Saturday, April 16, 2011

What? Us worry?

'Cause NATO can't even handle Libya without running out of guided munitions?

'Cause we've got idiot politicians who blames the iPad for eliminating American jobs?(wonder when he'll get to the Kindle)

'Cause we're hearing crap like this from our tax-cheat Treasury Secretary?

Stuff like this makes getting these medical manuals(thanks to Insty for linking) an even better idea. Y'know, just in case

I just remembered Boru's Ghost is playing

at Full Circle bookstore tonight, 1930 to 2130.

Or, in normal terms, 7:30 to 9:30.

If you haven't heard them, they're worth taking a listen to.

Friday, April 15, 2011

This is different

Belly-dancing flappers

Know some of the ladies who dance with Aalim here in OKC; got me started looking at some of the tribal/fusion styles.

So even if it's a flat-out lie, a politically-correct 'hate crime'

still demands action. Just not action against the lying bastard who makes the false claim of a crime.

If you're going to go along with the hate-crimes idea, here's one for you:
Jameela Barnette, a radical Muslim blogger, said Wednesday she mailed Ball a box containing the plush monkey pinned with Stars of David and the letter (which addressed Ball as "Dead Man Walking") because he is "using Muslims to further his career."

"I sent it to let him know I am extremely displeased for his declaration of war on Muslims, which is what I regard those hearings as," said Barnette, a medical records consultant.
"I knew the Jews were behind the hearings. A monkey is a representation of who the Jews are," said Barnette, in explaining why she chose the beloved children's storybook character as a symbol.
"I will be scanning the obituaries to read the end of your saga, which should read: AIPAC purchased, treasonous scumbag politician and loyal ass-wipe to his Jew masters, succumbs to prostate cancer," she wrote.
Oh, and apparently that ban on pigs doesn't extend to using parts to express opinion:
A Georgia grandmother who says she sent state Sen. Greg Ball a Curious George monkey with a label saying it was bound for Auschwitz, cheap perfume and an anger-filled, anti-Semitic letter also laid claim Wednesday to mailing a bloody pig's foot to Rep. Peter King of Long Island.
Wonder if she'll face any prosecution?

Remember the Erik Scott murder in Las Vegas?

New information,

If you're not familiar, he has all his past posts on this matter here

Last night someone linked to this story

about the SWAT team helping take a woman who'd refused to medicate her kid; followup article ...Authorities have determined there is no emergency need for a 13-year-old girl to be on medication,; 'She did this', 'No she didn't', etc. Mess in any case.

One of the things that pisses me off about Obama is the, call it 'basic cowardice' he displays on almost everything: calling tax increases 'spending cuts', and throwing everything to a commission so he can blame problems on the commission. Like rationing health care.

Ref all the upset over that guy burning a Koran,
And as protesters vandalized a girls’ school and set fire to shops, Qurans also inadvertently went up in flames. “If they burn a shop, there is a Quran in every shop, so this is a big problem,” says Azizullah Aziz, a perfume and soap salesman in Kandahar City. “People don’t know how to protest.”
A thought occurs: maybe they just don't care, since some of them are only using the book burning as an excuse to do what they want, say, vandalize a school where girls are allowed?

What? Lies used to excuse us attacking in Libya?
That's a surprise?

And that's it. Just no interest in digging through this stuff this morning.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

About the DOJ claims they didn't know about Gunwalker,

According to Sen. Grassley, in a letter fired off to Attorney General Eric Holder last night, the ATF arranged a meeting between the gun shop owner and the U.S. Attorney's office which is part of the Justice Department. At that meeting, Sen. Grassley says the U.S. Attorney's office declined to provide written terms but assured the gun dealer there were safeguards in place to prevent further distribution of the weapons being purchased from his business.

"As we now know, those assurances provide to be untrue," Grassley wrote.
And we know the DOJ claims they didn't know about Gunwalker were lies. More accurately, these e-mails prove they were lies.

I haven't been paying attention toJoan Peterson

for quite a while; I gave up arguing with mentally-troubled people for the most part. However, it seems that she and her buttkissers & fellow travelers are throwing names and idiot statements at a number of gunbloggers.

Not getting into this; I'm tired of arguing with people like this, and damned if I'm going to the nuts' Facebook page to argue with her and the other idiots.

Uncle points to a solution for

.22 snap caps:

No, there's no inflation problem

Just because a can of corned beef has gone from around $2.75-3 to $3.75 or so, no, THAT doesn't indicate anything...

And are you getting all those 'special sale' e-mails from places trying to drum up business?

Snork... Mardi Gras at OSU

So it's official: Obama believes all you earn actually belongs to the government

Because that's the only way you can call not raising taxes 'spending' and believe it.

