Saturday, October 22, 2011

So they think there's a formula for the perfect boobs?

I think there's a bit more 'in the eye of the beholder' involved than they're giving credit for


James has some information and thoughts, and points to a video

that just made me cringe as I watched this attempt at winning a Darwin.

Unrelated, but worth noting: make sure you reassemble things correctly

before pulling the trigger...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kim du Toit used to have a piece called "Let Africa sink"

and he explained in detail why he said that. Things like this tend to make you think he was right.
One witch-doctor led us to his secret shrine and said he had clients who regularly captured children and brought their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits.

Meanwhile, a former witch-doctor who now campaigns to end child sacrifice confessed for the first time to having murdered about 70 people, including his own son.
Bad enough. The excuse for not actually investigating and prosecuting the bastards involved?
Uganda's Minister of Ethics and Integrity James Nsaba Buturo believes that "to punish retrospectively would cause a problem... if we can persuade Ugandans to change, that is much better than going back into the past."
Yeah. I mean, if you actually INVESTIGATED it might turn up embarrassing numbers, and people, and such...

Ever heard the name Jay Dobyns?

He was another guy at ATF who actually did cop stuff and got screwed over for it. Damn near got a dead family. I'd read some of this before, but the stuff this article covers about Newell(one of the Gunwalker bigshots and a lead candidate for perjury charges) is- well, 'shocking' doesn't even begin to cover it. 'Disgusting', 'unprofessional', 'criminal' are in there for sure.

If ATF had taken steps to hold Newell, Gillett, McMahon and others responsible for their irresponsible actions surrounding the Dobyns case, Fast and Furious wouldn’t have happened, but because ATF openly rewards bad behavior and corruption, Fast and Furious was utterly predictable. ATF executive leadership left these people in place to rule in this agency. They left management in the ATF Phoenix Field Office in place despite documentation showing they were incompetent.
Well, 'incompetence' is in there, too. I think a big chunk of this is that BATFEIEIO spent, well, decades breaking laws, screwing people over, committing acts that would've put Joe or Jane Citizen in prison and getting away with it because doing these things suited a lot of powerful politicians who didn't like the peasants having arms. So if anyone had actually held the brass responsible for this crap, and fired and prosecuted them, and put REAL law-enforcement types in- you know, the kind who actually believe that the law is for everyone and that corrupt cops are disgusting- it would've put a real crimp in the kitten-stomping civil-rights-violating activities that made people like Swimmer Kennedy and Schumer & Co. so happy.

Give that toxic mix a few decades and you have bastards like Newell working with DoJ and DEA and FBI and whever-the-hell else willing to run guns to Mexico and get God-only-knows how many people killed, how much misery caused, in the name of helping more corrupt politicians push their agenda.

Things like this are why I'd like to see a roofing trailer and a stack of pillows set upwind of any gathering of policians: just maybe the smell of tar, maybe the sight of a drum of rope next to the pillows, might give them the idea that they've way overstayed their welcome and really need to go away.

So what do you think the Russians are expecting

with this kind of goal?

And for today's dose of "I'm sick of serious stuff",

If a plain old citizen had done these things

he'd already be behind bars. But not this Only One.
According to the charging documents, Whitehouse unholstered a handgun, grabbed the woman around her neck and pointed the weapon underneath her chin. “How do you like this bitch?” Whitehouse purportedly said to her, the records state. Whitehouse put the gun away when the woman’s boyfriend came into the room.

And his previous demonstration of professionalism and gun-handling skills?
Whitehouse was previously demoted in the department for a 2002 incident, in which he pulled a man over while off-duty and intoxicated and was accused of threatening the driver with a gun. After a four-day trial, a Montgomery County jury found Whitehouse guilty of only driving while ability impaired in that incident.

So here's another reason Romney

should NOT win the R nomination, no matter how much the Stupid Party aristocracy likes him.

I've heard people talk about how his debate skills, etc., would help win against Obama. You know who else was considered a wonderful talker? Clinton. You really want a RINO Bill Clinton in the Oval Office just because he's an 'R'? I don't.

Add this to the fondness for socialized medicine, the hostility to the 2nd Amendment.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Among the reasons Holder and Mueller need to be

put back under oath and questioned REAL closely:
Other ATF communications make the DOJ’s claim that there was no third weapon even more suspect:

In one, an intelligence analyst writes that by 7:45 pLink.m. — about 21 hours after the shooting — she had successfully traced two weapons at the scene, and is now “researching the trace status of firearms recovered earlier today by the FBI.”

In another email, ATF-Phoenix Deputy Director George Gillett asks: “Are those two (AK-47s) in addition to the gun already recovered this morning?”

The DOJ seems once again to be blocking reasonable inquires into their own conflicting stories, and attacking the investigators.
Gunwalker: The Coverup continues.

Also, from Sipsey Street:
A third gun linked to "Operation Fast and Furious" was found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, new documents obtained exclusively by Fox News suggest, contradicting earlier assertions by federal agencies that police found only two weapons tied to the federal government's now infamous gun interdiction scandal.

