Saturday, September 16, 2006

I am getting pretty damn tired of the 'Religeon of Peace',

seeing as how if anyone says anything that they don't like- for whatever reason- it's an 'attack on Islam' and an excuse to riot and scream and make more death threats.

Guys? I'm sure people more noticeable than I have pointed this out, but if you react to any criticism of your actions or beliefs by threatening to kill everybody in sight, you're not exactly being very peaceful. And you're ruining your supposed reputation as a 'peaceful religeon'. Instead, you're acting like a bunch of spoiled brats who see everything short of falling on knees and converting as an 'attack on Islam' and use it as an excuse to declare jihad and kill people and burn things.

Religeon of peace my ass. If it actually was, you'd have marches by muslims calling suicide bombers and the murderers in Iraq the beasts they are and condemning them. If you disagreed with what the Pope said in the above link, you'd be arguing the point in an intelligent manner, not saying things like "
Benedict would go down in history "in the same category as leaders such as (Benito) Mussolini and (Adolf) Hitler.", and burning people in effigy, etc.

I've been reading Londonistan, and one of the things she points out is that the radicals(whether they actually believe it or not) and the hysterics(who do) claim anything as an 'attack on Islam' and reason for suicide bombings and terrorism in general and so forth. Do anything except fall on your knees before them, and it's an attack.

And I'm really tired of the supposed 'moderate' muslims at least silently going along with it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

More on the UN 'There Is No Right Of Self-Defense' BS

Looking over at I need to do more) I found this by Dave Kopel:UN's New Attack on Law-Abiding American Gun Owners . It's about a particular question on a 'Human Rights Law Exam, as follows:
Advanced Topics in Human Rights Law. Exam, Spring 2010. Question 4: One day, a woman goes to a gun store in Florida. She provides picture identification to the store owner, who then, pursuant to the National Instant Check System, uses his telephone to contact law enforcement, and ensure that the woman has no criminal record. The woman then purchases an expensive double-barreled shotgun, manufactured in the United Kingdom. She plans to use the gun for all lawful purposes, but primarily for sporting clays. In accordance with Florida law, she did not need to obtain a government license to possess the gun.

Two years later, a man breaks into her home at night. The woman reasonably (and correctly) believes that the man intends to rape and torture her. She also, correctly, believes that there is absolutely no possibility that the man will kill her. She shoots the man and kills him.

Summarize the human rights violations

They find three, the Brits for exporting 'small arms' to the U.S.; the U.S. and Florida for 'permitting' the woman to buy the gun without a license; and Finally, the woman's use of gun violence against the man was also a human rights violation.

Overall, it's a fairly standard piece of UN crap. But read it all the way through; to me, the biggest red flag in the thing is right at the end:
If the victim's human rights lawsuit were brought before a judge who was sympathetic to such manufacturers or organizations, it is unlikely that the suit would succeed. However, there are many judges who do not have such sympathies. Thanks to the flexibility of international law, and the evolving practice in U.S. constitutional interpretation of using international law guidelines, it would be possible for the lawsuits to result not only in monetary damages, but also in injunctive relief, and the judicial negation of the state and federal laws on self-defense and gun control which violate international human rights.(emphasis mine)

If there was ever a a blunt warning as to what the international GFWs and 'human rights' clowns want to happen here, this is it. It's why, anytime some judge decides to base his ruling on 'international law' instead of the Constitution, he out to be tarred and feathered. These people PLAN on using such judges to trash our Constitution; they're looking forward to it and planning on it.

One more reason why that damn building should be torn down and the sorry excuses for humans in it set up in Botswana or someplace in Europe.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

If you need a shooting rest,

take a look at this:

They're being made by a girl who's raising money for a .204 Encore, information is posted at Mad Ogre. He had a post on it yesterday, now has the pics and a link for ordering.

What more can you ask? A solid rest, a kid raising money for a boomstick, and it'll seriously twist the hinges of the GFWs out there. Go take a look.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Carbine followup

Yesterday I went to the range, but a little differently. No chrono, no loads to test, just a couple of rifles and a pistol, some targets and ammo. Just shooting for fun, which I hadn't done in a while. I also couldn't stand all the 9/11 stuff on radio and tv, so went out.

