Saturday, February 07, 2015

It was a very nice day for February, therefore

I was put in mind of some of the observations made in summer

Short version: in the Mommies Demand world,

if it happens anywhere near a school, for any reason, it's 'Another School Shooting!'  Including gangs having a fight outside a school.  At night.  Etc.
Moms Demand had concocted their fraudulent list of “school shootings” by including not just mass shootings that the public thinks of when they think “school shootings,” but on-campus suicides, drug deals and robberies gone bad on school property, domestic violence killings, gang violence, crimes that occurred in school parking lots on nights and weekends when schools were closed, etc.

Every major fact-checking organization blasted Moms Demand for their dishonesty, but the group continued using the same intentionally flawed methodology to pad their dishonest figures. With seemingly every crime involving a firearm near a school counting as “close enough” for Moms Demand, the gun prohibitionist group hit “100 school shootings” in November… according to their criteria, at least.

A: The guy in the crane is good.
B: How the hell did they get there in the first place?

I don't know if it was ever anything else, but the Congressional Black Caucus is currently a "Oppose anyone with dark skin for ANY reason, and you're a racist!" group of RWPP assholes.

Sex slavery, rape, and all the trimmings. And what's the big concern?

Almost all of the men in both cases are from Asian backgrounds, prompting police leading one of the cases to warn that far-Right groups may use the issue to stir up racial tension.
'Asian' meaning 'muslim' which they don't have the balls to say.  Yeah, you've got
Following a ‘milestone’ operation by Northumbria Police, 20 suspects appeared in court to face charges including rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking. The alleged offences involved 12 victims, including one girl who was aged just 13, with officers vowing to continue their investigation into the abuse of vulnerable children.
The accused men appeared at Bedlington magistrates’ court yesterday to be charged with a long list of offences including arranging child prostitution, false imprisonment and supplying Class A drugs.
but the BIG concern is 'bad right-wingers stirring up racial tension'.  Just like the REAL worry after another terrorist attack is 'anti-muslim backlash'.  And that idiot General Casey, after Fort Hood, saying it would be 'even worse if this harmed our diversity'...

If you want proof of just how effing stupid some people are,

go take a look at this.
If you want to keep away in case the idiot cooties might be transmissable, short version:
'Vaccines bad.  Diseases natural and not that bad, and boosts your immune system.  Melon juice will save you!"  No, I'm not kidding:
...history shows that in industrialized countries, these diseases are quite benign and, according to natural health sources, beneficial to the body.
Sure.  If you survive.  If you're not crippled.  If you're not weakened for life.

Stephanie Messenger, you are a fucking moron of the worst type.

Friday, February 06, 2015

One more thing: at least SOME members of the Stupid Party

are trying to hold some of these bastards accountable.
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley held up the nomination of a Department of Justice attorney for a federal judgeship, citing recently unsealed documents in the case of retired agent Jay Dobyns against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

And, at last, it's time to sit back

and work on the research

How do you, in PC manner, slime a member of a minority group?

If you're the NYTimes, you magically change them to a Evil White Man.  George Zimmerman became a 'white Hispanic' so they could trash him, and now
Ted Cruz “has been called as Hispanic ‘as Tom Cruise’
Wonderful bunch of people, aren't they?

"Check your female privilege, bitches!"

Or something like that.
No, male teachers who committed such crimes would not get the same treatment.

Makes sense:
As many have noted, Islam is a shame culture (the kind of society that will go berserk over cartoons) and, like it or not, our president is part of it culturally.  That does not mean he is stoning adulterers or cutting off the hands of thieves or treating women like chattel, but it does mean he is genuinely and quite deeply ashamed of the religion he, in part, came from.  He cannot adjust to or accept the calamities it is causing.  Unlike the president of Egypt,  he cannot name it.

This also explains Obama’s determination to whitewash the behavior of Iran and make a deal with the Islamic Republic that will jeopardize the entire world.  It also helps make more clear his ambivalent (at best) relationship to the state of Israel and its leaders.

The leftist on freedom of speech: "You can speak if we think what you say is worth hearing, or has any value.  If it doesn't we should be free to shut you up.  Including by violence."

Note that this idiot calls Cass Sunstein a libertarian.

