Saturday, November 23, 2013

Now THAT is a gift list!

Not that fond of the Gerber knives, but everything else?  Yowza; I'd like a lot of that stuff myself.

If you need some milsurp 8mm, here's something for you; if I had the spare cash right now, I'd get a can.

That drink can stove I posted on updated

the other day?  Found a can and tried it; it works.

Hardest part: getting the top cut out without destroying the can.  I've got some 91% isopropyl alcohol and tried it with that; had a hard time getting it to light, but once lit it took right off.  Put a small pot with 1.5-2 cups of water on top, and it took roughly 3 minutes to have it to a boil, and used very little alcohol.

No pictures, as the flash washed out the flames and I'm too lazy tonight to screw around with it; I'll try for a decent shot tomorrow.

Update: from Scott in comments, this is too good not to add on:
Did that as a kid - while sitting in a deer stand....folgers coffee can with a roll of toilet paper soaked in alcohol....take the lid off - light - and I had a nice smokeless hand warming like a champ..

Tab clearing

"You Jews should know your place!"

"If your children do not show up as ordered, we'll label them as racists."

A: Stupid idea to start with.
B: Who's involved, again?

Yes, Sebelius should be fired.  And prosecuted.  And so should the others involved.

Another Obamacare success.

Bird cuisinarts in action.

"Holder and DoJ is a disgrace."  And what was your first clue?

"Hey, the IRS is getting away with it, why not us?"

Because when your God-King's ratings are in the sewer line

it's so much easier to yell "Racism!" or "Sexist!" than to deal with it.  And the idiocy that's behind it.
Michael Dyson and Zerlina Maxwell, our current prime examples.
And guys?  It's not working well anymore; everyone except your devoted followers is so sick of hearing this crap that they either ignore it, or wonder "What're they trying to hide with this bullshit?".

A bit of Kennedy history I'd not heard before.

" 'My administration will be transparent' means 'You get to see what I want you to, when I want you to'."

Nothing says "We're screwed if they see the price tags!" like "Delay this(illegally, but so what) till after the election!"

A post-antibiotic world... I can't find the quote, but years ago read a bit about someone asking (I think) Florence Nightingale about the idea of antibiotics, and she said she loved the idea but 'feared that doctors and nurses would become dependent on them, and stop proper practices of cleaning and hygiene, and thus wind up with more problems.'
While looking for that quote, I ran across this(among others) on the subject of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Have some friends who are nurses who're dealing with this crap all the time; it's not going to be fun in the future.

Franken is one of the panicked who was pleading with Obama to do something to stop the medical device tax when they realized what damage it would do in their states; now it's Franken has so far been relatively quiet about potential changes to the health-care law, but he now joins a growing group of Senate Democrats in seats that could be targeted by the GOP in 2014 who are speaking up on the issue.

Unrelated to any of the above, all the screaming about the lady whacking a lion caused me to try to find a show I saw several years ago on African lions; haven't found it, but did find these two, both from the BBC.

I think I have an image for next year

This is the simplest drink-can stove I've ever seen

going to have to try this.

On the most recent "ZIMMERMAN ARRESTED AGAIN!" noise,

Not even considering it might be true until this crap shakes out.  Our 'news' media is so often full of crap it's amazing; add to that that they seem to follow him around looking for something to scream about, and I don't trust them.

First, this is downright weird.  Second, considering some of the garbage DHS has been involved in, I can't really dismiss it, either.  Especially with this:
The investigations ultimately resulted in the federal government raiding her desert home with a Blackhawk helicopter and about two dozen armed federal agents — all to investigate an unfounded claim that Davis and her husband had committed marriage fraud years earlier. (She and her husband were later found factually innocent of this charge.) Davis and her husband were surveilled extensively before the execution of the warrant, including with a single engine plane. I have seen video from the deposition of the ICE agent admitting this. But the Blackhawk helicopter raid takes the cake. Black helicopters are such a staple of anti-government conspiracy theory that you might be reaching for the tinfoil hats — except that the raid was filmed by Davis’s neighbor, and you can watch it on her documentary. The young man who filmed the raid soon died under circumstances that have never been explained. That’s one dead body.

