Saturday, May 20, 2023

As promised, I did remember

to post at a regular time.

Well, yeah, they figured out fire;

think slow-smoked mammoth brisket, that must've been a treat.

The tumbler is dead,

which is kind of nice because I was tired of messing with it.

Lyman tumbler I bought... at least 25 years ago, best I can figure.  No telling how many cases have been through it.  Then, a few months ago it started making bad rattley noises which I could not figure out why, and the other day it flat died.

So a new tumbler is in order.  Especially since the weather and knees are becoming more amenable to such, which means I'll have brass to clean.

As a side note, the knee done last April is pretty good.  The one from October is still having some trouble,  mainly when the weather is changing, but it has improved a lot.

Now I need to get a couple of things done, and hopefully not forget the 7th evening stuff.

I just realized last night's visual data dump was missed,

so this time it's a morning post

The desire for hate crimes still far exceeds the supply

Woman tries to rent a bike to get home.  Some black guys screw with her.  She gets very upset.  This becomes 'White woman tries to steal bike from black man', with the Usual Suspects doing their usual racist act.

Slight problem.  It was bullshit, and some of them knew it when they started screaming.  And a bunch of Professional Journalists, having learned nothing, jumped right on 'evil white woman weaponizing her tears to harm black men'.

I hope she sues every one of the lying bastards involved for everything they have.

Friday, May 19, 2023

To take some of the bad taste out of the mouth, a bit of ammo testing

A .300 Blackout day, starting with two handloads:
First, the disclaimer:
This did not come out of a manual, and involved some "This works with that bullet, so it should work with this one", so be warned: if you try these, you're on your own.

One was the 200-grain Berry's plated bullet over 8.0 grains of Lil Gun, which at 30 yards off a so-so rest produced this
Not bad, nothing to write home about.  

Second load used 8.2 of the same propellant
Either I settled into the rest better, or it liked that extra .2 grains.  
Unfortunately, no way to run it over the Chrony, that'll have to wait for another day.  Which should also involve longer distances as well.  I think these would be very quieted by a can, too.

The last is courtesy of Widener's, who were nice enough to provide some ammo* to try out.  This is a brand I'd never heard of before, Ammo Incorporated
The box says 1850fps at the muzzle.  How'd it shoot at 30?  Not bad
This will definitely be tried at 50, 100, and 200 if possible.

Further testing on all three will require both time and Ma Nature not threatening to wash me away, so may be a while.  But it will be done.

*There were a couple of others, too.  Get to them as I can.

And once more we have the "We'll fix it!" bullshit from the EffingBI

"As Director Wray has made clear, the errors described in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s opinion are completely unacceptable," a senior FBI official told Fox News Friday. "As a result of the audits that revealed these instances of noncompliance, the FBI changed its querying procedures to make sure these errors do not happen again. These steps have led to significant improvement in the way we conduct queries of lawfully obtained Section 702 information."
Bullshit.  He's said the same kind of shit over and over when his Very Special Agents got caught violating law, regulation, and their damned oath to the Constitution.  

Anybody believe that these bastard excuses for peace officers will pay any price for all the violations?

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Not surprising. The USSR was right in the middle of the 'environmental movement'

for a long time, so why not the PRC?  They know a good thing(for them)when they see it.
What was remarkable about this meeting, though, was the surprising presence of an external delegation: joining the CCP apparatchiks on a collection of screens dotted around the room were a number of enthusiastic Britons and other Westerners. According to the official conference report, the “foreign committee members and partners lauded China’s ecological civilisation building and its new and greater contributions to promoting the construction of a clean and beautiful world”.

Who were these people? Strange to tell, they consisted of a veritable Who’s Who of British, European and American climate activists.

Who express their admiration of the PRC and its 'environmental goals'.  Even when they shit all over the activists.  Because either 'There are no enemies on the left!', or straight-up embarrassment.  The former being how they became nicknamed watermelons.

We have one case of the feds actually doing something right,

The Department of Justice’s internal watchdog began a probe last year after U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Rachael Rollins attended a Democratic fundraiser last July featuring first lady Jill Biden, despite advice that this would violate ethics guidelines.

“We found Rollins’s conduct described throughout this report violated federal regulations, numerous DOJ policies, her Ethics Agreement, and applicable law, and fell far short of the standards of professionalism and judgment that the Department should expect of any employee, much less a U.S. Attorney,” the DOJ inspector general’s office said in its report.

