Saturday, November 06, 2021

7th night, etc.

No, haven't gotten to most of the blogroll stuff yet, so to distract you from my 'not enough damned time' situation,

Makes sense

Germany is adding greater risk to its playgrounds. Some of its climbing structures are now three stories high. And who is requesting this?

Insurance companies. They want kids to grow up "risk competent." Ironically, "safety" culture is stunting kids' risk assessing abilities, in their estimation.

"This is fantastic progress in understanding childhood as the right time for children to learn to recognize and mitigate risk," says Gever Tulley.

And it might make them harder to turn into snowflakes.

Friday, November 05, 2021

Borrowed from Lawdog

(As a side note -- do you now understand why I hold Social Justice Warriors in such contempt? You're wrapped around the axle because somebody forgot to use your made-up pronoun while nine-year-old girls are being sold to 55-year-old men as brides. Take your made-up pronouns, and your butt-hurt feels, and get fucked. Seriously.)

It's Friday evening, so

let us go directly to the data that needs examination

I had the chance today to shoot a Chiappa 1886 Winchester clone

In .45-70, of course.

One I shot had a round barrel, and I think a somewhat less curved buttplate.  Gorgeous case-hardening in the appropriate places, it hadn't been shot much before so the action was a bit tight.  Good trigger.

What would I want different?  A shotgun style buttstock, because this sucker gets your attention when you touch off.  I'd probably look at a tang sight as well.  Otherwise, on a short acquaintance, oh yeah.

A mix of things this morning

Oh yeah, I imagine this will go over well in Iowa.

"Yes, we teach CRT, we lie about it, and we will continue to."

A bunch of politicians and bureaucrats really should be decorating trees

One of the mockers — a sports editor at the Orlando Sentinel — tweets "Having to buy 12 gallons a week means you have an issue with contraception… not the price of milk." But as you can see above, only 2 of the children are the natural offspring of the parents. The Stotlers have opened their home to 7 more children. And he's sneering at them!
Of course he is.  It's what assholes like him do.

More evidence about the Wuhan lab.

More yet.

And now, having other crap to do while waiting for someone to show up, I shall leave you.

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Some trans people and a lot of general leftists: THIS SHIT HERE is why people can't stand you

"I want to live in a world where I can be moved by art and music and literature without having to come up with elaborate apologies for that work or for its creators," Jennifer Finney Boylan, a transgender activist and author, wrote on Wednesday. Boylan urged listeners to scrap iconic artists and songs, including Don McLean's "American Pie" and the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar," if the artists have personal flaws or their lyrics are not sufficiently "inclusive" or "just."

Boylan's puritanical approach to popular culture comes as transgender people and activists have agitated for cancelling the comedian Dave Chappelle. In his recent standup special on Netflix, The Closer, Chappelle likened transgenderism to wearing blackface and said "gender is a fact."

Boylan said in the column that removing a work from an artist's repertoire might not go far enough. In response to Keith Richards's confusion about the Stones' recent decision to cut "Brown Sugar," a song about slavery, from future performances, Boylan said: "If the Stones don’t know why the song has to go, does simply removing it from their tour sheet go far enough?"

Go fuck yourself with an old shovel handle, you delicate-feelinged control freak.

It was pointed out a while back that my blogroll needs attention.

Boy, does it.  Next few days, as time allows, I'll do some cleaning up and probably make some additions.

More later.

Dear 'LCS Financial',

you scammer asshole:
I'm tired, achy, and worried about a couple of things.
Your recorded "We are calling to give you a courtesy notice' etc. sounds like bullshit.
Your 'If you have any questions' number isn't in service.
In short, you make me wish Bun Bun was real, so I could see what he'd charge to visit you with his lemon juice and spoon.

Fuck yourself with an old shovel handle.

Sincerely, etc.

Monday, November 01, 2021

May have been noticed that bloggage has been a bit light for a while

and will be for a while more.  Call it a confluence of things that all need doing.  Preferably yesterday.

I'm still around, just busy.  And achy; this weather changing is causing my knees to feel like part of my punishment(probably from the ex wives).  To hold you for a bit, some more clearing.