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It is, isn't it?

Found here, thanks to this guy

So Holder & Napolitano & Co. have decided to try to define

some of their problems away:
The letter is specifically worded, tailored to answer congressional questions about a narrow range of “walked” firearms using a very specific definition of what constitutes an Operation Fast and Furious gun:

For the purposes of responding to this question, we consider a firearm to be associated with Operation Fast and Furious if it was purchased by an individual who is a target of that investigation. It is important to note that many of the purchases described below took place before ATF opened the case that became know as Operation Fast and Furious on November 16, 2009; before the purchaser had been identified as a target of the investigation; or without the ATF’s knowledge at the time that a firearm was purchased.

Some amazing caveats that the Department of Justice has chosen to ignore and not count:

  • Weapons that were purchased by both targeted and untargeted straw purchasers if the ATF was not aware of the purchase in real-time as the buy occurred;
  • If the straw purchaser was not on a pre-approved and narrow (roughly 20 suspects) list of acceptable targets (some of whom were FBI informants who bought weapons and armed the cartels using taxpayer dollars);
  • Any suspect or weapon that was not officially part of Operation Fast and Furious before its “official” Nov. 16, 2009, launch date;
  • Any suspect or weapon from other suspected gunwalking programs alleged to originate from Houston, Dallas, Tampa, or the Midwest;
  • Related scandals involving some of the same co-conspirators, such as the grenade-walking debacle.

This extremely narrow — and self-serving — definition provided by the Department of Justice notably excludes the third rifle (and possible murder weapon) recovered at the scene of Agent Brian Terry’s death. That gun, while “walked” and used by the cartels in a violent crime, was purchased in an unnamed Texas gun-walking operation. Further, the DOJ — and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in particular — tried to make that SKS carbine “disappear.”

As to Bis Sister doing her Sgt. Schultz imitation,
While plausible, Napolitano’s claimed ignorance of the operation is highly suspect. She served as both Arizona attorney general and governor before she joined the Obama administration, and her long-time chief of staff, Dennis Burke, ran Operation Fast and Furious as the U.S attorney for Arizona — a post she helped him acquire. She had a personal stake in operations in her home state, and a professional obligation as the executive in charge of Homeland Security, one of the agencies involved in the operation.

More at the link

Talk about falling into a memory hole, anybody else

remember this?

Why, even if it weren't for Romneycare, I wouldn't vote

for Romney:
So I did a *little* digging. Mitt want's his cake, and to eat it too:

Q: As governor you signed into law one of the toughest restrictions on assault weapons in the country.

A: Let’s get the record straight. First of all, there’s no question that I support 2nd Amendment rights, but I also support an assault weapon ban. Look, I’ve been governor in a pretty tough state. You’ve heard of blue states. In the toughest of blue states, I made the toughest decisions and did what was right for America. I have conservative values.
The candidate reiterated his support for an assault weapons ban contained in Congress’ crime bill, and the Brady law which imposes a five-day waiting period on handgun purchases. ‘I don’t think (the waiting period) will have a massive effect on crime but I think it will have a positive effect,’ Romney said.
I do support the Second Amendment. I would have signed the assault weapon ban that came to his desk. I said I would have supported that and signed a similar bill in our state.
"I support the 2nd Amendment(except for those scary guns you peasants have no business owning)!" Yeah, there's something I can vote for.

I think some people may need a bit more training...

According to police, at 2:06 a.m., officers located a wanted person in the 400 block of Broadway. The suspect ran away from police and produced a weapon, they said.

Officers then fired at the suspect, who was not hit. However, two bystanders were hit by the gunfire. They were taken to a hospital to be treated for their injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening, according to police.

But people like me cannot be trusted to carry because 'we're not trained enough', etc.


Every time I read of some 'geo-engineering' scheme

I wonder if these people really believe they know what the hell they're doing?

Friday, September 16, 2011

I like Olive Garden, but looks like they'd rather suck up to Michelle

than their customers.
Now comes word that Torquemada HHS Secretay Kathleen Sebelius has approved a whopping 111 waivers for businesses of all sizes, along with more unions and other providers of health insurance. The escapees include employers of many low-wage and part-time workers whose health insurance plans would otherwise be dropped, including Darden Restaurants — the parent company of the Olive Garden and Red Lobster and other chains, which employ some 34,000 people.
Michelle Obama said Thursday that a pledge by the Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants and their sister chains to serve healthier meals is a “breakthrough moment” for the industry.