And she, whether under pressure or because she actually has a sense of shame, is resigning.

And then we have more bullshit
Two agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation visited the childhood home of a pro-life activist and told the woman’s mother that they wanted to speak with her, according to footage obtained by The Daily Signal.

Elise Ketch is a member of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a group of mostly left-leaning activists who believe that abortion is the murder of a human child. PAAU particularly gained prominence after the group exposed the bodies of five premie-sized aborted babies, known as “The Five,” from the clinic of Washington, D.C., abortionist Cesare Santangelo.

Not her home, not her lawyer, not a phone call to her first.  She thinks this is trying to intimidate her, and my first thought-especially considering the current state of the Sacred Bureau, is that she's right.

Be nice to have a lot more of the first story, wouldn't it?

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

I need, not a vacation,

I need to just run away for a while.  Makes having a home and people who depend on you to some extent a problem, because you can't just go away.

Yeah, the state of our world is worrying and wearing.  I'm really sick of finding that people and organizations I trusted cannot be; that those who might not be corrupt themselves(to the extent others are), most of them will carry out their orders: "I need my job/I worked hard to get here", etc.  

Consider the tax collection agency of this country.  When Obama decided on a very guilty tax evader to be his Treasury Secretary, the IRS made the clown a special deal so he could do it.  We're told that the professional auditors and such were horrified and furious, but the agency did it.  And has demonstrated just how corrupt much of the leadership is; they just got rid of the whole team of investigators who'd been doing the Hunter Biden job, at the 'request' of the 'Justice' Department.  The 'J'D being so corrupt at this point that no more need be said.

And on.  And on.

Now let's talk about all those Professional Journalists who have demonstrated they really ARE just Democrat operatives with bylines.  Slanted news, 'Go after those guys and ignore what our guys are doing/have done', and flat-out lies combined with a level of bigotry that's horrifying.

To borrow a line from 'Jaws', it's enough to piss off the Good Humor man.

Throw in the personal stuff(no, I'm not needing another surgery, just family stuff that's been difficult), and that running away idea sounds better and better.


Some are speaking about our sold-out Professional Journalists, Link to Texas mall shooting updated

for what good it may do.

We have a choice here: Hiding out or dead?
The US Virgin Islands is unable to subpoena Google co-founder Larry Page over potential ties to Jeffrey Epstein because he cannot be physically located, federal court filings reveal.

A motion filed by the attorney general for the US Virgin Islands said investigators tried to identify a physical address at which Page, 50, could be personally summoned to appear in a court.

After identifying four possible addresses, none of which were 'valid', prosecutors are requesting the federal government allow Page to be summoned via Alphabet, Google's parent company, as he is still a member of its board.

I do wonder if Seattle will manage to claw back a bit, or if they're so far in the toilet there's no escape.
The co-chair of a King County Regional Homelessness Authority committee defended a registered sex offender’s appointment to a committee. But the committee includes one of his alleged victims. When the victim spoke up, she was loudly shouted down. And now the KCRHA is looking to remove the co-chair from her position.

And note this part of the 'defense' of putting this bastard on the committee:
Coulston, however, decided to argue this just made this jackwagon more qualified because sex offenders make up a decent-sized percentage of the homeless.
I will leave you to consider what this says about the 'homeless' and the actions needed thereof.

The "I love guns, but-" witness at that Texas mall shooting turns out to be a liar.  UPDATE: here's another link.

No, it wouldn't surprise me if the number of illegals had something to do with it.

Also thanks to Wirecutter,

Monday, May 15, 2023

There's nothing to replace the power they want to shut off(because Climate Change!),

but they're just certain the Magical Underpants Gnome will show up in the nick of time and save it all.

Or they just want to trash the grid and don't actually care what happens to the country.  Or the world, for that matter.

Just like Robert Byrd, as long as they can keep her in office they will,

because she's a reliable 'vote', and the clowns around her really don't want to lose their position, and the Party can use her.
Multiple sources tell Rolling Stone that in recent years Feinstein’s office had an on-call system — unbeknownst to Feinstein herself — to prevent the senator from ever walking around the Capitol on her own. At any given moment there was a staff member ready to jump up and stroll alongside the senator if she left her office, worried about what she’d say to reporters if left unsupervised. The system has been in place for years.

“They will not let her leave by herself, but she doesn’t even know it,” says Jamarcus Purley, a former staffer.