Saturday, July 23, 2016

In the chronicles of "My ass 'nobody wants to take our guns!' ",

we have the asshat Clinton has chosen for VP.
During the June 26 airing of Meet the Press, Kaine told Chuck Todd that he voted for an “assault weapons” ban before and “would likely vote for it again.” But he stressed that he believes “limitations on the size of magazines and ammunition clips” is the first step to take.
On September 8, 2015–just two weeks after Vester Lee Flanagan used a legally purchased firearm to kill news reporter Alison Parker on-air–Kaine put forward a bill to hold licensed gun dealers liable for the misuse of firearms. The bill was designed to “raise the bar” and require more “accountability” on the part of gun sellers. The Roanoke Times reported that Kaine’s bill “would make gun sellers criminally liable for a bad sale if they didn’t take reasonable, affirmative steps to determine the customer met federal criteria.”
This is what the Evil Party wants in the Oval Office.

And the Stupid Party has given us Trump, and the Libertarian candidate keeps saying crap that doesn't sound libertarian at all.


An evening out, of sorts,

and back home; time to go over the new information.

Reason #377 to get rid of the EPA,

and flog some of the brass on their way out:
“Mainstem Mineral Creek … and mainstem Cement Creek may not have supported viable fish … communities before large-scale mining activities started in the 19th century due to naturally high levels of metals and low pH levels in their surface waters,” the report said. “This represents a serious uncertainty, which would have to be considered as part of any future risk management decision-making.”

Yet EPA officials still claim acid mine waste killed Cement Creek’s fish and that reversing such pollution requires a Superfund designation, which would make more funding available for the agency and give it more legal power over private activities in the region.
The treatment plant’s closure stemmed from a court agreement between mine owner Sunnyside Gold Corporation and Colorado. The settlement also required Sunnyside to plug the American Tunnel, which ultimately increased pressure and leakages at other nearby mines, including Gold King.
That pressure increase was a major factor that caused the EPA’s Gold King Mine blowout, which led the nearby community to reverse their opposition to the Superfund designation.
Which was, in the long run, probably exactly what they wanted.  Who cares about contaminating a water source when it gives more control over people in the region?

The EPA did not respond to TheDCNF’s multiple requests for comment for this story.
Gee, I wonder why.

Did Elijah Cummings Commit a Felony in IRS Scandal? Looks Like It
Would it surprise anyone?  Same bastard who did everything he could, including yelling "RACISM!", to shield ATF and Holder in the Fast & Furious mess, and who has otherwise thrown his credibility in the toilet.

From a few years back; considering all the "We cannot figure out why he did this!" from officials in the terrorist attacks in Europe and here, still timely.
So, if a blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavian kills dozens of other blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavians, that’s now an “Islamophobic” mass murder? As far as we know, not a single Muslim was among the victims. Islamophobia seems an eccentric perspective to apply to this atrocity, and comes close to making the actual dead mere bit players in their own murder.

I'd love to go to the outdoor range for some more load testing, but right now it's damn hot & humid, and that roof that keeps the sun off the line radiates heat like the top of an oven, so it'll be a few days before that happens. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

I actually accomplished some things today, so

it's time to relax and study.

Oh, that makes this SO much better...

The Miami-Dade Police Union president said Thursday afternoon that Kinsey did everything right and that the North Miami Police officer was aiming for the patient out of fear that he had a gun and was planning to hurt Kinsey.

“The movement of the white individual looked like he was getting ready to charge a firearm into Mr. Kinsey,” said John Rivera, president of the Miami-Dade County Police Benevolent Association, “and the officer discharged, trying to strike and stop the white male, and unfortunately, he missed.”
So, even if you assume some legitimate reason to fire, he missed that badly?

This is not helping, Rivera.

Chemical weapon put together and left in a Wal-Mart.  This crap is getting extra-nasty.

The Wonders Wrought By Hillary!
A contingent of about 20 British special forces pulled out of the facility less than 24 hours before the U.S. tracked Russian aircraft on June 16 flying across Syria to the garrison, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials briefed on the strike. The aircraft dropped cluster munitions on the target, according to U.S. officials and rebel commanders.

After that first Russian strike, officers with the U.S. military’s Central Command air operations center in Qatar called their counterparts in Russia’s air campaign headquarters in Latakia, Syria, U.S. officials said. The American officers told the Russians that the garrison was part of the U.S. campaign against Islamic State and shouldn’t be attacked.

Roughly 90 minutes after the U.S. warning was delivered, U.S. aircraft circling nearby watched as the Russians launched a second wave of strikes against the garrison.

A U.S. military surveillance aircraft overhead tried to hail the Russian pilots directly using the frequencies which the U.S. and Russian governments had agreed to use in emergencies.

The Russian pilots didn’t respond.
I can't get the damned WSJ to show the whole article, maybe you can.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

And this is how you ensure people hate your guts

and will probably never trust a cop again.
While there, an unidentified police officer took what Fox 25 described as a high-powered rifle from his vehicle and shot Opie, described as a bulldog/pitbull mix, multiple times, including at least twice in front of children who were having a birthday party, according to Vicki Malone, the mother. Police insist the dog came around the house to menace police, but Fox 25 reports it obtained video that showed the dog lying on the ground with a bullet wound in its head near the fence, not near the house as police insisted.
Bad, right?

But wait!  There's MORE!
The police chief also admitted to Fox 25 that they knew the Malones were the most recent residents and that a number of people had moved in and out of the house. But, said Ken Moore, police "had to start somewhere," and the warrant gave them the authority to enter the Malone property without their permission.
Well, Chief Moore, starting somewhere on this fine demonstration of idiocy  means telling you that the idiot who shot the dog, and you, are disgraces to the badge you wear.

