Saturday, October 14, 2023

7th evening,

worn out, here's new experimental data

Needs to happen with a bunch of people at different universities,

THAT just might get their attention.
Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer and his wife Batia are quitting a Harvard executive board in protest of how university leaders have responded to Hamas’ terror attacks on Israel.

“Unfortunately, our faith in the University’s leadership has been broken and we cannot in good faith continue to support Harvard and its committees,” the couple said in a statement to CNN.

I saw elsewhere that there was also a large donation they were about to make that's been canceled.
Losing donations and this kind of bad press is a Good Thing for a bunch of the Education Industry.  They've been going right along with the cancel culture crap for years, with rich idiots giving the money to keep doing it.  Cut back the money, and...

Friday, October 13, 2023

I have more than one reason to drop politics; after all,

it's sixth eve!

Various bits of prep for the next time, at some point, I get to the long range,

are getting done, but cleaning brass, making sure I've got wads, and other black powder stuff aren't much to write about*.  So there'll be more on the mid-East mess along with local stuff. And part of the current mess includes France.  Because it seems some are remembering they're descended from that 'wall of ice'** that Charles Martel counted on.
France orders ban on all pro-Palestinian protests and according to various reports, will deport all foreigners who support Hamas from the country. Citizens of France will be arrested.
Oh yeah, that's going to get sporty.  If they actually hold to that, real sporty.  There are whole sections in major cities that are run by muslim gangs and are no-go spaces for non-muslims, including police.  They may have decided it's time to deal with the banlieues, and this gives reason other than "They refuse to assimilate", though that's enough.

Biden & Co. seem to thrive on leaving people behind: Vietnam, Afghanistan, now Israel.  Good thing some others are willing to take up the slack.

PBS demonstrates once again that you can't trust them for news.

First, remove the idiots from the highway.  Second, charge them for the repairs, on top of the 'blocking traffic' charges.
No, that's not mid-East, but it makes me happy.

And, connected, it's not just elementary schools who aren't doing their damned jobs, 'higher' education is full of assholes masquerading as teachers and professors.  Illustrated by
Rabbi Dov Greenberg, director of the Chabad Stanford Jewish Center, said he was told by three students who were in the room that the instructor asked Jewish and Israeli students to identify themselves during a session for a required undergraduate course called “Civil, Liberal and Global Education.”

The teacher told the Jewish students to take their belongings, stand in a corner, and said, “This is what Israel does to the Palestinians,” Greenberg said, citing the student accounts. The instructor then asked, “How many people died in the Holocaust?” When a student answered, “Six million,” the lecturer said, “Colonizers killed more than 6 million. Israel is a colonizer.”

I wonder how much the students are forced to pay for this shit?

And now I must move on and do constructive things.  See you later.

*How many times can I write about "After resizing and cleaning the lube, measure the cases", etc.?

**Battle of Tours, 732: 'According to the Chronicle of 754, much of which was composed from eyewitness accounts, “The men of the north stood as motionless as a wall, they were like a belt of ice frozen together, and not to be dissolved, as they slew the Arab with the sword. The Austrasians [Franks], vast of limb, and iron of hand, hewed on bravely in the thick of the fight; it was they who found and cut down the Saracens’ king [Rahman].”

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Meanwhile, in (formerly Great)Britain,

Isn't it just wonderful what all the multi-culti stuff has done for their society?

Amazing how fast a lot of the "I'm a proud member of the Resistance!" asshats

back off then their 'Get rid of the Jews!' chic behavior turns out to have a price.

Now add this from the other day.
The pressure has apparently gotten to some of the students and who groups who, starting yesterday were trying to disassociate themselves from the letter. The Harvard Undergraduate Nepali Student Association said yesterday that it regretted co-signing the statement and announced it would be retracting the group’s signature from the statement.
Numerous groups/people are playing "I didn't read this before I signed on!", which is pretty stupid. Especially for the law students.  Apparently the idea that "I should find out what I'm endorsing before I sign on" has never occurred, and never been taught.  "I mean, it's popular, so what could go wrong?"

There's also this take on it:
I can’t count how many times I was lectured about microaggressions at Harvard. Those same people are now on their timelines glorifying Hamas for deadly, inhumane, terroristic aggression. The double standard is baffling.
Yep,  This is why Larry Correia once said that 'The moral compass of the left is a windsock.'

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

I'd forgotten about this date

The Battle of Tours...was fought on 10 October 732, and was an important battle during the Umayyad invasion of Gaul. It resulted in the victory for the Frankish and Aquitanian forces,[8][9] led by Charles Martel, over the invading Muslim forces of the Umayyad Caliphate, led by Abd al-Rahman al-Ghafiqi, governor of al-Andalus.
Considering how important dates like this are to the muslim radicals, makes me wonder if it was a reason for the date they chose for their current garbage?

No, I'm not playing "Is it a conspiracy?", just the question

"What's happening in the Hunter & Joe Biden cases while we're tied up on the war?"

Some miserable little socialist who loves them some 'decolonization' said

On Saturday, as the raping and murdering and kidnapping were happening in Israel, Najma Sharif, a writer for Soho House magazine and Teen Vogue, posted on X: “What did y’all think decolonization meant? vibes? papers? essays? losers.”

