Saturday, January 16, 2016

Let us now return to our weekly studies

Must be nice to be one of the Only Ones

The supervisor "admitted to purchasing and distributing the automatic weapons despite knowing that they violated NPS policy; admitted telling rangers who received the automatic rifles not to display them to others; and admitted to, at a minimum, not making it clear to his supervisors that the automatic weapons needed to be converted to semi-automatics," according to the report.

"He also provided inconsistent and implausible statements in his responses to our questions and caused us to doubt his overall truthfulness and candor," the report said.
Aside from the other possible objections, last I heard the BATFEIEIO still says 'Once a machine gun, ALWAYS a machine gun' about converted receivers; apparently that doesn't hold true when you're a fellow fed agency.

Speaking of agencies with crap they don't need,
As I always say, the US Secretary of Education doesn't employ a single teacher but he is the only education minister in the western world with his own personal SWAT team. Americans will end their days in a very dark place unless this vile trend is reversed.

Around the planet, Russia's neo-tsar, the Chinese Politburo, apocalyptic ayatollahs, Afghan goatherds and Benghazi jihad punks laugh at the very idea of American power, but on the home front, if your estranged wife failed to repay her college loan or you drink loose-leaf tea, you'll get your door kicked down and be cowering in terror.
And I'll bet every agency SWAT team is considered to be covered by qualified immunity, so when they do this crap they can never be held personally liable for it.

The evidence is overwhelming

that the United States had several rescue teams ready to go during the 2012 Benghazi attacks, but someone -- possibly the president himself -- prevented them from acting. So said Emmy Award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson to talk show host Steve Malzberg in an interview on Wednesday.

Yeah, this doesn't help the "It's just their culture" argument much.
A bid to ban child marriage in Pakistan utterly failed, after the Council of Islamic Ideology declared the legislation “anti-Islamic” and “blasphemous.”

Night before last, the sourdough starter seems to have reached that critical point, and is now rising like real bread dough.  Later today I'm going to try it in a bread recipe, if it rises well I can feed it, get it going with the new stuff, then refrigerate it so I don't have to feed it every day.  This should be interesting.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cold and a chance of snow, another fine night

to be indoors with things to examine

This is garbage, and if the State Department cared about the law

people would be fired.  And quite possibly prosecuted.

But the bigshots at State don't care; laws are for the peasants to follow.

How bad are things in Sweden?

This bad.  This site has been monitoring the mess over there, and it's bad.  And with the .gov and media making such efforts to cover it up, and call names and threats at anyone who speaks of it, it's going to get worse. 

Here's a piece in a British news site saying basically the same thing.  Being the Spectator it covers all the 'People who have any problem with lots of migrants coming in are racist and xenophobes and all other bad things' talking points, but does note that covering the crimes up is not a good idea(which is a real leap for some of these people).

Mother Jones demonstrates its usual level of expertise on those evil firearms.  'High Caliber'...

Yeah, there was a stand-down order.  Yeah, people in Benghazi probably died because of it.  No, the Democrats still don't care.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Two things for this evening, both connected

Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks released a study claiming the “stratigraphic record of the last 1.5 [million years] indicates that no marine species’ extinction events occurred despite major climate oscillations,” including periods where the Arctic was completely ice-free in summertime.
“Some species thought to be dependent on summer sea ice (e.g., polar bears) survived through these periods,” write Thomas Cronin of the USGS and Matthew Cronin of the University of Alaska in their new study.
Really?  Bears can adapt to different conditions?

Well, duh.

The other:
Global warming caused by fossil fuel emissions is blamed by scientists for intensifying storms, raising sea levels and prolonging droughts. Now there’s growing evidence of a positive effect: we may have delayed the next ice age by 100,000 years or more.
“This study further confirms what we’ve suspected for some time, that the carbon dioxide humans have added to the atmosphere will alter the climate of the planet for tens to hundreds of thousands of years, and has canceled the next ice age,” said Andrew Watson, a professor of Earth sciences at the University of Exeter in southwest England who wasn’t involved in the research. “Humans now effectively control the climate of the planet.”
Think about that line: “Humans now effectively control the climate of the planet.”  Think of the idiocy involved.  And the ego.  Read the WUWT piece, he does a better job on this than I can.    And includes this:

Screw the news, let's talk bread stuff

Sourdough, specifically.