Sources say emails support their contention that the FBI concealed evidence to protect a confidential informant. Sources close to the Terry case say the FBI informant works inside a major Mexican cartel and provided the money to obtain the weapons used to kill Terry.

Unlike the two AK-style assault weapons found at the scene, the third weapon could more easily be linked to the informant. To prevent that from happening, sources say, the third gun "disappeared."

Sen. Reid: "Screw private industry, we want more

government employees!"
Screw you, Reid. And thanks, Nevada, for putting this pimple back in office for another term.

Added: stolen from Sondra,

And TSA moves on to eff up highway traffic

PORTLAND, Tenn. – You're probably used to seeing TSA's signature blue uniforms at the airport, but now agents are hitting the interstates to fight terrorism with Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR).

"Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate," said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.
It's going to be entertaining the first time some TSA molester arrests/has someone arrested for not 'cooperating' with being felt-up or their car searched on a public highway.

Or that might be 'after some TSA molester gets his ass kicked for being a jerk on a public highway'. In which case I'll probably kick in a few bucks to the defense fund.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Number One: Hey, Mr. Veep, you're just a politician,

which means hired help; so take your "Don't screw around with me" bullshit, fold it to eight corners, and shove it.

Arrogant jackass.

LinkDid I mention that clowns like him are all too often incompetent or corrupt hired help?

Speaking of corrupt hired help, Rep. Frank wants to play on both sides of the street. 'Course, he's used to that: if a R politician had helped a corporation avoid regulation and immediately after said politicians' significant other got a high-paying job at the corporation, Frank would have screamed bloody murder while demanding investigations and heads rolling; but when he did it with Fannie Mae, he dismissed it as "There was no conflict of interest, we were careful about that."

What? Algore lied? He and Bill Nye?

A while back I wrote about hearing Darryl Hannah displaying her mildewedgreen wisdom; my timing must be good, because I turned on the radio this afternoon and she was doing it again. Not only is the woman a fool, she's rude as hell; every time Hannity tried to point out that some claim she'd made was a load of crap she'd start talking over him and just would not stop.

Speaking of corrupt, lying, dirtbag politicians, here's another fine example from Biden; just like Obama, he's not responsible for anything, it's all the fault of the evil Bush.

A: Socialists do tend to hang together. B: When you're making the Nazi Party happy, you're doing something very wrong. C: Apparently nazis don't know the difference between 'Taylor' and 'tailor'. Maybe all that goose-stepping jars their brain cells or something.

The Greek parasites are trying once more to burn the place down.

There's supposed to be a fair chance of frost tonight, and I've put the flannel sheets on the bed. 'Night, all

Alcohol can do terrible things

Six beers:
Two glasses of wine:

Two bottles of wine:

Three margaritas:

Four rum & cokes:

And a bottle of tequila:

Beware! This could happen to you!

I mentioned the body problem on the Courier...

This came to my attention as I drove to or from work(can't remember which) on a rainy day. It made itself plain when I pushed on the brake pedal, heel on the floor, and my heel went through the floor with a bit of a crunching sound. Highly disturbing, I assure you. Especially when I looked down and saw a hole, and wet pavement. Let's say that, combined with other worries, the word 'despair' comes to mind.

It stayed rainy for a day or two, so all I could do was bend a piece of sheet metal to rough shape and put it under the rubber matting.

Once it dried out enough I found that a whole section of the floorboard was rusted out, right under the pedals. The proper repair would be to cut out the rusted section, weld in new metal and coat it. No welder, knew nobody with one, no money to pay for repairs. So I cut and scraped out all I could of the damage, coated the edges and surrounding area with- y'know, I can't remember what? May have been roofing tar- and then shaped that piece of galvanized sheet steel to fit pretty well and used more of the sealant to lock it into place and- hopefully- prevent water from getting inside.

That patch held nicely for the next couple of years, at which time the Courier went away. Short version: was at a point where the cost of getting another- newer- vehicle was much better than trying to keep it running, especially with parts availability being what it was.

Amazing the repairs that come to mind when have to think of something

If you want a Gunwalker t-shirt

The third run of Gunwalker T-Shirts is going to close on Wednesday, 19 October. I will have shirts in hand on Monday the 24th. Those of you that ordered during this run will receive your shirts by next Friday, the 28th.

Here's the link

No, Madam Warren, you're mistaken:

the first and only one I've heard call you a hick is YOU. You miserable socialist bitch.

Yes, this should count as child abuse. I don't care how PC the clown mothers are.

Along with the private investigator, every cop involved in this should be fired and prosecuted. I doubt it'll happen, which will give people even less reason to trust the police.
A man who once worked for Butler had blown the whistle. He told authorities Butler arranged for men to be arrested for drunk driving at the behest of their ex-wives and their divorce lawyers — and that entrapment was only one of many alleged misdeeds.

Butler, 49, a former police officer, was arrested in February. In addition to setting up at least five DUIs, he sold drugs for law enforcement officers and helped them open and operate a brothel, collecting and delivering the profits, according to prosecutors and a statement Butler gave them after his arrest.

