Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday, I'm hot and tired even after a shower

so, again, just go see.

Scene from the range

Guy comes out and says his AR is jammed and he thinks there's a round in the chamber.  Coworker goes to see.

Coworker comes out a few minutes later for a tool, goes back. 

Little later takes guy and rifle to gunsmith.

This was a fairly fancy rifle in .224 Valkyrie.  Coworker aid when he finally got the bolt back and cleared it, released and the bolt wouldn't close.  Takes out flashlight, looks inside, "When did you last clean this?"
"I never have."
Pause.  "How long have you had it?"
"Couple of years, it's got about 3000 rounds through it."

He described this as, looking closely with good light, "LAYERS of caked-on fouling."  Gunsmith later told me he'd never, in about three decades of this work, seen anything like it.

Found out the guy claimed "I did put some oil in it!"
"Did you ever wipe it out?"

I really wish I had pictures of this.  Gunsmith was surprised the thing hadn't completely seized up a long time ago.

Guy probably spent at least a thousand on this, likely more, and never bothered to clean it...

If it wasn't before, Seattle is screwed now

So the only way the cops can comply with this is, facing a mob of rioters, using sticks and firearms.  Which won't happen.  Which means the Mayor and Council say "Screw your life and property, we side with the rioters.  But don't you dare call them that, they're 'peaceful protesters' even when they're burning your building down."

Friday, July 24, 2020



I still miss my standard tranny sometimes,

but having a knee giving trouble(again), right now I'm real glad of an automatic.

When someone points out "You look like a cowardly little PC wuss",

possibly followed by some donors saying "You get rid of him, no more donations from me."

I'm really sick of this idiocy

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Another pasty-faced BLM clown- as pasty as most of the idiots supporting the group-

says one helluva lot of people need 'to be gotten rid of because they're white and male'.

A: You first, you self-hating asshole.
B: Be prepared for a lot of clowns to insist that this isn't racist, it's 'self-defense' or something.

It's amazing how many idiots sound like the KKK with the colors reversed, isn't it?

"The dam is deformed in places, but safe."

An engineer I'm not, but when I hear 'deformed' in connection to 'dam', I get real nervous.

But why shouldn't we believe him?  After all, he's a good Party guy, and the fact that he'd wind up dead as a lot of Uighurs if he said there was a real problem wouldn't affect his assessment, would it?

This is a freaking HUGE damn, and if it even partially went- say most of it somehow didn't collapse- it'd still be a disaster of biblical proportions, and a large part of the Chinese economy and food production would be trashed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A somewhat short range day

due to circumstances, but I was able to run some things over the Chrony.

First was .300 Blackout using the Hornady Sub-X bullet, which is supposed to expand at velocity down to 900fps.  These were over 11.5 grains H4198, which gave a high of 1117, low of 1045, average 1087, so definitely subsonic.    Grouped nicely at 50 yards, only distance shot them at today.

On the .223 subsonic, tried some with a 55-grain bullet(pulled from milspec rounds) over 3.9 grains Trailboss, which is .1 short of the max Hodgdon recommends.  High velocity 1131, low 929, average 1019.  They grouped about 1" or a touch over at 50, which is all the distance I'd expect them to be good at.  As expected, they hit several inches lower and standard ammo.  I worry about things like stuck bullets, which concern was eased by the dry conditions, as I could see dust jump with each shot.

So that's how those experiments stand.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Called Eezox,

'There's a shortage of the cans due to the virus, there should be more in August.'
Well, at least I've got enough to last till then

Scene from the range

Tam had a piece on the evidence showing that a LOT of the current gun buyers are not(much as the Watts followers would have us believe) people buying a new AR for the collection, but first-time buyers worried about home/self-defense.  I'll throw in there're a lot of people who might have had a gun before, but it's a rimfire pistol or rifle, maybe their old(maybe inherited) scattergun or deer rifle they haven't used in years, and they're thinking "I need something a bit more appropriate for really bad social situations."

So lots of EBRs now in the hands of people who never really thought of themselves owning one before.  And we can't keep 18-20" shotguns, or Mossberg Shockwaves, on the shelves; they disappear the day they're put out. 
Of course, then they find out just how bad the shortage of ammo is...

Something else: reloading gear and components.  Everything from presses to priming tools has been going fast, and the 'How To Reload' classes are pretty full.  As I went by that counter the other day I noticed that there were lots of large rifle primers in stock, but small and large pistol, and small rifle?  Nope.  Only SR primers left were Remington 6 1/2, which aren't considered good for things like, say, .223/5.56.

The CCW classes fill up fast, and the 'beginners handgun/rifle/shotgun' classes as well.  If we had two or three more trainers they could probably do nothing but private classes all day long.

I think I mentioned before that a lot of days have been 'week before Christmas'-level sales, and the only thing slowing that down is "We're sold out of those."

At this point, if the leftists still think that if the State says "We have decided you cannot be allowed these things anymore, turn them in" and everyone will quietly or bitching do it, they're idiots.  Some would, the rest would say "And leave me at the mercy of  these rioting idiots?  Screw you."  And if they think most of the cops and military(outside of places like the PROM and D&FSNJ) will happily go out to confiscate...