Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'll disagree with Huffman on one point: this isn't simply scary,

it's evil. According to these people, since even your thoughts are based one what you've learned, words from the past, your thoughts don't belong to you. As to what you create? Doesn't matter if you hit on a whole new way of looking at things, of doing things, your idea, and the fruits of your labor, do not belong to you. And they think they have the moral obligation to loot you for it. They are evil.

I'd bet an awful lot of these people are among the "Communism wasn't bad, it just never had a real try" school. And would make excuses for Stalin if you pinned them down on it.

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Mattexian said...

That line of "inherited knowledge" reminds me of something I read in another blog, that every child is born into the Stone Age, and they are taught everything they need to know since that time, sometimes skipping over big parts. (We don't need to know how to start a fire by friction or from striking rocks together anymore, tho it is an interesting hobby later in life.) Unfortunately, society has prospered enough that now we have those who think they don't need to actually produce anything and can still demand their share of necessities and luxuries. I work with some folks who aren't much above gnawing and clawing into a box to open it, since they don't carry simple tools anymore (like a knife, one of man's first tools!), and they don't think to speak out against our lawmakers banning such basic items (like with the one-hand opening knives recently, that failed, thankfully, because of folks speaking up).