Saturday, August 20, 2011

But it's freaking IMPOSSIBLE! Britain is Brady Paradise!

and the peasants aren't allowed to have handguns!
Police have released dramatic video of yobs shooting at unarmed police on the ground and in a hovering helicopter during the height of the riots.

An attempted murder investigation has been launched after 11 shots were fired as police as they tried to control the disorder in the Birmingham suburb of Newtown late on August 9.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A site you may or may not like,

but some interesting stuff either way: the subjects are dating and game, men and women. And some opinions on related technology:
If you are a man who would willingly sign up for a service that allows your girlfriend to follow your every movement, please go to the nearest woodchipper and surrender your testicles for mulch. They are no longer being used by you.

Jose Guerena's family files suit

Last week, Arizona attorney Chris Scileppi filed notice of a $20 million lawsuit against Pima County, Ariz., on behalf of Guerena's family. The lawsuit provides a good opportunity to look back at what has happened since since the morning of May 5.
A review of the case and some more information, including
Michael Storie, attorney for the SWAT team and the Pima County police union, told the media that police found a "portion of a law-enforcement uniform" in Jose Guerena's home, suggesting Guerena was part of a home invasion crew that disguised themselves as police officers. Police reports released by the sheriff's department confirm the item to which Storie was referring was a Border Patrol baseball cap.
Storie also charges that Guerena had a past drug history, except.
The arrest appears to have resulted from little more than Guerena getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. There wasn't enough evidence to charge any of the men with a crime; all three were released, and their records were cleared. There's no indication that anyone "flipped" to give information leading to other arrests.

Even Storie concedes the police didn't have enough evidence against Guerena -- and didn't find evidence in his home during the raid -- to charge him with a crime. The question remains as to why the Pima County Sheriff's Department found it necessary to send a SWAT team to serve its search warrant for the Guerena residence in the first place.
Yeah, that is a damned important question

About those 'non-promotion promotions' of Gunwalker bigshots in ATF,

I asked ATF whistleblower Vince Cefalu what he thought of the promotions, and whether or not it was standard practice to promote ATF officials after a catastrophic operational failure. I even asked if he had heard of another instance where a federal law enforcement officer or manager was promoted after leading an operation that lost firearms which were subsequently used in the shootings of multiple federal agents.

His responses (via email) were as cutting as you might expect from a loyal agent recently fired by the Obama administration for attempting to clean up entrenched corruption:
First: why did they leave out FF ASAC George Gillette? He is one of the most corrupt and culpable guys in that operation. He was transferred to HQ as the liaison to the U.S. Marshals, which is normally a GS (General Schedule) 13 or 14 job. He is filling it as a GS 15?

None of the other three were actually promoted.

They were all placed in protected positions which shields them from public view. The assistant to the assistant director position was created under former Acting Director Mike Sullivan to shield corrupt and exposed managers so as to keep their grade and benefits.

No other law enforcement organization would make any of these moves while a congressional and OIG investigation was still ongoing. They should be in admin positions or on the beach [suspended], since potential criminal charges loom until they are cleared.

McMahon in charge of IA [Internal Affairs, a more common functional name for Office of Professional Responsibility and Security Operations]. S***, that’s like putting [Charles] Manson in charge of sharp objects.

IA has long been the Gestapo arm of our corrupt leadership, and now the very man who allowed Fast and Furious to continue is in charge?

This is appalling.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) was infuriated when he heard that the Gunwalker conspirators were being protectively cloaked for their apparent crimes on behalf of the administration. Is the Department of Justice attempting to impose omertà so that these key figures don’t testify about what they know of those who authorized Operation Fast and Furious?
I don't think they have to 'impose omertà' on these clowns, as they're very aware of what they're facing as the truth comes out and don't want to talk. At all. Melson's the same, I fear, he made his private appointment with investigators to try and cover his ass, but apparently his talking has the Administration pissed:
Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich took aim at Acting ATF Director Ken Melson, stating that Melson knew of Operation Fast and Furious almost from the beginning. Melson previously claimed he only found out about the walking of guns after the program was shut down.
So a bunch of the conspirators have their knives out for each other, and Issa and Grassley and the other investigators aren't backing off.

