Saturday, October 09, 2021

and a little clearing

And Saturday follows

in the usual pattern.  Speaking of usual patterns, here's this one

You've probably heard of the school board association writing to Pres. Gropey whining and screaming

to turn the feds loose on parents who cause problems("No I do NOT agree with you teaching my kids this crap!") at board meetings, and that shithead Garland making his big announcement.

I'd wondered at how fast this happened, just a couple of days or so between letter and announcement, and lo and behold!, it was almost certainly a setup.
Multiple Legal Insurrection readers sent me a link to a letter that details a series of meetings and contacts showing the NSBA letter to DOJ was a set-up, a pre-arranged pretext to carry out an agenda to silence the growing parent protest movement.
• Key Biden Administration stakeholders, including the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and others, have combined to oppress, threaten, and intimidate parents to chill and prevent them from exercising the rights or privileges secured by the Constitution.5 To date these efforts, though extensive, have generally proven ineffectual.

• In early September, Biden Administration stakeholders held discussionsregarding avenues for potential federal action against parents with a key Biden Domestic Policy Council official (Jane Doe #1) and White House staff (John Doe #1). Stakeholders also held discussions with senior department officials, including at least one political appointee in the department’s Civil Rights Division (Jane Doe #2). Jane Doe #1, John Doe #1, and others in the White House separately expressed concern regarding the potential partisan political impact of parent mobilization and organization around school issuesin the upcoming midterm elections.

• Upon information and belief, at the express direction of or with the express consent of Jane Doe #1, Jane Doe #2 and other Biden Administration officials developed a plan to use a letter from an outside group (“not the usual suspects”) as pretext for federal action to chill, deter, and discourage parents from exercising their constitutional rights and privileges.

• Upon information and belief, in or about mid-September work began on development of what became the Attorney General’s Memorandum. Concerns expressed by department staff included (1) the absence of federal law enforcement nexus and authority, and (2) the constitutionally protected natureof parent protests. However, Jane Doe #2 made it clear this was a White House priority and a deliverable would be created.
• On October 5, there was a follow up call involving, inter alia, the White House Counsel’s Office, Jane Doe # 2, and many other Biden Administration political and career officials. The briefing included how to talk about “equity” initiatives, avoid liability for violating discrimination laws, and hide “equity” measures, initiatives, and action from Freedom of Information Act disclosure.

Teachers unions and these school board clowns and leftists, oh my.  Does anyone really doubt that this is the kind of thing they'd do when they run into a problem?

This is the kind of thing they do when they're worried, or flat-out scared.  The board clowns can't go to the local PD or SO and say "Arrest these people for disturbing the meeting!" when it's an open meeting and you don't want anyone to say anything contrary to what you're pushing.  Especially since there are local cops there and if there'd been actual threats or assaults they'd have already arrested someone.  So what to do.... Hey, let's get the feds involved to scare people into shutting up!

Except that's REALLY pissed a lot of people off, some more than already were and others new pissed-off people.  Which hopefully will backfire bigtime.  And if the LI guy is correct and the people with the suit have inside sources, this'll get really interesting. 

The PITA of the while after surgery

The new lens is great; from about three feet out I can see better than I have in- well, most of my life.

Yes, there's a but.

My left eye has a problem(not fixable, probably in my lifetime) that makes it unable to focus sharply on small things up close.  Not that much of a problem, except with the right unable to sharply focus up close...  That will be fixable with a new prescription on lens to take care of the close-up stuff by the right, but you can't get that until a month after the surgery, to give everything time to settle in and find any problem/possible problem.  So next week can get that, then the wait for the new lens.  In the meantime, the doc suggested a set of cheap reading glasses to carry me through.  They work for reading and other up-close stuff, but are useless beyond about 18", which means I either fumble my way through when away from home, or carry those along.

Beats hell out of the alternative that used to be the standard, but still a pain.

"Let's be green, and be jobless and freezing this winter!"

Yeah, that sounds like a great combination.  

Friday, October 08, 2021

Friday, it is here

and so is the usual.  Which includes my knees aching with the weather shift, but that's not why you're here

Layers and layers of fact-checkers and editors at the NYeffingTimes.