Warrant service.  This.  THIS is how it's supposed to/should be done.
"They got the wrong address" is not an acceptable excuse. In such an instance, you, the investigator obtaining the warrant, have personally failed.
Screaming "Get On The Ground" and pointing weapons at people who happen to be there is not courteous. Don't point weapons at people just because you're serving a warrant and they're present. You need to be able to articulate why they were a threat before you point a weapon at someone.  I'm serious about this.
The way cops are supposed to be, and do the job.

"Your woodburning stove is not up to specs, citizen!  I don't care that it's freezing outside, take it out!"

Thursday, February 05, 2015

From the People's Republic of New York, where the Constitution doesn't mean anything

to the cops.  And, when some idiot asks why you have a problem with licensing and registration,
The suit further states that the Nassau County Police arrived, found “the home at peace, spoke with the wife and son and found that the argument had been peaceably resolved.” This didn’t stop the cops, however, from asking to see Weinstein’s handgun permit and demanding he give them his registered weapons. Weinstein refused — and the police left. But that wasn’t the end of it.
No crime, but they DEMANDED surrender of his legally-owned firearms.  And then it gets worse:
Three hours later, the ex-firefighter found himself confronted by five armed officers. And even though they had no warrant, they stated that Weinstein would be arrested unless he surrendered his expensive collection of firearms and ammunition. He reluctantly complied, he says, “under duress.” American Thinker’s Michael Filozof reports on the rest of the story, writing:
The suit contends that no charges were ever filed against Weinstein and that both his wife and son gave sworn testimony to the effect that the dispute involved no violence, no threats, and no brandishing of weapons; nonetheless, Nassau County Police refused to give back Weinstein’s handgun permit, his handguns, or his long guns.
Even worse, the suit alleges that “it is the policy of the ... Nassau County Police Department to confiscate all firearms with regard to any domestic disturbance call, whether such call is valid or not ... and once confiscated to prevent the return of such firearms on any pretense that can be imagined, and either destroying said firearms or converting them to the Department’s use without compensation to the owner.” [Emphasis added.]

One more example of theft under color of law, this time without even the fig leaf of asset forfeiture to hide behind.

Last time I heard, police swear to uphold the Constitution; apparently in Nassau County that oath includes "-except when the Constitution gets in our way."

Congratulations, Centers for Disease Control, you just proved us right not to trust you

In 2004, Dr. William S. Thompson worked on a report for the CDC’s National Immunization Program. That report, which ran in the “Pediatrics” medical journal, came to the conclusion that there’s no link between vaccines and autism and that no racial group is more likely to be damaged by vaccines.

But Thompson said that he and other CDC scientists intentionally fudged the results, manipulating the pool of children they analyzed and limiting the proper number of African-American children from participating. The authors limited black children from showing up in the results by excluding babies without a state of Georgia birth certificate.
Ran across this late last night, and wondered how this was going to shake out.  At the least, if this is true, the CDC screwed with the data to get the results they wanted, which screws said results.

Worst: every anti-vaccination clown out there is going to be yelling "SEE!  Their results are not to be trusted!  There's something wrong with the vaccines!"

Congratulations again, CDC: showed yourselves untrustworthy and helped a bad cause. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

And we now have Charles Kieser of the TSA: another federal employee who can

 have someone arrested just because he wants to, and commit perjury in court, and not only keep his job but not be prosecuted for this crap.

Add in the Philadelphia Police Department, who also need their ass removed in the lawsuit.

There is no explanation, there is no excuse for either of these groups of crapheads.

Brian Williams of NBC: the level of integrity we've come to expect

from these bastards.
“I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams said. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”
How about "You're a lying bastard journalist"?

And the next round of experiment in .30-30 is

from left to right, the .32-caliber 100-grain SWC, the .32-caliber 95-grain roundnose, and the .32-caliber 90-grain wadcutter; the SWC is from a RCBS mold, the other two are Lee.

Digging around Cast Boolits, found a number of gallery loads(light, short-range, quiet) for .30-30 using various bullets and even a single 00 buckshot using light charges of pistol or shotgun powder.  In this case 3.0 grains of Bullseye. 

With these bullet shapes, the SWC chambers while crimped(barely) at the crimp groove. Same for the roundnose.  The wadcutter had to be seated to the first lube groove(it's a tumble-lube design with lots of little grooves) to chamber.  Next time I hit the range I'll give these a try and see what happens.  B did suggest, with non-gas-checked bullets, using a tight-in-the-case-neck paper wad to reduce the chance of lead fouling, but that didn't occur before I loaded these; I doubt it'll be a problem with these charges, we'll see.  Can always do it in the future.