So, on the basis of this bullshit you kill a dog in front of a bunch of kids, and then get pissy because 'We had a warrant!'

You really suck, you know that?

There are reasons I call it the People's Republic of MA,

one of them being "The law is what I say it is!" from AG.
The attorney general is targeting so-called copycat assault weapons (their words not mine) and would force manufacturers to stop making them and gun dealers to stop selling them. The law goes into effect July 20. Those who have bought the firearms being targeted prior to that date will be allowed to keep them.
'Allowed'.  Love that.

Now pay attention:
Gun manufacturers have manufactured these weapons as legal versions of prohibited guns," Healey said. "These weapons are illegal. They are copies or duplicates of banned weapons, and they cannot be bought or sold in Massachusetts."

"The gun industry doesn't get to decide what's compliant (with state law)," [Attorney General Maura] Healey said. "We do."
Manufacturers made LEGAL FIREARMS, legal according to MA LAW, and she doesn't like it.  So she's unilaterally changing the law.

I'd say that this is a prize example of Tam's definition: "Loophole = 'People doing legal shit I don't like'."

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Apparently using words used by someone else is a very big deal.

When it's not a Democrat doing it.

Of course, they don't care about Warren lying about her ethnic background,  either.  Or Biden plagiarizing part of a life.  Different when they do it.

Situational Awareness in Social Settings.  Good read.
Use the same skills as in any social setting (looking for contacts) with an additional focus. Does someone or something seem out of place? “What’s wrong in my right world?” Have some faith in your intuition.

Practice surveillance detection, especially when leaving. Remember that ordinary crime occurs around events, as well. Identify safe areas along your route in advance. Ask for security assistance if you’re uncomfortable with the situation. Have some faith in your intuition.

Watch for targeting indicators; paralleling, hard focus, forces surrounding, etc.
And goes from there.

Few days ago was the anniversary of the death of Jim Cirillo.  He wrote two books about his experiences, and I recommend them both.*

But it is worth pointing out one very significant feature of the original film: it was one of the most free market movies of the last several generations.  Consider the following:  The villain of the film – a Mr. Walter Peck – is an EPA agent who wants to regulate the Ghostbusters, does not know what he is doing, causes the problem, and then blames it on the private business.  Read that again.  Is there any other movie you can think of that does that?  Not me.

Ah, the wonders socialism has wrought in Venezuela!
“If my son Hugo was alive, this tragedy would never had happened to my AnĂ­bal, he would have been in Cuba, getting treatment. The ministers are responsible for such negligence.”
Because in the Venezuela your Hugo created, he can't get decent treatment.

*I know, big deal; but Ayoob recommends them, and that IS a real recommendation.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

He's going to catch hell for this

The Black Panthers were black cats; the New Black Panthers are kittens.

I know, because I was a Black Panther. In our day, we protested and demonstrated for the right to join America, to participate in the American dream. This New Black Panther party believes begging white people is the key to success.

Black Lives Matter may as well change its name to “Black Lies Scatter” after the embarrassing and cowardly display in Dallas. When the gunfire started, BLM members scattered like children chasing down an ice cream truck. Police officers running toward the gunfire had to dodge self-serving “Black Warriors” running for safety.

I guess Black Lives do Matter… to white cops.

Let's add one more screeching leftist asshole to the 'Chris Matthews' list:

You see, Smith lost a son in Benghazi, and she's still pissed at Hillary, and Shoals can't stand anyone, for any reason saying bad things about Clinton.  So the miserable little shit said this.

And then said nasty things about the people who got upset by it.

Asshole has now apologized.  Either there's some integrity hiding under the slime, or the heat just got too high.  But part of the apology...
Why did I do it? It certainly wasn’t intended as a literal threat on a woman’s life. If anything, it was an extremely ill-advised attempt at satirizing the overall climate of the RNC.
Yeah.  Saying what you did was an attempt at satire.  Sure.

You're a damned liar.  You said it because she was saying unkind things about Clinton, and you and Chris Matthews just can't deal with that. 

I'm sure there's a polite way to say just what I think of Shoals, but it's beyond me at the moment.

Borrowoing a fine statement, "Apparently 'Allahu Ackbar!' translates to

'My motives will be forever mysterious!' "
There has not yet been any word on whether or not the attack is linked to extremism of any kind,
At least to idiots and people who refuse to admit the truth.

Speaking of idiots, the mother of one of the Benghazi dead spoke, and Chris Matthews is seriously butthurt because she said unkind things about Hillary Clinton.

Wonder if he's paid for this level of ass kissing, or if he does it for pleasure?

Speaking further of idiots, and trying to rewrite history to the Desired Narrative.

Monday, July 18, 2016

I like Sheriff Clarke more and more,

especially after some media talking head tries to control him.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Been helping friends clean, fill the trash cans, and pack

for moving.  If this is a foretaste of what it'll be like if I move again, I may just shoot myself.

In the meantime, this is what happens when you try to depend on bird cuisinarts for your electricity:
Turmoil in South Australia's heavily wind-reliant electricity market has forced the state government to plead with the owner of a mothballed gas-fired power station to turn it back on

The emergency measures are needed to ease punishing costs for South Australian industry as National Electricity Market (NEM) prices in the state have frequently surged above $1000 a megawatt hour this month and at one point on Tuesday hit the $14,000MWh maximum price.

Complaints from business about the extreme prices – in normal times they are below $100 – prompted the state government to ask energy company ENGIE to switch its mothballed Pelican Point gas power station back on.
Add to this, wonder what level of subsidies the citizens are paying for this 'green' energy?