And let's not forget this piece of shit:
Called a “debt failsafe trigger,” Obama’s scheme would automatically raise taxes if politicians spend too much. According to the talking points distributed by the White House, the automatic tax increase would take effect “if, by 2014, the projected ratio of debt-to-GDP is not stabilized and declining toward the end of the decade.”

Let’s ponder what this means. If politicians in Washington spend too much and cause more red ink, which happens on a routine basis, Obama wants a provision that automatically would raise taxes on the American people
Got that? He wants tax increases without the cowardly politicians having to actually vote on them. You know why.

One of those times you think "C'mon, just one little meteor..."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's either a rule or that damn brownie

is messing with me again: I needed that can of truck bedliner spray, and it's not where I last left it. So either I put it somewhere else for some reason or the malicious little bleep moved it.

You know how, when some ninja-suited cop

shoots the family dog or scares hell out of a kid or shoots someone they shouldn't(extra points for doing it at the wrong address), the usual excuse for the department not doing anything about it is "The officer was following standard procedure"? TSA uses that excuse for feeling up kids, too.
“Some folks are asking if the proper procedures were followed. Yes. TSA has reviewed the incident and the security officer in the video followed the current standard operating procedures,” a TSA spokesman wrote on the agency’s official blog.
Well, Blogger Bob, fuck you and your procedures. You and they both suck like a Hoover with a supercharger.

Short version of Obama's speech:

"It's all Bush's fault, and we need to raise taxes."

So some of the idiocies the last few years at Wally World

were caused by a Gore clown? Well, somebody had to be behind it.
The Sierra Club’s Carl Pope seemed pleased that Dach was inside the enemy camp, confiding to the New Yorker:
One of the remarkable things about the environmental movement is how rarely people from our side end up on the other side, and Leslie is on the other side.
But Dach’s fervor only sunk the company. Andy Barron, a Wal-Mart executive vice president, told an investor meeting:
Clearly, we’ve lost some of our focus on what I would call the core customer. … You might say, in short, that we were trying to be something that maybe we’re not.
A place that sold inexpensive/less-expensive stuff to people; yeah Sierra Club would see that as the enemy.

I should note Romney announced starting his committee to study running for President again. While in some ways I agree with Limbaugh who said he'd vote for Elmer Fudd if it'd get Obama out of the Oval Office... Romneycare Romney? Loves the PROM gun laws Romney? HELL no.

Heard this on radio the other day, here's the text: Trump is running for his big ego, nothing more, and he doesn't care who and how many people he screws so long as he gets stroked. Fuck him.

The New York Times released a rare and honest appraisal of of Barack Obama’s failed economic policies yesterday.
Economix Blog reported:
At a time when the economy should be rebounding the latest GDP number for the first quarter of 2010 shows thatthe Obama economic policies have failed.

When 2011 began, Macroeconomic Advisers, a forecasting company, expected that America’s economic output would shape up to rise at a 4.1 percent annual rate in the first quarter, the highest pace in over a year.

But economic reports coming in over the last few months have been increasingly disappointing.
But, that wasn’t posted long.
Of course not; they realized they'd criticized The Lightworker and that just can't happen.

"Show me on the doll where the TSA screener touched you."
One of these days some parent is going to beat hell out of some screener, or flatly say "No way in hell will you do that" and get arrested, and the trial just might get interesting. From the looks of it nothing else will get these assholes to knock the bullshit off.

Can't remember where found this linked yesterday: How To Handle Lawyers Threatening You. No knowledge myself, but sounds correct.
Ah, just remembered, was at the QOTD here:
I can safely say that few people have less respect for the law than lawyers. Abuse of law is not just common, it defines the industry.

Just across the border,
Soldiers found the corpses last week in San Fernando, in Tamaulipas state near Texas, and initially unearthed 59 bodies. The toll has since risen steadily in one of the most gruesome finds so far in Mexico's escalating drug war.

Well, maybe they are...

He is Lindsey Graham and he is Washington. His ego, his Politico-anointed status as one of official Washington's "top 50 party animals" comes first. It's all about me, me, me, and not that coastal state with the blazing sun and dreary flatlands filled with even drearier people, "bigots" who need to "shut up" and leave the governing to him. "I'm a winner, pal," he yelled at a heckler who called him out for supporting the Obama agenda during a rare visit to South Carolina. And you, you Tea Party buffoons, you'll be just a memory while I priss and prance from one party to the next, hailed by the New York Times and GQ magazine and MSNBC, and celebrated by La Raza, which has charitably been described as a "racist illegal alien support group." Hey, in midtown Manhattan, at GQ and Vanity Fair magazines, just a BMW billboard or so away from the New York Times headquarters, I'm one of their "favorite" senators. Heck, even Michelle Obama likes me.