Darden Restaurants Inc. is pledging to cut calories and sodium in its meals by 10 percent by 2016, and 20 percent over a decade. Among promised changes for children: no more french fries. A fruit or vegetable side will become standard with kids’ meals. One percent milk also will be served, including free refills, unless an alternative drink is ordered
You screw with my meal, I won't give you any more of my money; how about that?

Breda goes Alpha Librarian

on overdue books:

And if you don't know Breda, she's over here

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I should note that this odd wet stuff

has been falling from the sky off & on most of the day; I think it's called 'rain', but it's been so long I'm not sure.

First, if Egypt and other muslim nations are truly this conspiracy-happy

then that alone pretty much means they're screwed; add in the Jew-hatred, and damn...
I was shocked. In nearly six months of living in Syria, where orchestrated hysteria about Israel is integral to the very identity of the state, I had never heard the accusation surreptitiously levelled against me.

Neither am I from Israel, nor am I Jewish, but as someone of unmistakably European appearance, I have found myself constantly associated with Israel in Egyptian eyes.
Israel is just one of a panoply of worries that exercise the conspiracy theorists that frequent Egypt's cafes.

The standard fare of political gossip tends to revolve around the trial of [former President Hosni] Mubarak, internal corruption, and the causes behind the dire economic woes Egypt is currently experiencing.

A prosecuting lawyer at Mr Mubarak's trial even introduced the novel idea that the ex-president had died years ago, and that the man on trial was none other than an impostor.
Turning around, I found myself surrounded by five men, one of whom tried to punch me in the face. I stopped the attack by pointing out how shameful it was for a Muslim to assault a guest in his country, especially during Ramadan.

Relieved that a seemingly random assault was over, I was appalled by the apology offered by one of my assailants. "Sorry," he said contritely, offering his hand, "we thought you were a Jew."

Shaking his head in disbelief on hearing the news, an Egyptian friend sympathised: "That's stupid, you are obviously not a Jew."

The chilling implication I was left with was that, had I been Jewish, the assault would have apparently been justified

Second, the level of shock when this was said must've just about sucked all the air out of the room:
“I have to tell you this: I am a huge fan of Sarah Palin,” the former Fugee said. “Cause she’s rad. She’s shrewd. She’s cool. Because at the end of the day, I’m for the people, because this is the United States of America...this is what America’s really about. Anyone should have the right to say, ‘Look I can do the job and this is what qualifies me to do the job.’….Now my wife probably will debate and disagree with me.”

Seeming to sense a little bit of disbelief, he qualified his statement.

“I’m not saying she could be the next president, you know, but there’s something about her. Heavy debates in my house. Whenever I say Sarah Palin, people think I’m crazy, but I like her, I do. I can like whoever. This is America, right?”

I love tools

I just tried to take a picture of something and the camera was dead. Opened it up and found two Kodak photo batteries had leaked on one end and corroded hell out of the contact plate. Happens I have a fine-work screwdriver set that had a phillips small enough to fit the screw holding the plate in.

Scrub it(and the cover piece) with baking soda and a brush, then hit the plate with 0000 wool and the solution, dry, and it works!

In the newest installment of "Chicago politicians trying to run lives

and spend OPM for no good reason" we have the current version of "You have to go to a range to get a card but you can't go to the range without one:
How can you get the range training to get a permit if you need a permit to use the range? Supposedly the ordinance makes an exception but that begs the question as to the burden of proof required and what kind of liability the range owners will face if someone scams them.

Also that would bar any non-city residents from using it. They're asking for another lawsuit.
Yes, they are; but since they're only spending Other People's Money to do it, and they don't want to give up any control of their subjects'citizens lives, they don't care.

When a politician says "If you love me,

help pass this bill" and mass "Can we have dinner" messages, that man has a problem.

Which means WE have a problem.

Speaking of politicians, I heard part of this yesterday, and it's a fine combination of disgusting and amazing; she really doesn't want to give an actual answer.
Host: So Jan Schakowsky, out of every dollar that I earn, how much do you think I deserve to keep?

Schakowsky: What is really your question here? Do you think you should not contribute to firefighters?

