Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday night,

data's in

I tried a thing the other day

For light practice loads in .45-70 I've been using a 300-grain cast bullet over- in this case- 9.0 grains of Titegroup.  After having read in the past of using different primers, I found a box of Large Pistol Magnums, and decided to try them.

It was only at 30 yards, but the results were interesting.  I'm going to have to make some more of these to test at longer distance.

In their latest scam, the NYeffingTimes is quoting a liar

Why am I not surprised?
A Cornell University scholar cited in a recent New York Times piece tying slavery to capitalism was previously found to have inflated statistics, invented facts, and altered quotes, according to fellow academics in his field.
After all the other bullshit the Times has been involved in, anyone expects honesty from them on a 'trash the US' project like this?

Friday, August 23, 2019

A very wet few days in August

Which means it doesn't just rain, it storms.  Very favorable conditions for staying inside

They really want to keep their sla- ok, I'll call them serfs,

is that better?
Rep. Tom Malinowski, D-N.J., defended the presence of both legal and illegal immigrants on Tuesday, asking his constituents: "Who do you think is mowing our beautiful lawns?"

"There are a lot of jobs in our community, that like it or not, for better or for worse, Americans are not willing to take,” Malinowski said in a video obtained by the Washington Examiner.
As has been noted before, it's not 'jobs Americans won't do', it's 'jobs Americans won't do for the pay illegal aliens will take'.

But they really don't want to mention that part.

Crap like this is why I think vegans are bleeping insane

An Australian couple, who fed their baby daughter a strict vegan diet resulting in severe malnourishment, have avoided jail time, according to CNN affiliate Seven News.
Further medical tests revealed that her bones had not developed since birth. Her development was so stunted she didn't even have any teeth, Seven News reported.
I have no words.  That aren't very bad language, at least.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bear does what bears do

Not mentioned if the end of the recording included digestive tract sounds.

connected to the previous post,

I can't remember if I posted this before, so: Lucky Gunner did tests with a lot of self-defense ammo, and here's the data.


Lots of argument on that in self-defense circles; you don't want a shot to go through the bad guy and hit someone else.  However, if the bullet doesn't penetrate enough, you may be screwed.

Good article on the subject here.
We want a bullet that penetrates 12″-18″ of gelatin.  That translates to roughly 6″-10″ of human flesh, depending on the structures hit.

That introduction brings us to today’s topic….

That she was jailed is bullshit

And this is why the usual advice is "If you have to draw a weapon, call the cops soon as possible."
Harvey took pictures from her car of Ra holding the gun, and eventually drove to a police station where she reported the incident. Ra reported the incident three hours later. Because Harvey filed her report first, Detroit police treated her as the victim, per department policy. Harvey was never charged for driving her vehicle into Ra's.
God knows how it would have affected this mess had Ra called first, but it couldn't have hurt.  Of course, she probably didn't think someone who'd done what Harvey did would call the cops...

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Massive noncompliance with SAFE Act

From a couple of years back, but from what I've heard still the case. I hope this is still giving Gov. Howler & Co. severe heartburn.  And hemorrhoids.
In 2014, attorney and policy analyst Paloma Capanna filed suit on behalf of Rochester-based radio host Bill Robinson seeking data on NY SAFE Act compliance: specifically, how many assault weapons had actually been registered in the state.

Cuomo administration officials first ignored, then denied Robinson’s Freedom of Information Act request. But, on June 22, following two years of litigation, state police released the information based on a court decision which found that while the law forbade the disclosure of the actual registration forms, nothing precluded the release of aggregate data.

That data shows massive noncompliance with the assault weapon registration requirement. Based on an estimate from the National Shooting Sports Federation, about 1 million firearms in New York State meet the law’s assault-weapon criteria, but just 44,000 have been registered. That’s a compliance rate of about 4 percent. Capanna said that the high rate of noncompliance with the law could only be interpreted as a large-scale civil disobedience, given the high level of interest and concern about the law on the part of gun owners.
From what I've heard other states with such idiot laws have had the same or not much better results.  Good.

Range day, and a test

Trying out a couple of loads, and some factory ammo, and making sure I didn't melt in the process.  I didn't melt, and despite the heat a good day, I just hit a point where it was "Pack it up, you're not going to do any good shooting from this point on.

On the factory stuff, a while back Widener's sent me some ammo, one box being of Sellier & Bellot .300 Blackout with 124-grain bullets(specs here).  I had a target set up at 200 yards and used it for this.  Rifle was a AR with a Vortex Strike Eagle scope
That's not bad at all(and yes, I'm blaming the ones left & right on myself).  I've got enough left after firing at a gong to shoot another group when I'm not going into heat 'give it up and go home'.

There's also a box of 147 grain and a box of 200 grain ammo.  I've used a bunch of S&B ammo before, and it's been good stuff. These will be tried later.

On .45-70, I think my biggest problem at distance is my eyes and iron sights.  This was the Lyman Postell 525-grain bullet* cast of 20-1 over 34.0 grains of Blackhorn 209, also at 200
I would like to find a way to mount a scope on that rifle without having to drill & tap, so I could better eliminate my human error as much as possible when testing loads.

If you'll now excuse me, I need to suck up a lot more liquid.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Good Lord, and these idiots believe she's an expert...

“The problem is high-powered weapons. It’s weapons that go through walls in some instances, armory that officers wear. It’s the availability of adouble-barreled magazine extended clips. Why would a regular person need all of that?”
But wait, there’s more!
  • Unaware that the waiting period to purchase a firearm in California is a minimum of ten days, she describes the purchase process like this: “They do a database search, and three days later, you get a gun. It’s just that simple.”
  • She also seems unaware that, in California, firearm dealers at gun shows are required to follow the exact same transfer laws as anywhere else: “It’s very easy to purchase a gun at a gun show,” she claims. “Much easier than it is if you go to a brick and mortar establishment.”
Ignorant of firearms, ignorant of the laws she used to enforce...  Borrowing from a meme "Holy SHIT she's full of derp!"

Kamala Harris: ignorant fool, lying bastard,

or both.
Personally, considering her record as prosecutor and AG, I'm going with 'both'.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Step 1: Fire the bastards.

Step 2: Disbar the bastards.
Step 3: Prosecute the bastards.
Step 4:  Yank their immunity so they have to pay damages out of their own damned pockets.

While you're at it, same(minus Step2) for cops caught breaking laws. 

Well, he is right, just not in the way he thinks:

it would be just as stupid, just as useless, and just as much a virtue-signaling project.

"I should be paying more taxes(but

I won't do it until I'm forced to)!"
A list of the Usual Suspects is included