Saturday, January 13, 2007

And to take the bad taste of the last post out of your mouth,

More from the RoP

sharia law and other wonders of the muslim way of seeing things.

From Powerline:
According to her account, Nazanin was with her sixteen-yeare-old niece and their two boyfriends when they were approached by three men who tried to rape them. The boyfriends fled, and Nazanin defended herself with a knife she carried in her purse. She stabbed one of the men, who later died. So far, at least, I haven't seen any version of the facts that differs materially from Nazanin's account.

Nazanin was prosecuted for murder and sentenced to hang. The verdict was apparently set aside by an ayatollah, and she is due to be retried tomorrow, January 10.

Isn't it just wonderful? I mean, since you need the testimony of four men to prove rape, obviously she's lying and deserves to die, the sorry female, right?

From Gates of Vienna:
There has been a spike in the number of rape charges in Scandinavia in recent years. It has reached near epidemic proportions in Sweden. Although there are indications of a very high percentage of Muslim immigrants on the statistics, as it is with other kinds of crime, immigration is a non-issue for the political establishment a few weeks ahead of the Swedish national elections.

In neighboring Norway, there is an unprecedented rape wave in the capital city of Oslo. “We have to be realistic. A series of rapes have made Oslo unsafe during the summer,” says Brit Opjordsmoen from DIXI, support centre for rape victims. “When we know that there are rapists on the loose in Oslo, we have to listen to advice from the police. They are right in warning women against going home alone at night.”
However, Aftenposten seems conveniently enough to have forgotten an article they printed five years ago. In 2001, two out of three charged with rape in Norway’s capital were immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study. Norwegian women were victims in 80 percent of the cases.

Of course, we have a nice, gentle PC explanation:
Unni Wikan, a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo, in 2001 said that “Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes” because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. The professor’s conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West needed to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: “Norwegian women must realize that we live in a Multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.”
Now, isn't that the fanciest way you've ever heard to say "Muslim men have no self-control and are unable to realize that they A: live in a different society here, B: have to obey the law here, not the law they prefer from whatever turd-world* hellhole they came from"?

It's a big problem over Europe, apparently. Check this out: German journalist Gudrun Eussner considers this to be “sexuality as a weapon against disobedient and non-Muslim women, both categorized as “unbelievers”. Against them jihad is the duty, and what to do with women “conquered” in jihad, this may be read in the Qur’an: they become slaves to be used by the victors.”

Go to both places and RTWT. You have to to get the full, disgusting flavor of this crap.

*A post at the Diplomad a couple of years ago, one of his kids who couldn't speak clearly yet said 'third-world' that way; and he realized the kid was right.

Tammy Bruce did

it, then Sondra did it, so I'll do it!

Eva Longoria

Kate Beckinsale


Brooke Burke

and I don't know her name, but dayum!

The cops in Atlanta who took part

in this should all be fired. And then prosecuted.
An Atlanta police narcotics officer has told federal investigators at least one member of his unit lied about making a drug buy at the home of an elderly woman killed in a subsequent raid, according to a person close to the investigation.
In an affidavit to get a search warrant at the home Nov. 21, narcotics officer Jason R. Smith told a magistrate he and Officer Arthur Tesler had a confidential informant buy $50 worth of crack at 933 Neal St. from a man named "Sam."

But narcotics officer Gregg Junnier, who was wounded in the shootout, has since told federal investigators that did not happen, according to the person close to the investigation. Police got a no-knock warrant after claiming that "Sam" had surveillance cameras outside the Neal Street residence and they needed the element of surprise to capture him and the drugs.

Sorry, lying bastards.

It's been said before, if you get a no-knock warrant there is NO room for error: there is too much opportunity for disaster in cases where such a warrant is justified, and when it's NOT justified...

Junnier has told investigators the arrest of a suspected small-time dealer named Fabian Sheats that afternoon set the fatal set of circumstances in motion. According to police reports, Sheats, who was arrested for the third time in four months, told police that he had seen a kilogram of cocaine at the Neal Street home earlier that day.