RX: "'Singularly Tone-Deaf' is the ATF's middle name."

I've got a list of others to test

when I have another pile of jugs:
.45acp with my carry load, 185 grain Gold Dots
.38 Special with a reverse-loaded hollowbase wadcutter
.32 Long with reversed wadcutter
.380 with Hornady FTX bullet
.380, think I've got some Gold Dots around somewhere
.38 Special with hollowpoint semi-wadcutter; the old FBI load is considered very good, I'm wondering if it could be loaded down from +P velocity and still expand.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Irons in the Fire Box of Truth Updated

(Update is for velocity information)
I've had some loads I've wanted to test for months. First had to collect a bunch of water & milk jugs; a LOT, as the experiment with the M1 Carbine loads showed I'd probably need more than I might think. Then it was winter, then I kept getting tied up on other things. Yesterday I decided to get off my ass and do this, so the jugs were loaded and filled, the Box setup loaded, etc., and this morning went off to make noises and blow bottles up.

First, a couple of shots of my own Box of Truth setup(not to be confused with the original, found here; go look when you can, lots of good stuff). Notice the stylish carriage and eco-friendly construction:

I have a jack I was going to take for adjusting it, but of course it was forgotten, so I had to prop the front up with something some jerk left at the range.

The test ammo and loads(where applicable) I'll list individually; the test guns(some mine, some borrowed) were
Romanian TT33 Tokarev, 7.62x25mm
Colt Model M(Pocket Hammerless), .380acp
Colt Model M, .32acp
Colt 1908 pocket pistol, .25acp
Kimber Compact, .45acp
The jugs are all 6-inches across in the main body.
The handloads used worked well in these arms; doesn't guarantee they will in yours. If you try these loads, it's your responsibility.
I don't have the velocity on these loads, next time have a chance I'll take the Chrony along and check them and update this post with the information. I did weigh the bullets after.

The shots were all made at ten feet, starting with the 7.62x25. The load was S&B brass, a Hornady XTP 90-grain hollowpoint pushed by 5.8 grains of W231 powder, before & after:
This is actually the second; the first I didn't have lined up quite right and it penetrated four jugs along the right side and apparently turned to the right enough to disappear; the second went center and penetrated four jugs completely, the core of the bullet was in the fifth jug and I found the jacket in the fourth. The core did upset nicely.
These loads penetrated a LOT more than I'd expected, especially being hollowpoints. Weight 84.3 grains including the piece of plastic stuck in the jacket folds, so lost about six grains. Velocity: 1300fps

Next comes .380acp. This was Winchester brass and a Montana Gold 95-grain HP in front of 3.2 grains of W231.
Again, this one is the second shot; the first went a bit right(yes, again), penetrated three jugs completely and tore a slot in the side of the fourth and vanished. This one penetrated three completely, jacket found in the third and core in the fourth; not much expansion. 94.3 grains total weight. Velocity: 820fps

Third was .32acp, a Wolf Gold case, 60-grain Speer Gold Dot HP pushed by 2.5 grains of Bullseye:
First shot penetrated two jugs completely and apparently turned a bit and cut a slot in the side of the third jug and went away; this one completely penetrated the first jug and was found in the second. There was a little bump on the back of the second, but not enough energy left to penetrate. Beautiful expansion.
However: after all was done and I moved the box I checked the ground and found this:
The first .32, also beautifully expanded; apparently enough energy to make it out of the jugs but then just fell to the ground. One weighs 60.0, the other 59.9; excellent weight retention. Velocity: 857fps

Next came .25acp, a Speer Gold Dot 35-grain factory load:
One jug completely, a good-sized bump in the back wall of the second, in which it was found. I was really surprised at how well this little sucker expanded. It also weighs exactly 35 grains, so lost no bits in the process. Velocity: 900fps

The last planned shot was a practice load, .45acp using a X-treme plated 200-grain HP, Federal case and 7.0 grains of Unique; I just wanted to see if this bullet would upset at all. Nope.
The nose shows barely any deformation; if it weren't for the rifling marks on the body you'd think it was a new bullet. This sucker penetrated all five jugs and left
a nasty dent in the 2x4 back piece of the box; if the last jug hadn't been butted up against this the bullet would've been found laying on the bottom wood. A LOT more penetration than I expected. Velocity: 850fps

After all this I had two jugs left, so just to try it I shot them with a Federal bulk-pack 36-grain HP out of the AR15-22. This penetrated both jugs and was found embedded
in the back board. I waited 'till home to get it out; it would wobble a bit but was stuck, so I cut around it a bit so I could see it undamaged:
Not much expansion, pretty good penetration. The box says 36-grain, but this weighs 37 even on my scale.