Also at PJM(link found at Sipsey), some thoughts on what most of the major media has no desire to cover(after all, they're journalists, not reporters):
Twenty-two years later, we are contemplating whether a sitting and all-too-real American president can claim plausible deniability for Operation Fast and Furious, Operation Castaway, and two unnamed but alleged operations in Texas that make up the Gunwalker scandal, which threatens to bring down the administration of Barack Obama.
Initially, the Obama administration attempted to scapegoat acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson. When that failed, they colluded with the Washington Post and later possibly the New York Times on attempted character assassinations of Congressman Darrell Issa. Issa, along with Senator Charles Grassley, is leading the charge to investigate the scandal.
All of these evolving disclosures are increasing the pressure on administration officials such as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, both of whom simply must have known of the operations considering the high-level collaboration between multiple agencies under their control.

Which leads to President Obama: how is it possible that the White House was not aware of Fast and Furious while it was occurring? We now know the following:

The #2 man in the ATF, Acting Deputy Director William Hoover, tried to shut Operation Fast and Furious down in March of 2010 but was rebuffed.
Officials with the Justice Department and ATF tried to evade Senator Grassley’s attempts to discover where the guns came from.
A National Security Council (NSC) operative in the White House named Kevin O’Reilly was in direct contact with Bill Newell, the agent in charge of the operation. (Are we to believe that the benign emails released between the two men were their only Gunwalker conversations, and that O’Reilly wasn’t briefing the National Security Council or the president?)
The U.S. attorney involved in Fast And Furious, Dennis Burke, is a long-time Napolitano ally and was her chief of staff while she was governor from 2003-2008. Burke is also on the attorney general’s Advisory Committee border and immigration law enforcement subcommittee. He recently opposed a routine filing by murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s family, in a move that appears designed to protect him in criminal and civil trials regarding Gunwalker.
Emails reveal that every law enforcement director in DOJ was briefed on Operation Fast and Furious. All have been silent on the allegations except the scapegoated Melson and the DEA administrator, who surfaced long enough to deny that her agency was involved in the criminal actions.
The Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Treasury were involved (State and CIA have allegedly had roles in the operation, but these allegations have not been confirmed by evidence).

With this level of cooperation across at least three (Homeland Security, Justice, Treasury) departments and among at least eight directors, with long-term personal contacts between friends and political allies that have been fingered as key players in this scandal, and with the president’s own words and deeds regarding his radical views towards gun rights in this country, is it rational to believe the president and his closest advisers had nothing to do with this murderous plot?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And your favorite socialists and 'progressives' would have the same

crap happening here:
A 13-year-old boy has walked free from court after admitting smashing up a shop with a stolen golf club as his mother said the riots are because the government does "f*** all" for children.
His mother, sitting beside the boy's father, wiped tears from her eyes as the court was told she handed him in after seeing wanted photos of her son being circulated by Greater Manchester Police.

She is on benefits, does not live with the boy's father and has 10 other children, the court heard.
But the woman also suggested her son was not entirely at fault, when asked who she blamed for the looting.

''The government,'' she replied, her son by her side, adding: ''There is f*** all for them to do.''

The boy's father claimed his son suffered ''police brutality'' because his parents appeared to be under the impression when they took him to police on Friday he would be released before going to court.

Instead he was kept in police cells over the weekend.

The boy had been caught on CCTV during the trouble at Salford Precinct spraying a fire extinguisher around before pulling down metal shutters from a Cash Converters shop.

He then crawled inside and used a £100 golf club he had stolen to smash windows. The shop suffered £20,000 in damage

Starting today with 'Don't pay a fortune

for an AR15'. I wouldn't mind having one, but I'd like to try one in 7.62x39, probably(from listening to son) with a piston upper.

Phelps' opinion of the EPA and enviroweenies wanting to reduce power supplies:
Electricity is civilization. The people who want to limit electrical generation and ban the Edison bulb are enemies of civilization. These people refuse to stop meddling with the most basic of modern necessities — that when you flip the switch in your house, you get light. They want to reach into your living room, and change all the bulbs — and after that, they want to make it so that sometimes it doesn’t even work — so that you can breath .01% better air.

The response to Rep. Waters displaying her whining idiocy(again):
You have no clout. You gave it away. I mean, what are you gonna do? Call him a racist for ignoring you?

Tam also notes
When touring the shuttered factories and idled industrial plants of the heartland to bring hope and change to people whom you would like to vote for you, you shouldn't do it in a foreign-made RV. I cannot believe that this gaffe slipped right by all the 20lb brains on Barry's PR staff.
I can; they think they're the Great Shining Ones who work for The Lightworker and thus can do no wrong.