A relative of Sheats said Wednesday he is being held in jail as a government witness,

So on the basis of this 'informant' saying "I saw some coke there!", with to see if there was any truth in it, they lied to the judge to get, not just a search warrant, oh no, not nearly good enough, they really, really needed a no-knock warrant. Or maybe they just liked knocking doors down and holding people at gunpoint, I don't know. I do know that
There was no need for this type warrant.
They lied to get it.
They based lying to get it on one claim by a dealer they'd arrested.
And somebody died because of it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Thoughts on the current weather situation

and preparedness.

Actually, still having the thoughts. Looks like, for the most part, we're not going to have the kind of catastrophic situation originally predicted. Enough ice in some areas to be a real problem, enough ice/sleet/snow to cause travel problems, fairly standard winter stuff.

It's caused me to review my preparations/supplies/plans, but I'm going to hold off till this is finished before I put anything down here. Definately a learning experience.

Two things you should read, if you haven't already

First at Kevin's, on Personal Sovereignty:
It is, in fact, the polar opposite of statism. It is the thing that statists fear above all - a population that won't do as it's told by it's betters.

And second at Alphecca, more BS and calls for bans/restrictions/licensing based on flawed research:
Helmke conveniently leaves out the fact that Hemenway's "research" and book was funded by George Soros, the billionaire who has financed anti-gun initiatives and causes for years. No conflict of interest there, huh?

Both good stuff.

Addition to range day

Remembered a couple of things. The flashlight I mounted on the shotgun had a disturbing habit of slipping forward in the mount under recoil. Tried a couple of things, including putting contact cement on the mount, to no avail. Finally took my rotary tool(does Dremel get upset if you call a B&D a 'dremel'?) with a cutoff wheel and cut a series of grooves in the side that clamps onto the light, following the curve. That seems to have done it, as I didn't notice it having shifted forward any after twenty-five rounds.

Second thing was a new grip on the Makarov. It's a nice little pistol, but the factory grip sucks. I'd read about the Pearce grip for it and bought one. Actually, bought it quite a while ago, but this was the first time I both had the chance and remembered to take it with me. I can sum up my review of the grip as 'MUCH better'. Much more comfortable to shoot, and- for me- easier to shoot the piece accurately; it helped keep the gun positioned the same from shot to shot, the factory grip tending to slip a bit in my hand. Well worth the money.

"We're not dead yet:

video and breathless warnings of possible disaster every fifteen minutesfilm at ten."

When we last took note of the dire warnings of mayhem, we had been told to expect freezing rain from sometime around noon today until Sunday with brief breaks, total accumulations across the area of one to as much as two inches; temps in the mid-to-low thirties this morning and dropping through the day. When I got up about 0730, it was about 25 and spitting freezing rain. By the time I was getting to work around 0900 it was sleeting only. Which continued all through the day.

Which caused me to wonder if the weather weenies ever look out the bloody window, because they kept reporting 'light freezing rain'. Which it did in some areas, but not through here where they kept calling it 'rain' even though it was little ice balls falling from the sky.

Speaking of weather weenies and related jackassesspecies, on KTOK radio yesterday evening one guy kept running an intro about "Preparing for the black death", sound effects and all, which he explained meant 'the ice will kill all the power and we're all gonna die in the dark'. Laughing the time, of course. Now, I have a sense of humor that can laugh at most things; it has been referred to as 'somewhat twisted' a time or two by unkind people; but when you're doing shit like that while people are being told to prepare for the worst, ain't too damn funny to me. I don't know if someone told him to knock it off or it got old to him, but about the time I was wondering about loading a rifle and looking for a line of sight to their office he stopped it. Maybe telepathy works.

I think what happened is the colder air came in faster than expected, so instead of the snow melting in the layer of warm air above and making it to the ground as liquid- thus turning the area into a giant skating rink and breaking trees- it melted in the(maybe thinner, too) warm layer and then froze into sleet. Which is fine. Sleet is a difficulty but not nearly on the scale of the alternative.

So we'll see what happens tomorrow into Sunday. Hopefully more of the same since the temperature is expected to remain almost constant at 20-24 here through then. Currently they're expecting skies to clear Sunday night, which means cold as hell the next couple of days before it starts warming up a bit.