Speaking of people I don't trust, of COURSE they lied; first, they were scared to death that people would see the costs of Obamacare and yell "NO!" before entering all that personal data;
and they really, really wanted all that personal data on a network they controlled.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Why are we so against registration?

Because- among other reasons- the National Socialists gave a very good lesson on the matter.
In 1932, Alfred Flatow registered three handguns, as decreed by the harsh gun control laws of the Weimar Republic that were drawn amid the violence and chaos of the aftermath of World War I. The Weimar Republican grew out of the ashes of the Great War. Perceived as an institution imposed by Germany's enemies, Weimar lacked political legitimacy and was vulnerable to insurrection.
Gestapo legal adviser Werner Best proposed to execute Jews who were found in possession of firearms. He had both ample precedent and experience to draw upon from the harsh gun laws and their brutal enforcement in the Weimar Republic.

In 1938, in preparation for Kristallnacht (November 9-10, 1938), the Gestapo used the Weimar gun registration records to disarm Jews and focused on Jewish gun owners for deportation to concentration camps. Alfred Flatow fled Germany for the Netherlands, but when the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, in May 1940, Flatow was on the Gestapo's list.

Flatow was arrested and sent to Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, where he died from starvation on December 28, 1942. His cousin Gustav died in the same camp three years later.
Every time I hear some anti-gun/hoplophobic sort sneer "So you think the Nazis are coming for you?" I remember two things:
A lot of Jews didn't believe it could happen to them, not in Germany.
How many fine little progressives have said that people like me should be rounded up and put in camps?

I wonder if they have any idea of the parallels?  Or would care if they did?

Aside from the "You people owe us payof- ah, Compensation!" bullcrap,

this contains one more reason I need to make it to Australia:
Australian diplomats have also thrown a wrench into the negotiations, as poor countries and activists accused them of not taking the talks seriously. The country did not even send high-ranking officials to the UN summit, saying that they would be busy repealing the country’s contentious carbon tax.

“They wore T-shirts and gorged on snacks throughout the negotiation. That gives some indication of the manner they are behaving in,” said a spokeswoman for the Climate Action Network.
You can't hear it, but I'm laughing my ass off.

Why don't we see you as Officer Friendly anymore?

Because you act like a friggin' jerk, that's why.
New dashcam footage has been released by officials in Bell County, Texas, showing a police officer in Temple, Texas, arresting and taking away the weapon of war veteran C.J. Grisham while he was hiking with his son in March.

The surveillance video shows the officer snatching Grisham’s gun and then trying to unfasten it from his sling without his permission or giving him a reason.

The weather outside flat sucks, but some new data

for The Experiment might improve the mood slightly

A piece from the Dutchman on 'choirboys' who should've stuck to singing

The gun rights folks on the 'Net have been buzzing about this story which is, I'm proud to say, from the great state of Alabama: Customer Halts Armed Robbery Inside Family Dollar Store, Mobile, Ala.
Two employees of a Family Dollar store in Mobile, Ala. were unloading a truck, when a pair of armed robbers approached them.
One of the criminals forced one of the employees to the front of the store, past terrified customers, and demanded that the employee open the safe. Upon witnessing the robbery, one customer drew a gun and fired at the thief, striking him and causing his accomplice to flee.
Following the incident, another customer inside the store during the robbery spoke with reporters and thanked the armed citizen, stating, “”I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and God bless you.” (WPMI, Mobile, Ala. 11/13/13)
But that ain't the whole story:
Suspect's family angry at Good Samaritan, police
Yep, you read that headline correctly:
The family of a suspected thief is lashing out after their son was shot during an armed robbery.
Relatives of Adric White, 18, believe the Good Samaritan who opened fire should have “just left the store.”
Oh, yeah. Of course. The story continues:
The Good Samaritan, who we are not identifying, told FOX10 News he was shopping at the Family Dollar on Stanton road when he noticed a masked gunman leading one of the employees to the front of the store.
“He had the gun to his head. He had him on his knees,” said the man. “I drew my gun on him and I said 'Hey don't move.' At that point he swung around and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me I fired. I didn’t want to shoot him.”
White was transported to USA Medical Center, where he remains in police custody.
A family member who did not want to be identified said White should have never been shot to begin with.
“If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him - what gives him the right to think that it's okay to just shoot someone?” said the relative. “You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”
FOX10 had interviewed White’s parents but they later called and demanded the video not be aired.
Court records show that White was out on bond for robbing The Original Oyster House at gunpoint a little more than a month before the Family Dollar robbery.
Uh, well, if you don't want shot by an armed citizen, don't go pointing weapons at innocent people with evil intent. How about that lesson?

