Saturday, April 27, 2024

With the weather being all threatening, I think I should

get this evening's stuff published

If this is indeed correct, prison isn't enough punishment

for the ones behind this effed-up vaccine.

That would get your attention...


Australia, apparently you like having wardens in charge of you, you just changed the names

For instance, instead of 'warden' or 'Chief Censor' you use 'eSafety Commissioner'.  And "Don't fight it, citizen, because it's all for your own good!*  So we can censor anybody anywhere!" And a new excuse for "We should shut Musk up, how dare he defy our government!" is
Watch out, however, for any argument that says Australia should not dictate terms to the social media giants because that’s what China does. That is classic false equivalence. The eSafety Commissioner is acting with the authority of a federal law passed by a parliament that reflects the will of a free people in a democracy.
The response in the article:
I’m not sure why “acting with the authority of a federal law passed by … a democracy” makes censorship OK. If every act of a democratically elected parliament is acceptable, would it also be acceptable for an elected parliament to pass a law abolishing all future elections? Would establishment journalists like David Crowe then write an article explaining that the abolition of elections was legitimate, because the politicians who abolished future elections were elected by the people?
I have a simpler response:
"The PRC has laws duly passed by their government that ban anything being said they don't like.  So what makes you different other than appealing to "We're a Democracy, so we can legally censor anybody!"?  Especially since the journalist calling for Musk's head(with a duly required slap at Trump) says
Musk poses a deceptive question: “Our concern is that if ANY country is allowed to censor content for ALL countries... then what is to stop any country from controlling the entire Internet?” He jumps to the alarmist scenario of total state power, without a moment’s thought about his responsibility for the content he publishes.
Hey, dickhead, your government is demanding the state power to censor anyone, anywhere, under the guise of YOUR law in YOUR country; that kind of sounds like 'total state power' you're demanding.  Then trying to hide it under 'his responsibility for content'.  Because you just can't stand the idea of someone, somewhere, seeing something you don't want them to.

Go screw yourself, and your eSafety Commissioner, too.

* Perfect place for this quote:

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences. - C.S. Lewis

Friday, April 26, 2024

Having vented some spleen about some politicians,

I will now get to the first of the weekly 'Calm down, there are some nice things in the world' posts

Have I mentioned how sick I am of politicians?

One of my Senators is Lankford, and today, in his monthly "Here's what all I'm doing", on voting for the foreign aid and getting nothing for the border,
This is one of the great challenges of our current political climate. Some people would rather have nothing if they don't get everything they want on an issue. I am a proud conservative, but I also see the national security risk of doing nothing day after day. I worked for months to make some progress closing our wide open borders, rather than just complain about the problem and hope it magically gets better on its own after a press conference. We still have work to do, which is why I was back at it again this week to make progress on closing our open border.
So he voted for it with NOTHING for the border, and we really should shut up about it because it's annoying him.  My interpretation.

The FISA bill ...included 50 new limits on the authority, protections for Americans, and consequences on anyone who abuses the law. There were significant new civil liberty protections in the final version, which I supported.
Because the FBI and others have shown SO much concern for the laws that tell them not to violate said laws, and others, and people's rights.
FISA only applies to foreign intelligence. It is illegal to use that authority to spy on Americans, and the new version of the bill includes fines and jail time for any abuse.
Yet the FBI and others were violating that before, and they will again, but "We made new laws about it!" which is supposed to make it all better.

And the final:
I understand that some people did not want FISA renewed, but as a member of the Intelligence Committee, I am very aware of the importance of learning about terror plots before they happen. We should not ignore the very real threats coming at our nation from foreign terror organizations, even in the past few weeks. We can protect American lives, while also protecting our civil liberties.
Want to bet the FBI & Co. were violating that before it was even signed?
And, though he doesn't mention it, this crap gave the FBI even MORE latitude for doing warrantless searches.

Am I being fair to him?  Well, his statement on the vote included
“Our open southern border has allowed in millions of people from around the world. Without this authority, we cannot investigate if a foreign terror organization is preparing another attack on Americans from one of the many people already on US soil. The United States is a constant target for terrorists, and nearly every day, our intelligence community stops an attack before it happens.
First, hey, know what?  If the Stupid Party had had the integrity and balls to, y'know, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BORDER THAT WOULDN'T BE SUCH A THREAT.  But there's always a excuse/reason not to, it seems("You can't get everything!", etc.)

Second, 'every day stops an attack before it happens.'  I have to call Bullshit.  Sounds so much like the TSA insisting they stop lots of terrorists but there are never, that I've heard of any details.  Probably because it's said bullshit.

