Saturday, December 15, 2007

I used to think a couple of Oleg Volk's posters were Updated

just a bit over the top. But the more I read about the bullcrap being planned for us in Bali, I think this one's just about right:

Yeah, does seem to cover it.

At this point, I see that train of blue armor in Rodger's post and think "Bridge, explosives... hmmmm."

And on the front here in OK,

still no power. They seem to have cut the numbers down a lot, but haven't gotten to my street yet. Dammit.

In other news, son in Iraq's birthday was a couple of days ago. With very little room for stuff, mostly got more edibles and some birthday wishes; not many other options. When last heard from he was still working on the books(not much time for reading, busy as hell) and about to get a new vehicle. Which will hopefully not break as much as the last one. Take a vehicle like a humvee, add on a lot of armor, then add a cupola, gun, etc., on top and it really adds to the wear. Also makes the thing top-heavy and slower.

Someday OG&E will finally get around to my area and get the damn power back on. Until then I shall continue to occasionally post as opportunity arises, and try to figure out something for Christmas presents for a few people.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Stealing the identities and screwing up the lives

nobody else does.

You've got two problems here. One is the illegal aliens stealing peoples' identities. The second is the standard-issue IRS bureaucracy that for some damn reason just can't straighten out their own files on this.

Ain't it just a wonderful combination?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

And before I have to give back the keyboard, Updated

Chuck Adkins is a vile, steaming pile of excuse for a man.

It's kind of hard to imagine the level of shithead, cowardice and hate it takes to write something like that.

Update: guy posting a comment at Og's place had this link; looks like the heat got just a touch warm for him, hmmmm?

On the lady who whacked the dirtbag in Colorado, Updated

what would we expect? To quote Steve,
I knew this was coming. This brave, selfless lady is going to be punished for showing up the gun control assholes. Why would you investigate a hero's employment history, looking for negative information? Why would that even occur to you? Jesus; they didn't do that to the killer. No one is digging into the termination of his McDonald's job to see if he deserved it. They didn't do it to famous scumbags like Scott Peterson and Timothy McVeigh. So why do it to a wonderful lady like Jeanne Assam? We all know the answer.

As to the "He actually killed himself, so her actions don't really count" bullshit, he about covers it:
They're even trying to take the credit away from her, telling the world the psycho she shot killed himself. Listen, she shot that little son of a bitch to pieces. "Multiple times," the story says. Thanks to Jeanne Assam, he was a helpless pile of bleeding meat when he did the world a favor and killed himself. And he was going to do it regardless; these punks always commit suicide because they don't have the spine to face justice. There was never much doubt that he would kill himself; what was uncertain was how many people would die before he did. Jeanne Assam is the reason so few died.

True words. Also, I like the idea of his celebrity pledge:
I have a suggestion, in the interest of peace and love and being green and empowering little brown people and women and being nice to all the fuzzy puppies and kitties and worshiping Mother Gaia. How about if every celebrity who supports gun control publicly signs an oath, swearing he or she will refuse the protection of any person--private citizen or public employee--armed with a gun? I mean, hell, we all saw Charlie's Angels, where they proved three unarmed girls can beat up a whole roomful of men with guns. Surely George Clooney is as much of a man as Drew Barrymore. Come on, guys. You want the rest of us to be willing to die for gun control. Here's my challenge: lead by example.

In fact, you have to swear off bodyguards too, you pansies. Come on, Clooney, you fairy. The rest of us can't afford to pay other men to supply the toughness we lack. If you want us to live your fantasy, you have to live our reality.

Update: It seems the idiots saying she was fired didn't bother to actually, oh, check the damn records.

Yes, I'm still in the dark

Shut up, Og, I mean physically.

Shut up, dammit.

Still can't get any actual information from OG&E, just 'we appreciate your patience'. Which is rapidly wearing out. I know fixing this crap takes time, I also know that being stuck with a human parrot who has no interest in even trying to give you any actual information does NOT incline you toward happy feelings toward the company.

I did notice one interesting thing today: while reportedly being super-busy clearing limbs out of the streets(which they did do) the crew also took time to put up a sign of the 'thanks to your councilman and Mayor, this street will be improved!' variety up. Right next to the stump of the street light pole that's still laying there. Just bloody wonderful.

Supposedly it's down to about 150k homes/businesses without power in the OKC area. I just wish I wasn't one of them. This is seriously inconveniencing me, which makes it a serious matter, dammit.

And, depending on which forecast you listen to, anywhere from 2-5" of snow forecast tomorrow. "Happy Holidays", bah humbug.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Still alive, and still cold

Just to add to the joy, the weather weenies are now predicting snow Friday, and lows in the low 20's Friday & Saturday nights.

Just to check I called OG&E to ask. Please note I did NOT say "When will my power be on?"; I told them my neighborhood and asked if they had any estimate when they might be getting there? Only reply: "The only estimate we can give you is that all power will be restored in seven to ten working days." Two things bother me about this: first, on Monday they were saying 'seven to ten days', and while speaking of all the extra line crews pulled in they're still saying that; second, take note of that 'seven to ten working days'. Which kind of pisses me off, because that would seem a way to add days to their count while not actually saying it.

The joys of things this time of year...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And about 20 minutes after my previous post

I joined the ranks of the powerless. Which now, in OK alone, are estimated between 600-650k.