But we can TRUST CNN, really we can!
TAPPER: Just to underline the point you’re making. You are not suggesting anything other than the fact — other than questioning how big this network is. It certainly seems as though these individuals are Islamic terrorists.
KAYYEM: Well, yes. But that’s — those are two separate words at this stage, beucase I think after 9/11 we have this fear of tying a Muslim with terrorism. We shouldn’t do that.
And it goes downhill from there.

Wonder if this self-righteous, arrogant hypocrite does this to his family?

I don't know what holiday dinners are like at Michael Bloomberg's house, but I suspect there's an awful lot of picking at food while the windbag at the head of the table lectures the assembled guests about why he's right and they're all idiots. That's the message I get from his pet Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization, which wants its loyal minions, if there are any, to sit down to their Thanksgiving feasts and immediately start fights with relatives they haven't seen in a year about gun control.

Over here we have 'Guess the party' news when a Democrat politician gets arrested; over there

they have 'Guess the origin/religion' news:
Three 'slave' women rescued from house in London after more than 30 YEARS 

21 Nov 2013 16:30 Police have arrested a man and woman aged 67 and say they have never dealt with anything of this magnitude before
I could be wrong, but the 'no mention of suspect names/origins' does make me suspicious.

If you're not familiar with it, just why so many- including those white suburban moms our EducationIndoctrination Secretary is so disdainful of- are pissed about Common Core, here's some of the reasons why.  More links at the post, too.

Two more goblins down:
Police are still trying to piece together the events of Monday night after a woman was attacked and then fired shots into the crowd of teens that assulted her

Beulah Montgomery, who just turned 60 yesterday, says she was walking home after purchasing lottery tickets when she says a group of teens, 7 of them, approached her. Montgomery initally thought they were going to attempt to steal her purse but says she was instead hit by one of the individuals as a second attempted to hit her. That's when she grabbed her gun.
Whether knockout game, straightforward assault & robbery or both, the deceased made their choice, and paid the price.

What if I want a place to hide my cash, or meds, or something else of the sort while traveling?  We're supposed to trust to the discretion of the cops as to whether I go to jail for it?

Eat meat, it's good for Gaia!
Published figures suggest that, in Australia, producing wheat and other grains results in:

  • at least 25 times more sentient animals being killed per kilogram of useable protein
  • more environmental damage, and
  • a great deal more animal cruelty than does farming red meat.
How is this possible?

Nice piece on the Pocket Hammerless(you DO know who developed that, don't you?*)

Something else to keep an eye on; Deity knows exactly what they're after.

My two comments: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!, followed by "You WORKED for this, you morons!"
Veteran House Democratic aides are sick over the insurance prices they’ll pay under Obamacare, and they’re scrambling to find a cure.
Translation: "Waaah, we're being treated like the commoners!  We demand special treatment!"

And speaking of people getting a surprise(most of THESE are actual victims of this crap),
A new and independent analysis of ObamaCare warns of a ticking time bomb, predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy cancellations next fall -- right before the mid-term elections. 

The next round of cancellations and premium hikes is expected to hit employees, particularly of small businesses. While the administration has tried to downplay the cancellation notices hitting policyholders on the individual market by noting they represent a relatively small fraction of the population, the swath of people who will be affected by the shakeup in employer-sponsored coverage will be much broader.