I decided to give making a sourdough starter a try, dug around, and found this page, among others.  Most were pretty similar, so I started with their method.  Which, be it noted, is slow this time of year; I tend to keep the thermostat down to save on the gas bill, so that makes for a slower process.

Short version: whole-wheat flour and water, mix, let sit a day.  Take out half, add all-purpose unbleached flour and water to the remainder, mix, let sit.  When it starts showing bubbles, repeat the feeding twice a day.

Mine's still going slow, and I'm cheap, so tried the suggestion that the starter not ready for making bread will work for biscuits and such, here's the result.
They did rise nicely, good texture and flavor, go damn well with butter and honey.  Or make them big, and put some ham and a fried egg inside. 

The starter is working, I fear it'll be a few days more before it'll be ready for a try with bread. 

And, I just discovered, I could've looked at Brigid's place and gotten a faster starter going.
And, by the way, if you haven't seen her stuff yet, you really ought to remedy that.  I'd suggest starting here, if you don't start with the above.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And when businesses start moving, or having to shut down,

and people start freezing, these morons will demand surrounding areas supply them the power they no longer generate.

And they'll probably demand a discount.

And Obama's religious coreligionists strike again

Gun collectors could be forced to apply for a licence and undergo background checks even if they only own deactivated weapons if European Union (EU) officials get their way. Critics have called the proposed legislation “excessive,” and have accused the EU of harassing responsible gun owners.
Of course they are; that's so much easier than actually going after bad guys.
Plus this gives them an excuse to further disarm the peasants:
EU officials have deemed the last round of regulations, introduced in 2008, to be inadequate, claiming that they leave Europe “vulnerable to criminal activity.” European leaders have agreed, vowing in the wake of the Paris attacks to “rapidly examine” the new proposals with the intention of approving them at a summit in February. The new laws would then come into effect in July, The reported.
Borrowing from Uncle: "Gun control is what politicians do instead of something."

"Remember to register your drone!"
"Screw you."
And yes, they are being sued.

From Sarah Hoyt, on the situation in Europe(that may be coming here):
One of Germany’s bureaucrats admitted that yes, this was caused by a bunch of unassimilated Arab males, that it was obviously coordinated, but then went on to sneer that it was all somehow the fault of “right wingers.”

What he’s doing makes sense in his world, just like the roll left of magazines and newspapers used to make sense.  You do what you have to do to attain the next level of the ladder.  And if he came out in public and said there seemed to be a coordinated “rape Jihad” going on without also saying that “racism” or the “right wing” were worse he’d not have a career left.  Or at least, not in the short term.

It is rather telling that Germany turned the water cannons and gas on their own nationals protesting rape that they couldn’t be bothered to turn on the people actually doing the rape.
Isn't it, though?

Damn, you'd almost think those animals could adapt to changing conditions, or something.
The new study not only finds polar bears survived ice-free periods in the Arctic, but there’s no evidence of any other marine species going extinct over the last 1.5 million years. That even goes for walruses, which have made news lately for massive beachings in the Arctic some say are being driven by global warming.

What’s most interesting is that they also claim species were likely worse off during periods when the Arctic and neighboring continents were covered by massive ice sheets.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why you should be drinking more whiskey

More people getting tired of being screwed around by a union

“The unions have become what they used to fight,” she says. “They have become powerful and entrenched and they are so focused on their own self preservation that they aren’t doing what is right for the members.”

When a California teacher refuses to pay the political portion of the full amount of union dues they are effectively cut off from interactions with the union, Friedrichs says.
"Give us the full dues, including the part we use to do crap you don't agree with, or else."

And these cops will wonder why people don't trust them.  Or like them.
Read the whole thing, excerpts just don't cut it.

Speaking of idiots wondering why so many don't trust them,
"Yes, yes, a lot of women were raped and otherwise molested, and we tried to cover it up, but THAT SHIRT IS WORSE AND CAN'T BE TOLERATED!"

This is bullshit.  'possible marijuana plant matter' my ass. 
Apparently there's no real crime in that area, so the Johnson County SO and MO Highway Patrol have time for garbage like this.

Speaking of bad cops and prosecutors.  You'll notice the bastards got away with their crap, despite lies and fakes and lives destroyed.

Monday, January 11, 2016

"Yes, we've been hiding information, and for political reasons,

but we're investigating that and you can trust us now.  Also, you people won't think and speak the way you should, so we had to."
Yeah.  That's really going to up the trust level, you morons.

