Saturday, September 03, 2022

It has reached that 7th evening, so

some effort was put into getting things together.  Yes, I can type with that hand, though between arthritis and this fingers sometimes don't go quite where I want them.  In any case,

At this point I think this bacterium has a dislike for me in particular

Woke up yesterday with my right hand sore a a little swollen in an area.  And then it got worse over the next several hours, finally sending me to the ER.

Yes, I called the regular doc's office.  Damn near everyone already out of the office for the holiday, and the one still there tied up all day.

Get there, get checked in, they're looking for any sign of bites in case something venomous got me, then lots of blood for tests, and I'd been right: the same cellulitis infection that I got in my foot last year.  This time it wasn't nearly as advanced as when that case decided to tell me it was an actual problem: a big-ass dose of IV antibiotics, a prescription for oral to continue, and could leave.

That's good.  The bad is there is something I was set up to do next week, and needed to see if this means it should be rescheduled, except-say it again- everybody's already out for the bloody weekend.  Which means it'll be Tuesday morning before can get hold of anyone.

Ain't it just so effing fun at times?

Friday, September 02, 2022

Sixth evening it is, and after today,

let's just say I can do without another such day.  So to the data we go

From what I've seen of that speech last night,

he's almost completely lost his mind, and the people who set that up are morons.

When it's a Democrat President and a bunch of the loyalists on CNN and ABC- among others- are talking about what a mistake this was...  And most of the networks wouldn't cover it...

Borrowing from Legal Insurrection,
“Joe Biden’s address in Philadelphia tonight is one of the most menacing, bitter, angry and divisive speeches in modern US political history. Hard to believe that a US president can stoop to this level, condemning tens of millions of Americans as enemies and a threat to democracy.”

As someone else put it,

You get the feeling that a bunch of Democrats are thinking "This is going WAY too far, and it won't end well."  It's been pointed out numerous times that Hillary Clinton's 'basket of deplorables' crap helped cost her the 2016 election; a bunch of people are probably thinking that this could cost Democrats badly in November.

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Ever notice that adulthood sometimes feels like

"I have to take care of this, but no matter what I do it's going to feel like I did it wrong or did the wrong thing."?

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

I managed to get some of the dead wood cut out of the holly trees

before the humidity told me to go back inside.  The rain was fine, but the next few days at these temperatures...

So a little work was done inside after that.  More needed, as always.

Since I'm still not wanting to write about current events, a bit of clearing is called for