Host: No, no, it’s a very simple question. Out of every dollar I earn, how much do you, Jan Schakowsky, think I deserve to keep?

Schakowsky: No, it’s not a simple question. No, it is not a simple question. I’ll put it this way. You don’t deserve to keep all of it.

Host: Why?

Schakowsky: It’s not a question of deserving. What government is, is those things we decide to do together.
And so forth. Yeah, it is a simple question, the problem is what your answer would be that you don't have the guts to say out loud. Reminds me of the post on facebook where I repeated that question; the people who did respond would NOT answer it. Lots of "This is moral, this is good, don't you care?" crap, but not one of them would actually give an answer.

After reports that gun walking programs may have existed throughout the country, and possibly in the Tampa area, Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-09) began questioning the involvement and intent of this flawed and dangerous program.

Bilirakis, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, has again written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding answers to pressing questions about the involvement in and knowledge of these programs by the DOJ and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

"It went all the way to the White House".

"...each time we get to a certain level of clearness, somebody gets fired, somebody gets changed..."

The President was asked about this again, and again
He said he did not learn about Fast and Furious until the operation went badly wrong and that White House officials were told only that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was planning an operation aimed at reducing the smuggling of guns to Mexico, where more than 40,000 have died in drug-related violence.
Yeah. Because Newell & Co. just decided one day that this project was a good idea and didn't bother to tell anybody above until... sure, right.

Let's be clear--the only thing 'botched' in 'Project Gunwalker' was the cover-up
To allow the characterization of "Project Gunwalker" as a "botched sting operation" to go unchallenged is to give the perpetrators near (or at?) the very top of the Obama government a free pass on the utter evil of this monstrosity, and allow "gun control" apologists to blame it on desperation stemming from "weak U.S. gun laws," because of the "gun lobby."

It was interesting to note the change in tone as soon as they were told that a CBS correspondent was in the house, though. I may have to try that myself if they ever kick in my door.
LinkYeah, it's like the dumbasses realized they might have screwed up with someone who could actually give them some bad publicity, or something.

And, in general discussion, a new chapter in the 'What caliber is best?' argument

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About that bike I bought

Inspired by Og's decision to get rid of his, and some thoughts that stirred up, here goes:
My current bike is a Honda VFR800. Sport-touring bike, fast and maneuverable, and described by me as 'probably having more horsepower than I'll actually need', and it's that latter bit that brought this back to mind:
More horsepower and torque 'than you need' just might translate into 'enough'.
To explain: years back, during the first marriage, wife had a little Honda scooter she'd used at college. If I'd known her back when I'd have said "Do NOT buy this thing if you have any intention of using it on public roads outside of the campus." Specifically because it had all the acceleration of a tired kid on a bicycle. In good conditions. But I wound up using to to & from work because money was damn tight and it saved on gas.

Little sucker got close to 90mpg as I recall, and didn't use much oil in the injection system, the tradeoff being that it was marked has having a max load of 170 pounds. I, fresh out of the shower, weighed 175. So I was over the limit without adding dinner and clothes. Add to that that fouling built up in the exhaust port over time and it slowly lost power until it reached the point you had to pull the exhaust and scrape the port clean. Let me put it this way: there's a long hill on one of the streets I took to stay out of traffic, and if the port hadn't recently been cleaned I'd have to stick my feet down and paddle to make it up the last bit. Not good*, I'd been riding for years before that, and having that little 'get up & GO' scared me. . So when finances improved a bit and we got rid of it I didn't miss it.

Neither did my parents, as I found out later; Dad, having worked about every kind of vehicle accident you can think of, said he'd been scared to death of me riding that thing because "You can't get out of the way on it." Which is where my 'enough' statement comes in.
Doesn't matter that you have right-of-way, or they did something dumb, if you're on a bike you just might have to get the hell out of the way of some clown. Or you see something developing/about to happen and want to get clear before it does. And at a time like that it can seem like there's no such thing as 'too much'. Especially if you ride on highways.

So, while scooters have improved(a LOT) over time, I prefer a motorcycle, one that will move when you have to(over the years I've developed a liking for 'move' that translates to someone thinking "Wasn't there a bike over there?")

