Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I have seen the Curmudgeon's blog before,

but knew nothing of the chipmunks.  Or the current cat situation.  Thanks to a e-mail from Mr. Henick, I have now.

He also had something to say on the story a while back about 'would new gun laws spark civil disobedience?'(Would?  Already are, and don't think they don't know it); his thought:

It's a little late to ask that question.
All we are waiting for is to see how the government is going to respond, and then to see if their response "causes" an escalation in disobedience.
I'm hoping that a certain large segment of the population figures out that if the government pushes back there will not be any money left to provide the free cheese and phones any more.  Yes, seriously I see that as the best prevention of things going all pear-shaped.
Sad and frightening, isn't it.
Yeah, it is.  That's a possibility I hadn't considered: "If you get this all stirred up, you won't be able to give us our payof- our welfare!"

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