Saturday, June 30, 2007

Speaking of floods and arks and such,

here's the current situation in one part of northeast OK:



And a little while later:

I'm really surprised we haven't lost a damn somewhere before now, considering the amount of rain the last month. Even if the rain stopped right now, runoff will continue for days; some of this flooding is going to be really nasty.

If your system can take the shock,

this would explain a lot about Bill & Hillary...

I don't know whether to thank Theo for this, or ban him from my keyboard.

The God-cursed politicians keep opening their yaps

and crapping on real heroes, but it seems people are getting a mite testy about it.
This lunatic judgment reduced first hundreds, then thousands of ARRSE-posters to gibbering outrage. The next day, a post popped up from Kieran O'Rourke of Howe & Co, saying they were Mr Pun's solicitors, working pro bono and preparing to appeal the Home Office decision. They'd set up an online campaign:, which you should look up; it reduced me to choked snuffles.

Amazing, isn't it? The same politicians who make excuses for and find reasons not to deport islamists who call for mass murder turn right around and dump on people who've bled for the country. Happily, at least sometimes, enough outrage can make a difference. Next step:
Howe & Co's next campaign is for L/Cpl Gyanendra Rai, who fought and nearly died at Bluff Cove in the Falklands. He was saved by British Army doctors, who grafted skin from a British soldier on to his appalling wounds. He still suffers from his wounds, but gets no pension at all, having been invalided out before he finished his 15 years. Look him up: his story will make you howl.

Here's hoping Kim's right about the day Stout Bulldogs hang the bastards responsible for these decisions. If they agree, comes The Day, we can make room on a long gallows for some of the idiots in positions of power over here, too. Maybe find an island in the Atlantic for all of them, where the smell as the bodies rot won't disturb the neighbors.

So how does Hamas deal with the Disney problem?

Martyr the rat, of course.
A Mickey Mouse lookalike who preached Islamic domination on a Hamas-affiliated children’s television program was beaten to death in the show’s final episode Friday.

In the final skit, “Farfour” was killed by an actor posing as an Israeli official trying to buy Farfour’s land. At one point, the mouse called the Israeli a “terrorist."

I guess they think this is a two-fer solution: "My brothers, in this manner we both get the infidel Disney lawyers(may they burn in hellfire!) to leave us alone, and paint the evil Joooos as murderers of the character children love; therefore, the children will burn with desire to blow themselves up trying to kill Jooos in the name of Allah."

Yeah, these people need their own country. As long as there's a wall and minefield around the damn place to keep them in.

Friday, June 29, 2007

One thing I DON'T like about Australia

is the Brit-inspired GFW laws, as example:
The would-be intruders had thrown rocks through the front window and cut the home's power supply before trying to jemmy open the front door.

They fled after the man, who was inside with a woman and young girl, opened fire.

Police recovered the rifle and charged the man with conduct endangering life and firearm offences.

'Endangering life and firearm offences' my ass. He should get something of a "You didn't finish the bloody job, mate" for not whacking at least one of the bastards, and otherwise be praised for protecting home & those inside, not charged with anything.

Dammit, in every other way I really want to visit that country...

Found at Tim Blair

Just how wet is is around here?

My parents live in Lawton, about 85 miles southwest of here. Dad has a small weather station set up on the roof where there's no interference from trees or anything. Since May 1, they've received 35.8" of rain, which is more than is received in an average year.

And I don't think we're far behind.

Just in case you were in doubt about the enviroweenies

and their minions, the gentleman at Random Nuclear Strikes has been collecting some quotes from the freakin' morons.

And their socialist nanny brethren.

They're sure-hell not on our side.

And a week before the anniversary of the 7/7 bombs Updated

in London, it appears the BPMs are trying it again.

I just had one of my occasional chances to see cable, and Fox is saying the police have confirmed it was a 'massive' explosive device inside a car, including both explosives and nails, found after "bouncers from a nearby night club had reported that someone had crashed a blue Mercedes sedan into garbage bins and ran away."

Sounds like someone had an owie on the way to wherever and ran; no word as to whether the vehicle was disabled by the crash or the jerk just panicked and ran. Which does bring up the questions as to where they planned to use it and when.

You think that maybe, just maybe, this might be enough to kick some of the pc-at-any-cost politicians into maybe doing something about the BPMs? At the least, ought to get the potentialplanned victims to have some words about it.

Update: Well, so much for first reports.

A second car bomb was found. According to the latest stuff I've seen(here and here), the first one was spotted by an ambulance crew saw 'smoke' coming from a car parked in front of a nightclub. The second?
The second was in a car that was illegally parked nearby and towed to the Park Lane car pound.