I think the other Senator, Mullin, said basically the same crap.  I don't think my Rep., Bice, has said anything(it's possible she did and I hadn't heard).  

So yes, I'm pissed at all of them.  The usual "If you knew what I did you'd understand" excuses.  I'm going to sign off before I descend into really bad language.

Oh, said politicians: if you have people looking through social media to see if people are upset with you, damn right we are.  And I think you've earned it.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Once again, Biden & Minions want to damage the firearms industry in any way possible

and as badly as possible.
The Outdoor Wire has learned the Commerce Department plans to make that “pause” on the issuance of new export licenses for firearms, related components and ammunition permanent.

That announcement, we’ve learned, could come as soon as tomorrow and “most definitely” by the first of next week.

More than a few United States Senators are already less than thrilled at what they call yet another example of Biden administration bureaucratic overreach, but there’s little they can do at this point.

So yell at the clown you have in Congress.  Myself, after their most recent surrenders, I don't know if my asshats will even bother to say anything.

Med schools worrying more about DEI and marxism

than about 'How do you treat this illness/injury?'

Know what you call that?  Disaster in the making.  Also "What medical school did you go to?  No, thank you, I'll find another doctor."

The Republican(?) Speaker of the House:

when someone posts a video of Democrats celebrating after the Speaker's surrender:
"How dare you show that video!  I'll have the Sergeant at Arms fine you if you don't take it down!"

Then comes the "Oh crap, this is attracting too much bad attention to me!" moment.

Is there something in the air around there that causes people to want to surrender to what Democrats want?
A bit more info here

The new head of NPR is upset that people are reading and hearing what she's done

in the past, including recent past.  'Bad faith distortion of her views', which usually means "Stop letting people know what I've done!"  And considering her past in this report, I'd not want people reading about  it either, especially if I'm trying to claim I want to report unbiased news on NPR.
Now I have gathered additional facts that raise new questions about Maher’s role as a regime-change agent, both foreign and domestic. She has brought the Color Revolution home to America.

In the first part of her career, Maher seemed to follow the wave of U.S.-backed revolutions through the Middle East and North Africa.
During much of 2011, Maher worked for the National Democratic Institute, a government-funded NGO with deep connections to U.S. intelligence and the Democratic Party’s foreign policy machine. The organization was “set up to do independently what CIA had done covertly worldwide,” says national security analyst J. Michael Waller. While initially some distance supposedly existed between NDI and the intelligence services, that relationship has devolved back to “the gray zone,” per Waller, and it appears that they often work in concert. “NDI is an instrument of Samantha Power and the global revolution elements of the Obama team,” Waller explains. “It has gone along with, and been significant parts of, color revolutions around the world. It is very much a regime-change actor.”
Over time, however, some of those dissidents grew skeptical of Maher, who seemed to be using the same platforms to penetrate activist and opposition circles. In 2016, after Maher became the CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation—to the puzzlement of some observers—one of her Tunisia contacts accused her of working with the CIA. “Katherine Maher is probably a CIA agent,” said Slim Amamou, a digital activist and cabinet minister in Tunisia’s transition government, who had spent a significant amount of time with her. “[S]he was constantly trying to get introduced in the activist social network.”
Maher, for her part, was not shy about her political agenda. As I have reported, during her tenure as CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, she advanced a policy of censorship under the pretense of fighting “disinformation.” I wrote:
In a speech to the Atlantic Council, an organization with extensive ties to U.S. intelligence services, she explained that she “took a very active approach to disinformation,” coordinated censorship “through conversations with government,” and suppressed dissenting opinions related to the pandemic and the 2020 election.

In that same speech, Maher said that, in relation to the fight against disinformation, the “the number one challenge here that we see is, of course, the First Amendment in the United States.” These speech protections, Maher continued, make it “a little bit tricky” to suppress “bad information” and “the influence peddlers who have made a real market economy around it.”

Maher’s general policy at Wikipedia, she tweeted, was to support efforts to “eliminate racist, misogynist, transphobic, and other forms of discriminatory content”—which, under current left-wing definitions, could include almost anything to the right of Joe Biden.
This is just some bits and pieces from the article.

Another "Why don't you trust the system?"

The asshat running the FBI: 'We don't monitor protests'

Also the FBI & Do'J':
House Judiciary GOP: FBI Is Tracking Parent Protesters

Wray: No Evidence for Garland to Target Protesting Parents, But FBI Made Threat Tag to Identify Them

Garland Defiantly Pledges Feds Will Continue Monitoring Parents Protesting At School Boards

Dozens of FBI Agents Raid Respected Pro-Life Advocate’s Home While His Wife, Seven Children Watch In Terror

Report: FBI Targeting Donald Trump Supporters as Threats to 2024 Election

Garland Memo Fallout: RI Assoc. of School Committees To “Coordinate” With FBI And Gather Information On Public Meeting “Issues”

Note also, the FBI head has lied under oath, blown off subpoenas, and if you or I did anything approaching his actions, we'd be in a cell: he's still the Director of the EffingBI

An American hostage, crippled by Hamas,

being used in a propaganda video.

