Thursday, October 15, 2009

If the state is not going to enforce privacy regulations

on the databases they maintain on people, then maybe they shouldn't have the databases at all.
Republican Sen. John McCain’s mention of the Toledo-area man during a presidential debate ultimately led to the downfall of an Ohio cabinet director for snooping in state computers for confidential information on “Joe.”

Nearly a year later, a former contractor for the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police has been charged with rummaging through a police computer network to retrieve personal information about Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.

Brett A. Gerke, 52, of 2329 Woodcreek Place on the Far North Side, is charged with attempted unauthorized use of property, a first-degree misdemeano
As of the time I retired, this kind of thing was a violation of federal and state law, and not a damned misdemeanor either, for a law enforcement officer to misuse these systems. But the state of Ohio decided not to actually prosecute this guy for this violation? And who let the clown have access to the systems, and why aren't they being prosecuted?

Utter bullshit. And why nobody wants to trust government.

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