This time of year can be strange in Oklahoma. Usually the coldest weather tends to be late December to mid-January, with the worst of snow and/or ice January to early February. Usually. There is not hard & fast rule about it. We've had heavy snow in December and little the rest of the winter, and damn cold late January-early February. Which led to a discussion with a friend one time of how some of the pagan holidays from Britain don't work the same here. Imbolc(generally Feb. 2) traditionally marks the 'first stirrings of life in the earth', which sounds nice. Except it's early January and I had to mow part of the back yard two days ago; it's not unusual to have patches of green grass throughout the winter, so the life in the earth sometimes never stops stirring. Which leads to starting the mower in January(thank you, Sta-Bil).

I'll ask you to excuse me now, I need to process the brass from the range the other day and see if I have time to replace the shotshells I fired.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heard from my son this morning

Long but uneventful flight, followed by a long and uneventful bus ride to the base he's stationed at. In-processing ever since, with more of that to come. Got his quarters, learning the base, learning about the area/country, etc.

So he's over there, where the weather's been warmer than standard, just in time to avoid the bloody ice storm they're warning about here for the weekend. Yesterday the last thing I heard was "up to a quarter-inch, maybe as much as a half-inch" depending on the storm track. Now they're saying one inch or a bit more around here, followed by temperatures in the single digits for lows for a couple of days. Yuck. And if there's any way I can, I have to get out in it over the weekend, because I'm considered one of the 'essential personnel' at work. Which really sucks at times.

Oh well, if the glaciers wipe out the house you'll have to look for my frozen body when spring comes. Or next weekend by which time it'll be warming up some.

Range day,

and sometimes things actually do work the way they should.

Shotgun ammo test
I'd mentioned the ammo I keep in my shotgun is either Hornady TAP or Winchester Ranger: both 00 buck and both reduced recoil. You need to practice with everything, but this stuff runs $3 to $4/box of five. Yeesh. I also mentioned a while back that I became the owner of a shotshell reloading press. So I browsed around and found a recipe for a low-recoil 00 buck load I could put together, and gave it a try. And it worked pretty well, not as tight-grouping as the factory stuff, but about the same level of recoil. So today I unloaded 25 rounds of this at 15 yards(minimum distance the range requires for shotgun/rifle). Here's the result:

This was all fired offhand, going from port arms & safety on to aim & fire. If I remember right the individual groups were about half-again as wide as factory ammo, but seems to be comparable power. Definately good for practice, and in an emergency would do the home-defense job.

Pistol mod test
The other thing tried out today was a change on the Webley Mk VI revolver I picked up at the Wanenmacher Arms Show in Tulsa last fall. Worked fine, but the cylinder had been cut so it could fire .45acp ammo in moon clips. It'll also use .45 Auto Rim cases just fine, but with both you run into the problem that the brass and bullets are a touch undersize for the chambers and bore, so accuracy suffers. And it's hard on brass, it has to expand so much that resizing it works it a lot.

I had an idea on a fix for this(which so far- not being as good a man of my hands as Og, for instance, hadn't worked). And I'd been looking around, and ran across a guy who had an uncut cylinder. No, they ain't cheap, but this price wasn't too bad either. So I robbed the change jar dug around and came up with enough. More than I'd planned on spending after the holidays, etc., but this is one of those things I figured better get while I could. It came in a couple of weeks ago, and it was in beautiful condition, looked like the original bluing and virtually no wear on any surface. Dropped right on with no fitting needed. Which brings me to

Dies, brass and ammo
For a long time the only factory ammo I saw for .455 Webley was from Fiocchi, good ammo but about $35/box of 50. Yeah, I'm gonna run out and stock up on that. Hornady makes it now, but the price is about the same. I'd known while looking for this pistol that it would be a handloading proposition, which turned out to have problems too: brass and dies both available but bleeping expensive. Until Kevin posted on finding some bullets for a good price at Graf & Sons. So I hied myself over the to check and Lo! discovered that
Hornady is selling their .455 brass, and
Lee makes .455 Webley carbide dies,
both for a much better price. So I ordered dies and 100 cases. I used the same bullet I'd used before- lead 230 grain ball, not sized and lubed with Lee Liquid Alox- as it seemed to fit the bore pretty well, found a starting load and put fifty rounds together. Today I ran the target out about ten yards and fired six rounds single-action. Then I pulled the target back, thought "Bleep!" That had to be chance.", ran it back out and fired six more. Here's twelve rounds