And yet another gift of Obamacare: "You like your doctor and hospital?  Tough shit."

A: There should be a way to sue the individual officers/agents involved in this, as well as the agencies.
B: DHS and Holder's DoJ will delay and lie and say "You can't make us do anything."  Because oathbreaking is easy for them, and that Constitution thing gets in their way.
The Washington Times and one of its former journalists on Thursday sued the Department of Homeland Security, accusing federal agents of illegally seizing the newspaper’s reporting materials during the execution of a search warrant in an unrelated case.
Among the evidence of wrongdoing by these bastards:
An evidence log from Maryland State Police shows that on Sept. 3, the documents were removed from the evidence holding room by a federal agent and returned an hour later, but the log gives no record of what was done with the documents and why they were removed.
And let it not be forgotten that the excuse for the raid, and it BEING a raid in the night rather than a daylight knock on the door and "Ma'am, we have a search warrant.", is bullshit.

This is getting a bit long, so I'm going to break here and put the rest in another post

*Yes, stolen from Tam, because I like it

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Making oversize bullets from a standard mold Updated

without permanently modifying it.

Why?  Because there are a lot of older rifles out there- milsurp in particular- that have other-than-nominal bores.  A friend, for instance, has a WWI-era Enfield that has a .314 bore; the nominal was supposed to be .311", but a lot were made at this size(no, I'm not going into that bit of history).  The bore is in fine condition, but it won't shoot standard .311 bullets worth a damn, so he needs some larger.

Yes, there are people making molds that throw larger-diameter bullets(spendy), or you can order a custom(spendier); if you can find something a bit bigger than you need you can often size it down, but between .311-312 the next step is up around .318 if you can find it; that's a LOT to size a bullet down.  What to do...

Then I ran across this article on the subject, with a simple solution: use aluminum tape on one of the mold blocks
to move them slightly apart, thus getting a slightly larger-diameter bullet.  So, I gave it a try.  It worked, but on my Lee mold it didn't increase the diameter enough.  So I tried putting three more strips on the other block, and that did.

Downsides: this gives the bullet a slightly elliptical shape.  And it makes it easy for some lead to get between the blocks, thus making wings on the bullet
Not on all of them by any stretch, but some.  Most thin enough that they're easy to break or shave off.  Screwed around with this and got a dozen good ones*, opened up some gas checks as in the article, and used a .314 sizer die to size and seat(have access to this, not anything larger in this class).

Yes, the shape caused them to be sized more on two sides.

Right now they're loaded over a standard practice-load charge of 16.0 grains of 2400 powder, waiting for a chance to test-fire them.   If they work decently(sure can't work worse than the .311), I'll cast more.

Update:  It works!
The weather is turning to crap, and I needed some groceries, so extended the trip to include the range so I could try these out.  This rifle, with .311 bullets, didn't shoot groups: it shot patterns of oblong holes.  Now
Four rounds just trying on another target, then this is two 3-shot groups, 30 yards from a so-so rest.  Top group holding on the center, bottom three holding on the '5'.

I'm going to call this a success.

*Didn't want to cast a bunch until I find out if they work

Tab clearing

Stupidity is a luxury

"We need more laws to ban guns from places they're already illegal!"

"You're a racist because (fill in the blank)!"  Not working real well anymore.

Yes, the IRS knew.

Teaching their pet media how to 'report'.

T'is the season, etc.  Bleagh.
  • A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Cloudy, with a high near 65. Southwest wind 10 to 20 mph becoming north. Winds could gust as high as 28 mph.
  • Tonight A chance of rain before 1am, then rain or freezing rain likely between 1am and 4am, then freezing rain likely after 4am. Some thunder is also possible. Cloudy, with a low around 29. Windy, with a north wind 21 to 29 mph, with gusts as high as 40 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. Little or no ice accumulation expected.
  • Friday Freezing rain likely, mainly before 7am. Cloudy, with a high near 34. Windy, with a north wind 21 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 36 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New ice accumulation of less than a 0.1 of an inch possible.
  • Friday Night A chance of freezing rain before 7pm, then a chance of freezing drizzle between 7pm and 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 29. North wind 16 to 21 mph decreasing to 8 to 13 mph after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 29 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

In the PROM: "How dare you be so involved and questioning in your daughters' health!"

