Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday evening

and guess what came in?

Not a lot of shooty stuff lately;

between the part-time job and just trying to keep a handle on the mess and regular stuff, haven't done much.  I am working on some ideas, and need to put some loads together for the .45-70 to try out, which will be done.  Sooner or later.  In the meantime,

Do it.  The NFL is a big business, and can pay for their own damned stadiums.  Dump their tax break.

A kick in the ass for the leftists in Seattle:
Seattle’s income tax on wealthy households was deemed illegal Wednesday.

King County Superior Court Judge John R. Ruhl agreed with multiple legal challenges that a city ordinance passed in July to impose a new income tax on wealthy earners violates the state’s constitution and has no authority under state law.
Take note of that 'violates the state’s constitution and has no authority' part, because the response from the jealous leftists:
In a joint statement, Holmes and Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess said the city would appeal the ruling on the grounds that Washington’s “overreliance on regressive sales taxes” is a misguided and unfair system.
So is punishing people for succeeding, but you don't care about that unfairness.  They do want to change the law so they can get away with this; then they'll bitch and whine about people moving so as to get out from under their crap.

Another murder by a bunch of Obama & Co. 'dreamers'.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday night,

and the data is in

What happens when city government and cops don't care about the law

The president of a local railroad company, affected by an encampment of protesters on tracks it uses, has sent a letter to Mayor Cheryl Selby and Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts, urging that police take action against the protesters. 
Since Friday, the group has occupied a section of railroad tracks at Jefferson Street and Seventh Avenue Southeast to protest fracking sand cargo handled by the Port of Olympia. Port officials have said there is no rail shipment of such cargo scheduled.
This should've needed nothing more than a call to the cops: "Bunch of protesters are blocking the tracks."  Upon which the cops would come out and give them the choice of moving or being arrested, and then doing it.

But this is Olympia, which is run by idiots.
So far the city of Olympia has shown little interest in getting involved.

City Manager Steve Hall said Monday he hopes the port and railroad officials will resolve the issue. “This feels like a repeat of last year, and nobody wants to go through what happened last year,” Hall said.
Translation: "We want the port and railroad to surrender, because when the cops actually did their job last year all the woke people were mad at us."

Wonder how many jobs this is going to cost because the trains can't run?  And why doesn't the damned City Council care about that?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tab clearing (Chicxulub link fixed)

One of the gifts Obama helped return to some parts of the world: open slavery.

I need this shirt

Looks like the Chicxulub asteroid came in at a very bad angle for the planet.

LAPD and the LA city government may be taking lessons from the Brits on lying about crime numbers.

'Higher' Education, and PC no matter how stupid:
That feeling when you’re a teaching assistant and in your communications class you play a Jordan Peterson clip about pronouns and freedom of speech, hoping to spur discussion, and you then get reported and hauled in front of faculty and the manager of the university’s Gendered and Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Office for a ritual scolding, during which you’re accused of remaining politically neutral, which is deemed both a “problem” and in itself “threatening,” before being accused of “gender-based violence.”

The teaching assistant in question, Lindsay Shepherd, has, at the time of writing, been allowed to keep her teaching position at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, but must now file copies of her lesson plans in advance for vetting and must allow faculty members to sit in on her sessions as and when they wish. Presumably, to head off any further political neutrality.

Yes, making the country go vegan would be a disaster; along with the fact that you try to take our meat away, we'll shoot you.
(You'll notice they cover the 'threat' of livestock farts worsening globular warmering, but not how much more land would have to be cleared for more crops. And kind of short on the 'Just how much of what more would have to be grown/eaten/supplemented to get the nutrients we'd lose'. But they do acknowledge there are some, ah, slight problems with the vegan/vegetarian dream.)

More accusers against Franken and Conyers; anyone surprised?