That little Model 8 Martini is a really nice plinking rifle. It lets you break a clay pigeon at 50 yards, and then break up the pieces. It's a bit heavy for the purpose, but with fine sights and- especially with sub-sonic ammo virtually no recoil and very low noise it's a good rifle to let a kid shoot.

The M1 Carbine experiment continues. After the last time I used it, I'd taken it down for a thorough cleaning, so this time would tell how well it held zero after being dis- and reassembled. Answer is very well, I didn't have to make any adjustment; it hit right where it'd been hitting before. Be it said that this will depend a LOT on how good & tight the stock/handguard/barrel band assembly is. This one is pretty tight and goes back the same way every time, one that was any looser you'd have to do some work to tighten things up so it'd lock back up the same way every time. I do think the clamp-onto-the-barrel mounts out there are probably superior to this because they'd be lower to the barrel and would stay clamped on in the same position through disassembly. However, if you want to put this together and do some tweaking(if necessary) it's a worthy project. I'm going to see what are the lowest rings I can lay hands on and see how much they'd lower the scope compared to those I have now. The only other way I can see to lower it would be to inlet the scope base down into the handguard, and I have doubts how well that'd work; you'd be thinning the wood enough to seriously reduce the strength unless you also used epoxy or something to permanently fix it in as part of the guard.

And, if it's going to take all that to make it workable for you, you'd be adding in enough time that, unless you like messing with things, it'd probably be more cost-effective to just buy a good barrel-clamp mount.

The scope works nicely on it. As for a SHTF rifle or home-defense, I think the red-dot sight would be the way to go, without question. Fast and plenty accurate for the use.

Looked at the SOG site yesterday, and they show they're getting in some M1 Carbine receivers, listed as 'very good' condition. Tempting to see if could get one, then start collecting parts. Pretty much everything is available except receivers, and you can find those from some dealers; problem is, the receivers are around $350 everywhere I looked. Add parts to that, and you're paying as much or more than a ready-to-use carbine.

And I actually got some things done at home before had to shut down. Amazing.

Monday, September 11, 2006

To Andrew Sullivan and all the other clowns

who said the abuses at Abu Ghraib under U.S. control were torture:
Then:Abu Ghraib became synonymous with abuse after shocking pictures were published in 2004 showing prisoners being tortured and humiliated, galvanising opposition to the US presence in Iraq.

and now:
The witness said that even in the thieves' section prisoners were being treated badly. "Someone was shouting 'Please help us, we want the human rights officers, we want the Americans to come back'," he said.

Well, well, it seems that being led around on a leash and having panties on your head wasn't so bad after all. I said at the time- along with a lot of other people- that these were indeed abuses, but there ain't no way that comes in under the heading of 'torture'.

I'm not excusing this. I am pointing out that a: what happened at the prison when under U.S. control was not good, but wasn't anywhere near this and b: what did anyone think was going to happen to some of the terrorists- and unfortunately some accused of being terrorists- when someone who's had friends or family killed while at a store or applying for a job gets hold of them? In a culture that's been treated this way for a couple of generations?
Article here; I'd seen it the other day but lost the link, found it from Sondra K

Carnival of Cordite #71

Up at STD


Lots of people doing memory pieces, what they were doing, how it happened. I may do something on that later. For now...

I'm still pissed. Every time I think of it, REALLY pissed. At the vile excuses for men who committed these acts, those who gave them money and intelligence and places to train. At those who make plans to kill us in stores and restaurants and offices and schools.

And I don't forget the idiots who help them here out of stupidity and PC blindness. The CIA bastards who didn't do their damn jobs. The FBI bastards who wouldn't seek a warrant for that laptop, who were more worried about being seen as 'insensitive' than in getting their damn job done.

Maybe more later.

Not really anything to add. I wrote once before about that morning. About going from "Terrible accident" to "Crap, we've been attacked". The anger at the incompetents who helped it happen and the sorry offspring of rabid dogs and syphilitic camels who helped the murderers train and hide and gave them money. And the rage at the idiot broadcasters who kept talking about 'terror striking into the hearts of America' over and over. The disgust at the 'peace at any cost' idiots came later, when they started marching with their "don't hurt them, understand them" bullshit.
Just, overall, sick and tired.