Yes, there's a downside of plenty of power: the (usually young) dumbasses who think pulling a wheelie as they go through traffic at ten or more mph above the limit is just so freakin' COOL, and aren't I something? If you were only likely to hurt yourself I wouldn't mind, but
A: If you lose it somebody may have to live with the image of you just before they hit you, or
B: In trying to avoid hitting you, somebody may swerve and smash into somebody else.
So, tradeoffs on everything, as usual.

*If you're wondering why the hell I risked this thing, did I mention two little kids and very tight finances? You do dumb things at times when it'll save a bit.

As James says, how the hell is this just now

getting their attention?
"But in fact some people did leave and told us what was going on and when we looked back since 2008 we were aware of 28 people who had made similar accusations."
Admittedly I'm just a dumb Yank, but I'd think that many reports over that long a time would've gotten some attention a lot sooner.

Democrats and the Obama minions launch another "Snitch on anybody (Updated!)

who doesn't love Obama" site.

Ahem. Attention Attack Watch: Screw you. Yr. Obdnt. Svt., etc.

The response to the site has been less than stellar.

On Twitter, where the Web site has an account to help Obama supporters submit evidence of “attacks” on the president using the hashtag #attackwatch, nearly every tweet about the site has ridiculed it.

“There's a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob,” an Arizonan tweeted. “In less than 24 hours, Attack Watch has become the biggest campaign joke in modern history,” a contributor to conservative blog The Right Sphere wrote.

[They link that AttackWaaaaatch video here.]


Attack Watch, [as opposed to the less-scary "Fight the Smears" website], used the shorter — and somewhat scaremongering — tag­line, “Get the Truth. Fight the Smears.”

It’s safe to say that in its 24 hours of existence, Attack Watch has already backfired in drumming up support for Obama 2012. This tweet summed it up: “Wow, not only are Obama & Co. incredibly thin-skinned, they're paranoid.”
Ace also notes that there's a couple of reporters pushing a 'Obama is fighting depression' angle; if that's so, this really isn't going to help.

That's one quiet .45

The De Lisle was made in very limited numbers; 129 were produced during the period of 1942 to 1945 in three variations (Ford Dagenham Prototype, Sterling production and one Airborne prototype). Thompson submachine gun barrels were modified to provide the .45 calibre barrel, which was ported to provide a slow release of high pressure gas.

The suppressor, 2 inches (5.1 cm) in diameter, went all the way from the back of the barrel to well beyond the muzzle (the suppressor makes up half the overall length of the rifle), providing a very large volume of space to contain the gases produced by firing. This large volume was one of the keys to the effectiveness of the suppressor. The Lee-Enfield bolt was modified to feed the .45 ACP rounds, and the Lee-Enfield's magazine assembly was replaced with a new assembly that held a modified M1911 magazine. Because the cartridge was subsonic, the carbine was extremely quiet, possibly one of the quietest firearms ever made.

The De Lisle carbine was used by the British Commandos and other special forces during World War II and the Malayan Emergency. It was accurate to 250 metres (820 ft). -- Wikipedia.

Found at Sipsey Street

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Oh, I'll bet she denied it...

In testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Napolitano said she was first made aware of the Fast and Furious program after U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in the line of duty in Arizona in December 2010.
Yeah. All the connections between the people running this and DHS(and her*) and she knew NOTHINK! Uh huh. Sipsey had a link to this video

which I can't watch right now; Sipsey description is 'this testimony will come back to haunt them both'.

It should. Escorted by the ghosts of the dead.
*Just days after Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Acting Director Ken Melson was forced into a make-work job at the Justice Department and long-time Janet Napolitano confidant U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke abruptly resigned, the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious rapidly gained momentum with evidence of a coverup instigated within hours of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death.
Sources and documents indicate the prosecutor who advised the "Fast and Furious" case in Phoenix was Asst. U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley. His boss, Arizona's US Attorney Dennis Burke, was a longtime chief of staff for Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano when she served as Arizona governor. In brief questioning from Congress in March, Napolitano said it was "premature" to comment on details of the Fast and Furious controversies. She also said she was "not aware" that an agent under Homeland Security was on the ATF Fast and Furious task force in Phoenix. Speaking of herself in the third person, Napolitano stated that "no concerns were expressed to the Secretary."

Sometimes they're enough like you it's scary

Daughter was sick. Just started new job, and didn't want to call in sick after only two weeks so went in yesterday.

You know you shouldn't have gone when your boss says "Go home. And see a doctor on the way."

