Saturday, December 25, 2021

I will admit that there was something I somewhat considered buying for myself,

but I don't actually want is that badly, and if there's anything I really do NOT have a need for(barring running into gargoyles) it's a Model 70 African in .458 Winchester Magnum.

No matter how pretty it is.

And as the last 'For the season',

And then to bed, because this holiday has been stressful

Always a welcome part of the season

That's some interesting engineering

Merry Christmas, despite the slight difficulties

Thursday, December 23, 2021

How effed-up is the EffingBI?

This effed-up.

And in case i didn't post this earlier about the EffingBI and Jan. 6, read this.

Makes sense to me

A groundbreaking study by researchers from Tel Aviv University tracks the development of early humans’ hunting practices over the last 1.5 million years – as reflected in the animals they hunted and consumed. The researchers claim that at any given time early humans preferred to hunt the largest animals available in their surroundings, which provided the greatest quantities of food in return for a unit of effort.
Yeah.  Same reason a couple of lions would much rather bring down a zebra or eland than a couple of dik dik(or a human).

Throw in, think of the cave lion and the Short Face Bear here in North America: kill them, you're eliminating both a competitor and a predator that would happily eat you, and getting their skin to stay warm with.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

This is how I see it, too

So a young man with two doses and no symptoms can give COVID to and possibly kill an elderly person with three doses, and to prevent that must follow the same outdoors and masks protocols that were recommended before the vaccines became available.

There are only three logical conclusions here.

1) The vaccines are utterly fucking useless and provide absolute no benefits whatsoever.

 2) This has nothing to do with stopping the spread of COVID or saving lives, and has everything with crushing every bit of happiness, familial relationships, and positive human interactions under the oppressive boot heel of totalitarian government.

 3) Both 1 and 2.

Now throw in people having shrieking fits about a 'new' variant that, so far as I know, has 
caused no deaths,
few or no hospitalizations, and
if you DO actually contract it, you feel ratty for a couple of days.  Yet "GET THE SHOT OR DIE!  YOU'LL KILL PEOPLE!  DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!"

I hope a lot more people are getting thoroughly sick of this crap, especially since it comes from people who see their own rules as something they don't have to obey.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Choir boy takes part in robbery,

and in a serious failure in the victim selection process gets perforated.

It says there have been no charges against the defender.  I have to wonder how much that is "I want to charge the little bastard, but you know what'll happen if we do?  Especially after all the robbers and such we've been leaving out on the street?  Half the people in the city will want our heads!"

Holy effing bleep. In a school in bloody DC.

How much you want to bet she's a Democrat and loves Biden and the Squat?
A staff member at a Washington DC school has been suspended after making third-grade children reenact scenes from the Holocaust, including getting them to pretend to dig mass graves and shoot victims, and telling them the Germans were angry “because the Jews ruined Christmas,” parents and officials said Sunday.
I repeat, holy effing bleep.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Short version: "Manchin, how dare you

not do what we tell you!  You're supposed to obey the Party, not those hicks in your home state!"

I wonder if any of these assholes have yet realized that all the threats and insults were not a good idea?

I guarantee that just about all of these panicking idiots

Voted for every anti-gun ownership law on the books,
Voted for that asshole DA,
Voted for all the "In the name of Equity, turn the prisoners loose!' laws,
LOVED the idea of 'Defund/Get rid of those nasty police!"

Now they want guns.  Because suddenly being rich and PC isn't protection enough.

Just friggin' wonderful, isn't it?

Anyone surprised that the PRC does this, or

who trusts a word that comes from that government, is a fool.  This is the land of Winnie the Flu, remember.