Friday, February 24, 2023

6th eve is here,

every cold and possibly icy moment of it.  So, to distract from those unpleasant things,

What level of effing asshole are these prosecutors like Gascon?

This level asshole.
Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has suspended the attorney who prosecuted a 26-year-old trans child molester who was accused of identifying as a woman only after DNA evidence linked her to a cold case crime, according to law enforcement sources.

Shea Sanna, who had been the lead prosecutor for part of the case, is accused of misgendering and "deadnaming" the convicted child molester Hannah Tubbs, who is now accused of beating a man to death in the woods with a rock in Kern County.

Screw the victims, screw EVERYTHING except making his leftist supporters happy.

As he says, if the 2nd Amendment isn't for everybody, then

communists aren't allowed to have guns.

When you think those asshats can't get worse, 'The View' demonsrates that it can

Joy Behar says the residents of East Palestine got what they deserved because they voted for Trump. "That's who you voted for!" she shouted at the camera. "In that district. Donald Trump, who reduces all safety. He did in those days."
Of course.  If nothing else, this bullshit might distract from Biden & Co. making a really lousy response.  Like it taking how long for Buttigieg to bother showing up(and then acting like a jerk)?

ABC, such a nest you've grown.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

"The problem isn't that being fat is bad for your health,

it's that people take notice that you're too fat!  And there's not enough intersectionality!"
Harrop specializes in “eating disorders,” “weight stigma,” and “medical social work,” according to her faculty biography. Her work relies on an “intersectional social-justice-informed, fat liberation, and [HAES] lens.”
Translation: "I have a very good grift going here!  I use all the right words so the leftists support me no matter how it may harm patients!"

I swear, the moment you hear a doctor/professor/activist uses 'stigma', 'intersectional', 'liberation' and a few other words, you know they're full of shit without hearing anything else.

So our Transportation Secretary doesn't have the balls or ethics to speak to the press,

even when most of them kiss his ass, and his spokesweasel won't talk on camera.

Are they just too cowardly to speak on the record, or are they afraid they'll let something slip?
The tug of war continued as Hernandez tried another question and Arndt responded, "I’m happy to have a conversation with you, I do not wanna be on camera."

Hernandez shot back, "Well if you’re the press secretary of the secretary of the Department of Transportation, don’t you think you should be able ask [sic] questions of the American public that you serve?"

More forcefully, the spokesperson said, "Absolutely, I would like to do it without the camera on." She added that the cameras are "a little bit aggressive. That’s why." Hernandez then asked why that’s aggressive, after which Arndt went silent, looking visibly frustrated.

"You're supposed to smile and do what I want, not keep asking things!", apparently.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News was given access to a lot of the January 6 security video,

and a lot of the Usual Suspects are crapping their pants in outrage.  'Security Risk', don't you know.  Etc.  Which translates to "We don't want people seeing these, they might not believe what they were told!"

Co-host Sara Haines agreed that Carlson would not present the “news” and said she agreed with Griffin that the main concern was whether showing the footage would compromise security. She then claimed that it had been proven that Republican members of Congress had given tours to people before the riot, showing them where certain things were located.

Haines then claimed that nothing good could come of Americans seeing the footage anyway, since the January 6 Committee had already concluded its investigation and reported its conclusions.

Because we can trust that they were honest and unbiased, right?
Excuse me:

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

In a number of places the 'trans' insanity is being pushed back,

and it's damned time.
The background to this interview is important. Finland was among the first countries to adopt the “Dutch protocol” for pediatric gender medicine, which prescribes—in certain restricted cases—the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to treat adolescent gender dysphoria. By 2015, however, Finnish gender specialists, including Kaltiala, were noticing that most of their patients did not match the profile of those treated in the Netherlands and did not meet the Dutch protocol’s relatively strict eligibility requirements for drug treatments. Due to the extremely high rate at which children with gender issues come to terms with their bodies (or “desist”) by adulthood, the Dutch protocol requires patients to have gender dysphoria that begins before puberty and intensifies in adolescence. It also requires them to have no serious co-occurring mental health problems, to undergo at least six months of psychotherapy, and to have the support of their family for hormonal treatments.