I'll start with a simple question: if there's no way for you to know

the laws, how the hell can you be held responsible for breaking them?

This company deserves a pat on the back for this:
Outback actually drove their catering truck into the back of a C-17 and flew it to Afghanistan in what they called Operation Feeding Freedom. Since that day, OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC (which includes Outback Steakhouse, Carraba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, and Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine), has traveled every year to feed the troops abroad. And they do it without publicizing their efforts.

Reporter shills for the Brady clowns: commits perjury in the process.

Well, yeah, he was playing 'plausible deniability'. Badly.
House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa went after Attorney General Eric Holder on national conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s show Monday morning. Issa said even if Holder really didn’t know about Operation Fast and Furious, he should’ve.

“We have a paper trail of so many people knowing that the only way the attorney general didn’t know is he made sure he didn’t want to know,” Issa said. “But if you don’t want to know something of this sort then you shouldn’t have the job he has. And ultimately one of the questions is, if he didn’t know, is he that inept that he is dangerous to have as the attorney general, and that is for the president to decide.”

What God-damned moron thought this was a good idea for a memorial to this terrorist attack? Tam's right, the assholes have gold-plated the craters.

So the guy in charge of creating TSA calls "Bullshit!" Few years too late, fella.

This man obviously has too much free time. And is having entirely too much fun with it. 12-gauge hulls and screw for projectiles?

It's already been asked, but again: how many jobs would spring up if Obama told Empty-Hat Salazar to stop blocking exploration/drilling in the Gulf? And actually opened up other areas currently off-limits?

Guns to clean, house to clean, that's it for now.

Grease test, part 3

So I lubed the conversion, and shot it; good results. Cleaned as usual, shot again(all Federal bulk-pack), still good. This time left it uncleaned, next range session put about eighty rounds through with one failure to fully cycle; that's a lot better than I'd gotten from any other lube on this.

After the last time I left it uncleaned, and shot it again today; out of about 120 rounds, I had one FTC in the first mag, that's it. Far as I'm concerned this grease is really good stuff.

This kind of crap is why a lot of SWAT teams need to be put on a very short leash

Team commanders must raise the profile of their teams. Stay active. Yes, I mean do warrant service and drug raids even if you have to poach the work. First, your team needs the training time under true callout conditions. If all your team does is train, but seldom deploy, you will end up training just to train. You need to train to fight. You already know that.Link
Translation: "We need to justify spending all the money and time we do on the teams, so use them in situations where there's no need for them. And you can call it training!"
And if somebody winds up dead because you wanted to put on your ninja suit as often as possible, well, that's the cost of training, right?

Crap like this is why A: a lot of agencies don't NEED a damn SWAT team and B: a lot of people like me have less and less trust in the police. Speaking of which, a case which could have been handled by "Knock knock, sir, I have a search warrant" gets two officers shot because they had to go kicking doors instead. And shooting up the place with a bunch of kids in the house. They fired 37 shots, many of which- from the sound of it- were just pointed, not aimed, and it's a miracle some kids weren't killed. Only good thing about this is the police not getting to hang somebody to cover up that they didn't do their job right.

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The current e-postal match is up

over here

A comment on what she's called 'New York's memorial to the enemy':

TeeWee: "...and the two columns are positioned to represent the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Atop one column is a bronze eagle facing New York..."

Me: "It should have been a bronze B-52 facing Mecca."
followed by
...and one on the 9/11 Memorial, which faces New York, where they have bronzed their craters like a pair of baby shoes.

I've had people accuse me a whacking on 'green energy'

because I'm stubborn(when they're being nice) or don't care about the planet(usually delivered in accusatory tone); no, I'm against a lot of this crap because of the costs; from Britain, for instance,
Obviously this is impossible, but our Government will nevertheless do all it can to meet its unreachable target and force through the building of thousands of turbines, capable of producing a derisory amount of electricity at a cost estimated, on its own figures, at £140 billion (equating to £5,600 for every household in the land).