Anybody believe Biden gives enough of a damn to actually do anything?

This is how it's supposed to work

when Hamasholes take over part of a campus.
Texas isn't New York, though, and when DPS officers in riot gear showed up at the University of Texas, beautiful chaos followed.

I'll bet a bunch of the university clowns are all upset.  And who cares?

Dammit, Bee, you're supposed to be satire!


Wednesday, April 24, 2024

"Why don't you trust the system/courts/FBI(or other appropriate agency)?"

The Department of Justice on Tuesday announced it has reached a $138.7 million settlement deal with victims of the disgraced former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar to resolve their claims of wrongdoing against the FBI in its failures to investigate allegations of sexual abuse.
Once finalized, the settlement will resolve 139 tort claims filed against the DOJ and the FBI in 2022 by the long list of athletes and patients who reported abuse by Nassar, including Maggie Nichols, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney.

Bad enough, right?  Now add this in:
The claims, which in total sought roughly $1 billion in damages, were filed after the department said it was declining to pursue criminal charges against agents whom the DOJ's inspector general found failed to properly investigate allegations of abuse by Nassar.

The watchdog report found the FBI was notified of Nassar's behavior but failed to act for more than 14 months, a period where Nassar is alleged to have abused at least 40 more girls and women.

At this point someone will have to come up with a reason to trust the Do'J' and FBI about ANYTHING...

Tyrant wannabes gonna tyrant, and she really wants to be

a tyrant in all countries.
Short version: an aloha snackbar type stabbed a church official in Australia.
The 'eSafety Commissar- oops Commissioner, and a bunch of other pro-censorship types ordered it taken down.

Said Commissar(yeah that's deliberate) is pissed because X won't take it down in ALL countries because she ordered it.
And it goes from there.
Get this from one Aussie senator:
“I think he’s a social media knob with no social conscience, he has absolutely no social conscience,” she said.

“Someone like that should be in jail and the key be thrown away. That bloke should not have a right to be out there on his own ideology platform and creating hatred, showing all this stuff out there to our kids and doing all the rest,” Lambie added.
Awww, her feelings are all upset because she cannot order the world around.

I do wonder, how much of their upset is because the stabber is a protected species?

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Judge who needs to have that black robe removed,

and their law license:
She told us, ‘Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York.'

And the public schools strike again

"Yes, we were warned about his hit list, but if we actually do anything someone might call us anti-trans!"
"I'm gonna murder you," shouted the trans-identifying student at Pennbrook Middle School as the 13-year-old blindsided a 12-year-old girl last week and bashed her skull repeatedly with a Stanley cup. The victim had to be hospitalized, her scalp stapled back together, and she had to go through a concussion protocol, according to police.
The Daily Mail reported Monday that another 12-year-old female student — remaining anonymous because of her age, like the victim and the thug — made a public statement that "she and two fellow students filled out paperwork explaining what they knew was going to happen if nothing was done and said that she was warned 'watch your back' at lunch."

"You could've stopped it," she said. "It was five hours from when I told you it was going to happen. I don't get how you couldn't have stopped that."

Because they didn't want to risk being called names by someone, much easier to let someone get the crap beat out of them.

Go to the Daily Mail article, you can have the full flavor of a bunch of school bureaucrats assuring everyone they feel terrible about this.  Yeah, I'm sure, it's causing them all kinds of problems and attention they don't want.

More reason to distrust the CDC: politics above medicine

According to a report from Law Enforcement Today, recent revelations have exposed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for allegedly suppressing data on defensive gun use (DGU). This action has ignited debates over the transparency and potential politicization of the agency’s research on gun policy and public health.
They've been playing these bullshit games for years.  Only fix I can think of, since the anti-2nd Amendment clowns involved aren't likely to change, is cut their funding by the amount this nonsense costs.  THAT the bastards would pay attention to.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Another reason to keep kids out of public schools, or at least

keep a damn close watch on things.
Business Insider's Matt Drange revealed in a recent report about the epidemic of teacher relationships many of the sordid details - including emoji-filled text messages, transcripts from investigations and disciplinary files.

Drange said, the pages 'documented grooming and groping, the sharing of d**k picks and porn, sexualized comments in classrooms, oral sex in bathrooms, and statutory rape,' that in some cases continued for years.

