Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot Damn! NO agreement to return the Chavez lackey Zelaya to power

Here's the latest on the Zelaya-Micheletti Honduras standoff--
An agreement was reached last night but was not made public. Today the government will release the news as representatives from both sides continue to work on the details.

The initial reports that Manuel Zelaya would be reinstated as president were not accurate.

The latest speculation comes from my sources inside the Micheletti government.
President Micheletti will step down and may be moved to a position connected to the Honduran Supreme Court.

Former President Manuel Zelaya will be exiled to Spain. If he comes back to Honduras he will be charged for his many crimes discovered by the current government after Zelaya was ousted for circumventing the Honduran Constitution.

Another official will step in as president until elections in November.

From what I've read of this Micheletti did nothing wrong; he's probably being moved as a sop to the clowns in other countries still accusing him of being part of a 'coup'. I'd imagine he considers this a cheap price to keep Zelaya from having another chance to screw the country.


skywalker said...

Whilst Micheletti and Velasquez are the lackeys of US imperialism, Zelaya is neither the lackey f the US nor Venezuela. He is the 'lackey" of the Honduran People. He serves their interests and not the interests of of the masses of the people. He desired that the Honduran people be given the opportunity to determine their own constitution. This is why He was deposed.

Firehand said...

'Lackeys of the Yankee Imperialists', for bleep's sake! You get your talking points from the Norks?

As I recall, the Honduran Constitution contains a procedure for making changes, much like ours; if Zelaya was not the Chavez-kissing Castro-admiring little dictator wannabe he is, he could have proposed a chance. EXCEPT-

He could not propose extending his own term; and since he wanted to become President-For-Life, that just wouldn't do, would it?

And you've got two slips there:
1. "He serves their interests and not the interests of of the masses of the people". You got that right; he serves the commie clowns who want to take over, not the people.
2. "...why He..." What is he, a deity to you?