Friday, February 22, 2013

Ronnie Barrett strikes again

Elected state officials of New York, having been sworn to protect our Constitution, have instead committed an offense against it and their citizens by stripping inalienable rights duly protected and guaranteed under the Second Amendment. By their deliberate and sinister actions, these officials now cause their state and local policing agencies to enforce these unconstitutional and illegal so called “laws”.

By current law, Barrett cannot be an accomplice with any lawbreaker, therefore, cannot and will not service or sell to New York government agencies. Barrett also applies this stance to the individual elected official who, as a matter of public record, has voted for or created regulation that violates the constitutional rights of their citizens. This is an expansion of our 2002 ban against the California government due to their second amendment infringements, and shall apply to any future violators.

And the New York boycott now has 31 members, with Nemo contributing this:

And from KISS Tactical,
on Saturday i refused to sell a AR-15 rifle to a police officer from California. he came into my shop and wanted to buy his duty gun in AZ because the same gun in his home state would cost him more. i told him that i would not sell him the gun even though he had his department letter saying he was able to buy it. I told him that if the gun was not legal for law abiding men and women in CA i would not sell it to him. after he told me that “civilians don’t need them type of guns” i asked to leave my shop. as he stomped out mad.

And don't forget the Naughty List, which at this point is Armalite and GT Distributors


Sigivald said...

Someone should tell CA Johnny Law that the police are the people and the people are the police.

He is a god-damned civilian.

BrianS said...

Fuck that nazi son of a bitch!

Wrench said...

Getting ready to walk out the door and attend the National Day of Resistance 2nd amendment rally in Hagerstown, .MD.
Not sure it will change things but at least I know I am doing my part. I do HOLLAR at my state & fed politicians as well. Maryland is close to a Nazi state in regards to firearms and other sanity issues. Like in PA, the big cities (BALTIMORE) with their large crime stats dictate to the law abiding.