So some of the cops in Florida are bitching and whining that actually having to prove someone guilty of a CRIME before you take their property 'will make the job harder'...

Only if the 'job' is theft, you lousy excuse for a peace officer.

Obviously these agencies need their budgets cut;

if they've got so much money free that they can make their own SWAT teams, then they've got way too much.
Nearly $2 million spent by the Department of Veterans Affairs on riot helmets, defender shields, body armor, a “milo return fire cannon system,” armored mobile shields, Kevlar blankets, tactical gear and equipment for crowd control.
In the case of the VA, they're probably planning on using it on vets who get sick of being crapped on.

Bullshit.  Just piles of it.

Dealing with bullshit of a different variety:
This image of a Native American environmental ethic, however appealing, is more myth than reality. The actual history of Native American resource use does not always mesh with the spiritual environmental ethos attributed to them. By focusing on myth instead of reality, environmentalists patronize American Indians and neglect the lessons of their rich institutional heritage encouraging resource conservation.

"But don't worry, we'd never misuse this.

We promise.  Don't you trust us?"
No, I do not.  Most of you have demonstrated you CAN'T be trusted.

Mr. Mason would not have been happy with Obama pushing his gun-grab at this university.

This isn't the only way, but yeah, a lot of the left has a serious problem with science that doesn't go with the Preferred Narrative.

Michael Williamson(on Bookface) put it Great. Give people another reason to avoid mental health care. What could possibly go wrong?
The Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights said it will change the rules so that mental health providers can share data with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, part of a slate of executive actions President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced to help curtail gun violence.
Because privacy, including your medical records, doesn't exist if it's in the way of what these bastards want to do.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Take shoulder.

Add new exercises.
Add cold morning.
Ache.  Fair amount of ache.

It is improving; quite a bit the last month.  I still wouldn't try shooting a rifle right-handed unless I had no other choice, but it's getting better.

Wasn't that long ago that a torn cuff meant "It'll hurt for the rest of your life, and you'll lose more and more function.  Deal with it."

Then came surgery.  Big scar, lots of work to heal up the damage done by the cutting needed to repair the tear.  But if you did the work, it would get better.

Now the surgery, for almost anything except a joint replacement, can be done with three small incisions.  Hugely less damage, which means faster healing and less pain.

Some moron starts bitching about going back to the good old days, kick them somewhere sensitive.

Anderson, thanks for confirming that for us.

From my perspective, I wanted an intelligence discussion. I wanted him to actually address people who disagree with him, not just people who agree with him that so often happens at, you know, a presidential news conference or presidential announcement.
Next time someone starts that "There is no bias at NBC/wherever!" crap, send this to them.

Ever notice that the main reaction of the .gov and GoodThink people to warnings being proven correct is "They were right, we've got to shut them up!" ?

Obama talks tough or at least talks about the concept of being tough. But not with terrorists or ISIS. Just the other day President Obama mocked the idea of bellicose speech when it comes to those bad guys. No, only one set of bad guys elicits strong emotions from Obama: his critics. And among them, most especially Republican ones. Because the only real enemy he’s aware of are enemies of his precious legacy.

So what is it about children being shot by a mentally disturbed man, but not children being gassed or tortured to death, that provokes the waterworks? It comes down, I think, to agenda.

Remember that officer who was 'shooting at the aggressive dog/dog that was biting him' and killed a woman?
Hill (left) and Burlington officials, have since changed their story, and now say that he slipped and fell and that’s why he fired into Steele at near-contact range. An Iowa public records board has filed suit against the agencies standing between Hill and accountability. (This is a separate action from any the family pursues for damages; this is about transparency).

For Hill, there were no consequences, at least, no negative consequences. Burlington Police Chief L.D. Beaird gave him seven weeks of extra vacation as a reward; he returned to duty a month after the whitewash absolved him of any criminal charges.
This is bullshit.  Complete and utter.  People need to be fired over this, and I include the chief and any other official involved in covering this up.

I'm hoping this pans out.  REALLY hoping.  'Game-changer' would be an understatement.  A drive that would allow this kind of acceleration on this kind of fuel...  You'd have to build and launch it from orbit; very doable(especially with private enterprise now running that 'launch, deposit payload, land, reuse' rocket available).  Then explore.  And, not that far down the road, mining of asteroids.  All kinds of stuff.

Of course, figure on the usual suspects crapping bricks and waving "Keep Space Nuke Free!" signs.