Tolkien’s Hobbits fought to resist power. Career politicians wallow in it. Too much power makes politicians hollow and disconnected. Lacking anything else, they cling to power until they drop dead. A defeatist mentality of emptiness. If you’re wealthy enough to retire but hold elected office until you die in old age; power has destroyed you.

Conservative Strom Thurmond and liberal Edward Kennedy are egregious examples. One died in office at age 100 after 47 years in office. The other at age 77 after 46 years in office. Virtual opposites in politics; yet they both clung to power until their dying breath

Some thoughts from Malcolm on the mess in (fG)Britain:
The most amazing thing about the reaction of English MPs to last week’s terrible violence was how surprised they were. For a country whose criminal law is invariably sympathetic to offenders, nearly always harsh on their victims, and unwilling to pay for adequate policing the surprise is that they were surprised.

Two stories hitting English papers during June and July provide a glimpse of current British law in action.

On June 23 around midnight a masked gang broke down the back door of a home in Salford, in northwestern England. The householder, 59, his son and the son’s girl friend called the police and tried to defend the home and themselves. They managed to stab one of the gang who died of his wounds. When the police arrived they arrested the householder, his son and the son’s girlfriend on suspicion of attempted murder.

On July 11, a headline in The Sun read “Shopkeeper, 72, nicked after `stabbing to death robber.’” Mr. Coley’s Manchester flower shop was closed and he was playing dominoes with a friend when two masked men armed with guns broke in. In the struggle that followed, Mr. Coley’s friend was injured but Coley managed to stab one robber, who later died, while the other fled wounded. The Manchester police are holding Mr. Coley for attempted murder.

What cartridge for vampire? From the looks of him I think anything from 9mm to .45 will do just fine.

"You will use ethanol-contaminated fuel, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!", basically.
Officials at the Renewable Fuels Association, representing the ethanol industry, said ethanol fuels can be safely used in old cars if owners adapt the fuel systems with new parts.

Association spokesman Matt Hartwig said the cost would "be minor in comparison to what (owners) would be willing to spend on the exterior of the car, for example."
Mr. Hatwig: fuck you, and your miserable little leech-on-the-taxpayer association. Never mind your 'adapt your older car' bullshit, what about the small engines this 15% mix will destroy? Or doesn't that matter to you so long as you can keep your subsidies going?

To Principal Dumbass and the local cops: I'll repeat her question, why the hell was this little bastard still running around loose?

The BATFEIEIO* is denying that Newell, McMahon and Voth were promoted; evidence to the contrary.

Yeah, VEEP Biden DID compare tea party people and conservatives to terrorists.
After hearing from the first source, the two POLITICO reporters on the story, Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan, quickly confirmed Biden’s words with three other sources who were in the same room. They also contacted a fifth source, who confirmed the basic reporting. The original tip came in at about 1 p.m. Aug. 1, and POLITICO spent the next few hours in contact with the vice president’s office, which was aware of what the story was going to say and had been given several hours to respond by the time the story posted at 4 p.m.

“We sought a response from the vice president’s office and after our interaction with Biden’s office, we were confident our story was accurate,” Allen said.

Last, over at Seraphic Secret, two things: first, a bit on Judaism and self-defense.
Second, if you've not seen it before, his experiences during the '92 LA riots, which ended with
“After this is all over,” I vow, “I’m going to buy a pistol.”

Karen says: “How about a shotgun?”

*Thank you, Tam; you have no idea how much enjoyment that has given a lot of people

Well, that's a relief

Dad had an eye problem a while back, which led to a doctor visit, which led to another visit. Problem was a growth next to the eye that was determined to be basal cell carcinoma; which, if you're going to develop a cancer, seems to be the best of the lot as treatments have a very high cure rate.

Surgery was done this morning, and a pathologist checked and determined they got the whole thing. So, aside from the developing postop pain, he's feeling a lot better.

I'll borrow Uncle's QOTD

“Burglars need to realize that if they don’t want to get shot, they shouldn’t be breaking into people’s homes,” said Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram

You can tell who the liberals are afraid of

by looking at who they call a terrorist.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I didn't know he had a blog!

