Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mommies Demand: a more wretched hive of scum, villainy and bigotry

you'll not find.
Sadly, comments in the threat indicate that Moms Demand supporters are well aware that John Crawford was shot to death by Beavercreek, Ohio police for merely holding a BB gun and talking on the phone, and that another innocent shopper died of a heart attack in the panic after police killed Mr. Crawford.

They simply don’t care.

They think that having a difference of opinion over how to exercise your legal rights is worthy of a death sentence.
Outside of ISIL, and the Nation of Islam, anyway

Why so many think you're violent thugs and not Officer Friendly anymore

Beause you ARE violent thugs.

Friday, October 10, 2014

And in general data,

we have tonights batch

Ladies, only three points for examination tonight

I need a couple of new sources for this more-specialized field

Still alive.

typing still slow, though now can remove sling and use a finger to help.  So some links, because I'm suffering bloggagestipation

Obama sends praise to murderers' mosque; bad timing, or telling us something?

With the "Who needs that due-process crap?" from the 'feminists', this is scary as hell:
This bill does not implement a transfer of power between the victim and the perpetrator according to Yang; it aims to give victims a fighting chance.
“It gives the universities more incentive and pressure to find more evidence where there is none,” Yang said.

Robert F.  Kennedy Jr.: even when backtracking he's a nasty little fascist.

“WiFi is a human right.”  Yes, it's a Democrat.  Head of the PROMD.

Judge Napolitano: Someone In The White House Committed A Felony
Ah, you want to try to narrow that down to maybe one of the many?

There are always people who are convinced there is a rational, polite, gentle and civilized way to stop a violent sociopath from raping their eyesockets.

We call these sensitive souls "Morons."

So  Alan Gottlieb and the Second Amendment Foundation get no more support from me.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Yes, I'm still alive

Typing one-handed sucks as badly as I remembered, so not much else for now

I will instead leave you with some pictures