Additional: Kevin at Smallest Minority had a link to this piece by Steven den Beste; I'd strongly suggest reading it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

How far down the drain would you say England is?

Getting pretty far, I'd say.

At Cam Edwards place, found a link to this story:
A man vowed to keep a glowing garden gnome on display today in defiance of a police notice. Gordon MacKillop even faces possible prosecution over the offending ornament.

He was woken in the night by two police officers who warned him that the solar-powered gnome, dressed in full police uniform, was offensive to his neighbours.

They served him with a notice under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997 for "placing a garden gnome with intent to cause harassment to Mr John McLean".

For a garden gnome?!?

"When you hear a knock at the door at quarter to midnight you don't expect to be served with that," said Mr MacKillop, a marine surveyor at Devonport Dockyard.

No, you wouldn't think so. After reading this I checked the front page. You would think, instead of busting 'harassing' gnomes they'd be dealing with things like this:
A 15-year-old boy gunned down in a city park was an innocent victim in the wrong place at the wrong time, police have said.

Schoolboy Jessie James was shot three times in the early hours of Saturday morning in a public park in Manchester's notorious Moss Side district.

He was shot with a semi-automatic pistol suffering two wounds to his torso and one near his appendix, police said.

He died at the scene.

And, by the way, since handguns are pretty much banned in Britain, how'd the gang weenies get hold of this semi-auto pistol, anyway? Of course, instead of chasing gang-bangers with guns, the police are pretty tied up dealing with dangerous characters like this miscreant:
A mother-of-two faces a possible prison sentence after swearing at yobs who have made her life a living hell.

For more than two years a large group of teenage thugs have hounded desperate Donna Appleyard who has had to endure relentless abuse, threats and vandalism.

But unbelievably, when the 32-year-old finally "snapped" over the constant intimidation and swore at one of her bullies she was arrested by police and now faces a possible prison sentence if she refuses to pay a fine.

A fine, you say? Nay, it should not be! She should be put in the stocks for a day at least!

Donna, who had lived on the estate for the last 14 years, said the problems with kids had grown progressively worse over the last two years until it is now unlivable.

On a daily basis Donna claims her and her two children, James 14, and Holly, 12, have to put up with a 15 strong group of kids aged between 12 and 17 hanging around outside their three-bedroom semi-detached home.

Donna and her neighbours have had to endure paint been thrown on their walls, plants ruined from their gardens, and late night noise from the gang who stay up drinking on the streets.

Those poor little kids are just trying so have some fun! And you put your safety and privacy and home above that?!? You bigot! You hatemonger! You, you swearer!

Things finally came to a head on March 30 when a desperate Donna finally lost her temper and told her tormentors to "please, just f*** off."

The youths ignored her but two weeks later officers called at her home. She was told a 13-year-old girl had made a complaint against her.

Donna was arrested and charged under public order offences.

I should think so! She must have hurt the feelings of the little bastards kids something terrible with that language!

She was handed an £80 fixed penalty notice but refused to pay and was taken to court last month. Magistrates then upped the sum to £120 pounds which Donna must now pay or face a possible jail term.

All funny off. This is a marvelous example of the idiocy that is destroying Britain. The police won't act against the hoodlums, but they will charge you with yelling at them. God forbid you hurt a burglar who attacks you in your home, you'll go to prison for that. An honest subject of the Crown who owns a firearm is treated like a criminal who just hasn't been caught yet, but people who commit a whole range of offenses, including violent ones, now get a damned ticket. And if you're arrested for a variety of charges, the British Government has taken away your right to a trial by jury. You get 'caught' with a bloody pocketknife, and you'll go to jail unless you can show 'need' for posession of it.

And a bunch of jihadi assholes can parade through a city calling for death and destruction, but if you dare to object to what they're saying, you get threatened with arrest for disturbing the peace.

Barring a miracle-level turnaround in the near future, once-Great Britain is gone.