Where he says things like
First, this is very clearly (to anyone who made it past 6th grade) a reference to Gen Anthony McAuliffe's laconic (oops, is that a Spartan reference?) response to German requests he surrender during the Battle of the Bulge, at Bastogne. I hardly expect any member of the press to either know basic history, nor have the care or intellect to ask someone for clarification. It's too much like work. Fortunately, the meaning is obvious to most Americans of normal intellect, and several commenters helpfully explained it.
You'll notice I'm admitting a bigotry toward idiots and reporters (Sorry for the redundancy).

Looks like Issa and Grassley are holding to the

"No, we are NOT going to let you slip this crap by us" line; good on them.
That link is to a PDF of their letter to Holder, which basically says "We're very tired of this, we're not going away, and we ARE going to get answers."

In a very polite way, of course.

Found at Sipsey

Damn, being conscious through this

would be so bloody awful...

My new project: grease test

A while back, while researching something else, I ran across this page on the subject of lubrication, and found mention of this stuff
There are good greases around, but- not being able to leave things alone- I did some digging and found a lot of people saying good things about this stuff. Bad thing is it's hard to get hold of, but I was able to get hold of a bit(the above is the can before I took some out); only place I could find it is to order directly from Lubriplate(if you're technically minded the MSDS and product data sheets are also available on their website).

This is going to be very subjective, as I don't have the equipment/background to properly test such. What I've done so far is take a revolver and a semi-auto(both recently fired), clean out all the old lubes as part of the cleaning process and re-lube with this stuff.

Just to try it everywhere, on the revolver I used it on the hammer pin and trigger pin, where I'd always used oil, as well as everything else. Reassembled, I can say the actions work very smoothly and it takes very little of the stuff to do the job('just enough' is the intention with any lube, generally). So I'll shoot these next time at the range, store them between shoots in a hot place and otherwise see if the stuff stays where it should, then open the revolver up and see how it looks inside. The semi-auto will get the same cleaning I usually do, which means fresh on the rails and such after each cleaning for the carry piece. I may take another pistol and clean & lube it, then just keep using it and see how the stuff holds up.

Sergeant Dakota Meyer

For service as set forth in the following
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the repeated risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a member of Marine Embedded Training Team 2-8, Regional Corps Advisory Command 3-7, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, on 8 LinkSeptember 2009. When the forward element of his combat team began to be hit by intense fire from roughly 50 Taliban insurgents dug-in and concealed on the slopes above Ganjgal village, Corporal Meyer mounted a gun-truck, enlisted a fellow Marine to drive, and raced to attack the ambushers and aid the trapped Marines and Afghan soldiers. During a six hour fire fight, Corporal Meyer single-handedly turned the tide of the battle, saved 36 Marines and soldiers and recovered the bodies of his fallen brothers. Four separate times he fought the kilometer up into the heart of a deadly U-shaped ambush. During the fight he killed at least eight Taliban, personally evacuated 12 friendly wounded, and provided cover for another 24 Marines and soldiers to escape likely death at the hands of a numerically superior and determined foe. On his first foray his lone vehicle drew machine gun, mortar, rocket grenade and small arms fire while he rescued five wounded soldiers. His second attack disrupted the enemy’s ambush and he evacuated four more wounded Marines. Switching to another gun-truck because his was too damaged they again sped in for a third time, and as turret gunner killed several Taliban attackers at point blank range and suppressed enemy fire so 24 Marines and soldiers could break-out. Despite being wounded, he made a fourth attack with three others to search for missing team members. Nearly surrounded and under heavy fire he dismounted the vehicle and searched house to house to recover the bodies of his fallen team members. By his extraordinary heroism, presence of mind amidst chaos and death, and unselfish devotion to his comrades in the face of great danger, Corporal Meyer reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

Attention: Everyone

Stop telling me how great Monster Hunter Alpha is; it'll be next month before I can buy the damn thing

And the trail of Gunwalker continues

here in the US:
Firearms illegally trafficked under the ATF’s Fast and Furious program turned up at the scenes of at least 11 “violent crimes” in this country in addition to being involved in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona last year, the Justice Department has acknowledged to Congress.

Although Justice did not provide any details about those crime scenes, it has been learned that the additional violent crimes occurred in cities such as Phoenix, where Operation Fast and Furious was managed, and as far away as El Paso, Texas, where a total of 42 Fast and Furious weapons were seized in two separate crimes.
And let's not forget that for taking part in this mess Newell and some others got promoted. Does make you wonder, was this to reward them, to get them to shut up or both?

And I wonder if we'll ever find out how much blood these clowns- and every official who took part in this- have on their hands?

