Saturday, July 08, 2017

'Another Saturday night

and I ain't got nobody,' etc.  But there is always the intellectual stimulus of data analysis

Strange bedfellows, indeed

Now, Ladd ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but understands where the money might be which is probably why he abandoned the sinking ship that is CSGV and is now associated with George Takei’s One Pulse for America.  This might bring some cash to the group which he may get some in his pocket while George prances around ignoring that his director supports FDR’s sending the Japanese to Internment Camps, the same camps Mr. Takei spent time in as a child.

Of course, the left loves associating themselves with some other nasty people, too.
This is the same Linda Sarsour that just called for a “Jihad” against Trump. Yes, the leader of the Woman’s March issued a Fatwa. She is also the same Linda Sarsour that is the vicious antisemitic “Anti-Zionist” who caused controversy at NYC and said Zionist can’t me feminists.

She also co-led the “Day Without a Woman” march with convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh.

So an antisemitic, terrorism supporting, radical is going to march with a bunch of raging Leftist Progressives…

The same raging Leftist Progressives that kicked Jews out of the Chicago Dyke March for triggering the Palestinian lovers and then published an awful NY Times justification of their Jew hatred.

Experiments to be tried

Mentioned having had good results from some hard-cast 300-grain bullets over Green Dot in the .45-70, so some more of those put together.  Also have some new bullets to try: these are X-Treme 300-grain plated, with a mod: Dad has a canneluring tool, and used it on some, and gave me a few.  Need to load some over Unique, and over Green Dot and see how they do.

I also need to find someplace in town that carries Goex black.  The first black-powder .45-70 loads I put together were with it; the Graf & Sons powder seems to work well, but produces a bit lower velocity, and I'd like to find out if that was just an oddity between two brands, or maybe just something about that one pound of old powder and a newer one.

For that matter, I really need to get to the range for some handgun time.  The part-time job has turned into damn-near full-time due to circumstances, and has left no time for any range therapy.  It should(hopefully) slow back to the expected times in the near future, but until then I'll have to do more dry-fire practice.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Downright hot & muggy outside;

more comfortable by far in front of a fan, or in the a/c, going over new study material