Saturday, March 12, 2022

As expected, today started in the 20's and got up to the 50's;

manic-depressive March in action.  Ah well, the final task for the 7th evening got done.

Why Government Schooling Came to America


And the teachers unions are following an old script:
Horace Mann, the 19th-century godfather of American government schooling, summed up the anti-parent premise of state-run education in these terms: “We who are engaged in the sacred cause of education are entitled to look upon all parents as having given hostages to our cause.”[6]

In 1864, the state superintendent of public instruction for California stated unequivocally the role that the State should play in the education of children: “The child should be taught to consider his instructor, in many respects, superior to the parent in point of authority. . . . [T]he vulgar impression that parents have a legal right to dictate to teachers is entirely erroneous.” To enforce the point, California Progressives even denied parents the right to criticize government schoolteachers. The California Penal Code declared: “Every parent, guardian, or other person, who upbraids, insults, or abuses any teacher of the public schools, in the presence or hearing of a pupil thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”[7]

Backed by the State’s monopoly on coercive force, the new government schools created in nineteenth century America seized, in effect, children from their parents via compulsory attendance laws and then indoctrinated them with a government-mandated curriculum. What parents wanted for their children was beside the point. As the Wisconsin Teachers’ Association declared in 1865, your “children are the property of the state.”[8]

Friday, March 11, 2022

And on the sixth night, despite all the BS out there,

there is study material

Given that Steve Rattner is an asshole, he was Obama's auto-bailout guy, and even he says Biden

is full of shit.

It's a desperate attempt to avoid responsibility, and except for the far-left, it's not going to work.  I don't think, at least.

Ah, March in Oklahoma

Downright pleasant the other day, now it's cold and snowing.  And it should be in the 50's tomorrow.

And yes, it looks like it'll be knee replacement, between the damage on bone surfaces already and what would come in the future, that's about it.  You can imagine the joy with which I look forward to this.  The surgery is far better than before, and as a lot of you pointed out it'll make the future more pleasant; it's the surgery and recovery(and I know that, barring problems, that's pretty straightforward) that bothers me.

Ah well, it'll beat the alternative.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Of course. The junta cannot be at fault.

So after a year of trying to defang domestic energy companies, the White House - whose Fed Vice Chair candidate Sarah Bloom Raskin even went so far as suggesting to starve energy companies of capital - is now asking producers to raise oil supply to replace Russian crude flows after Biden banned oil imports from the country.

In other words, while yesterday it was Putin's fault, now it is the fault of shale companies according to an administration that will always find blame anywhere it looks except its own devastating policies.

Liberal student writes about the fears and problems cause by cancel culture,

leftists immediately prove her point.

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

A quite bit of clearing out before I get to the other stuff that needs doing.

One thing I'm trying to do, preparation for the day (hopefully not soon)

I assume ambient temperature, is to get rid of what I can.  Cleaning up all the old papers, and what amounts to junk in Dad's shop, made the point.  I'd been working a bit on that before, but I've tried to up it some.

The problem is the "I use this.  Not often, but I do, so I can't really get rid of it."  There's a lot of stuff like that.

A lot.

At least I'd been keeping the papers cleaned up already.

Added: it struck me that the original wording at the start made it sound like I'm on the downslope; I may be, but it's nothing I know about.  I'm just trying to reduce the amount of stuff the kids would have to deal with.

I'm really tired of federal agencies saying "Yes, we broke the law, but

we shouldn't pay any penalty for it."

Screw that.  This is like the two federal prosecutors found to have lied and acted in illegal/unethical ways in that senator's trial in Alaska, and we were told the judge said Very Bad Things to them and chewed them out.  But the actual penalty?  They didn't pay one; they were still working at Do'J', no move to disbar them, no fines, nothing.  

Trust is going to be a BIG problem with a lot of this,

because if you can't trust them not to mine your personal information and use and sell it...

And yes, people will probably die because of it.

The problem with satire like this is

that it sounds like something these idiots would come up with.

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

He should file civil charges at the least

He probably can't prove she lied on a police report, but he can damn well go after her for the damage she caused to him.
Rose then called Davison’s father to complain about him and emailed his employer several times, presumably to have him fired. When Davison refused to stop raising questions about the testing issues at a PTA meeting, the school’s principal, Tracy Stephens, banned him from the school premises. This ban then allowed the school to continue harassing Davison with police, according to the Post.

The day the no-trespassing order was posted to Davison’s front door, Stephens called the police on him while he waited off school property to pick up his kids. She refused to allow his children to join him. The police told the principal that Davison was entitled to pick up his children, but, according to the police report, Stephens demanded, “I want him arrested!”

When the police would not arrest Davison, Stephens called CPS and lied about him being a danger to his children and told them she suspected him of being a child abuser. These accusations were based on his child coming to school wearing rain boots instead of gym shoes and seeing the children with him on one occasion when they were “straight-faced” and not smiling.

And all this was part of keeping him from finding out the official numbers on bad teachers.

Our idiot President Gropey has now decided to cut off oil & gas from Russia;

and his answer(or that of his handlers) for the supply problem is to try to buy lots from Saudi and Venezuela.  Because enriching them is SO much better than going back to getting it from our own supplies and also, coincidentally, kicking up a bunch of oil & gas jobs.

What's their response to this?  "We need more Green energy, and you need to get rid of your gas/diesel vehicle and buy an $80,000 electric car!"  Of course, if you did that- and also paid an electrician to set up a proper charging circuit and outlet in your garage- you'd be dealing with WHERE DOES THE POWER TO CHARGE IT COME FROM?  FROM THE POWER PLANTS THESE PEOPLE WANT TO SHUT DOWN.  I don't know if they actually believe the crap they're selling, or if they don't care what we think; after all, they're the superior people and we should just do what we're told.

Geniuses, one and all.

Monday, March 07, 2022

I cannot disagree with him on some of the current 'anti-Russian ANYTHING!' stupidity

Which brings me to this injustice:
Soprano Anna Netrebko withdrew from her future engagements at the Metropolitan Opera rather than repudiate her support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, costing the company one of its top singers and best box-office draws.
But all that aside, Anna Netrebko has one of the greatest soprano voices of the past century, and as she’s got older, it has only got better. Forcing her to quit engagements simply because she “refused to repudiate her support for Russian President Vladimir Putin” is clearly a bad thing.

Let’s be clear, here, and remember exactly who we’re dealing with: regardless of her actual sympathies, if she were to come out and say, “This asshole Putin should quit invading Ukraine”, not only would her career end, but there is a good chance that she would be assassinated by the loathsome Unit 29155 for her opinions.

Think I’m exaggerating? Try this, and this, and this. Note that none of this took place in Russia: nowhere in the world is safe when it comes to this criminality.

We should quit being childish about this — it’s not the first time, either; remember “freedom fries”, FFS? — and while I have no issue with punishing teams or people actually representing Russia, let’s not take out the sins of the country on its innocent citizens, cursed simply by an accident of birth.

Don't always agree with Kim, but on this I do.

"People don't trust us because Trump lied about us!" No,

people don't trust you for the news because you're lying bastards.

Really, NYeffingTimes?  NBC and their affiliate fired two people for editing this as they did, and now you're playing it?   And you wonder why people don't trust you?

Sunday, March 06, 2022