His report highlights a disturbing pattern that 'school administrators across the United States catastrophically failing to prevent abuse,' and there is no federal agency, he said, that tracks teacher sexual misconduct.

Drange said during his investigation, he requested disciplinary records and severance agreements from the ten largest school districts in all 50 states, and license revocations from every state's Department of Education, but his request was met with opposition.

Alabama, Iowa, and Virginia refused to release any records, he said. While other districts, asked to be compensated, in order for the request to be filled.

In his report, he wrote that the Hawaii Department of Education asked for $75,060. The Katy Independent School District in Texas wanted $125,352, and the Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska invoiced $243,836.

While other districts, he revealed, never provided records, including Alaska's Bering Strait School District. In 2019, the BSSD paid $12.6 million to 13 sex abuse victims involving an instructor at the school.

And a real winner, from the People's Republic of  Massachusetts, 
Springfield Public Schools in Massachusetts, was another district he cited, that would not release any records and claimed it would be an 'invasion of the teachers' privacy outweighing any possible right of the public to know.'
Which, to suspicious me, sounds like "Go away, we're not admitting anything!"

Throw in this from Chicago.  So kids are getting often lousy educations, and may be abused by teachers, and the schools- like in some of the crap that came out about the Edmond school district in Oklahoma- want to hide it or just make it go away.

Speaking of yanking federal(our) money from NPR,

they get a lot more than they let on.

Gee, once again a lot of rich brats decided they know how everyone should be properly controlled, and allowed to live.  Because they're so much smarter than everyone else, and care so much.  

Been said before, but finally going before the Supremes: Jack Smith is not a legal Special Counsel, and what all he's done is illegal.

Speaking of rich brats and 'Higher' Education, a collection of stuff at Insty.  Includes both a bunch of overpaid college brass and screeching rabid howler monkey students who want to destroy things, and the fact that most of America is disgusted by it.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Yank all federal money(OUR damn money, remember) from Yale

since the hate the US so badly.  And the administration has no apparent problem with this.

And you'll notice the asshole in the foreground who doesn't look happy to find out he's on camera.  Probably doesn't want to deal with any heat for his part in this shit.

Jeez, no wonder Californicated has so much trouble protecting kids

from being molested: so much of Hollywood and the politicians seem invested in either doing it, or protecting those who do.

From another piece:
“The reason we find pedophiles … in kids TV is that’s where the kids are,” the host continued. “DeSantis wasn’t wrong. We’re so tribal now, the left will support child fucking if the wrong party calls it out.”

Later, Maher pointed out how Brian Peck — who was convicted of sexually assaulting a Nickelodeon child actor in 2004, which was later revealed to be Drake & Josh star Drake Bell in the docuseries — was hired by Disney to work on a children’s show after serving his time in prison. (The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that Peck voiced the role of a mirror on three episodes of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody for Disney Channel, and worked away from the show’s set, in a voiceover studio. THR also learned that Disney fired him immediately after learning of his conviction.)

“For pedophiles in Hollywood, it’s a small world after all,” Maher added.

When he's right, he's right.  But that ending of 'giving kids a break from our culture wars at least until the election is over' bothers me.  Makes it sound like part of the reason he's upset is that this crap is hurting the Democrats.  It may not be that, but it really bothers me.

Let's start this with Wuhan letting a bunch of people pull their control freak out

The World Health Organization’s Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but was ignored, despite explaining that the COVID vaccines did not stop virus transmission and the passports gave a false sense of security. The stunning revelations came to light in a Helsinki courtroom where Finnish citizen Mika Vauhkala is suing after he was denied entry to a cafĂ© for not having a vaccine passport.

Google doing more evil.

Considering the things they've been caught at, he's not wrong about the EffingBI

Speaking of, I found out both my Senators and my Rep. in Congress voted to let the warrantless search crap- with extended powers!- continue for two more years.  And, considering these rat bastards, I doubt they'll ever actually try to stop it.
No, I haven't been yelling at them yet.  Partly because the urge to tell them exactly what I think of them is so strong, and because they've demonstrated it won't do any good.  I now find myself in the situation that voting for these bastards would, in far too many ways, just be voting for the leftists, because said bastards don't have the guts or desire to stand up on really important things like this.
Oh, I'm sure they'll have some "We had to for national security!" excuse for their abandoning that oath to uphold the Constitution, and I've not got the stomach to listen to it right now.

Somebody coined the name 'Londonistan' a few years ago;

they were right.
"You're openly Jewish, you have to either leave this area under escort or you'll be arrested for causing a breach of the peace."

I will refrain from further comment.