Within a few years of their country adopting the Dutch protocol in 2011, however, Finnish researchers noticed a sharp rise in the number of patients referred for services. Most of these patients were teenage girls with no history of dysphoria in childhood, and some 75% had a history of severe psychopathology prior to the emergence of their gender-related distress. During this same time period, the U.K.’s largest pediatric gender clinic, at the Tavistock Centre, witnessed a 3,360% surge in patient referrals between 2009 and 2018. Most of the new patients were females—whose representation in the clinic rose 4,400% during this time frame—with a history of serious psychological problems and no gender dysphoria prior to adolescence. Similar trends were being observed in other countries with pediatric gender clinics, including the United States. In 2018, the American physician-researcher Lisa Littman published a study suggesting that teenage girls with high rates of mental health problems were suddenly declaring a transgender identity, often in friend groups and after prolonged exposure to social media.
Unlike progressive elites in the United States, who seem to regard social affirmation of “transgender children” as little more than an act of kindness, Kaltiala sees it as a powerful intervention in a young person’s psychosocial development with potential for iatrogenic harm (i.e., harm caused by the treatment itself). Gender self-identification in youth is not a mere clerical “formality.” In Kaltiala’s words, “it’s a message saying that this is the right path for you.” Kaltiala thus concurs with NHS England, which recently noted that social transition—using a child’s preferred name and pronouns—is “not a neutral act” but rather one that can solidify what is otherwise likely to be a passing phase into a more permanent state of mind, or “identity,” and put the minor on a path to drugs and surgeries. The NHS now warns of the risks of social transition in children and recommends it only for adolescents who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and have provided informed consent.
Advocates of the American “affirmative” approach tend to ignore the broader trends of mental health collapse among teenagers over the past few decades, a deeply concerning trend that seems to affect girls in particular and is linked to social media use. Utilizing a “minority stress” framework developed in research on homosexuality and borrowed for this purpose, activists insist that co-occurring mental health problems including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and eating disorders are caused by “unaffirmed” gender and can be solved or mitigated through social and medical transition. Autism in particular seems to be especially common in youth who identify as transgender and seek medical transition. A 2019 study on patients at the U.K.’s largest pediatric gender clinic found that 48% were in the autism range. In her book The Gender Creative Child, “gender affirming care” advocate Dr. Diane Ehrensaft suggests that gender transition can even be a “cure” for autism.

Bold mine.  When someone starts playing "If you transition it will fix your autism!", you know they're either effing idiots, or an activist who'll try anything to get their way.

I repeat: at some point there's going to be blowback on the people pushing this crap.  And it will be nasty.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

And back to (formerly Great)Britain

Some of Britain’s most popular sitcoms and greatest works of literature were flagged as potential signs of far-Right extremism by a counter-terror programme.

The flagship Prevent scheme, recently the subject of a scathing audit, singled out comedies Yes Minister and The Thick Of It, the 1955 epic war film The Dam Busters, and even The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare as possible red flags of extremism.

It said the works of fiction were ‘key texts’ for ‘white nationalists/supremacists’.

The taxpayer-funded document included references to The Lord Of The Rings by JRR Tolkien, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent, 1984 by George Orwell and the poems of GK Chesterton. It also referenced films including The Bridge On The River Kwai, The Great Escape and Zulu.
Historian and broadcaster Andrew Roberts said: ‘This is truly extraordinary. This is the reading list of anyone who wants a civilised, liberal, cultured education.

‘It includes some of the greatest works in the Western canon and in some cases – such as Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent – powerful critiques of terrorism. Burke, Huxley, Orwell and Tolkien were all anti-totalitarian writers.’

'Greatest works in the Western canon' is probably one of the red flags for these idiots.  Especially considering
His report, published earlier this month, exposed serious failings in Prevent, warning that it applies a ‘double standard’ to Islamist and far-Right threats. The £49million-a-year scheme had prioritised countering far-Right activity above tackling the prime Islamist threat, it added.
Ah yes, echoes of "How did these rape gangs operate all this time, and why were the victims ignored and threatened?"  "Well, sir, the gangs are Muslim, and we wear all afraid of being called racist if we did anything about them."  Can you say "PC At Any Cost"?

Monday, February 20, 2023

When a place like (formerly Great)Britain takes '1984' as a training manual

The area surrounding the facility near where she prayed has been covered by a local Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), in force since November, which prohibits prayer, distributing information about pregnancy help services, and other activities considered to constitute 'protest'.

ADF said in a release this morning: 'The volunteer, who has supported women in crisis pregnancies for over twenty years, was charged with 'protesting and engaging in an act that is intimidating to service users,' despite the fact that the abortion facility was closed during the time in which she was present and praying, and despite her clear statement that she was not there to protest.'
'Why here of all places? I know you don't live nearby,' the officer asked.

She responded: 'But this is an abortion centre.'

The officer said: 'Okay, that's why you're stood here. Are you here as part of a protest? Are you praying?'

She denied she was protesting but when asked if she was praying she said: 'I might be praying in my head, but not out loud.'

The officer then arrested her on suspicion of failing to comply with a public spaces protection order - an arrest which sparked online debate.

No telling if anything will come of it, but a real truth commission to investigate

what these bastards did would be nice.
A respected medical scientist whose accurate analysis on COVID-19 was improperly censored during the early days of the pandemic says the federal government and Big Tech played a "malign role" and placed public health at risk by colluding to create a false picture that all Americans faced the same risk from the virus and needed to follow identical mitigation strategies.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University medical professor, says he is now working with other scientists who were silenced during the early COVID-19 debate to build momentum for a "truth commission" on the failures of public health officials and identify the questions that Congress needs to answer so America doesn't repeat such failures in future medical crises.

"What Big Tech did essentially I think caused tremendous harm to the American people," Bhattacharya told the "Just the News, No Noise" television show Wednesday night. "I suppose that if we had had an open and honest debate in 2020, 2021 about school openings, so many of our kids wouldn't have missed a year and a half or more of school, wouldn't have had the learning loss, wouldn't have had the lifelong harm done to them that we did with these lockdown policies."

A bunch of people need to become unemployed at the least.  And if they can't be criminally charged, I'd guess there's a pretty good chance they could be sued.  I can hope, at least.