Saturday, February 12, 2022

Seventh evening, and in this state the weather is doing its mid-February thing:

"Hey, it's going to be nice for a couple of days!  Then we'll freeze you again!  Because it's February!"  Inside activities are a definite good idea in all this, so distract yourself with some visuals.

More and more interesting, Durham appears to actually be doing some things

Lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to "infiltrate" servers belonging to Trump Tower, and later the White House, in order to establish an "inference" and "narrative" to bring to government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia, a filing from Special Counsel John Durham says.
And on from there.

The question is really "What happens with all this?  Do the people behind it actually pay a price, or do a few flunkies get screwed and that's it?  We will see.

I admit to a certain amount of hope.  It looked like Durham wasn't going to do squat, and then things started happening.  So maybe....

Friday, February 11, 2022

Sixth evening, and another bloody cold front blowing through;

Throw in I'm really tired, and the data is a bit early tonight so I can watch a movie or read or something.  Enjoy.


Something I've never seen happen, for a couple of reasons

If you pulled out ammo and started loading, the independent shops I've known, the least that would happen is the gun would be yanked out of your hands, and you would be told to leave.  If need be, this would involve at least one somebody landing on top of you, because that crap would NOT be tolerated.

Holy crap, that's both stupid and dangerous, because if someone managed to load one and then tried that, they're going to be looking down a gun barrel aimed at them, because nobody is going to take a chance on someone stupid enough to try that.

Our Department of 'Justice'...

Mr. Lee was terribly misguided, and his actions had tragic, unthinkable consequences. But he appears to have believed that he was, in Dr. King’s eloquent words, engaging in ‘the language of the unheard.’
"Showing leniency towards a career criminal who committed murder is bad enough. But justifying the murder because the career criminal shares the Biden Administration’s politics is beyond the pale. The American people deserve to know whether leniency for left-wing murderers is the official policy of the Biden Department of Justice, or whether this travesty was a one-off.”

Given insufficient blowback, it'll be somewhat-unofficial policy, because these leftist clowns think this way.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

We have a big trash pickup day once a month,

and there was a couple of piles of stuff in the back yard that'd been there for a couple of months due to circumstances, and I didn't want them sitting there for another month.

So it all got dragged around today.

Now I'm dragging.  Lord, I'm tired.

Hopefully something tomorrow when I have some energy back.

What is it with antifa groups attracting child rapists?

David Alexander Zegarac, of Headingley, Manitoba, was arrested for allegedly injuring four protesters. He ran four red lights in his attempt to escape. His charges include four counts of assault with a weapon, dangerous operation of a vehicle causing bodily harm, and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.
The 42-year-old Zegerac fancies himself a “punk Antifa” singer. He is also an alleged pedophile. His punk rock dreams went up in flames after numerous accusations of sexual assault, including the grooming and rape of a 13-year-old girl.

Now look at their list of some of the others:
Blake David Hampe, a convicted pedo, was charged with stabbing a black Trump supporter. He was bailed out by an Antifa bail fund.
Irish Antifa leader Pat Corcoran was convicted of having 7,000 kiddie-porn pictures on his computer.
Russian Antifa member Arman Sagynbaev was accused by seven girls and women, some as young as 14, of horrific sexual abuses and enslavement.

Such wonderful people.

It sounds like the Capitol Police really need to be slapped down (link fixed)

which probably won't happen with Pelosi in place, because I'm sure they're doing her bidding.  But this crap needs to end.
BREAKING The @CapitolPolice Intelligence Division investigated my office illegally and one of my staffers caught them in the act.

On November 20th, 2021, Capitol Police entered my office without my knowledge and photographed confidential legislative products protected by the Speech and Debate clause enshrined in the Constitution, Article 1 Section 6.

Two days later on Monday November 22, 2021 (Thanksgiving week), three intelligence officers attempted to enter my office while the House was in recess.

Upon discovering a member of my staff, special agents dressed like construction workers began to question him as to the contents of a photograph taken illegally two days earlier.

@CapitolPolice never informed myself or senior level staff of their investigation and the reasons are clear.

They had no authority to photograph my office, let alone investigate myself or members of my staff. So, why is the Capitol Police Leadership maliciously investigating me in an attempt to destroy me and my character?

Maybe it is because I have been a vocal critic of @SpeakerPelosi, the @January6thCmte, and @CapitolPolice leadership about their handling of January 6th, the death of Ashli Babbitt and the subsequent SHAM investigation.

There's the usual "Oh no, it's all fine, we're just doing our job!" denials.  Now we see if the IG actually has some balls and integrity.

Stop laughing, it could be.

I haven't written much about noisy stuff lately

because I haven't been doing much.  This time of year makes it hard, throw in all the other crap to deal with and hasn't been much time.  Now add in the arthritis problems, and it makes it difficult at times.  

So not a lot of shooting lately.  Still enjoyable, but need to work at doing more.  Of course, I also need to figure out when to do the knee repair stuff, which will take some time.

I need either a lot more time, or just a new body.

I should note that the fever seems to be gone and, aside from a slight lingering headache(which may be from general stress), I seem fine.  Tire quickly, but that's not a real problem.  And yes, I'm still taking the vitamins and zinc, and the multi-vitamin I was taking before gives copper to help with the zinc.  With the temperature up & downs and all the other stuff, they can't hurt.

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

And some more pictures

How about some involving critters?

                                            And a guy with way more nerve than I think I'd have