Saturday, July 09, 2022

Let us now leave the "Hey, it only hit 98 today!" mess, and concentrate

on some hot things that are considerably more interesting

Wonder why this isn't a big deal in the news?

On Wednesday, as Breitbart News reported, the Richmond Police Department announced the arrests of Guatemalan nationals 52-year-old illegal alien Julio Alvardo Dubon and 38-year-old illegal alien Rolman Balacarcel Ac for allegedly plotting a mass shooting at the city’s July 4th celebration.

And I wonder if any of our Professional Journalists will ask President Gropey about this?

Ah, Fecesbook, you never fail to disappoint.

Another 24-hour ban for violating 'community standards', whatever the hell they actually are.  In this case someone asked why we've got Handmaid cosplayers screaming about- well, ANYTHING that involves frustrating whatever current cause, so they scream about treading on women, but they never say a bleeping word about Islamic countries where women are truly, and violently trodden on.

'Because you protest and scream and vandalize a church, maybe burn it down, you might go to jail, but if they piss off the islamists they might get killed.'
That somehow involves 'calling for violence, advocating violence', etc.  Utter bullshit.

The Bayou man points out that it's possible that monument in Georgia wasn't bombed, it was hit with some type of rocket.  The video he links to looks like it.  And that might explain "Knock it down before some actual reporter looks  at it too close!"

The leftist war on self-defense.  Us peasants are supposed to depend on the State, even when it doesn't show in time, or at all.

Looks like when Japanese police searched the assassin's home they found more homemade guns.  Wonder how the Professional Journalists will try to spin that against us owning firearms?

Friday, July 08, 2022

And now, the weather weenie's '20% chance of scattered' having turned into 'severe storms

and enough rain to really soak things', me having braved the trip home through the end of it and only getting a little wet(that Honda fairing does a pretty good job of deflecting things), I shall now present the sixth nights' material.

The former Prime Minister of Japan was murdered

by a guy using a homemade shotgun powered with black powder and fired with batteries.

As has been said in the past "80% Sten receivers on sale in the plumbing aisle!"

Expect some Democrats to demand ID and registration for anyone buying pipe, duct tape, and batteries.

Oh, this could get interesting

A fresh U.S. Supreme Court gun-rights ruling should make a 78-year-old law regulating machine guns unconstitutional and invalidate a YouTube celebrity’s gun-crime indictment with an Orange Park man, his lawyers are arguing.
Some people said part of the fallout would be going after the NFA, and it begins.

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Maher has been taking on the trans lobby lately,

and it's kind of wonderful.  I imagine the trans lobby hates him for saying all this.

This mess SHOULD be questioned. Loudly.  As he says, 'We're experimenting on KIDS', and that can't be allowed to just pass by.  

Just how screwed is the situation in Uvalde?

This bad.  Including
Among the new details included in the report: an officer's request to shoot the suspect outside the school went unanswered until the shooter was able to enter Robb Elementary School.

Meanwhile, in Netherlands,

Tam once commented that Europe holds the world record on 'Zero to Jackboots', and it looks like Netherlands politicians and cops are right in the competition.

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

I'd heard of the Demon Core, and I finally remembered

to look up the information.  

Damn.  Surprising a lot of these people lived as long as they did..

Be it noted

that, back when I was blacksmithing, I got in the habit of not using the a/c much; since I was in & out so much I didn't want to get too cool before going back out.

I'm a lot older now.  I just rode the bicycle a little over a  mile and a  half; this was not a good time of day for this dumbassery, it appears.

I will be busy sucking up fluids for a bit.

"We're the FBI, and we want you to store all your child's data

on this app we made, and don't worry, it's all secure!"
Sure it is.  And does it act as a backdoor to let them look at the rest of your stuff?  Just for safety, y'know.

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

I should mention more about that mould

He designs them to work with Saeco handles.  Which are either expensive or out of stock everywhere.  Nice thing is that you can get the Lee commercial handles, enlarge the holes for the pins appropriately, and they work.

It comes with two bullets cast before they ship, to make sure everything is right.  

He specifically says 'No mold prep, smoking, any of that, just follow this way and it'll be fine.'   He's right.(his method is in 'casting' under the 'support' heading)

What I've been using is a Lyman mold for their .457" diameter 530-grain Postell bullet.  Which turned out not to be quite round*.  Right now, if you can find one new, they're showing a little over a hundred MSRP.  Brooks price is a little over twice that for a one-man made mould that he guarantees to be right.  So far I'd say worth the money.  Among other things, I've had a real problem with bullets sticking in one side of the Lyman, enough so it's taken tapping hard on the hinge pin, or on the handle arm opposite the side it's stuck in, and I've STILL had some I had to grab with pliers and pull out.**  So far the worst with the Brooks is tapping on the hinge pin a few times and it comes right out.

We'll see how the bullets work.  Right now I've got some sized .459 and some .458" to try.  When time and it not being hot as standing over a forge or in front of an oven outside allow.

* I'm not going to yell too much at them, it's possible I did something that knocked it out of alignment by the time I noticed this.  I don't think so, but is possible.

** Yes, I've cleaned, repeatedly, and smoked, and every other trick I could find to try.

And today in world history, Updated

the first bikini was shown in public.  Which, it turns out, took some doing.

As to yesterday, I spent part of the day casting with the new mould and then sizing and lubing some of the product.  Which will need to be loaded to try out.  Yes, I have plans for that.

As Country Boy points out, the first modern bikini.

Sunday, July 03, 2022

Tomorrow I think the ranges are going to be pretty busy,

as some of the people who actually give a damn about the USA take the family out to make noise and holes in targets.  Therefore, I'll find something else appropriate to do.

In case I say "Screw it" and don't post tomorrow, have a happy 4th

The reaction of much of the left to Clarence Thomas(and others) tells us

they're racist assholes.  They only let it out formally in public with minority group members who won't get and stay on the plantation.

Speaking of leftists and actual fascists,

city officials using their position to threaten a paper for not being their mouthpiece seems like the kind of thing that could result in getting your ass sued off.  And I hope it happens.

J.K. Rowling offended the trans lobby,

and has been getting death threats and "We will cancel you!" crap ever since.  Because to the leftists "You hurt the feelings of a protected species!" means "You deserve to have your life threatened and your work destroyed!"

Don't know about you, I'm pretty sick of clowns who think disagreement with them is violence, and actual violence from them is 'speech'.