I think, if I were honeymooning in the Seychelles

(or just vacationing) I might be careful in the water...
A BRITISH bridegroom was killed by a shark off an idyllic honeymoon island yesterday - as the horrified bride he wed 11 days ago looked on.
It was the second attack by a Bull shark in two weeks on Praslin Island in the Seychelles - 20 miles from where Prince William and wife Kate honeymooned.
A Seychelles tourism source said: "The latest bite marks are consistent with that of a Bull shark. It is probably the same rogue maneater."
Which does bring up: is there an official difference between a 'rogue' and one that's just discovered that humans are easier to catch than fish?

Ok, what is it with honeymooners and sharks all of a sudden? In this case, being on a surfboard in the same water as the seals the big sharks like to eat probably isn't the best idea you could have.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The found a fossil of the first politician

What? A news-reader 'journalist' doesn't know

what he's talking about?

Anybody surprised?

One of the handiest things I've ever been given

Few years back, for my birthday, daughter gave me a magnet broom; similar to this, but only a foot wide and no wheels.

I have no idea how many small parts this thing has found after they were dropped/sprung away/otherwise left the table and vanished on the floor. It just found a trigger rebound slide spring that I had taken to the garage and rolled off the bench.

A very handy thing. If you work on stuff and don't have one, you might consider getting something like it.

No, farmer Schipper, the country has not 'turned on you':

we're just tired of paying subsidies for crap so politicians can buy your vote.

And, from the same people who used to say if you weren't for ethanol you were a hater of Mom Gaia,
The concern over the global food crisis added new urgency to existing campaigns against the use of corn ethanol. Environmental groups had argued that its use offered no meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions – in part because of the vast use of energy and water in the ethanol conversion process.

As a food crop, corn is also far more damaging to the environment than other crops, such as soybeans, because it uses more pesticides and fertiliser.

"The research is very clear by now. Turning corn into ethanol is not environmentally sound," said Bill Freese of the Centre for Food Safety. "It's really an environmental disaster."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Manuals and such

Some of these sites have previously been listed by others, but after I looked at one a little earlier I decided it wouldn't hurt to list all such sites I know of. There'll be some duplication from others posts, but can't hurt

Benelli manuals

Steve's pages: owner's manuals, Army field manuals, parts lists, LOTS of stuff

The Lee-Enfield Rifle

Speaking of which, how to wrap a pull-throughAlso, the Lee-Enfield Training Rifles

Nicolaus Assoc. 'free stuff' page; information on the Garand, M14/M1A, and other rifles

Unblinking Eye gun pages: information pages on lots of domestic & foreign-made handguns

Captech International, obsolete and hard-to-find cartridge cases

Russian Mosin Nagant, including some information on foreign variants

Olive-Drab, lots on US weapons and equipment, the Dragunov sniper and some variants

Sniper Country; what do you think it's about?j, just about everything on the Mosin

Fr. Frog's Pad; firearm & firearm related stuff, including a page on homemade cleaners & lubes

Varmint Al; a whole bunch of stuff, including making tri/bipods, tuning, and a nice mini-lathe page

The Home Gunsmith. The gentleman died earlier this year, but the page is still up. Just knowing that viewing the site probably pisses the Brit government off is enough to make it worth looking at.

M1 Garand serial # and stock cartouche list

The CMP Home Page. Sales of firearms, parts, accessories, ammo. Also tech information, how-to, and if you go to 'rifle sales' and click on the M1 Carbine tab, several articles on ammunition, shooting tips and such.

Swiss Rifles.Com; just about everything you want or need to know about them

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Marstar Canada: assembly/disassembly for a bunch of pistols

That's it for now, as I've got some stuff to take care of and my eyes are crossing. If you know of a good site, let me know and I'll add it.

So the next time someone starts the "Warren Buffett says rich people

aren't taxed enough!" crap, bring up some of this. Here's one of my favorites:
Did you know that the life insurance lobby is actively lobbying to restore the estate tax?

Why would the life insurance industry care about that? It turns out that ten percent of life insurance industry revenue is related to the estate tax. Wealthy people take out life insurance in order to reduce estate taxes because when you die, your life insurance payout doesn't count as part of your estate.

Did you know that Warren Buffett owns six life insurance companies? Did you know he supports the estate tax? You do now.

Warren Buffett isn't just noted as an owner of life insurance companies and a supporter of the estate tax. He's also noted as a buyer of family businesses. As Dick Patten shows, these two business strategies support each other.