The low-left flyer was the first round. I was very impressed, with the pistol, the load and with my managing to use them this well. So I ran it out to twenty yards and tried it:

Believe me, for me offhand at that range that's not bad at all. So I put up a small silhouette, ran it out to seven yards or so and

That's twelve rounds fired double-action, not fastest speed but not taking time either. Which also made me happy. So I stuck up another bullseye at about fifteen yards and tried one-handed:

So the original-length cylinder and actual .455 brass made a real difference, more than I expected. And the bullets I tried, I couldn't ask for better results from them. Definately a good combination.

By the way, I browsed around and ran across The Cartridge Collector who had this picture of the .455 with the Patented Manstopper Bullet and(third in line) a target bullet:

The Manstopper is basically a 220 grain .455 hollowbase wadcutter with a hollow nose made in a fairly soft lead alloy. To quote somebody, that'll leave a mark.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The wonders of socialized medicine

I read something like this, and I wonder why some relative hasn't taken a bedrail and beaten in the heads of some of the 'medical' people involved in this shit.
An elderly stroke victim begged for a beetroot sandwich and macaroni cheese in hospital but no attempt was made to feed her, an inquest was told yesterday.

But, but socialized medicine will save us all!
Her grandson, Christopher West, told William Armstrong, the Coroner, at the inquest in Norwich: “The only thing that was said most of the time, as the weeks went on, was that she hadn’t died yet.

“Immediately after her admission it became clear it was their intention not to treat her.”

Mr West, 34, obtained a High Court ex parte injunction on October 6, 2003, forcing doctors to reinstate artificial nutrition and hydration, but the next day Mr Justice Forbes varied the order on an application by David Maisey, a consultant.

In the amended version, nutrition and hydration were to be reinstated only “as far as medically possible”.

Lamppost, rope, robed idiot: some assembly required.

Between September 14 and September 30, Mrs Nockels had received a daily intake of 140 calories from a subcutaneous infusion consisting of five per cent dextrose — a quarter of the 600 calories adequate for short-term starvation according to the WHO. From October 2 to 6 all artificial hydration of fluids was withdrawn.

Gee, you'd think they wanted her to die or something. Oops, I guess they did:
Mr West said that doctors told him that the quality of life of his grandmother would be so poor that “it would be in her best interests not to intervene and let her die”. He said: “You don’t just let someone die because you think it’s best for them. It’s inhuman. I would class it as starvation, actually.”

Yeah, it actually is starvation. At the hands of 'medical professionals' abetted by a judicial asshole.

Dr Payne was asked by Mr Dingemans: “If someone says, ‘I would like a beetroot sandwich’, does it help you decide on whether they need nutrition?”

Dr Payne replied: “It probably means they are hungry.” If a patient has lost the swallowing reflex as the result of a stroke he or she is in danger of aspirating, and so at risk of pneumonia, he said.

Which says nothing as to why they were starving her to death: you've already got an IV in, you son of a bitch, at worst she didn't HAVE to swallow.

I just can't write any more.

Found through The Englishman's Castle

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

To the terrified of women,

child molesting, murdering, cowardly, lying, bigoted offspring of distempered dogs and syphilitic camels who speak these words,

I don't care how many suckass politicians kiss up to you, I don't care how many of the terminally-PC idiots make excuses for you: you are disgusting bloody-handed barbarians claiming the 'glories' of a civilization that hasn't produced anything new in at least a thousand years and whose only real attachment to the modern age is weapons your own idiots are not capable of designing.

Fuck you.

Sincerely, etc.

Ok, a bit more on the Institute that lawyer works for

from this post. Just did a little searching, and aside from press release-type stuff on how wonderful they are, not much. So I checked Front Page Mag and found this, which lists it as "A Detroit-area Islamic organization", of itself not a condemnatory thing. Except that further along in the article, speaking of the study, we find "In addition, before the study’s release, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the leading militant Islamic organization in the United States, trumpeted the results on its website; and its spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, lost no time exploiting the alleged results of Bagby’s study"(emphasis mine) Which does bother me: CAIR has shown itself to be, let us say, not a friend to the United States.

