Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yes, I've heard about those targets

At Kevin's, and Phelps pointed me to Joel, and a comment there pointed to this Reason post. Where they say Considering that the company has landed $5.5 million worth of contracts with the federal government, it might also be interesting to know if these targets are being used by federal law enforcement agents.

Why yes, it would.

I went to the company site; others said that clicking the 'No Hesitation' link got a 'servers are busy' response; right now there's a blanket 'Due to high traffic' message at the top, and I don't find the link to the targets in question; maybe a little shy at all the attention?

And yes, I can think of agencies that'd probably(probably already have) jumped on using these; can't have the ninja-suits in particular hesitating at shooting someone, now can we?


Luton Ian said...

Tam's comment at Joel's;
"If Law Enforcement Targets is a real thing and is really selling these targets, I would counsel them to hire an extra person in their accounts receivable department to handle subpoenas of their customer list from lawyers in future wrongful death suits."

an excellent way to put it

Wrench said...

Pennsylvania Rep Daryl Metcalfe R-Butler County introduced House Bill 357 that nullifies any Fed action regarding firearms. Of course that shithole called Philly has politicians from that shithole shouting gun bans and more regulation. Like Chicago, DC, and other shitholes like them, what good would it do when criminals would own the guns and the streets. Beyond belief.

Luton Ian said...

Just took a look over to will Grigg's place.

He has one of his essays up about the targets,

and about the complete lack of hesitation the Minneapolis cops show in attacking those they (sometime mistakingly) believe to be mere productive individuals