So far, Sharif’s post has been liked 100,000 times and reposted nearly 23,000 times—by, among others, The Washington Post’s global opinions editor, Karen Attiah.

The point was: Don’t be squeamish. Never mind the Jewish girl being pulled by her hair with blood streaming between her legs. Never mind the women being raped beside the corpses of their friends at a music festival. Never mind the children and babies snatched from their parents.

If you can’t handle it, if you condemn it without a preamble or equivocation, you’re an apologist for the Zionist colonizers.

And we have a lot of other assholes who agree, though most of them do it in proper 'end the occupation' language and excuses.  Because dead babies and gang-raped women and murdered men aren't really important, y'see?

In that way, as Free Press editor and writer Peter Savodnik explains in his most recent column, the last few days have been extremely clarifying.

Because now we know.

Now we know who would have looked at Jews shoved onto cattle cars and said, “Well, they did undermine the German economy.” Those are the people today saying: “This is a justified response to the provocation of Israel existing.” Now we know whose politics are rooted not in conservatism or liberalism or anything else other than simply hating Jews. Now we can see exactly how people manage to always come up with a reason for why the Jews deserved it.

If you've got kids or grandkids in college, it might be a good idea to find out just what they're going into debt for, because I doubt 'Learn to hate the Jews' is an approved thing for most.
Except a lot of professors and teachers, THEY love it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

There was a couple of hours at the range, and the load testing went well. Now I've got to write it down

before I confuse some things, and lose my notes.

Big thing wondered about was a primer question: Which will work best?  Black powder cartridge rifles can sometimes be pretty picky about what components work the best for accuracy.  Before the Wuhan/supply chain mess made things hard to get I'd tried a number of things and finally hit a quite good combination which involved Federal Large Rifle Magnum Match primers.

Which, along with all others, became impossible to get.  I'd bought enough to last a fair while, but that while is running out.  I'd tried Federal LR Mag, Federal LR Match, a couple of standard LR primers*, and nothing gave equal groups. Well, most say that you'll get best outcome with magnum primers on black powder(and some black substitutes), and I'd wound up with some CCI LR Magnums, so I loaded a few to try.  The first round misfired, went off on the second try but I pulled it, then the next four went into a decent group.
So I'll need to load more of these and make sure this wasn't a fluke.  If it holds up, that'll take a lot of pressure off.

*lots of recommendations of Federal primers for this purpose, so those are what I'd mostly tried.

The pistol brace rule has been blocked

After the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals found that a challenge to the Biden administration’s rule regulating pistol braces as short-barreled rifles (SBR) would likely prevail, a district judge entered orders enforcing the appeals court’s findings — blocking any enforcement against the plaintiffs, their customers, or their families.

The case, styled Mock v Garland, was brought against the Department of Justice by the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) to challenge the reclassification of popular pistol braces as SBRs, which are heavily regulated weapons under the National Firearms Act (NFA). That law requires extensive background checks, a $200 tax that in some cases takes over a year to pay, and carries additional restrictions on the firearm.

Not only the right thing to do, but considering some of the people Biden & Co. have let across the border, we may need them.

Well, they're murdering, raping, torturing pieces of crap,

why would they draw the line at theft?

The Squat once again demonstrates what shits they are.

More on what her little friends have been doing to people, women in particular.  To the cheers of a bunch of college assholes.  
There have been multiple examples of this.  Among other things, it appears that 'Ivy League Students' too often means "Socialist/communist Jew-hating clowns."

Monday, October 09, 2023

I'd say they'd be welcome in Valhalla

Amichai was calm and told his wife on Whatsapp to make the children feel good as today is Simchas Torah. This was the last she heard from him. A few hours after the fighting started, a terrorist surprised Amichai Yisrael and Moshe Yedidia from behind and murdered both of them. Amichai (33) left five children and Moshe (31) left three children. Both were friends from the same community (Psagot), both were studying social work in Ashkelon and both came to help the struggling kibbutz. It was their heroic struggle which saved the kibbutz members from the fate of neighboring communities. All of the families were saved (two other members of the fighting group were injured) and nobody was taken captive. The army arrived only at 1 PM after the group had fought off Hamas for six hours.

Hail, gentlemen.

''Proportionate about gang rape"...

Man, Ireland has fallen.  If their ancestors heard him say this, they'd climb out of their graves to kick his ass.

'Proportionate response' to raping girls and women and murdering them... This shithead has no idea how fucking stupid that sounds, when the actual proportionate response would send him to a fainting couch, calling for smelling salts.

There's an old saying about 'making the rubble bounce',

and I think it's time for it.

Throw in 'refugees' in other countries celebrating, and it's time for some cleaning out.

While we're at it, add to the list a bunch of colleges.  Spend a fortune to send your kid to, say, Harvard so they can learn to do crap like this.

And we have Biden & Co. helping pay for all of it, from the deaths to the tortures to the murders.  Ain't it wonderful?

Sunday, October 08, 2023

We can always count on the Squat to do stupid crap

like this.

Short version: "Israel caused this, there needs to be an immediate ceasefire so no more Palestinians are hurt, and how dare those Jews think they have some right to strike back!"

Well, I did say stupid crap.

I should mention a book

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Fever
I got the first release on Kindle, and now have the hardback.  Worth every penny on both.  Good book.