So at this time I'd have to say we've got an organization that probably does not have the best interests of this country at heart. As if the 'get rid of parts of the Constitution' didn't tell us that already.

Compare the talk shows

This is the hostess for an Italian afternoon T.V. talk show...

And this is the hostess for an American
T.V. talk show...

To enroll in your nearest language school to learn Italian,
call: 800-555-caio

Pinups For Vets

Which, being as well-connected and all-knowing as I am, I just read about.

Go to Ace, and read. Then go here. Hey, if you were recovering from injuries, wouldn't you love to have this to cheer you up?

Monday, January 08, 2007

A defense attorney who wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment

Because(of course) we'll all be safer from crime. And, of course, we then won't have to worry about terrorists "quietly amassing handguns and assault rifles, and planning suicide shooting rampages in our malls". Because someone who's come into this country with the hope of committing mass murders would never dream of breaking gun laws. Would they?

I got this in a e-mail notice from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership(JPFO) which included this link to the article. You really, really need to read the whole thing. Here's a nice bit:
The idea of curtailing rights in the name of homeland security does not seem implausible given the current state of civil liberties in the United States. The war on terror has already taken an enormous toll on the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments, and thus far, very few Americans have objected. In light of this precedence, it seems reasonable that scaling back or even repealing the right to bear arms would be an easy task.

In fact, it will be a very difficult task. So far the civil liberties curtailment has affected generally disenfranchised groups such as immigrants, people of color and religious minorities. An assault on the Second Amendment will impact a much more powerful constituency.

So the various parts of the Patriot Act and other actions only affect 'generally disenfranchised groups', hmmm. Whatever was being smoked or snorted before this was written, must be good stuff.

Let's see, we're a 'powerful constituency' according to this jerk(which is good) which apparently doesn't contain any 'immigrants, people of color and religious minorities'(back to either what they were smoking or real bigotry or flat stupidity). And it's a terrible shame that civil liberties have been curtailed for those groups, but he thinks the 2nd Amendment being repealed 'for our own good'(of course) is a fine idea:
This is a shame. Instead of laying waste to the civil rights and civil liberties that are at the core of free society, and rather than squandering precious time and money on amending the U.S. Constitution for such things as “preserving marriage between a man and woman,” the nation ought to focus its attention on the havoc guns cause in society and debate the merits of gun ownership in this era of terrorism.

I admit to being rather fond of gun ownership at any time, especially in an 'era of terrorism': hard to shoot the tango who begins his action if you don't have a heater. 'Course, this guy would probably consider it to be a horrible thing for a bad guy to be shot, so he can kiss my ass on that, too.

So you've got two choices: the author is either so deluded he actually believes this crap, or he's just another nanny-state socialist who thinks this is a different hook to try to pull people in.

And I'll be Pelosi & Co. will just love them.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Couple of quick notes

Brought to mind by the post that the son is on his way.

When they went through the gas chamber in Basic, one of the guys in his platoon was from Los Angeles. He barely got a sniffle, and after they left said "It smelled just like home".

When he'd graduated Basic and was driving here to see some friends on his first pass, had to stop at midway on the turnpike for gas. Two people wanted to pay for his gas, and one insisted he should pump it, so son wouldn't get his Class A's messed up.

And the day before left here went to the barber to get his ears lowered, and discovered the barber had been an artillery grunt in the Marines. A gentleman came in while they were talking, and when they finished the man said "Thank you" and paid for the haircut.

I don't know what part of LA the one guy was from, and
Damn, I like Oklahoma.

He's on his way

Son is on the longest airplane flight he's ever had, to his first duty station. Which'll be fun: landing in a foreign country to start actually employing his new skills.

Actually left here yesterday. His mom has family in Dallas, so they spent the night with them; they hadn't seen him in years, and that way didn't have to worry about travel difficulties getting to the airport today. I had to work, so couldn't be there. Would have been nice, but I think he was a little glad the crowd didn't get too big for the sendoff.

It'll be a couple of days while he gets to the unit, quarters taken care of, gear issued, etc. before he'll have time to send back a mailing address. Right now my parents are glad they finally got a pc, as they'll be able to get e-mail from him.

Right now I only have one worry: how good a time can you have with a numb ass for about ten hours?