And now I have some things to do; have a good Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Well, New York City morons, you elected Gov. Howler and Comrade Mayor, (title altered*)

so I hope you enjoy their plans for you.
Even if we stipulate that increased energy efficiency in New York buildings is a good thing, the emissions-reduction targets are financially burdensome and unrealistic. Cuomo’s appointees at the New York State Public Service Commission have mandated that buildings must slash their energy use by 600 trillion BTUs by 2030. But as economist Jonathan Lesser points out in a recent report for the Manhattan Institute, the New York Independent System Operator has projected that those energy savings will be about 51 trillion BTUs—or about one-twelfth the required amount.
Opposition to nuclear energy has compounded the problem. The Cuomo administration negotiated the premature closure of the Indian Point Energy Center, but city documents show that shutting the state’s nuclear plants will mean more reliance on natural gas. In California and New England, carbon-dioxide emissions increased immediately after nuclear plants were shuttered, with gas-fired generators replacing the nukes.
De Blasio justifies his new building rules with claims that New York can make massive cuts in energy consumption—but at 8.6 tons per capita, New York’s
CO2 emissions are already the lowest of the 50 states. Nevertheless, de Blasio and Cuomo want to slash that figure to a paltry two tons per capita, a move that would put New Yorkers of 2050 on par with today’s residents of economic powerhouses like Gabon and the Dominican Republic.
But fear not: Comrade Mayor will never get cold in winter, or hot in summer: the rules are different for the commissars(after all, they're important).  Neither will Gov. Howler(he's rich and important, too).

The rest of you can freeze in the dark, because that's what it'll take to even try to meet their targets.

*Leigh, I stand corrected

Why yes, you did assault people,

and stole property and then damaged it.  And if you're not charged for the assaults, I hope they sue your ass off for them.

'Graduate instructor', jeez.  Were the desperate, or just nuts?

Mass-murders happen in lots of places.  And don't require firearms.  Which really screws with the gun bigot Preferred Narrative.

Monday, November 20, 2017

"Look, all we need is one more law for the cops to ignore,

and it'll all be good!"
Police on Wednesday called the deadly shooting rampage in California a clear case of "a madman on the loose" while defending their decision not to arrest the man for previously violating a court order prohibiting him from having guns.

At a tense news conference, police conceded that neighbors had repeatedly complained about Kevin Neal firing hundreds of rounds from his house among other erratic and violent behavior.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said authorities responded to neighbors' calls several times, but the 44-year-old Neal wouldn't open the door, so they left.
... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  The SWAT teams get used for crap they've got no business being near, AND YOU LEFT BECAUSE HE WOULDN'T OPEN THE DOOR?

'Tense news conference', ya think maybe?  "Yes, we knew he was in violation of serious laws, but don't blame us for not arresting him, he wouldn't open the door!"...
Fucking miserable excuses for lawmen.  And they probably will pay no price for this other than "You were a bad cop, don't do that again."

More on why we treat ignorant, incompetent, bigoted journalists

as the ignorant, bigoted, incompetents they are.
On Thursday, NBC News botched the details of whether the recent California shooter was able to legally possess or manufacture firearms.

In a story about the firearms used by Kevin Janson Neal during his murderous rampage in northern California on Tuesday, NBC News made misleading claims and failed to report important details.
'Misleading' meaning 'lied their ass off'.
NBC's misleading Thursday report also quotes heavily from a misleading report the news outlet produced in February. That report, which remains uncorrected on the NBC News website, erroneously claimed it would be "perfectly legal" for a criminal to manufacture their own firearms. The ATF told the Washington Free Beacon at the time that it remains illegal for criminals to possess, let alone manufacture, firearms.

Meanwhile in (fG)Britain,

Maggie Oliver said her professional life was made “torture” after she told senior officers that police were not doing enough to protect girls from a predominantly Asian paedophile ring

The former detective constable resigned from Greater Manchester Police in late 2012 over failures that allowed the Rochdale perpetrators to escape justice for many years. 

However before she quit she alleges she was bullied for a year and a half while working on Operation Span, the investigation into Rochdale.
Why would they do that?  Oh, right, that's why.
She said: “I’ve never spoken publicly about my personal treatment because I never wanted to deflect from the fact the police had failed the child victims of Rochdale. But in trying to expose criminal neglect by senior officers that for me was on a par with Hillsborough, I was threatened and bullied.”

Ms Oliver, was tasked with gaining the trust of vulnerable but hostile victims. However, when they began to identify Asian grooming gangs, she said the police cooled their interest in the investigation.

Among other people, John Peel is rolling in his grave.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

And they wonder why we call them ignorant fools...

Why do you need any assault rifles? An assault rifle is different than a gun. A hunting enthusiast and one who needs an assault rifle, those are two different things.

"Nobody wants to take your guns!" my ass: Part 87

They also want muzzleloaders.  With a suppressor being an excuse to add them to the list.