Friday, September 27, 2019

Friday has arrived,

and not a bad one for late September.  Still, studying seems to never be done.

Tab clearing

One of the many disgusting examples of the Soviets breaking eggs for their omelette: the Katyn Forest massacre.

The actual reason for the Black Emergency Response Team: "There's not enough actual racism out there, so we'll drum something up!"

Julie Pascal's response to the Greta Thunberg worshipers:

A collection of "The climate changing is going to kill us!" predictions that didn't happen.

"The data from that period isn't complete, so we had to ignore it."  Says the same people who'll 'model' that data while apparently ignoring the actual numbers available.

"Only bona fide journalists get to ask the Governor questions."
"How are you defining 'bona fide' ?"
"People who'll only ask questions we want them to, and not ask ones we don't."  If the bastard were being honest.

Someone saying he's not a 'real' scientist in 3, 2, 1...
The iconoclast is Dr. Mototaka Nakamura. In June he put out a small book in Japanese on “the sorry state of climate science”. It’s titled Confessions of a climate scientist: the global warming hypothesis is an unproven hypothesis, and he is very much qualified to take a stand. From 1990 to 2014 he worked on cloud dynamics and forces mixing atmospheric and ocean flows on medium to planetary scales. His bases were MIT (for a Doctor of Science in meteorology), Georgia Institute of Technology, Goddard Space Flight Centre, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Duke and Hawaii Universities and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. He’s published about 20 climate papers on fluid dynamics.

From Sarah Hoyt on Fecesbook:
Ladies and gentlemen, there is a massive, unacknowledged mental health crisis in this country. And not all of the mad people are pooping it up in the streets of San Francisco. Some are sh*tting all over higher education.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

And although the Third Reich destroyed my world,

it was a German woman who saved my life by introducing me to the men who would recruit me into the Polish underground. No nation has a monopoly on virtue – something that many people, including many of my fellow Israeli citizens, still struggle to understand.
Those people and millions of others, including my immediate family, were killed by lies. My country and much of the continent was destroyed by lies. And now lies threaten not only the memory of those times, but also the achievements that have been made since. Today’s generation doesn’t have the luxury of being able to argue that it was never warned or did not understand the consequences of where lies will take you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I'd say some thinning of the local population is in order

Christine Przybylski, 5, ran down the driveway in hopes of retrieving her Halloween costume from the mail and came back empty-handed, but still got a scare.

The surveillance video showed a coyote lurking as Christine ran around the family's Villa Park front yard outside Chicago.

"I just skipped out the door and I went to the mailbox," she told ABC Chicago station WLS. "I decided to go to the swing and when I went to the swing he [ran] by -- I was like 'Oh my God.'"

As she ran away from the swing, the coyote circled the swing and charged straight at her.

The wild animal came so close that the young girl said, "I feeled it's ear and it like almost bited my rib."

She managed to run up the stairs of the home's front deck and inside to tell her mom.
Whether sick or just lost fear of people, someone needs to deal with this.

Another piece of idiocy from where Great Britain used to be

Church leaders in the Diocese of Rochester have called for the government to enforce stricter rules on the sale of domestic knives. 

They’ve written an open letter asking for a ban on the sale of pointed kitchen knives. The letter was also signed by leading crime experts, as well as MPs, and community leaders.
Part of the reason for this?
The letter endorses research, highlighted at the conference, which explains that points on domestic knives are historic and no-longer necessary.

"Historically we needed a point on the end of our knife to pick up food because forks weren’t invented. Now we only need the point to open packets when we can’t be bothered to find the scissors," the letter reads.
Well, how about that?  I never knew that those points on kitchen knives were useless once forks came around!  All those places where I use them, well, I should've been getting scissors!

One more time, you morons: You don't have a 'things' problem, you have a people problem.  And until you deal with that, you can ban EVERYTHING and it'll just keep getting worse.

Yeah, Kevin, that's the kind of thing I wish I'd said

This is not a tennis match, or any sort of national contest. 

The issue is whether gun control has any utility whatever in practical control of violent crime. 

The author of your link assumes — and never checks his assumption— that gun control laws as applied in the UK reduced violent crime in the UK. 

 That is demonstrable gibbering nonsense by circus clowns on stilts.

Is there free speech in (formerly Great)Britain?

Hell no.
There are two main causes of concern for Emerald. Firstly, the work could be seen to incite racial hatred and stir up religious hatred under United Kingdom law. Clearly you have no intention of promoting racism but intent can be irrelevant. For example, one test is merely whether it is “likely” that racial hatred could be stirred up as a result of the work. This is a particular difficulty given modern means of digital media expression. The potential for circulation of the more controversial passages of the manuscript online, without the wider intellectual context of the work as a whole and to a very broad audience—in a manner beyond our control—represents a material legal risk for Emerald.

Secondly, there are many instances in the manuscript where the actions, conversations and behavior of identifiable individuals at specific named colleges are discussed in detail and at length in relation to controversial events. Given the sensitivity of the issues involved, there is both the potential for serious harm to Emerald’s reputation and the significant possibility of legal action. Substantial changes to the content and nature of the manuscript would need to be made, or Emerald would need to accept a high level of risk both reputational and legal. The practical costs and difficulty of managing any reputational or legal problems that did arise are of further concern to Emerald.
Short version: "The law can see anything as hate speech if someone complains.  And even if your information is perfectly correct and documented, it could cause problems.  So we won't publish your book."

Monday, September 23, 2019

Next time some leftist starts whining about the pre-Civil War US,

ask them why all the slavery going on NOW doesn't bother them.

Note: I guarantee that if it were some western nation where this was happening to melanin-enhanced people, they'd be screaming their heads off.  But most of them don't even want to talk about the slavers crossing our own border.

Ah, Chicago, where they lecture us unwashed peasants about our causing their problems

Two reputed Chicago gang members allegedly executed a 9-year-old boy in broad daylight because they sought revenge on the child’s father’s rival gang, which they blamed for gunning down family members, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Tyshawn Lee, 9, was in his school uniform when three men approached him in the South Side of Chicago in November 2015, prosecutors said during opening statements.

Prosecutors said Corey Morgan and Kevin Edwards kept watch while Dwight Doty lured the fourth grader into an alleyway. They said he promised him a juice box.

Doty then took out a .40-caliber handgun and shot Lee, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Margaret Hillmann said.

There's a bunch of things I could say, but I won't.

(formerly Great)Britain, is there a shortage of tall trees?

Or lampposts or rope for dealing with the people behind this?
Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals as part of classes that will become compulsory in hundreds of primary schools. 

Some parents believe the lessons – part of a controversial new sex and relationships teaching programme called All About Me – are ‘sexualising’ their young children.
You're damn right it is.  Brought to you by the same 'progressives' who think your kids belong to the State.

Even politicians who had supported the RSE legislation expressed concern. Tory MP David Davies said: ‘I and many other parents would be furious at completely inappropriate sexual matters being taught to children as young as six. These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children.’
Davies, if you've seen what your idiots in charge of education have been doing for years and yet thought they wouldn't go 'beyond the guidance', you're a fool.  And likely one of the people who needs introduction to the aforementioned rope.