 Found here

Thursday, October 07, 2021

In the latest from the craphole knowns as Chicago,

Modern day gangsters in Chicago have graduated from carjackings and drive-by shootings to something new and exciting: the rolling gun battle. In scenes that look like fifth-grade productions of Hollywood shoot-em-up scenes, carloads of gang bangers and thugs are shooting it out, even in upscale neighborhoods including the city’s famous Magnificent Mile.

At the same time, Cook County’s Soros-funded prosecutor Kim Foxx doesn’t bother to charge groups of gang members who shoot it out in the city, even when cops catch them in the act. Even when one of the participants winds up dead and two more were wounded during the “mutual combat.”

Their dirtbag Mayor will keep blaming other states for not having the Bloomberg & Watts- approved gun laws, but she's toned down somewhat on blaming the cops equally; apparently it finally sunk in that, though Chicago PD has lots of problems, not having CPD around is worse.

If you're wondering what this 'mutual combat' crap is, here y'go.

I have doubts Chicago is fixable.  Between the "It doesn't matter what kind of slimeball they are, they're a Democrat so vote for one of the slimeballs for Mayor" attitude, the connections between just about ALL the politicians and the gangs and so forth, quite likely a lost cause.  Now, if you started by hanging the Mayor, the Aldermen, and all the gang heads you might have a chance...

So, just like Fauci, she wears a mask for the camera

“Oh, my bad, I’m sorry,” he said before quickly putting a mask on.

“Oh, no, oh, not you!” Tlaib assured him. She then got close to him and pulled her mask down. “No, no, no — I’m just wearing it because I’ve got a Republican tracker here.

I'd seriously recommend this on the origins of the Wuhan Lung Rot

It's from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and it's good.  I'm only about a third through, and will have to finish it later.  A, to me, key bit:
'Science is supposedly a self-correcting community of experts who constantly check each other’s work. So why didn’t other virologists point out that the Andersen group’s argument was full of absurdly large holes? Perhaps because in today’s universities speech can be very costly. Careers can be destroyed for stepping out of line. Any virologist who challenges the community’s declared view risks having his next grant application turned down by the panel of fellow virologists that advises the government grant distribution agency.

The Daszak and Andersen letters were really political, not scientific, statements, yet were amazingly effective. Articles in the mainstream press repeatedly stated that a consensus of experts had ruled lab escape out of the question or extremely unlikely. Their authors relied for the most part on the Daszak and Andersen letters, failing to understand the yawning gaps in their arguments. Mainstream newspapers all have science journalists on their staff, as do the major networks, and these specialist reporters are supposed to be able to question scientists and check their assertions. But the Daszak and Andersen assertions went largely unchallenged. '

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

The next step in Colorado: "Get the vaccine or we'll happily let you die."

Because you getting stuck is more important than you livintg.  At least to these people.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Wonder how many politicians in Australia

are on the payroll?  Considering the way they've handled the Wuhan situation, they're either all fucking idiots or on the take; and I doubt they can ALL be that stupid.
Nick Karl, a biochemist at Pfizer, said, “When somebody is naturally immune— like they got COVID— they probably have…more antibodies against the virus because what the vaccine is…that protein is just on the outside.” He continued explaining, “It’s just one antibody against one specific part of the virus. When you actually get the virus you’ll start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of virus, not only the outside portion but the inside portion, the actual virus so your antibodies are probably better at that point than the vaccination.”
Croce added, “I feel like I work for an evil corporation…basically our organization is run on COVID money now.” Croce then talked about how paranoid Pfizer is about this information getting out there. “There’s eyes and ears everywhere. You don’t talk about anything that could possibly implicate you or Big Pharma. Even when you shut the door to the office, it’s like, ‘who’s listening?

No, I will pass on an electric truck, thank you.