Sue their ass off.  Everyone involved in this bullshit.

Asking a Gun Bigot-First Class to act in accordance with logic and right

is pretty much a hopeless endeavor; but this is still a good thing to do.  Get it on the record, get it started.

And, let us not forget, Holder is still hiding documents under Obama's skirts; contempt of law is what Holder does best.

Our Secretary of Education is just a state-control freak, in case you didn't already know.

Among the problems with license-plate scanners(even if they 'work').

Gun bigots and hoplophobes, all over the place.

Moms Demand Bigotry and Fear: "It's good when WE do it."

Another reason to keep the rifle with you: the friggin' beavers.

Rep. 'We'll tip the island over' Johnson(Farging moron-GA) is dancing in the blood again: "All those other laws didn't work, so we need MORE!"

Norma is going to be importing some new .22 ammo.

Josh Sugarman & Co. are lying again(big surprise, right?).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'Voluntary'. Right.

But Cope said it didn't feel voluntary to her -- despite signs saying it was.

"I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn't let me and forced me into a parking spot," she said. Once parked, she couldn't believe what she was asked next.
"They were asking for cheek swabs," she said. "They would give $10 for that. Also, if you let them take your blood, they would pay you $50 for that."  

At the very least, she said, they wanted to test her breath for alcohol.

She said she felt trapped.

The popo were just brimming with information from the first, too:  
Fort Worth police earlier said they could not immediately find any record of officer involvement but police spokesman Sgt. Kelly Peel said Tuesday that the department's Traffic Division coordinated with the NHTSA on the use of off-duty officers after the agency asked for help with the survey.
And they just couldn't find any information on this at first.  Right...*

And, the TSA not thinking it's a big enough pain in the ass already,
Not content with the tight security in place at many of the nations airports, the TSA is now funding the roll-out of exit pods at major airport terminals across the country.

The pods temporarily detain passengers before they are allowed to leave.

 Travelers are forced through the pods as the leave the airport terminal before a robotic voice gives instructions to wait inside the pod until a green light is shown and the door opens.

Once travelers exit the pods, they are unable to re-enter the terminal.
Just how many problems can you foresee with this shit?

That single mom who was thanking Obama for her cheap insurance?  Oops, the actual numbers finally got to her.
Unfortunately, Washington State did finally got back to Sanford about her application. That $452 subsidy we said you’d get? That was a mistake. You actually get zero. So for that gold plan, instead of paying $169 per month, you’d pay $621 per month.
Sorry about that
Now she says her dream of affordable health insurance has gone poof. She can’t afford it. She’ll have to go without. “I’m really terribly embarrassed,” she says. “It has completely turned around on me. I mean, completely.”

Friend's father was kind of touch & go for a while, then settled in and started a pretty remarkable recovery.  Can you say 'relieved'?

And now I'm beat, and will try to provide more entertainment later.

*Yes, I know, they may be that incompetent; or they may have hoped the question would go away.  I just don't trust them anymore.

Wonder how happy Cumberland County will be with Sheriff Butch Burgess

and Deputy Avery Aytes after they finish writing the settlement check?
Aytes's boss, Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess is described as saying he "hasn't seen the video and doesn't need to, because it won't tell the whole story. He says Aytes was just doing his job."
I have doubts the jury will see it that way.

And yeah, looks like a large part of this is "We can't allow the peasants to make their own lower!"
More on the subject, including
Rabidly anti-gun Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) has introduced H.R. 1474, the "Undetectable Firearm Modernization Act,"to not only renew the old ban, but expand it to ban plastic magazines (but only those made by "unlicensed" manufacturers--a decidedly odd provision, given the current lack of a licensing requirement for magazine manufacturers--does he propose to impose such a requirement?), as well. This is a pet issue of Israel's, whose website actually devotes a page to the issue of "plastic guns."
And reveals his real agenda: restrict and then ban EVERYTHING.