I'm still planning on casting some of the 115-grain Carbine bullets to try without checks; will make a few of those with and without the wad.

'Smart guns' my ass

Joe Huffman was at a Smart Gun Symposium in Seattle, links to all his reports at the post.  Short version: not only are they not smart, they're not trustworthy.  And the people pushing these use(surprise!) emotion and 'for the CHILDREN!!' a lot.

It's not law enforcement, it's fund raising.  At the muzzles of guns.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

President Hopey-Changeypants hears this,

it'll pucker his ass.
"He's angry," Hunter said of the king. "They're starting more sorties tomorrow than they've ever had. They're starting tomorrow. And he said, 'The only problem we're going to have is running out of fuel and bullets.'"
That's the king of Jordan; here's the part that'll piss of His Whininess:
Hunter said there was no mention of President Obama during the bipartisan meeting, either by King Abdullah or by any of the lawmakers in the room.

Speaking of the whiny bastard,
Obama conveys zero empathy or concern for the victim or family, just a bored and bloodless recitation of a string of words, and the kicker, wherein he says that this act shows that "whatever ideology they're operating off of is bankrupt."

That's it? That's the most he can muster when referring to the pilot of a friendly nation who was captured carrying out a US-led operation? He can't even utter the words "radical Islam."
This is a Commander-in-Chief? This?

All I can say is that when it comes to Obama and his followers "whatever ideology they're operating off of is bankrupt."

I miss Jimmy Carter
Insty has mentioned a time or two that Jimmy Carter II would be the GOOD outcome of Obama...

And on the self-defenders front,
The basic idea behind herd immunity is that “the vaccination of a significant portion of a population provides a measure of protection for individuals who have not developed immunity.”

The concept of “herd immunity” applies to gun ownership and crime rates just as it does to vaccinations and infectious disease.

Crime rates in Chicago dropped dramatically in 2014 after the state of Illinois allowed legal concealed carry.
This will set Mommies Demand and CSGV on a warpath.  Again. 

And yet another experiment with .30-30

In this case, the X-Treme 110-grain plated bullet intended for the .30 Carbine, and the Lyman 115-grain cast bullet for the same
The cast bullet over 9.0 of Unique
and the plated bullet over 10.0

The cast bullets had gas checks, could have tried with 10.0 as well.  Though at this range(30 yards) don't see why.  Actually, next time I can cast I'm going to make more of these and try them without gas checks.  There's a wonderful article over at Cast Boolits on the subject that includes this:
The "100 Yard Target and Small Game" Load

I use Mattern's plain-based "100 yard target load" to use up my minor visual defect culls for offhand and rapid-fire 100 yard practice. I substitute my usual gas-checked bullets, but without the gas-check. I started doing this in 1963 with the Lyman #311291. Today I use the Lee .312-155-2R, or the similar tumble-lubed design TL.312-160-2R. Most of my rifle shooting is done with these two basic designs.

Bullets I intend for plain based loads are blunted using a flat-nosed top punch in my lubricator, providing a 1/8" flat which makes them more effective on small game and clearly distinguishes them from my heavier gas-checked loads. This makes more sense to me than casting different bullets.

Bullet preparation is easy. I visually inspect each run of bullets and throw those with gross defects into the scrap box for remelting. Bullets with minor visual defects are tumble-lubed in Lee Liquid Alox without sizing, and are used for plain base plinkers. ...For gas-check bullets loaded without the gas- checks, for cases like the .303 British, 7.62 NATO, 7.62x54R Russian and 30-06, I use 6-7 grains of almost any fast burning powder. These include, but are not limited to Bullseye, WW231, SR-7625, Green Dot, Red Dot or 700-X. I have also had fine results with 8 to 9 grains of medium rate burning pistol or shotgun powders, such as Unique, PB, Herco, or SR-4756 in any case of .303 British or larger.

In the 7.62x39 case, use no more than 4 grains of the fast burning powders mentioned or 5 grains of the shotgun powders. Theses make accurate 50 yard small game loads which let you operate the action manually and save your precious cases. These plinkers are more accurate than you can hold

I'd imagine .30-30 would fit in the 7.62x39 size.  That would mean 4 or 5 grains of powder with that 115-grain bullet, or the 100-grain SWC tried earlier.  That requires a try.