Lithium fires are horribly difficult to extinguish, and emit dangerously toxic fumes which can cause long term or even permanent dementia like brain injuries, along with a host of other usually reversible harms. Since lithium-ion fires are a chemical reaction they can only be cooled not extinguished. They end up burning for several days in some cases. To extinguish Lithium automobile battery fires, firefighters cordon off the area and spray a fine mist of water on the fire to try to keep the temperature down, then wait for it to burn itself out. Firefighters may need 30,000 to 40,000 gallons of water to contain a Tesla electric vehicle (EV) blaze than the 500 to 1,000 gallons of water they would normally use for a mainstream gas-powered car that was on fire.

A truly nightmare scenario is one in which an EV fire occurs in an underground parking garage beneath an apartment complex or a crowded office building. With the toxic fumes generated, how would the local fire department be able to respond to a fire that could not be extinguished even if they could get to it? Germany may be stepping up to the plate with a trend of banning EV’s from parking underground due to potential EV battery fires.

And that's on top of the, let's say 'slight' charging problems.  And just how they expect to charge all these things using using bird cuisinarts and solar panels.

Monday, October 04, 2021

Well, I was right

When the word about Goex shutting down, at least temporarily, came out, I figured this would happen.

There are at least four brands of black powder being imported(Swiss, Schutzen, Wano, and Elephant) being imported, and they're not affected by this.  But with the screams of "NO MORE BLACK POWDER!!" going 'round, the panic buying began.  Spent a while yesterday searching around, and the only black in stock anywhere, that I could find, was the 'reenactor' grade(not meant for actual shooting), EVERYTHING else of EVERY brand, sold out.

I fully understand being worried about things with the current clown show in charge in DC, but damn.

A bunch of our 'elites', including in uniform, are trash.

In what’s been described as a photo that “may become an enduring memory of the end of the U.S. war in Afghanistan,” Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue walks toward a C-17 transport plane at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, the last US military member who had boots on Afghan soil.

In a number of articles penned in the following days, Donahue is characterized as “uniquely qualified” for that moment in time and generally depicted as a humble, understated leader of his division.

Unfortunately, everything isn’t quite as it may seem. During the last hours of the evacuation, according to troops under his command and as documented by photographs and witness statements, Donahue ordered all of the passengers aboard a C-17 transport plane to disembark so he could have a souvenir loaded onto the plane. That souvenir, or “war trophy,” was an inoperable Taliban-owned Toyota Hilux with a fully operational Russian ZU-23 anti-aircraft autocannon mounted in the bed. Once the Hilux was loaded passengers were allowed back on the plane, but, of course, there wasn’t room for all of them. According to troops on the scene, at least 50 people and perhaps as many as 100 people were left at Kabul to make room for the Hilux.

Every asshole wants his MacArthur picture, even if he's running.

I have no words to describe how pissed I am.

Interesting. School boards constantly bitch that parents aren't involved enough, but

when involvement includes "We're not happy with what you clowns are doing to our kids", said parents become terrorists.

No, I'm not kidding.
As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. As such, NSBA requests a joint expedited review by the U.S. Departments of Justice, Education, and Homeland Security, along with the appropriate training, coordination, investigations, and enforcement mechanisms from the FBI, including any technical assistance necessary from, and state and local coordination with, its National Security Branch and Counterterrorism Division, as well as any other federal agency with relevant jurisdictional authority and oversight. Additionally, NSBA requests that such review examine appropriate enforceable actions against these crimes and acts of violence under the Gun-Free School Zones Act, the PATRIOT Act in regards to domestic terrorism, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Violent Interference with Federally Protected Rights statute, the Conspiracy Against Rights statute, an Executive Order to enforce all applicable federal laws for the protection of students and public school district personnel, and any related measure. As the threats grow and news of extremist hate organizations showing up at school board meetings is being reported, this is a critical time for a proactive approach to deal with this difficult issue.

These clowns see a bunch of parents saying "THIS is the crap you're teaching our kids?  We don't like this!" as terrorists to have the whole clown show sent after.

A, they're scared.  They never expected actual resistance to their crap.
B That these asshats have thrown this out shows just how much they want everyone under control.  Their version.

Next they'll say people sending their kids to private schools, or home schooling, is proof they're terrorists.  Just wait.