Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gun Show

this weekend. One of the better ones. Looked around and found some bits & pieces, and some ammo. Found out that:
Ammo prices have gone up on a lot of stuff. Again.
M1 Carbine parts from some vendors are priced at ridiculous levels.
M1 Carbines themselves, bloody amazing. Fairly standard mixmaster carbines people are asking $800 and $1k for.

My favorite ammo dealer had, among other good stuff, .303 British ball. Both some Pakistani stuff(32-round boxes), and Brit-manufactured ball, on clips in bandoliers, $16 per bando.

The Paki stuff is uncertain. When I first got an Enfield I bought a bunch of it, and it was great: sure-fire and accurate and cheaper than anything else. Last batch I saw, lots of reports of click-bangs and some flat duds. This recent import stuff is supposed to be pretty good, if I go back to the show Sunday I may pick up a box or two.

Between at work late last night, woke up early and been busy all day, I've had it. See you later.

Essay you really need to read

Was over at the Geek's place and found a link to this: Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules.

Go read it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Range day

Having survived(and remained conscious throughout) another shift at work, and it being a very nice day outside, I loaded up some stuff and hit the range. Nothing serious, mainly just to get out and shoot and enjoy it.*

Real hit for that was the Martini Model 12(written up here) and a box of Eley Sport. I have lots of favorites, but for fun .22 slowfire, this is it. Between the sights, trigger and balance, it just makes hitting the target seem easy. Working the lever, loading another round, lining up and squeezing off just kind of go in a rhythm that keeps putting holes right where you want them(within reason). And occasionally you have the joy of some guy with a fine bolt rifle and BIG scope wondering why he can't group as well as that damned old thing?

Putting a box of .22s downrange with a tool as nice as this makes for a fine part of a day.

*Side note, the last couple of nights as I left for work at oh-dark-thirty, there was some bird singing. I think a mockingbird; sounded just as happy as if the sun were shining. I didn't know they sang after dark.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Be it stated(again) that John Edwards(Dipshit)

and Harry Reid(Enemy buttmonkey) are a couple of sorry excuses for human beings.

First, to the "I need my $400 haircuts) Silky Pony Edwards, and his little example of 'supporting the troops'. This little scumsucker has, barring the rest of the field all being struck by lightning or a meteorite, zero chance at the Oval Office, once again demonstrates just what he is.

And Reid, in a measure that will undoubtedly be trumpeted as a 'great act of courage' by surrender monkeys and socialists in general, made it known that "he'll allow a vote this week on the Feingold-Reid amendment, which would cut off funding for the war by March 31, 2008."

Slight problem: he still doesn't have the balls or integrity to just put the measure up for a vote, so he's "he's attaching it to the Water Resources Development Act Reauthorization."

Chickenshit little bozos are STILL playing games with funding for the troops, and doing this crap too. Once again: "Lamppost, rope, politician: some assembly required"

Added: more on Edwards here; key line :
What kind of cynical political beast would profess to all that—noting a direct threat, recognizing a Security Council that was acting out of its own financial interests, claiming that his own reading of the intelligence led him to believe Iraq that was attempting to acquire nuclear weapons, and saying categorically that no, he wasn’t misled in his vote to go to war—and then call for us to pull out, leaving the Iraqi people hanging out to dry, and virtually insuring that the middle east becomes further destabilized?