Like I told a friend who was bitching about 'that !(#&*@ website!', the real problem isn't the website, it's the huge pile of crap it's based on.

Awww, the poor agency is losing experienced personnel(who acted in illegal or unethical ways) and now the replacements shoved into the slots don't know what to do(because apparently said agency doesn't bother to make sure anyone other than the current placeholder knows what they're doing); and we're supposed to feel bad for the new placeholders who don't know what the hell they're doing.

Attention, you racist bastards: Screw You.  We're sick to death of you using 'Racism!' as a club to try to beat people into submission.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Got an note from Kiti Lappi that some of her novels

are going to be available for free download for a few days:
Fourth Sword
The Demons of Khemas

Her descriptions: 'Fourth Sword', is a portal fantasy, a woman from our world (okay, close approximation anyway) ends up in fantasy world where magic works, and has to learn magic herself in order to survive.

'The Demons of Khemas' is shorter, but it's also a rather weird genre blend, a sword and sorcery story told from the point of view of the damsel in distress.

They'll be available free 20th till the 24th.

Why would the feds seizing more control over education be a problem?

Just because of people like Arne Duncan and actions like this?
Well, YES.

Someone went to Africa on safari and shot a lion.  Usual idiotic 'the poor kitty!' noise erupts.  FTF covers it fairly well:

Hmmm, why might Seattle PD and DHS not want to answer questions about this?
The SPD declined to answer more than a dozen questions from The Stranger, including whether the network is operational, who has access to its data, what it might be used for, and whether the SPD has used it (or intends to use it) to geo-locate people's devices via their MAC addresses or other identifiers.

Seattle Police detective Monty Moss, one of the leaders of the mesh-network project—one part of a $2.7 million effort, paid for by the Department of Homeland Security—wrote in an e-mail that the department "is not comfortable answering policy questions when we do not yet have a policy." But, Detective Moss added, the SPD "is actively collaborating with the mayor's office, city council, law department, and the ACLU on a use policy." The ACLU, at least, begs to differ: "Actively collaborating" is not how they would put it. Jamela Debelak, technology and liberty director of the Seattle office, says the ACLU submitted policy-use suggestions months ago and has been waiting for a response.

Also from RNS,
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and his administration took steps late Wednesday to strip food stamp benefits from those who loaded up their shopping carts knowing they had insufficient funds in their Electronic Benefits Transfer accounts during a system failure in October.

From Mark Steyn:
That’s why I believe America’s belated embrace of government health care is going to be far more expensive and disastrous than the Euro-Canadian models. Whatever one’s philosophical objection to the Canadian health system, it is, broadly, fair: Unless you’re a cabinet minister or a bigtime hockey player, you’ll enjoy the same equality of crappiness and universal lack of access that everybody else does. But, even before it’s up-and-running, Pelosi-Reid-Obamacare is an impenetrable thicket of contradictory boondoggles, shameless payoffs and arbitrary shakedowns.

"OMG!  Owning guns equals SUICIDE!"
Ah, not exactly.

Before President Obama’s health reform law went into effect, Americans could deduct out-of-pocket medical costs if they amounted to at least 7.5 percent of the individual’s annual income. Ten million American families save more than $10 billion annually using this deduction, according to IRS and Office of Management and Budget [OMB] figures.

But now under Obamacare, Americans can only deduct out-of-pocket medical costs if they amount to 10 percent of the individual’s income.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Now the Census Bureau; are there any federal agencies NOT corrupt

and breaking laws and ethics for Obama?
Just two years before the presidential election, the Census Bureau had caught an employee fabricating data that went into the unemployment report, which is one of the most closely watched measures of the economy.

And a knowledgeable source says the deception went beyond that one employee — that it escalated at the time President Obama was seeking reelection in 2012 and continues today.
This shit is disgusting.  Add this to Gunwalker and the Philadelphia voter intimidation and all the others.