So that's my results for the day. Now I have to start collecting jugs again.

Couple of notes:
The .380 loads are from when ammo- especially for .380- was so hard to find, found a bag of the Montana Gold bullets to try. Yeah, they've been sitting around a while.

I've got some .30-caliber 90-grain Hornady softpoints for the 7.62x25, but ran out of jugs.
I also wonder how this bullet would work in the Carbine?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wow! 'Green jobs' are a bust?

Whoda thunk it?
The Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, a German think tank, issued a report on its analysis of German subsidization of “green jobs”. The PDF is here for your enjoyment.

Not a pretty tale, for it finds that subsidization of “green jobs” in alternative energy is simply a failure.

That WOULD explain a lot of Congress:

Anaerobic morons.

A very good piece on Oathkeepers

at Reason

Sunday, April 10, 2011

By the way, does anyone else think stripper shoes

are idiotic?

The platforms with two-three inches in the sole and heels about six/seven inches high? Who thought the damn things up, anyway?

What brought this up was a music video. When they went to digital broadcasting there were a couple of mv channels that appeared around here; I had one on for background noise while doing something and a Beyonce video started; it began with her clomping across a parking lot in a pair of them, and that's exactly what the effect was: clomping like a farmer stepping through a plowed field. Not exactly a thrilling effect. And it reminded me of seeing some lady at a store a few days ago wearing a pair.

I have no problems with ladies in high heels, but these things are idiotic.

I have been to VTEC territory,

and I like it.

I've mentioned only once or twice getting the engine high enough in revs to trigger the VTEC. In one of those 'I need to work on that' moments I mentioned earlier today I took a ride this evening. When I turned around to start back I found the ramp completely empty before me and not much traffic on the highway, so pushed it a bit and shifted into 2nd around 6k and thought "I need to try this" and ran it up to about 7500 before shifting.

Right at 6800 I felt it switch on, felt the surge and heard the engine note change deeper. Ran up to about 7500-8k to shift into 3rd and discovered I was at 85 and rapidly running out of ramp and there was some traffic on the highway so I backed off. It was impressive, and now I really want to find a track somewhere to ride this thing on.

I read that Honda got some complaints that the transition from two to four valves was too sudden and a problem for some people; this was very smooth, no problem at all. And as I remember redline on my Vulcan was around 8000; at 8k on this bike there's almost 4k more to redline. The more I ride this bike, the better I like it.

One other thing, I tried out a Throttle Rocker and think it'll work fairly well. I had a throttle lock on the Vulcan(no, I did not think to take it off before selling it) and it was great on the highway; with this you still have to have your hand there, but you can relax it and just let the heel keep the throttle in place. I need to make a trip for research purposes(that's my excuse, and I'll stick to it).

After posting a bit on Facebook about being sick

of hearing how Republicans and conservatives 'want women and children to DIE!!!', I was informed by someone that
A: Clinton was wonderful and Republicans messed up the wonderful situation he left,
B: Obama is wonderful and all problems of deficits, etc., are the fault of BOOOOSH leaving him two illegal wars to fight, etc.
Apparently it's just not possible for a Democrat or socialist(awful lot of overlap there nowadays) to do ANYTHING bad or wrong. And I'm supposed to stop bitching about things because everything is the fault of people like me...

Yes, I know; I think I'm going to start using Facebook solely for contacting people I know who for some reason don't answer regular e-mails.

United Nations and French helicopters

in Ivory Coast fired rockets on strongman Laurent Gbagbo's residence Sunday in retaliation to attacks by his forces on the U.N. headquarters and civilians in recent days, a U.N. official said.
Really? When did the UN get helicopter gunships of its very own?
Two residents from nearby neighborhoods reported seeing two U.N. Mi-24 attack helicopters and one French helicopter open fire on the residence.
Always the possibility of mistaken ID, of course, but you have to wonder.

There's a line in one of Drake's books,

"A man lives as long as he lives, not a day more." It was said by a man going into a nasty fight, accepting this might be the day, but it also covers things like this. It can be an accident, a disease, something physical hiding inside until something triggers it.

I spent a lot of years with "This stuff has to be done first." Got so in the habit it's hard to just take off and do something I want instead of doing something that needs doing around the house or work or whatever. I really do need to work on that.

Here's two happy riders

Pic found at Theo's

I should state my opinion of the budget deal:

Screw you, Republican Party. You were promising $100 billion in cuts; now that's all the way down to a lousy $38 billion in a budget with a $1.6 TRILLION deficit with the federal government is still hiring people? And you're all happy and smiling and telling us how wonderful you are?

Screw you twice. There's a reason we call you the Stupid Party.