Saturday, May 13, 2006

The 'Big, New' NSA story

I've been reading and listening to various people saying sometimes very stupid things about this over the last few days. For what it's worth, here's what I think:

I am in no way comfortable with the government snooping into anything in my life. I don't like having to get government approval to buy a firearm or carry, I don't like that banks have to report certain types of transactions to the feds, I don't like various agencies having the power to screw you over that they do, etc. Overall I tend to agree with Reagans' comment that the most terrifying words you can hear are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help". Overdramatizing a bit, but sometimes not by much. Sometimes not at all.

I do understand that there are reasons for some of it(sometimes idiot reasons that aren't near good enough). And sometimes the reasons are good. This is one of those cases. From what I gather, this is not some spook or clerk listening to you tell your girlfriend what you have in mind for the weekend; they're looking for calls to and from certain places and numbers and if something matches up, doing the legal stuff to look further into it.

Am I real comfortable with it? Hell no! I am NEVER real comfortable with such things, the potential for abuse is too real and constant. I've mentioned having worked with some LE databases in the past; these things are necessary and do a lot of good, but the damn things are abused constantly by people who don't think/don't care/figure "I am the Law, and I can do what I want". Same thing with programs like this. Will there be abuses? Almost certainly. The key there becomes what happens when someone's caught abusing it. Will it be like the bullshit BATFE has been caught at multiple times, where they basically walk away from it(sometimes with praise from various idiot politicians), or will the hammer come down on them the way it should?

That's to be seen. Or, considering NSA, not seen but hoped for. I understand that we are in the First Terrorist War, and things have to be done. I do NOT give a blanket exemption to law on that basis; I do understand, as I said, that things have to be done.

Yesterday I clicked onto some lefty blog I hadn't seen before, and the writer expressed the opinion that the only reasons he could see that there was not widespread outrage among all people was that a: they hadn't heard the facts about this story, b: don't understand this story, or c: don't care about their rights being trampled. Not even registering was the possibility that d:, they heard about it, understand it, care very much about their rights, and understand this is looking for the enemy, not your grocery list/girlfriends bra size or whatever. With few exceptions NOBODY likes the government snooping around(I think the people who say things like "If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't mind your car/home/records being searched" are fools); lots of people DO understand that we're in a fight for our national/cultural survival here, and this is one of the tools the fighting is done with.

I'm out of time, but that about covers it anyway.

Friday, May 12, 2006

More on Britain circling the drain

Found this over at Alphecca, and it's bad enough on its own. But be sure to check out the comments for worse, including:
"Freedom of speech no longer exists. I cannot for example, legally praise the American or irish or Itallian wars of indepenance (i'd be supporting terrorism), I cannot stand up at a political meeting and say "that is untrue" as I would be protesting without permission."

Further good news; food this time

(urp...'scuse me) Having found myself starving after a: getting off work b: mowing & edging c: finding it was now 8 p.m., I decided to try an Indian restaurant that opened not too long ago at 50th & May here. Wasn't(belch) bad at all, which is why I'm sitting here stuffed.

This brought back one of the reasons I'd have a hell of a time going on a no-carbs diet: naan. It's a flatbread, and I love it. God, I could make a meal out of a bunch of it and some butter. Or cheese.

Lamb curry and chicken something hot enough to make you sweat, good flavor, lots of other good stuff but that's what I ('scuse me again) had the most of. Soon as I can remember the name(mmmmm, good reason to swing by later) I'll add it to this.

Good news; Stand Your Ground law signed

The Governor signed it today

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Aaron strikes back!

The jihadi weenies have hit him again, so to keep them entertained, he created this!


The red-dot strikes!

Or something like that. Over the last while I've taken notice of the shooting Mr. Completely does with red-dot sights, and wondered if they might be worth trying. However, being cheap conservative with money, never got around to it.

Last time I was at the range, there was a man there with two Beretta Neo pistols with new red-dots he was sighting in. I asked how he liked them and he handed me a couple of loaded magazines, pointed to one and said "Try it". Don't you just love gunny people? So I put two mags through, and it was great. And I've got the Trailside which has a 3/8" dovetail on the barrel... So, remembering Mr. having mentioned some inexpensive sights at Sportsmans Guide I checked them out and bought this one. It's a Barska 25mm, 11 brightness settings, comes with rings and a battery for fifteen bucks. Of course the rings that come with it are for a standard Weaver-type rail so I needed rings, so off to Midway and browse around. Yes! 30mm rings for a .22 receiver for a good price! 'Course while I was there I remembered something else I needed to check on, and one other thing(report later)... So rings were on the way. And it being from Midway, three days later they arrived. So the sight was mounted on the pistol:

Took it to the range tonight to sight in & try it out. It has click adjustments for windage & elevation like a scope, and just took a little shoot & adjust to center it, after which I tried it at ranges from about ten yards to 20.