Speaking of disgusting politicians,  Swampscott Selectmen Barry Greenfield is pretending he didn't really try to do what he tried.  And a sorry excuse for a reporter named Joanna Weiss is helping.
Are you as sick as I am of politicians trying to wipe their ass with the Constitution and then whining about being misunderstood when they get caught?

It should be noted Harvey Weinstein is a friggin' idiot.  And this is the only country in the world where we don’t have a gun law.  Sweet jumping Shiva on a pogo stick...

Remember, tomorrow is National Ammo Day: not only a good idea, it makes idiots like Weinstein even more stupid in their upset, and makes Sarah Brady cry.

So according to Gillibrand(Backstabber-NY), ALL the Democrats

knew Obama was lying, and dutifully ran out and lied for him .

Never forget what the bastards really want:
...The problem is to slow down the increasing number of handguns sold in this country. The second problem is to get them all registered. And the final problem is to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition — except for the military, policemen, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors — totally illegal."

Civil(really?) Forfeiture and Asset Forfeiture: nothing more than theft under color of law.
Just hours after the Institute for Justice announced it was joining another civil forfeiture lawsuit in Michigan against the federal government, the IRS filed motions to voluntarily dismiss two forfeiture actions against innocent Detroit-area small-business owners. Terry Dehko of Fraser, Mich., and Mark Zaniewski of Sterling Heights, Mich., will each get back all of the money seized without warning from their business’s bank accounts (over $100,000 in total) by the federal government.
Words probably heard at the IRS: "Holy crap, if these people win that'll have BIG consequences!  Drop the cases on them and hope they go away!"

Yes, JFK was killed by a communist; but that didn't fit the Preferred Narrative™, so it became 'by the Evil Right Wing'.

On that general subject, 5 Liberal Myths About JFK

Looks like friend's father's pacemaker crapped out,

and surgery was done to replace it, which worked.  But somewhere in there he may have had a stroke, so he's being transferred to another hospital for more in-depth work on that.  Got some extra good thoughts, send them out.

Friend's father is in ICU, Updated

so not really feeling it this morning.  So just one thing:
No, this doesn't do a damn thing about poachers, it just lets people feel superior and caring and stuff.  And that's what really matters.

Update:  friend called, looks like his fathers' pacemaker failed; in surgery to replace it now; surgeon thinks that'll take care of the problem.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Seems Ed Shadid still doesn't want to answer that question

Local politics: Ed Shadid is a city councilman now running for mayor.  Back when he was running for the council I asked a question: the police chief thought anyone owning a politically-incorrect firearm should have to register it, and a couple of current council members agreed(one after announcing he wasn't running for reelection as I recall), do YOU agree with this?
Background: a PD officer had been shot by an illegal alien using a AR15.  I can't remember if the CoP said anything about cracking down on illegal aliens, but he wanted some gun registration.

As the original post notes, one of the two gave a flat 'I disagree with the police chief.'  Shadid gave this:
I apologize in the delay of response. I heard the comments by the Chief and Police and have been thinking a lot about it lately. We need to have a balance between public safety and the right to bear arms. Our constitution was designed to protect rights not take away from them. Let me know if I can ever be of service. Thanks for you questions.
See the problem there?  So I sent back Sir, maybe I should have phrased the question differently: do you agree with the Police Chief on this?
No answer.  Ever.

Now he's announced "I want to be Mayor", so I found his website and asked the question.
Guess what?
More than two weeks now, no response at all.  Either they're ignoring it, or they just don't want to answer that question.  So I checked, and he does indeed have a Bookface page, so I just posted this:
A question, sir:
When you were running for city council, a police officer was shot by an illegal alien, using a AR15 rifle, and Chief Citty stated that people who owned such firearms should be required to register them.

Do you agree with Chief Citty?

We'll see if there's an answer, or if it disappears.

It's nice outside,

therefore I shall go into the sunlight and attempt to accomplish something*.  So just a couple of short bits this morning:
Brit crime numbers are not to be trusted.

Squirm, Nancy, squirm!

Have you SEEN what liberals can do with incompetence?

*Shoulder's still troubling, and overdid it the last few days; ever tried mowing only using one arm?