC station has figured out how to describe the destruction during those times. And it isn’t riot.

In fact, nobody did anything at all. What happened was an event that had nothing to do with human agency: it was “the fires.” They just sort of happened.

These people are disgusting.

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Possible independent discovery of gunpowder by the Norse in Iceland? updated

Could be
Added: apparently one very elaborate April Fools joke

Speaking of trans bullshit(and this mess is, at the least),

while back posted a link to a what a whistleblower wrote about working at a 'pediatric gender clinic' and what she saw.  Now we have this:
Caroline read the story when her sister, a nurse, sent it to her. “My sister was bewildered by what was going on at the center and told me it was wrong,” Caroline said. Reed’s article described a process in which doctors pushed young people through a gender-affirming pipeline, quickly prescribing pharmaceutical interventions. There was little consideration of alternatives, or examination of the underlying mental health and social causes that might lead a young person to feel gender dysphoria.

“When I read it, I’m like—this is what happened to me!” Caroline said. “I felt validated. I felt: I knew it, I knew it.”

I repeat: there's supposed to be a thing about 'First, do no wrong' for doctors, it's not 'Do what the current popular thing is, even if it ruins lives', and those who do need to be held to account.  Whether a bunch of screeching activists like it or not.

What someone decides for their own life, go right ahead; you start pushing this in children, that's a whole 'nother matter.

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Saw the doc, and

it appears the treatment is easing things.  And yes, I'm going to be easy on this for a few days to give it time.

In the meantime, a little bit of the stuff going around:

More on the censorship industry, and one of the leaders of it.

More on what amounts to the trans industry, including the social factor pushing kids.
Seems like, since lots of the kids being pushed have known mental problems, pushing this on them would possibly count as medical malpractice.

A lot of the greens are effing nuts.

Let's just consider TikTok a system for idiots to hurt each other.

And that's enough.  I need to go find a well nut, among other things.

Monday, April 03, 2023

How do you know a company is stupid? When they put

a male turned trans female on their beer*, and when they do something like this:

*Seriously, do you clowns not know your customers?  They want to do a drag show somewhere, fine; you do this with them, you're an idiot for the sake of Diversity Points.

Again: there's a very small percentage of people whose brain chemistry and plumbing do not match, and hormones and surgery may actually work for them.  Larger- much larger from what I've read- percentage, often due to some trauma, who decide they'd be happier as the other sex.  That almost never seems to work well, and I suspect that's where most of the suicides happen.  Then you have the "It's the New Thing!" idiots who like weirding people out and being annoying.  And threatening anyone who won't go along with them.  The first group has my sympathies, the second as well; the third are assholes.

It seems Bragg has enough brain cells working to realize

that charging a crime victim with murder for getting a gun away from his attacker and shooting back is a really bad idea.  Especially since Bragg's been turning violent criminals loose in job lots.

He won't stop, though, he sold himself to Soros and the man wants his money's worth.

I say again, when some of these idiots are forced to answer for what they've done to kids,

they're not going to like it.
The word “grooming” might refer to two types, according to Dr. Jay Richards, director of the DeVos Center for Life, Religion and Family at the Heritage Foundation, who spoke to the gathering.

“One is grooming a child for sex,” he said, “but there is also ideological grooming that gets a child in a total new thought world.

“That’s why the word ‘grooming’ is important even when the teacher is not a pedophile,” Richards added.

“Introducing children to these concepts in gender ideology whereby you can have a gender identity that is totally contrary to your biological sex is the worst toxic ideology you could teach to a kid because you are teaching a child that he or she is born into the wrong body.”

“What the schools are doing is definitely grooming,” said Utah-based advocate Dr. Erin Brewer, co-founder of Advocates Protecting Children and Compassion Coalition, at the gathering.

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Right now it hurts to do much,

I've got some kind of hip problem(yes, I have a appointment to see the doc), so I'm back in a chair.  I think right now is a good time for some clearing.

Yes, some of these are old