Staff there alerted police because "it smelled of gas."
Think about that. And think about the tow truck driver wondering why he didn't get blown up when he hooked it up.

Stepping way outside my pay grade, I'm going to make some guesses. First, the bombers didn't know their business very well. Neither went off(in the case of the first, if something was 'smoking' they may have tried to trigger it; the second 'smelled of gas' so either a bottle was leaking or the detonator didn't work or both), and neither had anti-tamper devices added in(which is also why the police officer who decided to defuse the first didn't get blown to hell).

Second, trying to set off two car bombs in crowded streets, this was no 'let's scare some people' idea, they wanted massive casualties. Which does bring up a side question: was the second supposed to go off about the same time, or were they planning to set it off when the rescue/recovery effort was going on?

Third, you'd think, after hearing about something like the first bomb, people checking abandoned or illegally parked cars nearby would, oh, be looking inside for anything suspicious(gas bottles for instance) before towing it. Either the possibility of another bomb never entered their mind or this attitude is very prevalent: "Sure, it's disturbing, and obviously it reminds everyone of 7/7," said Ian Hiskos, 32, eating at a cafe across the block from the police cordon on Haymarket. "I try not to think about these things." Which is a very damned dumb attitude in anyone, even more so in people checking cars.

Last, this idiotic claim:
Police believe they have foiled a major terror attack and said if the Haymarket bomb had gone off it could have caused "significant injury or loss of life". No, they didn't foil the plot: the terrorists were incompetent. And they can't count on that.

Neither can we.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Looks like the IIABAN bill is dead

And one of the people who switched his vote? Senator "I can't be intimidated" Voinovich, the slimy little bastard. Along with a number of others.

Gee, you let these clowns know in blunt terms that you're going to kick their fat ass out of that office they think belongs to them, and their hearing improves immeasurably. Which means they need to be kicked out, preferably with a recall so we don't have to wait for the next election.

These clowns have gotten use to being members of 'the world's most exclusive club'; all too often they've done nothing else in their lives but (for many) inherit money and play politics and they think they're the boss. Time and past time for a serious house-cleaning.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Webbed paws my ass,

I think the dog is trying to build a raft.

It's been a wet year. Very wet. Bunch of ice and sleet in winter, rains in March(about average I believe), lot of rain in April and May. June alone has dropped more rain than the state received all last year.

Yesterday evening I checked my rain gauge: an even three inches over the previous 24-36 hours, most of it within the last twelve. And it's rained(lightly) off and on all day; not enough to start puddling again but enough to keep things from having a chance to dry any. And there's a flash flood watch for this area up into Thursday morning. A low pressure system just keeps sitting where it pumps moisture up into the region, which keeps feeding the rains.

Dark green in flood watch, lighter green is flood warnings and statements. One county was telling people not to try driving on county roads because A: they hadn't been able to get around enough to survey where was flooded and bridge/road damage, and B: they were out of 'road closed' signs. Some of which had been washed away.

Lots of roads with water running over them, dangerous as hell; no matter what's happened before or how often you tell them, some people think you can drive through this stuff. A foot of running water can push a car off the road, eighteen inches can take a truck or bus.

Damn, this has equaled, maybe passed, the wettest month I remember before this. I've got leaves falling off the rose bushes from being too wet for too long. It's gotta break sometime. I hope.

Just to note we've not a monopoly on idiot politicians and bureaucrats

as to people coming into the country, take a look at this:
A decorated Gurkha who fought in the Falklands War has been banned from entering Britain to get treatment for injuries sustained in the conflict.

Why, you ask, would they do such a thing?

LCpl Rai, 51, recently tried to come to Britain to get NHS treatment for his injuries as he cannot afford the necessary medication in his home country of Nepal.

But Government officials rejected the father-of-five's application fearing he would stay here and claiming he had insufficient links to justify a visa.

Their decision means he also missed events in Britain to mark the 25th anniversary of the victory of the conflict, which took place yesterday, and has caused outrage.

Apparently the bureaucrats and politicians don't consider bleeding for the country a 'sufficient link' to give him a visa.

Lamppost, rope, etc.

Some really good cleaning brushes

One problem with cast bullets is that they can leave lead fouling in the bore. And sometimes it's a pain to get out. Aside from hooking up the FoulOut the best lead cleaner I've found is Blue Wonder and a good bronze brush, but even with it can take a while and a lot of scrubbing.