Couple of notes from (fG)Britain

First, it's supposed to be IMPOSSIBLE! for this to happen; such arms are banned from all but the government!

Second, a flat horrible multiple murder; no guns involved, so apparently(according to some) that makes it not as bad.

And unrelated to the above, but I want to post it before I lose it,
I note that the Federal government managed to put together a raid on an organic food outfit that sells only to selected customers who know precisely what they are buying, and dumped 800 gallons of raw milk that no one claimed was contaminated: but it wasn’t licensed. Your Deficit Dollars at work. We had to borrow money from the Chinese to protect you from that raw milk and all those vegetables.

Hadn't thought about it but that IS

a pretty good idea

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Isn't it wonderful what the left has planned

for September?
The term “Day(s) of Rage” is the product of Chicago’s Weathermen, led by Obama workmate Bill Ayers and cohabitants.

This Day of Rage speaks of non-violence, yet plays up the violent terrorism of the current rioting proceeding in Great Britain. It is eschewed by a disclaimer put up since this article first posted, but it is featured, pronounced, highlighted, and utilized on the site. It’s kind of like “good cop, bad cop,” only played by the robbers.
And arsonists and vandals.

Especially on the bike, I get nervous when I see a vehicle in front of me

run over something that bounces. Or skids. After seeing this

I'm even nervouser

Found at that somewhat unsocialized Irishmans place

"President Obama’s approval ratings are so low

now, Kenyans are accusing him of being born
in the United States ....”

Rough terrain

Sondra pointed to this story: Boy Scout got separated from his group and lost, but did some right things and is fine. Brought a couple of things to mind.

I've heard people express amazement that someone could actually get really lost in Oklahoma; for some reason they think it's all rolling hills. Well, depending on where you are we've got some actual sandy desert, dry rocky hills(worn down over ages from mountains), grassland and in the east/southeast some of the nastiest forested hill country you'll run into. Also some pretty swampy areas, and did you know we have alligators?

In 1977 three Girl Scouts were murdered at a camp in northeast OK; there was a suspect, but through a combination of terrain, him knowing how to live in the woods and a lot of Indians suspected of giving at least passive help("I haven't seen anything") trying to catch him was a first-class cast-iron bitch. At one point they found a little cave where he'd been hiding for a while, and a bunch of media weenies started demanding to see it and "Why didn't you find this before?" So they drove them to the nearest point a road came to it and led them through the hot, humid, stickery, mosquito/chigger/tick-infested woods(we'll ignore the snakes for now*) to the place. After which one reporter(who was from OK and should've know better, but apparently had never actually been in the woods or looked around) asked "How the hell can you find ANYTHING out here?"
Yes, they caught him. No, it wasn't a good ending. If you're interested, here's a book that covers it.

The other was back when the son was in Civil Air Patrol. A plane went down in southeast OK, and CAP was involved in the search. Which went on for something like two-three weeks. His unit was next in rotation to go and help out when they found it.
Take what I mentioned about northeast OK forest above; now add in hills and valleys and streams with lots of very steep slopes and dropoffs. Let me put it this way: as you drive along you'll see a sign indicating a curve and saying '25MPH' or something similar; you'd damn well better pay attention, because on the far side of that guard rail may well be 50, some places about 100 feet before you hit the rocks, and you may well be under trees that prevent your remains from being seen from the road. Someone reports a hole in a guard rail, the sheriff's office goes out to see just what hit the ground down there and call the proper people to pull it out if they can.

How'd they find it? One of the search planes caught a flash through some trees. He circled back and got ground observers to mark the spot as best they could, then the ground teams went in. This was a twin-engine plane, but between breaking up on impact and being covered by the trees, if he hadn't seen that flash there's no telling how long it would've taken to find it.

That's not Utah, that's just southeast OK. Roads all over, but people do get lost there, regularly. And with terrain like that, sometimes you don't know a storm's coming until it comes over the ridge and hits you(been there). Try making your way downhill when the slope is covered with loose rock, under leaves, and it's all wet from the fog that just kind of appeared when the cold front came through; it's downright nasty.

You don't have to get hurt, or dead, and you won't if you have some idea what to do and don't forget it. I guarantee that scoutmasters and others all over will be using every detail of this kids' story they can get to point this out to the kids.