So far, the house is chilly but I'm fine. The propane burner works very well for making tea, the lamps take care of lighting(enough, anyway). Haven't broken into the MREs yet, and probably won't need to.

I'll have to qualify my last statement that this wasn't as bad as could have been: a few degrees colder or strong winds would have made this a large-scale as opposed to a mid-scale disaster. As is it's a pain, and if I don't have power by midday tomorrow I'll get some dry ice to put in the freezer to make sure things stay frozen, and reading by oil lamps isn't much fun. Oh, and if you're travelling there are a couple of turnpikes where you'd better not need gas as the stations have no power. But this is primarily tree and line damage, as opposed to the storm in 2002 which took down power poles by the thousands; a lot faster and easier to repair. Then it took damn near two months to get power back to everyone: with the crews being pulled in from surrounding states they're currently figuring a week to ten days, quite possibly less.

Pictures and further updates will have to wait until I have time again at a place with electricity.

Monday, December 10, 2007

As you can see from the bird feeder,

it's kind of nasty outside. And this particular bit the birds are really pissed about.

You can't really tell in this shot, but it's raining again. It's kind of a pain because the temp is just low enough for it to freeze on things, but just high enough that it's melting on the carport, and the streets. If it'd go up just a couple of degrees(which it's supposed to) it'd start melting a lot of this, which would take a lot of stress off things.

'Stress' as in there's almost 200k(update: radio just said 250k) people with no power right now, and as I took a few pictures out the front door I could hear limbs breaking off trees down the street: NOT a nice thing to listen to. Most of the power lines run across the back yards on my street, where there was an alley before everyone moved their fence back a few feet, and back in late spring the electric company did a lot of pruning to clear around the lines through the neighborhood. I'm hoping it makes the difference.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The joys of winter,

and Kim's favorite weather*, the bastard.

So far the ice has been not too bad in the Oklahoma City area: icy in some spots, less so in others on the way to work this morning. I went out about nine to scrape my windows and discovered that it was thundering like a spring storm and sleeting. A bit south & east of here the freezing rain was heavier at the time, more stuff moved through during the day. Right now they're still saying more off & on light freezing rain through tomorrow, heavier in some areas. I think the big thing saving this area is that the temperature is just at or a couple of degrees below freezing; if it were, say, 28 or below we'd be screwed. As is, a lot has melted after landing on the roads, and the trees right here just have a thin coat of ice.

By the way, just in case any of the people involved read this, I'd like to pass on something you seem to have forgotten since last winter(assuming you learned it then):
DON'T HIT THE BRAKES WHEN YOU'RE GOING UP AN ICY HILL. You have this thing called 'momentum' when you start up, and if you use the brakes, you slow down. And get stuck. And EVERYBODY BEHIND YOU gets stuck, too.

There. Isn't that simple?

I'm hoping for the best out of this, which would be nasty roads but no huge power outages. I hate having no electricity anytime, winter being right up there with mid-summer for the worst times.

After thinking about things to do after last years' storm, I realized a while back that that little two-burner unit I use for bluing will work very nicely in the house for cooking if need be, and I've got one full and one mostly-full bottle that'll run it or the grill outside. Also on the 'hoping I don't need them' list: a gallon of lamp oil for the two lamps and lots of candles, half a dozen small propane bottles for the lantern, and several good wool blankets. And half a dozen big bottles of water and a case of small bottles. I've been saving bleach bottles for emergency water storage, and may fill a few more when I get home. Just in case. And food, including a case of MREs.

I think the worst weather 'event' (as the weather weenies like to put it) I've been through was in the early 70's. I got to sit up late to watch the weather in winter(that part of the state you start paying attention early) and the forecast was for "flurries, we don't think there will be much accumulation." Dad looked out the door and then called me over. Turned on his Kel-Light and shined it out front, and it was showing so hard you could barely see the trees about twenty feet from the door; he announced that it was the hardest flurry he'd ever seen.

Next morning I woke up and it was bright in the room, and my first thought was "I'm late for school!" Jumped up, looked out the window and "Oh no I'm not!" Dad's patrol car was parked at the curb, and the only thing showing was the bubble on top. The fence in the back yard was now six inches high and the dogs were wandering around. In fields around town with no drifts there was an even 36" of snow. The official record says it was only a couple of counties west of us that got that much, but I will state they're wrong. Absolutely nothing was moving, and the National Guard was called out to do helicopter drops of hay to livestock, as on most farms you couldn't even get the barn doors open, let alone a tractor or truck out. It took three days for the county to get enough graders out and working to clear streets and roads in and around Medford. Powerlines generally stayed up, not many outages, and pretty much all the farms outside of the town gas lines had their own propane or butane tanks for heat. First time I'd ever actually been able to dig a tunnel in snow.

Barring the weather weenies blowing it bigtime on conditions, this shouldn't be nearly as bad as the ice storm last year, or the one a couple of years before that: that one put three inches of ice on much of the northwest 1/4 of the state. Power lines weren't just broken, hundreds of poles broke under the stress of the ice and wind. Friend of mine had no power for almost a month.

*Of course, according to a friend in Fort Worth it was 50 and raining there today.

Normally I do my best to ignore idiot celebrities, but

George Lopez Sucks!

George Lopez Sucks!

George Lopez Sucks!

I normally would try to ignore this, too, but this is the second time he's said something along these lines.

And I really used to enjoy his stuff.

Someone should tell the GFW's

that even blue dinosaurs know how stupid 'zero tolerance' is