Saturday, March 06, 2021

Just to clear a few things

This would actually be the 6th day, but

who cares?

"How dare you not obey me, no vaccine for your county!"

'Politicians who need to be hanged' for a thousand, Alex.

About that event at the Alamo a lot of leftists would prefer be forgotten

2200 hours, D-1, one hundred and seventy-seven years ago General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered that the artillery barrage which had fallen upon the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Bexar for twelve days be halted.

As he suspected, the exhausted defenders soon fell into a deep sleep, for most, the only sleep that they had managed during the course of the siege.
189 defenders of the Alamo died this day 177 years ago. They took a full third of the attacking force with them

Friday, March 05, 2021

"Why don't those people trust is!" moan and whine the Professional Journalists,

when the answer is "Because of what you've done."  They won't hear it, but there it is. 

Throw in that lots of these bastards have become the worst enemies of the 1st Amendment, and that really adds to it.
Think about that, bloody NPR and a bunch of others saying 'information moves too freely'.  Which means "Those peasants get to hear things we don't want them to!  And they can check and find out when we're lying, or not telling them the whole story!"

Sorry assholes.

The sixth day is here,

therefore there are study materials

You hate Trump, fine; why the hell would you end a program like this?

Biden’s administration recently cancelled Operation Talon, a Trump administration program aimed at removing convicted sex offenders living in the United States illegally.

“We’re working hard to fight human trafficking and sex crimes in South Carolina and allowing convicted sex offenders who are here illegally to remain in our country makes absolutely no sense,” Wilson said. “These trafficking and sex crimes are repugnant to human decency generally and to children specifically,” he added.

The letter, directed to Joe Biden, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Acting Director of ICE Tae Johnson, pointed out the problems with this cancellation. The attorneys general argued that canceling Operation Talon could encourage sexual predators to attack. 

I'm wondering what idiot among the many around Biden thought this was a good idea, and why.

Florida's doing a lot better than New York and several other states, so the Governor must be attacked

And getting the most vulnerable people vaccinated first seems to be a good reason.  For idiots.

The short version: Wray is just as full of crap

as Comey, plays the same games, yet so far nobody's actually DONE anything about it.
The short version: Wray revealed nothing. When Grassley asked if there was a "homicide investigation," Wray said there was an "investigation." When Grassley asked if a cause of death had been found, Wray would not say, but made clear he would not tell the Senate in any event.
WHITEHOUSE: Are you going to do any better with the questions that we are getting right now? You have been asked questions for the record. Are they going to go into the same whatever-it-was hole where questions for the record go to die at the FBI?

Backtracking, Wray tried to explain that the FBI's answers have to go through an "elaborate interagency process" before they can be sent to Congress. Whitehouse asked Wray to cite whatever policy requires that process. "I can't cite you the reg or the rule," Wray said. Whitehouse complained that the FBI only answers questions when it sees a political advantage in doing so. Otherwise, "We have run this rigmarole with that interagency process in which we don't get answers."

I've said it before: there needs to be "You WILL answer these questions or there will be contempt charges.  And if you think you can't be marched out of that office by Marshalls, you're wrong."  And then do it.

Fat chance, right?

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

He tried some of the .50-70,

and they all went bang, and at short distance shot well with the Lee 450-grain bullet over 61 grains of 2f.

There is now a compression plug to use in the neck expanding die, so we can work up a bit on powder; compressing powder much more than 1/10" or so with the bullet is generally frowned on, and with 61 that's what you get.

More to come.

Monday, March 01, 2021

So why is this asshat so concerned with changing this bit of history?

It's not like this hasn't been known about for a long time, yet
A recent academic journal article by the professor — in which he described as “prostitutes” the Korean and other women forced to serve Japan’s troops — prompted an outcry in South Korea and among scholars in the United States.

And note this bullshit from the Times: ...traumas that the region’s conservative patriarchal cultures had long downplayed.
As I recall, Korea and China and others have raised hell about this bit of history more than once, yet they throw this in?  What the hell?

That's one big paw print

Years ago, on a dark December morning, Ron Doctor was driving alone through the snowy hinterlands of the Northwest Territories when he spotted something odd in the thick, fresh snow. He couldn’t get a good look, so he drove home and returned to the scene during his precious four-hour window of subarctic daylight. The second visit confirmed his suspicions: these were giant wolf tracks, 7½ inches long.
Even figuring for a bit of spread, that's big.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Obviously the 'fair' solution

will be to lower the standards.  Because, somehow, taking in kids who aren't ready for it will work better.

They don't know how, but they'll be very sure of it.  Or they'll just get rid of the advanced classes entirely.  For 'Fairness'.