Week or two ago I was looking through the Brownell's site and ran across their Double-Tuff bore brushes(#084-142-144 for .45 caliber). They're a thicker, stiffer brush for heavy fouling. Since I was getting some other stuff I added a three-pack to the order.

Just tried them out. Took the Kimber .45 and the .455 Webley out to shoot, and the Kimber had the usual amount of fouling from the cast bullets. Process with Blue Wonder is to saturate a brush and run it through the bore five or six times, add more cleaner and repeat, let sit about ten minutes, brush, then use patches to clean the bore. It usually takes several repeats of this to get the fouling out; with this brush it took one. There may have been traces left, but they were not visible. This brush really did make a difference.

Webley shot as well as usual. The new grips really are better than the originals(to my hands, at least); bit more work at it and I should be able to checker well enough to keep things better aligned. One of the things I ordered was some replacement cutters for the tools, the originals having dulled with use. For some things, if you did this a lot, the carbide cutters would be well worth it.

Somebody put locoweed juice in the Senate water supply

At least that's as good an explanation for the idiocy going on there as I can think of. Not going to link to anything as there's enough stuff out there that you can't miss it. Happily, my state's two senators are voting against this IIABAN* bill, so I don't have to do a lot of yelling at them. But a lot of others...

Had Sean Hannity's show on while sitting here cleaning boomsticks and just listened to his interview of Sen. George Voinovich(Weasel-OH). Somebody talked to him the other day(may have been Hannity) and he explained his vote for cloture as 'I want there to be more debate, and we have another vote for cloture coming so this one doesn't really count'. Which is absolute marfi. Today he went on a tear about 'people are trying to intimidate me, and I've been in this business 40 years and I DON'T INTIMIDATE', which roughly translates to "The peasants are really annoying me. They act like I'm supposed to listen to them instead of doing what I want, and I'm getting mad!" He the proceeded to do the standard politician two-step of trying to avoid answering questions by talking around them and trying to talk over Hannity when he called him on it. And finally(tried to do it earlier but Hannity did manage to keep him on) said he wasn't getting anything but ignorance, etc., and wasn't going to waste any more time and hung up.

Ohio, I don't know a lot about his previous record. That being said, if this is an indication of how he sees his relation to the voters, you need to kick him the hell out of that office: he thinks he's your boss and shouldn't be questioned, and seems to think he owns that office.

*Illegal Immigrant Amnesty By Another Name

Monday, June 25, 2007

I think it'll hold true here also:

licensing and registration will be followed by confiscation.
Kilt wearers could face prosecution if they do not have a licence for their sporran under new legislation which has been introduced in Scotland.

The land of some of my ancestors has turned into enviroweenie and GFW central.

Another liberal discovers guns as tools,

instead of something to be terrified of.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

More of those old cartridges

Starting off with some pistol fodder

#1 is the old .45 Colt
#2 .44 Colt
#3 .38WCF(Winchester Center Fire) Also known as .38-40
#4 .38 Colt NP(New Police)
#5 .32 Colt NP
#6 is a .38 S&W blank

Case heads:

#1 is WRA Co.(Winchester Repeating Arms)
#2 is UMC(Union Metallic Cartridge)
#3 is Rem-UMC
#4 and #5 are WRA Co.
#6 is R-P(Remington-Peters)

Now to the rifle fodder

#1 is .40-82WCF
#2 9.5x57, a variation on the 8x57mm Mauser cartridge
#3 .25-35 Win
#4 .25 Remington
#5 .401 SL(Self-Loading)
#6 .351 SLR(Self-Loading Rifle)
#7 .25-20

Case heads

#1 W.R.A Co.
#2 PS on top, a six-pointed star left & right, then the 9.5x57 at the bottom
#3 Super-X
#5 WRA
#7 Western

Rimfire and odd stuff

The first two are the paper-case 9mm shotshell I posted before next to a metal-case of the same.
Second is a pinfire. The bullet at the case mouth is .44" and it's .944" oal.
Third is an unfired rimfire case. The case mouth inside is about .41", 1.52" long.
Fourth is a lead bullet .68" diameter and .89" long. My loading scale goes up to 500 grains, and won't begin to lift this; I'm guessing about 700 grains.
The last is (I think) a Winchester .22 Rimfire

Case heads on these

On the two shotshells, the paper-case is W, the metal looks almost like a stylized GF but I can't quite make it out.
The big empty case is U, so is the .22
The pinfire(not shown until I can manage a better picture) has PSH at the top, FGA7PIA at the bottom; there's a line in front of the F that may be an 'I' but I can't really tell.

Some interesting stuff coming out of that box.