On Gunwalker,
The head of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, said he plans to send a letter to the FBI this week to ask about apparent discrepancies in the investigation of a murder related to "Fast and Furious," the government's controversial "gunwalking" case, CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down near the U.S.-Mexico border last December, and at least two assault rifles from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Fast and Furious case were found at the scene.

That focused blame on the controversial ATF operation that monitored suspects who trafficked the weapons instead of arresting them and seizing the guns.

But 10 months after the murder, there are questions about how many weapons the FBI recovered at the scene and other key details
Full video at the link, partial transcript at Sipsey.

You'll now have to go look for more yourself; I'm tired.

Monday, October 17, 2011

When a governmental body wants to hide their stuff

this badly, it tells me they're up to something. Or somethings.
CEI has learned of a UN plan recently put in place to hide official correspondence on non-governmental accounts, which correspondence a federal inspector general has already confirmed are subject to FOIA. This ‘cloud’ serves as a dead-drop of sorts for discussions by U.S. government employees over the next report being produced by the scandal-plagued IPCC, which is funded with millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

As our FOIA request details, the UN informed participants that it was motivated by embarrassing releases of earlier discussions (“ClimateGate” key among them), and to circumvent the problem that national government transparency laws were posing the group.

Here's a question on tire gauges:

in your experience, what brand/type/whatever is the most accurate?

I had three of the general stick type; I found out a short time ago that they all disagreed on readings, and I'd like to know of some that can actually be trusted.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How the government plays "We make people feel good"

by spending lots of OPM.

A heretofore secret cable dated Sept. 3, 2009, was recently released by WikiLeaks. Sent to Secretary of State Clinton, it reported Japan's Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka telling U.S. Ambassador John Roos that "the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a 'nonstarter.'"

The Japanese feared the apology would be exploited by anti-nuclear groups and those opposed to the defensive alliance between Japan and the U.S.
So there was at least one idiotic apology Obama didn't make.

An opinion on the OWS protesters:
The mainstream media's cameras can't get enough of these pierced protesters, with their crudely written signs proclaiming their unfocused discontent and general anger at society's selfishness in failing to satisfy their every want and desire.

Of course, those cameras discreetly turn away when the placards demanding socialist revolution and blaming the Jews come out. The protesters' function is to demonstrate inchoate outrage simply by being there. When they start talking, they start alienating the normals.

These are Potemkin protesters, community organized by government worker unions to allow liberal Democrats a way to triangulate to the center next year. Only the rebel media outfits will actually stick a mic in the protesters' dirty faces and let them talk.
But the troops would not complain to the cameras even if there were any left in the war zones documenting their struggles. They aren't whiners. They may be the same general age as the Occupy Wall Street gang, but they occupy a very different, less frivolous world.

On a windy mountaintop in Kunar province, a tired 22-year-old infantryman on patrol rests and shares a swig of warm water with his buddy. In Manhattan, a 22-year-old from Scarsdale shares a bong-load of killer weed with a guy sporting dreadlocks and a Che T-shirt he got at Hot Topic.

Nearby, a young lady whose TA canceled that afternoon's NYU oppression studies seminar so everyone could head to the protest feverishly types away at a screed about the militaristic inhumanity of American capitalism on her new iPad.

In Afghanistan, a young American soldier with a locked and loaded M4 assures a band of nervous Pashtun mothers that her platoon will make sure the Taliban don't come and butcher their daughters for the sin of attending school
I had a go-round with a couple of people the other day over this: apparently taking note of the communists and Jew-haters meant I was accusing ALL of the protesters of being such, and all this stuff was 'lies from right-wing sites' anyway.
Uh-huh. Right.
I should note that this cartoon- the top two panels- is what set it off.

Damn. The World's Oldest Museum. Circa 500BC.

This kind of crap should be ended. I don't care what your fancy ID says, if you have someone else' property in your care, you should be held responsible for any damages to it.

My day derailed utterly, I tried to collect the tattered remnants of my sanity and get on with my work, picking up the pieces, because let's face it: after a monkey spanks itself on your desk, your life is never going to be the same, and you will thenceforth face each new day with a new sense of the possibility of unrealized horrors which may yet unfold in the day ahead.
G'wan, read the rest. You know you want to.

Speaking of crap that needs to be stomped on at every opportunity:
In other quarters on the left, this case is being spun as a grotesque and rare exception, one that should not reduce commitment to environmental laws. As Walter Olson points out in his post at Cato, the New York Times carefully quotes environmental crimes prosecutor David Uhlmann to call this an “isolated situation.”

Uhlmann is right — this is an isolated situation. But not for the reasons Uhlmann means.

This is an isolated situation because it is rare — freakishly rare, struck-twice-by-lightening rare — for federal law enforcement agents or federal prosecutors to be held accountable in any meaningful way for even serious misconduct against the Americans they accuse and pursue

Damn. Scary-level damn.

If you have a problem with spiders, don't look at this. Really.

No, not my idea of trading rides...