And it's nice. Very quick to line up, doesn't add much weight and unlike iron sights the dot doesn't get fuzzy when my eyes get tired. I put a little over a hundred rounds through, and shot very well with it. I didn't run the target out to 25 yards because the targets I was using have a 2" bull, and at 20 the dot completely covered it. At ten you could place the dot in the center of the bull and squeeze off, at 20 hide the bull with the dot and fire.

Ok, I'm a believer. Now I want to get a forward mount rigged for a rifle and try it out on that; if it's as handy as this is- and I believe it will be- I'll be a very happy gunny.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

They're out!

The miners I mentioned before are out, and walked out on their own!

Damn, I love a happy ending!

Wonderful! Another good reason to buy a gun!

Looked over at Mr. Completely and found this: Blogger-Buy-A-Gun-Anniversary.

Although my anniversary is months away... but what if I can't find The Thing then?...("Remember the budget, Luke")... how about?...

Dammit, like I needed this.

Update on earlier post on the murdering dirtbags

the lefties and socialists want to win. Found a link to it at Michelle Malkin, here's the actual update at The Jawa Report.

"A gruesome beheading video delivered to the Sunday Times purporting to be of slain journalist Atwar Bahjat is a hoax. On Sunday, May 7th, the Times reported that they had received a low-quality video of Atwar Bahjat being slowly beheaded. That video is now being circulated on the internet as the "Atwar Bahjat" beheading video. The Jawa Report can reveal that the Times and Halal Jabar, the author of the article, are victims of a hoax. The video actually shows the gruesome murder of a Nepalese man by the Army of Ansar al-Sunna in Iraq from August of 2004. The man was one of 12 victims executed by the terrorist organization--the other 11 were shot"

"The Army of Ansar al-Sunna has murdered dozens of civilians in Iraq. The organization is an offshoot of the Army of Ansar al-Islam--a Kurdish Islamist organization. The group routinely murders those suspected of collaborating with the U.S. and Iraqi governments. Before the group murders their hostages they accuse them of 'apostasy', a crime punishable by death under Islamic law. They therefore justify their murders as 'executions' for 'crimes' committed against Islam."

The lady in question appears to have been shot by the terrorists, and for some reason the dirtbags used a copy of this hostage murder to say they had cut her head off on film.

I have a question: does any of this make what the murderers did any less repulsive?

I didn't think so.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Just to spoil your good mood

Assuming you have one. JPFO sent me a link to this transcript of a radio interview with Len Savage, a guy who's been going 'round & 'round with BATFE. Interesting reading.

One quote to whet your appetite:
Len: We now have some things documented that I would like to share with you. #1 We now know, and it is in writing, that the ATF is above the law. We have always asserted that they acted that way, but now they assert that they are. On April 4th an assistant director wrote me a piece of correspondence and specifically stated that the employees of the ATF are statutorily exempted from having to follow the NFA or GCA.

Check it out

Carnival of Cordite #58

Up at Gullyborg, complete with contributions of yours truly.

This is why we have to stomp these shits NOW

Go to Mudville Gazette and read this. The account of the torture and murder of a woman- by slowly cutting her head off- by the semi-human assholes that the moonbats and socialists and leftists want to win.

And if the combined assholes have their way, these BPMs will be doing this in Europe, and in Britain, and finally here.

Do the letters 'FFC' mean anything to you, you shits?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ok, this just HAS to be passed around

Photoshop courtesy Wadcutter

Why the term 'ivory-tower intellectual' is an insult

Over at Wizbang there's a post on a symposium held at Swarthmore College, 'symposium' being a place where intellectuals superior to all others(they'll tell you so) gather to decide just how the world should be run by either themselves or someone they select. Here's the quote that inspired my title:
"At the conclusion of the first session, after a rousing discussion focused on promoting hardcore redistribution of wealth in the world, Mr. Barber opined:

The last point I want to make for now has to do with the nature of the discussion we've been having and what might be the political viability of the debates that we so-called "public intellectuals"engage in. When I try to imagine an African-American, unemployed guy from Detroit or Arkansas, an out of work (what did Howard Dean call him?) confederate guy with a shotgun in his pick-up truck, sitting here and listening to us talk, I realize that a number of the things we say in good faith and with impressive intellectual clarity and historical perspective are nevertheless politically unviable as ways of talking about the world. We haven't yet found a language that takes the vitally important, moral, philosophical and historical points we're making here and translates them into a language that ordinary Americans will understand."

I'll let that speak for itself, straight from the world of overeducated fools.