*Ignore them because that crew was making enough noise to run them all off.
Just to add to the fun, the biggest copperhead I've ever seen (the scaly type, not the Democrat type) was right here in Oklahoma City, in a drainage ditch near some apartments.

Quotes of the Day

The trouble with "letting the Police do their job" is that in the precise spot in which you happen to live, or used to live, their job probably won't start, if it ever does start, for about a week. In the meantime, letting the Police do their job means letting the damn looters and arsonists do their job, without anyone laying a finger on them, laying a finger on them being illegal. This is a doomed policy. If most people are compelled by law to be only neutral bystanders in a war between themselves and barbarism, barbarism wins. The right to, at the very least, forceful self defence must now be insisted upon. The Police, as we advocates of the don't-disarm-the-victims-of-crime policy have been pointing out for decades, can't be everywhere. They cannot instantaneously attend every crime, and magically prevent it. Only the potential or actual victims of crime can sometimes immediately prevent or immediately punish crime, provided only that they are not forbidden to.
I recall reading about a yob who stole something from a street stall in Nigeria, many years ago. He was promptly set upon by a mob, of stallholders and their customers, and beaten up. Are you civilised? It depends which side your mobs are on. All our mobs, except the little mobs that are the Police, are anti-civilisation.

Assuming you could get the Presidents' terrorist friends

Ayers and Dohrn to talk, I wonder what they might know about this?
In 1975, “we” (President Gerald Ford, under Henry Kissinger’s influence) allowed foreign branches and subsidiaries of U.S. companies to trade freely with Cuba and persuaded the Organization of American States to lift its sanctions.

Result: Castro started his African invasion and tried to assassinate Ford. You read right. On March 19, the Los Angeles Times ran the headline “Cuban Link to Death Plot Probed.” Both Republican candidates of the day, President Ford and Ronald Reagan, were to be taken out during the Republican National Convention. The Emiliano Zapata Unit, a Bay area radical group linked to the Weather Underground, would make the hits.

Insty notes the government WANTS you on the terrorist suspect list

So it would seem:
SO THE OTHER DAY I HAD A STORY ABOUT THE FBI TREATING “PREPPERS” AS POTENTIAL TERRORISTS, and then when I was in the car yesterday I heard a PSA from the Department of Homeland Security pitching . . . disaster preparedness via its site. So if you do what Homeland Security recommends, the FBI will wonder if you’re a terrorist. Sweet.
I just took at look at the government site, and let's see... buying stuff like MREs or match containers and masks 'in bulk'(whatever the hell that really means to them) makes you suspicious, yet on their site where it recommends a kit,
Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
Flashlight and extra batteries
First aid kit
Whistle to signal for help
Dust mask, to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place
Infant formula and diapers(if you have a baby or two and 'stock up'...)
From the original 'You should report possible terrorists to us' list:
Weatherproofed ammunition or match containers
Meals Ready to Eat
Night Vision Devices; night flashlights; gas masks
So. You've got a family so you buy half-a-dozen match safes, a case or two of MREs, you grab a bunch of spare batteries for thel ights and hey! if a dust mask is good a couple of these gas masks couldn't hurt! and Presto!! You're on the Feeb Terrorist Watch list for having followed their suggestions!

You have to wonder if some of the weenies in on this are deliberately trying to make a self-perpetuating list of 'possible terrorists' so they can either justify their existence or create more possible 'enemies', or both.

Various people keep telling me 'the science is settled' and

'all SERIOUS scientists agree' and so forth; so why do these people not want all the data examined?
This week four groups, whose boards represent a distinctly liberal worldview and who oppose scrutiny of taxpayer-funded science by academics, asked the University of Virginia to disregard its agreement before the court with American Tradition Institute to provide the records of former climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann, which belong to the public. The groups, led by the far-left Union of Concerned Scientists, sent a letter to University president Teresa Sullivan on Tuesday complaining the agreement gives ATI’s in-house lawyers “needless access” to documents its Environmental Law Center requested, and the agreement “threatens the principles of academic freedom protecting scholarly research.”
There's an amount of 'those nasty liberals!' here, but the base information is disgusting from people who talk about 'scholarly research' and 'academic freedom'. One of the basic requirements of science is that experiments have to be repeatable by others than the one who originally did it, and the information has to be released for review; not just by some selected group but- unless something like actual security needs are involved- any interested party, which includes the general public. This "These people don't need to see all the research, all the data" crap stinks of coverup.

Which would fit right in with a lot of Mann, supporters, wouldn't it?