Which brings us to the third of last week’s news items, a prediction by energy consultants Ulyx that a further avalanche of “green” measures will alone raise Britain’s already soaring energy bills in the same nine years by a further 58 per cent.
Please note the 'FURTHER' in that last sentence; that's on top of all the other increases so far. I'll throw in that one of the electric companies here in OK started a program that, in the name of 'green', you could indicate your desire to have some percentage of your power come from wind; for which indulgence you would pay some extra percentage on top of the regular cost for that part of your electricity. I called 'bullshit' and declined.
A significant part of this crippling increase, helping to drive more than half Britain’s households into “fuel poverty”, will be the costs involved in covering thousands of square miles of our countryside and seas with wind turbines. The sole beneficiaries will be the energy companies, which are allowed to charge us double or treble the normal cost of our electricity, through the subsidies hidden in our energy bills; and landowners such as Sir Reginald Sheffield, the Prime Minister’s father-in-law, who on his own admission stands to earn nearly £1,000 a day at the expense of the rest of us, for allowing a wind farm to be built on his Lincolnshire estate.
And that thousand pounds/day will in part be paid by his neighbors through those subsidies they had no say in.

I say again, Bullshit.
Added: there be some big money in that there AGW stuff

Here's a sheriff and a bunch of deputies who should first be charged

for their criminal acts, and then sued. And have to pay the award out of their own damn pocket.
Geoffrey Asher just returned home from buying auto parts, and after coming out of a shed where he stored the parts, a sheriff's deputy was pointing a gun at him.

He didn't know the deputy had followed him for speeding, and officers didn't have the right to arrest him, then break into his home to search for evidence of crimes they had no reason to believe he even committed.
Bad, right? Just wait:
But Asher never agreed to a search, and the Lumpkin County sheriff and his deputies spent seven hours rummaging though his home before they got a judge to sign a warrant, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Gainesville.
He told the deputy to holster his gun if all he wanted was to write a speeding ticket, and when the deputy threatened to shoot him in the head, Asher told him to calm down and "wait for adult supervision," according to Karzen.

Deputies searched Asher's pickup and found handguns, all legally owned and which he used for target shooting, the attorney said.

Lumpkin County Sheriff Mark McLure soon arrived and used a credit card to slip the lock of Asher's front door, according to court documents.
Sheriff McLure, you are a disgrace to that badge you wear. You should be fired immediately. The same for your fellow sorry excuses for lawmen that were your deputies.

"Most of what I've seen were reasonable, honest mistakes by good cops," he said. "This was the first time I was involved in a situation where law enforcement officers knowingly violated someone's rights and lied about it in court."
Assuming the EffingBI and DoJ don't prosecute these people for the violations of rights, I'd think they could be prosecuted on the state level for perjury since they lied under oath. And they should be.

One of my pet peeves is idiots like Beckel who worship

at the altar of Che; Humberto Fontova points out just how full of crap Beckel is on the subject, including
So here’s Bob Beckel bashing a black politician of lowly origin who enjoyed overwhelming unionized labor support--while hailing the lily-white rich-boys, Fidel and Che, who outlawed labor unions and sent such as Richard Trumka and Jimmy Hoffa to the firing squad or prison. Where’s Trumka, Hoffa and Maxine Waters on this? Using liberals’ own standards Beckel sure sounds like an elitist--and a racist to boot.
That's been one of the interesting things in this history: Castro & Co. killed Deity-knows how many union people, yet clowns like Hoffa and Trumka support them; are they just idiots, or communists who consider a bunch of dead union brethren a cheap price for keeping Cuba communist?

Yeah, THIS is a good idea...

Talks to end the 10-year war in Afghanistan could be on the horizon after the U.S. backed a plan to let the Taliban open political headquarters in the Middle East.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is likely to open a base in Qatar before Christmas, The Times said.

It is hoped this will help facilitate peace talks which could lead to a truce with the Taliban.

Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is understood to be backing the negotiations.
After all, without such offices it's so much more difficult to set up some bombings and such. And the President doesn't like that nasty word 'victory', so a negotiated settlement is just so much more palatable to him.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Glock Gen4 recoil spring assembly swap

Ran across this earlier today; if you've got a 4th Generation Glock, ought to check on it

Never forget,

and never forgive

Oh, and Nanny Bloomberg, who doesn't have time or space for first responders or clergy? Fuck you; you are a canker on this nation. You suck on so many levels it's disgusting.

And to every 'news' agency that would scream ABU GHRAIB!!! endlessly, but refuses to show things like the shot above: if you knew just how bad it is for me to call you 'sorry excuses for reporters', you'd crap your pants.