Ah, the People's Republic of Maryland (link fixed)

You could not pay me enough to live in that craphole
Apparently the idea of, say, waiting till he came out, or came home, and saying "We have a warrant" wasn't even considered.  Of course, if they did that they might have a hard time justifying all the OTHER 'Get the armored vehicle and kick in the doors and shoot the dogs' raids they've done and are planning.

'Law enforcement' as a demonstration of 'Be a good little commoner or else'.

Monday, February 02, 2015

"All cultures are equal!", etc.

Bullshit.  Various emphasis mine.
Doctors at one English hospital have dealt with 1,500 cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in just five years, it emerged today.

Figures from Birmingham's Heartlands Hospital reveal that staff see six patients who have been subjected to the barbaric procedure every week.
It is thought to be one of the centres which has seen a large number of the 463 cases now being identified in England every month.
Now, you might be wondering just how the hell this has been going on for so long, and in these(almost certainly underreported) numbers without all hell being raised.

Rotherham, anyone?

The Birmingham hospital's figures were released after the Muslim Women's Network told the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel that the levels current support and counselling for victims - many of whom suffer flashbacks - are not good enough.
'Support and counseling for victims', something's missing...
Shaita Gohir MBE, who is chair of the charity, told the panel: 'We need to get funding for specific counselling in this area.'
Y'know, I've got an idea.  Several, actually:
A: Find everyone in a position of authority- cops, social workers, NHS staff, politicians- who've in any way been covering this shit up for Deity-knows-how-long, and fire them.
B: Make it plain that any future coverups and attempts will be punished the same way.
C: PROSECUTE the bastards involved, male and female.
D: When the Usual Suspects start screaming about racism and bigotry and so forth, reply should be something like "So you've no problem with girls being mutilated?  Sod off."

Despite the rise in hospital cases and an increase in reports to police in 2014 there has not been a single conviction in the UK.
I'm curious, have there even been any ARRESTS, that were later dropped?  Or is this another Rotherham-level demonstration of PC At Any Cost?

And when there's stupid in Texas, it's big too; specifically Kermit Elementary Principal Roxanne Greer

bringing the stupid bigtime:
Kermit Elementary School officials called it a threat when the 9-year-old boy, Aiden Steward, in a playful act of make-believe, told a classmate he could make him disappear with a ring forged in fictional Middle Earth’s Mount Doom.
No, really.  Not kidding.  And the stupid gets even bigger!
Kermit Elementary Principal Roxanne Greer told the Odessa American that she could not comment on the suspension, because “all student stuff is confidential,” but Steward said that she told him that any and all threats to a child’s safety — including magical ones — would be taken seriously by the school.

He also said that he requested, in writing, a detailed explanation as to how his son’s statements constituted a “terroristic threat,” and that he was told by a representative of the Kermit Independent School District that the school would mail him a letter.
In a way, that last is good; get the stupid in writing.

Texas, what the hell is going on down there?  First telling kids to drop their pants in public, and now this?

No, most people don't (link fixed)

…but does he sound pleased about that? When you listen to the aftermath of that shooting, what do you hear in the home owner’s voice? Listen again from 1:50-1:59. “I DIDN’T WANT TO DO THAT!!”
“I DIDN’T WANT TO DO THAT!!” is the story of lethal force in self defense. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a police officer or an average joe, they don’t want to shoot somebody. They didn’t want to be in a situation where their life was in such peril that they had to kill or grievously injure someone else just to stay alive.

This is the piece that’s missing from the tiny, closed minds of the Mother-Jones-At-Brunch set.
Seems to be the most common aftermath of a self-defense shooting.  Which is one reason so many recommend you do not make a statement to the cops, the aftermath of that level of stress often leaves people not in the best state to do so.  Especially in some cities/states.

And if Lynch is confirmed, she'll do the same things Holder has done: delay, deny and bullshit.  Because her main job will be to protect Obama and his minions, current and past.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

I need new shoes

I hate finding shoes.

Can't get the same ones I currently have, because the New Models are in.  And (running shoes) damn near EVERYTHING is neon colors or baby-puke green or something.  And the cost of some of the things...

Back to a question I asked before: considering a minimalist running shoe has no fancy padding, no fancy ANYTHING, how the hell are these bastards asking a hundred bucks for them?

Hopefully, these will stay together until I find something suitable as a replacement that doesn't cost as if it were made of first-class leather.